tagMatureAmy, Jim, and the Professor Ch. 03

Amy, Jim, and the Professor Ch. 03


We'd been at it for almost two hours, so I decided that we all needed a break to get cleaned up and grab a simple snack.

Removing Silly from Amy's sweet pussy and the butt plug from her ass, I patted her bottom, and not with not a little sadness, I said, "Jim, I think it's time to take a break, get a bite to eat, and get cleaned up. I think we should all get our own snacks. ... Does that work for you?"

Jim removed his cock from Amy's mouth, bent down and kissed her forehead, and replied, "Sure. ... It makes sense. What do you have planned next?"

"Once we're ready we'll meet over there on the mattress. But, right now, let's free my sweet Baby Girl."

From my stash of tools and toys I retrieved two small scissors and handed one to Jim. He cut the zip strips holding her wrists, while I cut the ones holding her ankles. Then, I helped Amy off of the sawhorse and, after kissing her softly on the lips, I asked, "Did my sweet Baby Girl have a good time?"

In an exhausted whisper, she answered, "Yes ... Sir! ... It was wonderful. ...Thank you Sir for giving me such a wonderful experience."

In a laughing voice, I responded, "It was our pleasure, Baby."

Amy giggled.

About an hour later we were all seated on the mattress and I began to describe what I'd planned for our next adventure.

"Baby, I'm going to tie you down again. I want you face up with your legs spread. As far as your arms go, we can tie them above your head, like I did the first time, or we can tie them spread out, you'd be tied to each corner of the mattress. I want you to choose."

"Sir, I'd like to try something new. So, tie me to each corner of the mattress."

"Okay, Baby. ... Jim, you take her left side and I'll do the right. Here's two pieces of rope with end loops, see the eye screws attached to the floor at each corner of the mattress. ... Loop the ropes around her wrist and ankle and then secure them to the eye screws. I'll do the same and then my sweet Baby Girl will be under our complete control ... Right Baby?"

Amy nodded with enthusiastic approval.

Once we finished securing Amy to the mattress, I stood back and, from the bottom of the mattress I admired what I have come to believe is one of the most exciting sites in the world, a beautiful naked woman tied down, spread-eagled, with her marvelous body displayed to view and ready to be devoured; like a delicious Thanksgiving Dinner.

Jim joined me, supporting my opinion by saying, "So beautiful! She looks good enough to eat."

"Sounds like a plan." I replied. "But first, we're going to oil her down real good."

I went to my stash and got two bottles of Johnson's Baby Oil and giving one to Jim, I said, "You take the left side and I'll take the right. Don't be skimpy, the more oil the greater the sensations. I learned this trick from a masseuse over 20 years ago ... you'll be surprised at how much it will heighten the sensitivity of our skin."

(I should mention here that when I first experienced this it was right my partner and I had shared an exciting, sexual shower and I was told not to dry off, that the sensation was greater if the oil was applied to a wet body. That didn't seem entirely possible with Amy tied down. However, if you want to try this with your partner, it would be better if you applied the oil to your soaking wet bodies.)

We spent a long time just massaging her, from head to toe, not missing a single square inch of her beautiful body. I loved the feel of her breast and thigh covered in oil, the silkiness of her skin was increased tenfold.

"Baby, I can't tell you how much pleasure this is giving me."

"I love it ... Sir ... when you get so much pleasure ... pleasuring me!" she replied with an enthusiastic sigh.

We had been careful to stay on our own side of her body ... but when it came time to oil up her sweet pussy, Jim looked at me and said, "Jon, I guess this part of her body is yours to play with right now."

"Why not share it ... my baby will get double the pleasure if we both get involved." And, that's what happened, we both caressed and finger fucked her, making sure that she was well oiled in that special of all places. Amy's moan and sighs only got louder and more frequent.

"Jim, I want us both to experience what I experienced with that masseuse so long ago. Making love to a beautiful woman when you are both doused with baby oil is something you'll never forget. So ... this is my plan. We will each spend an hour having our way with her. I want you to go first and while you use my baby's body to fulfill all of your repressed fantasies, I will sit right here and watch. Any questions?"

"I have a whole hour?" he asked incredulously.

"Yep. ... And, when you're through it will be my turn. I only ask that you bring her to climax a maximum of one time ... I don't want to wear her out too early."

"Should I start now?" He still hadn't quite accepted the reality of what he was being offered.

