Amy Ch. 15

byParis Waterman©

"Oh yeah," Amy the woman-child agreed happily. "How soon can we fuck again, Loverman?"

John glanced down at his flaccid member and sighed. "A while I guess, but hopefully not too long."

"What if I did this?" she said and stuck some fingers in her mouth and wet them with her saliva and then slowly slid her hand downward to cup his balls. Her hand gently fondled him, then drifted up his still shrunken member to its head, which after spitting in the palm of her hand she rubbed with increasing abandon, using principally the thumb and forefinger to titillate that most erogenous of all the zones on a man's cock.

"Oh, God, you're beautiful," he breathed into her ear and felt her arm tighten about him. "I love your beautiful breasts and the way your nipples stand out."

Her devilish fingers continued working their magic on him and John felt himself growing. Amy felt him growing too and giggled. "Let's move back to the bed," she whispered.

He nodded his agreement and gave her protruding nipples a series of little tweaks, which brought a gasp from the horny teen.

Amy soon found herself on her back with her legs draped over the side of the bed. John lay beside and above her, propped up on his elbow planting kiss after kiss on her soft, cushiony lips as he stroked her lithe form from neck to thigh. Eventually, John shifted his concentration to her thighs with an occasional foray to her sparsely furred mound, deftly averting any contact with her pussy.

Amy's legs opened of their own volition and he grinned down at her. He was driving her crazy and he knew it. She sought his hand to press it to her now thoroughly drenched pussy. John brought his fingers up to his nose and took a deep breath.

"You smell wonderful," he said. Amy smiled back at him.

"Mind if I get a little closer?" He asked gently.

"Please," she answered and moaned anxiously in her aroused state.

John took a pillow, dropped it on the floor and knelt on it. This placed him directly between her opened thighs. Reaching out with his left hand, he caressed the soft skin of her inner thighs and was rewarded by Amy's long sigh.

Her musky odor was stronger now and his excitement grew. He began kissing her soft skin, eliciting moans and soft cooing sounds from her throat.

Amy started to shake in anticipation.

"Easy now," he said. "We're not in a hurry this time. Remember, it's always better when it takes longer."

"Really?" Amy replied in wonder.

"Almost," he said. "The first time... well the first time doesn't count. After all we were both so excited we could hardly stand... and that's intense pressure, so it goes without saying both of us were in a hurry to get it over with. After that... well it's just better to go easy and let things build to a more natural conclusion."

"So that's what you call it, a conclusion?" She said, smirking.

"No, I call it fucking, or fornicating, of the nasty deed... whatever, but it ain't the same as the first time."

"Ain't?" she repeated his word teasing him.

"Yeah, ain't. So what, now shall we get started? Look what's up and waiting for you."

He said, indicating his cock, which was jutted up against his stomach.

"Can't keep a good man down, I guess," Amy said, then smiled happily.

John lowered his head and kissed each of her inner thighs in turn.

She purred with delight.

He repeated the process only deviating to give each of her outer labia a long tender suck. Amy started to vibrate with lust and desire.

"Oh, Oh, Oh." She moaned, knowing it would only get better.

He licked her vagina like it was an ice cream cone, using long, smooth laps of the tongue, causing Amy to rake his back with her fingernails in time with the deep vibrations forming in her cunt and spreading out through her body like a virus, ending in the tips of her nipples and the membranes of her lips, causing her to shudder once again.

John brought her clitoris out and teased it, running a thumb lightly over it and then probing the area next to the little man in the boat with his stiffened tongue.

Amy began to writhe on the bed; shaking her head back and forth and grimacing with the excitement of it all as John drove her higher and higher. She had to reach out and grab hold of his hair, pulling on it hard enough to make him groan in pain. In turn he lashed his tongue over her swollen clit several times until the mere touch caused her to beg, "No more! Not there! Please!"

He complied with her pleadings and sent a finger into her, just to the first knuckle and Amy grunted, and gasped for breath. John began fingering her in a slow but steady fashion, and all the while continued licking and sucking on the entrance to her pussy.

"More fingers!" She croaked in a haggard tone.

He put two fingers into her and increased the speed of their penetration.

"Ugh!" She grunted, trying to breath, but only managing ragged gasps, sucking in air and letting it out with long shuddering breaths.

