tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAmy the Exhibitionist Ch. 21

Amy the Exhibitionist Ch. 21


Author's Note

All characters in this part of the Amy the Exhibitionist series are over the age of legal consent.


Part 27

Part-Time Job


So there I was one Saturday (naked as usual), putting a few clothes on one of the racks, and half watching Rosaline doing her job as a human mannequin and wearing just a broad belt; when these 2 couples come in. The girls go and start looking at clothes while the young men stand around looking like spare parts. One of the young men decides to go and have a closer look at the nearly naked mannequin (Rosaline). As he stands there his mate goes and joins him. I can see that they are talking and occasionally one of them touches Rosaline. The touching started with her stomach. When one of them touches one of her nipples I decide to go over and make sure that she's okay.

"Are you one of those university girls then?" one of them asks me.

"Yeah," I say, "Do you like these new hi-tech mannequins then? They cost a fortune, but they certainly attract a lot of attention.

The 2 young men couldn't decide who to look at, Rosaline or me. Their eyes kept going from Rosaline's breasts and bald pussy, to my breasts, bald pussy, and occasionally to my face.

"The texture of the fake skin is so life-like isn't it? It's even warm like mine." I say to them as I poke Rosaline's left breast; then my left breast.

"Yeah, they wobble just like yours as well." The one who had watched me walk over says as he pokes Rosaline's breast. He turned to me and just managed to stop himself from poking one of my tits.

"Check out the other parts of the dummy." I said, "Technology has brought some interesting developments in lubrication, the heaters and the gels are very realistic. There isn't even a socket to charge the batteries, all we have to do is to remember to stand it on a charging pad each night and it's ready to go next morning, a bit like charging an electric toothbrush. The rubber for the internal muscles is good too, put a finger in the holes; I bet it feels just like your girlfriend."

A male hand moved forward then hesitated.

"Are you sure, I don't want to damage anything." He said.

"Go ahead." I said. "If you probe around in the front hole you'll find the switch to turn off the heaters. Oh, if you go in the back hole you'll find that the gel they use is coloured brown."

The hand hesitated again then went for Rosaline's pussy. Rosaline managed to not move as the man groped her pussy.

"Bloody hell James, it just feels like Cindy's pussy, the muscles squeeze you finger too. Try it James." The man said as he pulled his finger out. He lifted his finger to his face and sniffed.

"Smells like real pussy too. Oh, I couldn't find the switch." He said.

I pushed one of my fingers into my pussy then lifted it to his face.

"Taste mine then the dummies, I bet that you can't tell the difference." I said.

And he did.

Just then the 2 girlfriends came over and told their boyfriends that they were done. The second man pulled his finger out of Rosaline's pussy and held it to his nose.

"I hope you haven't had that up that girl's cunt." She said, looking at me.

"No. No! It was the dummy." He said.

The girl grabbed his hand, sucked his finger, then said,

"Tastes like a real girl to me." She said as they walked off.

I turned to Rosaline and told her that they'd gone.

"Brown gel! Where did that one come from Amy?" Rosaline said.

"I thought that you'd prefer his finger up your pussy rather than your butt.

Later, at break time, Rosaline told me that she was no longer that excited at being a human mannequin. Since I had got her a fake student ID card she got more excitement when she wandered around town naked. She wasn't going to quit because she needed the money.

Rosaline told me about a little 'incident' a few days ago. She'd been walking, naked, through one of the shopping centres, and not paying much attention to the people around her when she heard her name being called out. She looked round and saw one of her brothers and one of his mates. She'd then had to explain everything to them while they ogled her nude body.

If you remember, Rosaline had talked to her parents about going to St. Damian University when she was old enough, but they'd not been impressed with her. They didn't know what her Saturday job really was and since she'd got the student ID card she'd been leaving home and stripping as soon as she could then wandering round town naked. None of her family knew about her naked exploits -- until she's bumped into her brother.

She'd managed to persuade him to not tell her parents about what he'd discovered, but she'd had to promise to let him know whenever she was going for a nude walk.

What she hadn't managed to get him to promise to do was to not tell anyone at school. She had visions of her brother and a few of his mates following her around town. That didn't bother her too much, but she was worried that any of her class mates would find out. She wasn't ready for that yet.

As she walked away from her brother she realised that the 'incident' had been quite a turn-on for her.

Isabelle had a word with me a few weeks ago. She's always thinking up ideas to get more customers in and she had another one. This one is a competition for members of the public. The idea is that I get some girls to act as human mannequins and that competitors will dress them with any clothes that they can find in the shop.

She would find 2 men who, along with her, would be the judges. People could enter the competition in advance; or just walk-in and enter on the day.

The shop window is in 2 parts, either side of the doors. Each part would have 1 human mannequin in, leaving enough space to have someone moving around them. We were to take it in turns to be the mannequin.

Isabelle wanted to run the competition just before Christmas to try to maximise her Christmas sales.

I discussed it with the rest of the NEWPS girls at the next cheerleading practice and all were game for it; except Kailene. It was then that she told us that she was planning to go back to America for Christmas. Brooklyn asked me if 'that girl that works there' would be willing to take part. I phoned Rosaline later and she was up for it.

On the assigned Saturday just before Christmas, 7 naked girls caught the bus into town and walked into the shop. We all joined Rosaline in Isabelle's office where Isabelle told us what we had to do. We flipped a coin to see which 2 went first.