"Well, it might be a good idea to douse yourself with oil first, and don't be skimpy, remember, the more oil. the better the total skin-on-skin experience."

Jim quickly covered himself with oil and then, standing at the foot of the mattress considered how he wanted to start. It was obvious that my final comment had had an impact, as he quickly decided that skin-on-skin was what he wanted.

"Here I come sweet Amy," he said (she giggled).

He got to his knees between her legs and then stretched out on top of her, inserting his cock into her pussy. He laid on top of her for quite awhile, relishing the feel of his skin on her skin as he used his entire body to massage her, her breasts crushed beneath his chest, his pelvis pressed hard against hers, and his cock buried deep in her pussy. He moved his oil covered body sensuously against hers and she responded by moving her body against him, copying his rhythm.

Then, he began to slow fuck her, I knew he was enjoying the feel of his slippery cock going in and out of her sweet, slippery, pussy. He glanced over at me, looking for approval, knowing how precious my baby was to me.

I smiled and nodded okay.

Slowly his movements gained more passion and he began moving in and out faster and faster. Amy moaned, and the sound of that drove him to kiss her. Their mouths opened wide and their tongues explored each other's mouths frantically.

Soon, Amy began her move toward her climax, but Jim was having none of that, and he slowed down. She moaned in disappointment as Jim whispered, "Not yet Sweet Amy ... you'll know when it's time."

I nodded my approval ... but, Jim never saw it, he had other things on his mind.

Two more times he brought her close to orgasm and both times he slowed down and didn't allow her to experience it. After the third time, he pulled out and moved above her head and began to mouth fuck her.

She accepted his cock with the same passion she had accepted his kisses. He continued to mouth fuck her for awhile ... and then, seeing that I was holding up 10 fingers (10 minutes to go) he moved back to her pussy, laid on of her, kissed her passionately, and then began to fuck her slowly, building to crescendo of passion. He tried to thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, pounding harder and harder.

Amy began to scream, hollering, "Don't stop ... please, Sir Jim, please don't stop ... Oh God ... Ohhhhhh Gauuuud!!! ... Ohhhhhh ... Yesssss!" And she kissed him hard on the mouth.

This was the first time I'd watched as my Sweet Baby climax ... I found it to be very exciting. Maybe this MMF stuff isn't as bad as I thought it would be, I thought. Although, I will have to chose very carefully and my baby needs to have full veto power.

Jim pulled out and stood up ... his cock still rock hard, it was obvious that he wasn't ready to climax quite yet. Jim and I shared this talent, the ability to withhold our orgasm and yet keep our cocks as hard as a rock. It was a talent the women in our lives seemed to appreciate.

"Jon, I've never experienced anything like that in my life. You are absolutely right; I will never forget this hour that I just spent with your sweet baby girl."

"Join the club, I've never forgotten a single minute I've spent with her. She pleasures me greatly and loves doing it.

With that I moved over to the mattress and began covering myself with oil. To tell the truth, I'd much rather lay back and have Amy do it ... but ... alas ... she was no position to take on that task at the present moment.

Finished I considered how I wanted to start. I knew I, too, wanted skin-on-skin ... but I really didn't want to copy what Jim had done. I decided on approaching it the other way around. I laid down on my sweet Baby Girl in the 69 position, with Silly at her mouth and my mouth right above her pussy. Her breasts were tickling my lower belly and my chest was rubbing her abdomen.

I lowered my cock into her waiting mouth, buried my face in her pussy, rested my body on hers, began massaging her ass.

Amy was fucking Silly with her mouth while I was devouring her pussy, licking her clit, and massaging her ass with one hand and playing with her asshole with the other. Then I stiffened my tongue and began to tongue fuck her pussy, as the same time I began finger fucking her asshole.

Amy made a quiet moan ... with Silly deep in her throat, that's all she could manage. As her mouth sucked hard on Silly, her lower body began to thrust against my mouth and the hand that was finger fucking her. It was obvious that she was coming close to another orgasm ...

Not yet! I thought, and pulled my fingers out of her ass and my tongue out of her pussy. Then I said, "Baby, you can only cum with my permission. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir, I understand ... but, Sir, I was so close. ... Sir ... can I please cum now, Sir?"

"No baby, not until I say so. I will tell you when you can cum."

"Yes, Sir, I understand, Sir."