The more he lapped at her the more Amy ground her pussy into his face. He continued his tantalizing cunnilingus, helping her to ride the waves of ecstasy she was surfing, bucking and plunging, twisting and turning.

John was relentless in keeping his flickering tongue all over her erogenous zone, paying special attention to her swollen clit and it served to drive Amy to new heights of pleasure until it became too much for her system to tolerate. And as every muscle in her body contracted, she felt the welcome of release and screamed mightily, wrapped her arms around him and tried unsuccessfully to kiss him as the rapture overwhelmed her.

Slowly she relaxed; then kissed him, tasting herself on his mouth and then sinking back down, she murmured, "Thank you, Baby! Thank you for that sweet, sweet come," she whispered in his ear.

Their legs were entwined and Amy could feel his cock, hard and fat, against her belly.

"Come inside me, baby."

"You sure you're ready?"

"Please, come inside me, now."

He didn't move.

"Please?" she begged. He was already moving, aligning himself up with her pouting labia. The breath rushed from her lungs as he entered her; as he filled her.

Amy moaned delightedly at the feel of his thickness within once more. 'Was there any greater feeling in the world?' she wondered wickedly, and then laughed raucously, for she knew there was; she had just experienced it.

Amy began to rotate her hips, fucking sensually, trying to draw his seed into her deepest parts.

"Slow, darling," John said knowingly. "Let me be slow."

"Okay," she replied in a small voice, then slipped her hand between her legs and took hold of him, squeezing his shaft as it emerged from her silky crevice; then releasing it only to guide him inward long after he needed the added touch. Amy's fingers held a shaft of ordinary size and temperature, pleasant to the touch but not especially slippery. Her inner lips reported an incredibly smooth bolt of heat which stretched her as it entered her a millimeter at a time. An eternity later, she had to let go as his base pressed against her entrance. She was filled and, at last, held her lover again.

She dropped her torso flat, no longer needing to twist to reach him. She curled her legs around him as he kissed her deeply. The play of their tongues was as rapid as the entry had been slow. Straightening until his chest was just brushing over her hard nipples, John began to rock his hips from side to side. He was moving neither in nor out, but all of her sensitive vaginal walls felt the motions. He shifted until his hands were on her breasts. And, as his thumbs lightly grazed her hardened nipples, he looked into her eyes.

"Amy, let me feel you around me. Flex your muscles, squeeze that cock in you. Squeeze it tight. C'mon baby, you can do it!"

And then she did, first clutching his hips with her hands and his lovely cock with her cunt. Then he was pumping into her with deep, strong, slow, strokes.

Hardly three or four minutes had past since her last orgasm and now Amy was soaring away again. But John wasn't finished with her. He began grinding against her and pulsing within her. And as Amy's last few spasms forced him out of her, he ejaculated. He tried to roll away, but she held on tight. They lay like that, gasping, and then hugging. He moved down enough to kiss her lips. They hadn't quite caught their breath, however, and had to break the kiss.


They ordered Chinese in and John soon grew erect once again as Amy sat cross-legged across from him. True, she wore her kimono, but it failed to cover her pussy which was directly in front of him.

The more he looked, the more he saw, and as Amy innocently spooned some rice into her lovely mouth, John furtively glanced between her legs and saw his sperm oozing out of her slit and onto the kimono and the wooden floor beneath it.

He said nothing. He thought of a million and one things he wanted to do with her... all of them sexual.

They finished the meal and desert and the bottle of Chinese wine. He helped pull Amy to her feet and laughed when she inadvertently burped. She flushed in embarrassment.

"Don't be embarrassed, Amy darling," he said smiling. "We all do it. In the Arab world it's considered a great compliment to the host to burp after each, or even during each course."

"Really? I find that hard to believe."

"Different strokes for different folks, Amy."

Holding hands, they wandered back into the bedroom.

"John, tell me the truth, no lies now, but will I have to face that slimy man again tomorrow?"

"Absolutely not, Amy, my darling; well, in all fairness, you may see him, but he will not bother you; not tomorrow, not ever again."

She hugged him close, feeling herself grow wet again as her kimono opened and her breast made contact with his chest.

"Do you like games, Amy?"

"Of course, but what one did you have in mind?" She asked innocently.

John took a kerchief from his dresser and asked, "Would you mind if I blindfolded you?"

"But why?"

"I think it will add to the overall intensity of our lovemaking," he answered quickly.

"Well sure, all right," Amy said, and grew more excited. 'Sex games,' she thought, 'wow, I didn't even know there were sex games. I thought it was just... sex... good as it is all by itself.'

Then as John placed the blindfold over her eyes, shutting out the light and catapulting Amy into darkness, she pondered his use of the word "intensity" and decided it would only add to the sexual pleasures she had already experienced.

"Be right back," John whispered in her ear, giving it a wet lick before pushing himself off the bed.

Amy's sense of hearing concentrated on his footsteps as he left the room. She was comfortable with the knowledge that all she had to do was remove the blindfold to restore order in her life.

'But maybe I don't want order right now. Yeah, right,' she thought, 'what I want right now is an even better orgasm than the last one.' Hmmm, I'm becoming a greedy bitch aren't I?' She giggled, then became alert as she heard John returning to the room.

Although aware of his presence next to her, she remained quiet, and John didn't know if she was aware of him or not. He grinned as he picked up an ice cube from a saucier and brought it up to her right breast. "I'm back," he sang out, thinking of Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Amy shifted nervously and for a second he wondered if she had anticipated his actions, then almost as quickly he told himself she had not.

Carefully holding the ice cube between his thumb and forefinger, he made one quick circle around her left areola.

Amy shrieked loudly at his touch.

John applied the ice to her other breast and she yelped again, but not as loudly.

"You rat! She groaned. "I'll get you for that!"

Unfazed by her threat, he returned to her left breast again, rubbing the cube along the underside of her breast and noting that while Amy could have covered her breasts with her hands, or fended him off otherwise, she had not. That indicated that she was a willing participant in this exercise.

Even before he selected a new ice cube for her right breast, he saw her nipples hardening into small steel tips. He used the ice alternately on each breast, avoiding the nipples themselves until the ice was all but melted. Her wet breasts glistened in the light, attracting both his hands to them and Amy shuddered as his hands molded themselves to them, bringing welcome warmth and more. Much more, for an electric shock seemed to travel from the tips of her nipples directly to her pussy, and she marveled at the fact that he had not touched then as yet.

John took his time. He caressed them, squeezed them, making each breast feel more loved than ever before and still he avoided all contact with her nipples which to Amy felt like they were growing outward more and more.

This was, perhaps her unconscious desire to have him suckle her --- imagining them stretching out to find his lips, his mouth and his tongue on them.

And suddenly he left them.

"OH!" She cried out and quickly followed with another forlorn cry of anguish that John felt all the way to his toes.

He brought his hands up to stroke the soft skin under her neck and above her breasts. She sniffled, holding back tears at the loss of his divine hands on her breasts.

Slowly he raised her head and brought his lips to hers. She met him with a hungry, passionate kiss, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Her hands were entwined in his hair; a finger tickled his ear, while he in turn stroked her hair and caressed her ears.

Then he darted down to her breasts and seized the right nipple between his teeth and bit it, not hard, but firmly enough to cause a light pain.

Amy almost climaxed from it.

When he did the same to the opposite nipple, she expected it and did not get the same result and a pout appeared on her lips. John carefully slid a finger inside the blindfold, lifting it up to her forehead and gazed into her beautiful doe-like eyes.

Amy blinked several times and gave him a look that revealed her smoldering passion.

Licking her lips, she said, "You'll probably want to tie me up next, huh?"

"Why you must be a mind reader!" he laughed, pinned her wrists to the bed and then leaned down and licked her lips twice before kissing her sensually.

She returned his kiss with a wantonness that startled him.

After the kiss, Amy broached the subject first. "Do you really want to tie me up?"

"Only if you agree to it," he replied with all seriousness.

"Have you done this before?"

He weighed his answer carefully before answering.

"Yes, twice. The first time I was tied up. The next time I got to tie her up."

"Who was she?"

"Does it matter?'

"I think so."

"Okay, it was my high school Algebra teacher."

"Algebra! You've got to be kidding!"

"You asked, I answered. Why would I lie about it?"