I reached back, put Silly back in her mouth and said, "Take good care of Silly now Baby. ... He's looking for special treatment, since you interrupted his pleasure with your attempt to cum without my permission." And I dove back into her pussy, and pushed two of my fingers deep into her asshole. Then ... I lost track of time as I lost myself in the total experience, an experience greatly enhanced by the skin-on-skin sensitivity from the baby oil that covered us from head to toe.

After some time, I pulled myself away from her body and moving up, I whispered in her ear, "I'm going to fuck you now, Baby ... I'm going to put my rock hard cock deep into that sweet pussy and slow fuck you until you can't stand it anymore. And, at the same time, I'm going to suck on your beautiful breasts, kiss your sweet neck, as well as your waiting mouth. ... all the time slow fucking you. And ... I am not going to allow you to have an orgasm ... you may get close, but you cannot orgasm ... is that clear, Baby?"

"Yes Sir, that's very clear. Please fuck me ... I love it Sir when you put Silly inside of me and fuck me. I don't care if it's slow fucking or hard fucking ... I just love it when you fuck me. Please fuck me, Sir."

"Okay, Baby," and I kissed her on the forehead.

I shifted my body over hers and reached down and put Silly just inside of her pussy. Then I bent down and began kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Slowly, very slowly, I began to push Silly into her pussy. God how much I loved the feel of her wet, oil soaked, pussy as it enveloped Silly.

Amy moaned as Silly slowly entered her, I knew, if her hands were free, she would have grabbed me and pulled me closer. I needed to be closer, so I collapsed onto her chest and began nibbling on her neck ... Silly still moving slowly, deeper and deeper into her pussy.

Finally, my pelvis moved tightly against hers and Silly was as deep as he would go. Keeping Silly deep inside I raised up, looked her in the eyes as we smiled at each other. Took a long look at her beautiful breasts and then moved down to give her the most passionate kiss I could achieve. As our tongues danced together, exploring each other's mouth, I began to pull Silly slowly out. He came out a bit faster than he had gone in and I shortly could feel her pussy lips caressing him. I wasted no time in pushing him slowly back in again.

The kiss continued through three entire cycles ... kissing and slowly pushing and pulling Silly in and out of her sweet pussy and losing myself in the kiss of the century.

My how time flies when you're having fun, it seemed like only minutes before Jim was letting me know that I had 10 minutes left. I whispered in Amy's ear, "I'm going to fuck you hard now baby, but ... you still do not have my permission to cum. Enjoy the fuck, but control the climax ... here we go, Baby!"

And ... I started fucking her hard. She responded by thrusting her pussy hard against my cock and crying out, "Fuck me harder ... fuck me harder ... Oh Daddy, I love it when you fuck me hard ... Daddy ... I want so much to cum ... so much ... Oh Daddy, what I really want is for you to cum inside of me. Please Daddy, fuck me hard and cum inside of me, please cum in me ... Please."

"Not yet, Baby ... all in good time, Baby ... right now, it's just a real good fuck ... God, how I love to fuck you," and I kissed her once again.

It was difficult, but a few minutes later I rolled off of her and laid down next to her with my head on her shoulder, my leg laid across her body and my cock was pushed hard against her hip. I kissed her on the cheek and caressed her breast as I whispered in her ear, "Baby, where did the Daddy come from? You've never called me that before."

"I'm sorry, Sir, it just came out ... I won't do it again."

"No ... I was just curious where it came from. Actually ... I liked it a lot ... in fact; I want you to call me Daddy from now on. I like it and it fits so much better when I call you my sweet Baby Girl."

"I'd like that, too, Daddy!" Amy responded enthusiastically.

"I've got something very special planned now. (A soft kiss to her cheek) And I promise you, I will give you permission to cum ... at the exact moment when you want it more than anything in the world." Then, I gave her a final kiss.

Turning to Jim I said, "It's time to untie my sweet Baby Girl," which we quickly accomplished.

"Daddy, may I go to the bathroom? ... I have to pee."

"Okay, Baby ... but, promise me that you won't touch yourself. ... Remember, that body is mine and you can't orgasm until I tell you to."

"Yes, Daddy ... I wouldn't have touched myself, I know this body is yours and I wouldn't bring it to orgasm without your permission."

"You are a very good girl for respecting my control over your body."

When Amy had left for the bathroom, I turned to Jim and said, "Amy going to ride me and I want you to come up behind her and begin playing with her asshole, take your time, put lots of baby oil in her ass. Then, when you notice that things are getting hotter with my baby and me, put lots of oil on your cock and start fucking her asshole while I am fucking her pussy."