"What was her name?"

"This isn't doing either of us any good, Amy, but if you insist...."

"I do, what was her name?"

"Mrs. Mansfield."

"I don't know her."

"C'mon, Amy, did you really think you'd know the woman?"

"Maybe..." she said with a look of distress on her face.

"Look, it must have been... twenty years ago!"

"And you haven't tried it since?"

"No." This simple answer told her he was telling the truth, that something about her reminded him of Mrs. Mansfield from long ago.

"Let's do it then," she said, and held her hands out to him.

"Let me get something to secure you with," John muttered and left the room again.

When he ambled back into the room all Amy had eyes for was his magnificent erection, and she paid little attention at he tied her wrists securely to the bedposts and then separated her legs, tying them to the posts at the foot of the bed.

On completing his task he kissed her firmly on the mouth, then dropped his hands to her armpits and tickled her. Amy was ticklish, of that there was little doubt. She shrieked with laughter and when John let up for a moment she gasped, "If you don't quit it I'll wet the bed. You're gonna make me pee myself. I'm warning ya?"

With that information John brought a halt to his tickling and reaching under the bed, produced a small vibrator.

"Uncle John," she called out reverting to his old title. "No, don't! I don't want . . ."

He flicked the switch. Amy heard the hum and resigned herself to a mechanical masturbation. "We can stop if you'd like," said John with a small chuckle, causing Amy's eyes to open wide as she stammered up at him.

"D-don't you dare!" she laughed nervously, and then tested her bindings and found them quite effective in holding her prisoner.

"So just relax, Amy, okay?" John whispered to her and ran his fingers through her hair.

"If it becomes too much for you, say so, I'll stop right away."

Amy took heart from his words and prepared herself for the insertion of the vibrating instrument. Its size was of little concern, for it was only perhaps four inches in length and not at all thick. What it would do to her in her aroused state was her major concern.

She had never used a vibe before. Oh she had used several dildo-like objects on herself, but not all that often, preferring the feel of her fingers for that certain feeling.

She forced a smile to her lips and after taking a deep breath, told John to get it on.

What took Amy by surprise was the fact that John reapplied the blindfold to her eyes.


"Part of the game, Amy, just part of the game," he reassured her.

Part of the game or not, her heart began racing and her body went rigid on hearing the low hum of the vibrator when it was turned on.

Amy shuddered, and then gasped at the first touch against her flesh. Mind reeling, she fought to control her senses and strove to identify just what was going on around her.

She was slightly confused, for she had thought the vibrator would be cool, even cold to her skin, but it wasn't. It was warm and soft as opposed to hard, yet the vibrations themselves did little for her in the way of sexual stimulation. Thinking ahead, Amy made no mention of this little fact.

John rubbed the instrument around her outer lips, then when he thought the timing right, parted them and caressed her inner lips with the vibrator. Amy could not help but tense her body.

The vibe glossed over her now protruding clit and she arched her back involuntarily. John waited several seconds then did it again.

Amy moaned.

"Is that okay?" John asked, and Amy felt the smile on his face.

"F-fine," she replied, "Tickles some, but its fine."

John used his free hand to give Amy's lovely breasts a gentle squeeze. When Amy smiled at this he leaned down and kissed her on the nose.

"I love you Amy," he said and meant it.

"I love you too, John," she replied and also meant it.

"Like it?"

"Umm, it is nice," she said.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it," he whispered, and sent the humming instrument into her swollen womanhood, sliding the spongy end of the device slowly up and down her labia before carefully pushing it forward experimentally.

He couldn't see it of course, but Amy closed her eyes under the blindfold as the vibe made its initial contact with her inner membranes and sent all sorts of tingling signals to her nervous system.

She swallowed hard, willing him to send it further into her, but he held off. A moment or two later, Amy felt it moving into her. Imperceptivity at first, then more rapidly and she found herself panting loudly and sweating noticeably, for several drops had entered her blindfolded eyes and were a minor irritant in that they burned slightly. But the feel of that instrument in her outweighed any salt irritating her eyes.

She felt John's hand on her thigh, then his fingers teasing her folds. It was pleasant enough, but she was puzzled as to why he was bothering with the vibrator doing its job so well.

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