I laid down on the mattress, added some more baby oil to my cock, and waited for Amy to return. When she got back, I said, "Baby, climb on me ... ride me like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco ... I'll be the bucking horse of your dreams."

Amy climbed on top and began to ride me, "Not so fast, Baby, I've got a present for you." I reached to the side of the mattress and pulled out the nipple clips that I'd used on her when we'd had our first time with Lisa.

"Oh Sir ... I was hoping you'd brought those along!"

I attached them, she threw her head back and began to ride me with all her might, while I tugged on the nipple clips. Jim had began playing with her asshole, oiling it up real good.

Very soon, she began to hold her breath and I could feel her pussy begin to tighten on my cock, so I grabbed her arms, pulled her down till her breasts were crushing against my chest, gave her a big hug and told her, "Not yet baby ... I haven't given you permission."

She sighed, and I gave Jim a nod and he began fucking her.

"Oh Daddy, is Jim fucking my asshole ... Oh God ... Daaady! Oh Daddy, that feels so good!"

I continued to hug her and kiss her neck as I began slow fucking her while Jim was following my lead and slow fucking her asshole. Very soon ... my baby was very hot, extremely horny, I wasn't sure how much longer she could last ... I began to fuck her harder (Jim followed suit). Then I grabbed the chain of her nipple clamps and began tugging on it.

I could feel my climax coming, so I whispered, "Okay, baby, cum for me, cum for me now baby, now is the time. Cum baby. Cum!"

"Ohhhhh God ... Daaaaaady ... I'm cuming Daddy, just for you Daddy, I'm cummminng, Oh, Gauuuud!" And we came together.

I hugged her tight and whispered in her ear, "I love you baby, I want to fuck you, play with you, for the rest my life."

"Me, too, Daddy ... Me, too!"

We all laid there for awhile. Jim was the first to pull out and then collapse to the mattress on my left side. I scooted over and then set Amy down between us. Then the three of us cuddled for the next half hour or so; relishing the experience of Amy's body binding us together as we snuggled up on either side of her.

"God ... Jon ... that experience was everything you said it would be. ... I will never forget this last hour together. Thank you so much for inviting me."

"Don't thank me. It's my sweet Baby Girl we need to thank, she could have stopped the action anytime she wanted."

"Daddy ... I would never stop you from having your pleasure ... but, this time ... It would have been impossible for me to stop it ... it was absolutely the most exciting, erotic time I've ever had in my life. Thank you, Daddy!"

"What's next, Jon?" Jim asked.

"Well, I think it's time for some normal activities. First, baby will make us a picnic lunch, then I thought we'd take a boat ride around the lake, take our time, eat our lunch, and just be together. Baby, you'll find a bikini in the top dresser drawer, I wouldn't want you to be naked in public; there will be other boats on the lake."

"Daddy, I'd love a boat ride. I'll make a real good lunch for us."

"It will be getting dark when we get back, this is a big lake. So I thought we'd sit by the fire pit and just be together talking and sharing.

Amy looked great in her bikini and the boat ride around the lake was wonderful. We actually got back to the marina just as it was getting pretty dark. My boat has a light on it, but I really don't like being out on the lake at night ... things happen.

Amy made us a nice dinner and we ate it sitting around the fire pit. All-in-all it was a very nice late afternoon and evening.

About 10, Jim said, "This has been a wonderful experience, but it's worn me out. I'm going up to bed, I'll see you guys in the morning," and he got up and went into the cabin.

Winking at Amy, I said, "Baby, why don't you go tuck him in, and then come to my bed, I promised you a wonderful time tonight and I plan on delivering it.'

Smiling, Amy replied, "Yes, Daddy, I'll see you as soon as I can ... I can't wait ... I can hardly believe that we get to spend a whole night together!"

Amy left; I put out the fire and then went inside, took a shower, and got into bed.

It wasn't long before Amy returned, kissed me and said, "Daddy, can I take a shower, I want to get all squeaky clean for our night together."

"Sure, Baby. I'll be waiting right here for your return."

A few minutes later she returned and jumped into bed with me. Very quickly she found Silly and began stroking him while she was kissing my neck.

"No baby, I want to pleasure you tonight ... make sweet love with a few surprises. Just lay still while I kiss your body." In many ways this was a little fib. I knew I was pleasuring my baby, but my greatest joy comes from doing just that ... so this night was really very much for both of us.

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