The competition started quite seriously with women putting clothes on us. I have to say that some people have some funny ideas of what would look good on us. Zoe had a smile on her face when 1 girl took her time making sure that the skirt she'd put on her was fastened right.

We had a little audience of men watching us from outside the shop for most of the morning.

By lunchtime the number of contestants was running low and we managed to have a few long breaks. Isabelle came and told us that she was opening the competition to men as well. She had one of the staff handing out leaflets inviting boyfriends to enter while their girlfriends browsed round the shop.

That change made it more interesting for us. It can be fun having a man put clothes on you instead of trying to rip them off. Most of them were hopeless with some of the fastening; and why did they all pick the skimpiest outfits?

I had one man knelt down in front of me while trying to fasten a button down mini-skirt. The poor man went bright red when he slipped and touched my pussy; and I moaned a bit. The thing was; his girlfriend was stood close by laughing at his pathetic attempt.

I asked Isabelle when she was taking her shop out on the road again. She told me that she'd shelved that idea until the economy improved.

'Females in the 21st Century' course


This is going well. However, a few weeks before Christmas we noticed that the original 30 girls were down to 25. Someone asked Prof Jones and we were told that 2 had decided that the course wasn't for them, and the other 3 had quit university.

Two weeks later 2 new girls appeared. When they walked in they just stood there for a few seconds and watched the girls who weren't on their 3 days a week nudity strip off. They obviously realised that they were expected to strip, and they did. I watched them and was pleased to see that neither of them wore any underwear or hair below their necks.

Prof Jones welcomed then to the course, told them to stay back at the end, and then told them to introduce themselves. They were both first year students called Emily and Sara. The one called Emily appeared to have a bit of a problem as she kept getting all flushed and was gritting her teeth. Prof Jones noticed this as well and towards the end of the lesson she asked Emily if she was alright.

Emily's reply was, "Yes and No." This reply got Prof Jones to get her to explain herself.

Apparently Emily suffers from 2 medical conditions. One means that she cannot wear tight clothes, and the other causes her to have involuntary orgasms; anything from 10 to 50 each day. That fact caused a few envious comments from the other girls.

Prof Jones asked Emily what medication she was under. When Emily said that the only possible cure that her doctor had suggested was to have her clitoris amputated every girl in the class cringed.

Half way through the class I suddenly remembered where I'd seen those 2 girls before. They were at the rugby match; or more to the point, in the men's shower afterwards. They were getting fucked along with the rest of the NEWPS girls.

I decided that I liked these 2 girls; they had bottle and looked comfortable being naked. What's more, I wanted to know more about Emily's medical condition, it sounded fun.

We seem to be spending a lot of each lesson discussing how women can be more motivated in male dominated areas, and how they can even become the dominant one.

Oh, one more thing, Prof Jones has relaxed the rule about total nudity for 3 days a week. Because of the crap English weather we are allowed to wear shoes or boots and just a cloak when we are outside. Once we got inside we were told that the cloak has to come off.

Now this wasn't just any cloak, we had to buy them from just 1 shop in town and they weren't cheap; but they are good. They are heavy duty woollen ones that nearly touch the ground.

At first we thought that Prof Jones was crazy and must be getting a good pay-off from the shop, but we changed our minds when we tried them on. They're lovely and warm, and we can play with our pussies standing anywhere and no one knows what we are doing. What's more, they have slits for our hands to come out; or for someone else's hands to come in and play with our pussies.

Sarah says that we look like a group of Daleks floating down the street.

Not all of the girls can afford them so we let the others borrow them if we don't need them.

Brooklyn's got some thigh length boots and she does look good when we go into a shop or something and she takes her cloak off.

Pole Dancing -- plus


Kailene and I are still doing this one night a week. It's a good little earner for us.

One evening in early December I got a phone call from the agency that organises the pole dancing for Kailene and I. They wanted to know Kailene and my availability over the Christmas and New Year period. I told them that I was only going home on Christmas Eve for a couple of days and that Kailene was flying back to America for 3 weeks.

The woman at the agency then asked me if I would consider doing a couple of extra jobs for her just before Christmas. The tone of her voice made me think that there was something different about these jobs, so I asked her what they were. I was a little taken back when she told me that one was an escort job, and the other was a stag party.

My brain immediately went into overdrive, and my pussy got warm and wet. Trying not to sound too enthusiastic, I asked her for more details, and how much they paid.

After a little false reluctance I finally agreed to do the jobs.

The escort job came first. I was given the opportunity to back-out right up to 48 hours beforehand. The agency gave me lots of details about the guy, and answered a few questions that I had. I was told that the job was for dinner only; anything extra was negotiable between me and the client at the time. I was under no obligation to provide any 'extras'.

I was told that the guy was married with 2 teenage daughters and that he was a reasonably wealthy business man who liked the company of scantily clad young women. When the agency told me that part I nearly laughed. The thought of me walking into a posh restaurant totally naked flashed through my mind.

I spent a lot more time getting ready for that 'date' than for any other date in my life. I'd been wondering what to wear for days. In the end I dashed into town, to the shop where I work part-time, and borrowed this full length, backless gown. The halter top is low-scooped and reveals most of my breasts when I lean forward, and it has a split up one side, right up to my thigh. The material is quite thin as well.

I was just about ready when my phone rang to say that there was a taxi waiting for me downstairs. One last quick look in the mirror and I slipped my 5 inch heels and a coat on, picked-up my purse and I was off.

The taxi driver checked who I was and then told me to relax. He told me that I was going to a posh restaurant on the other side of town, and that he'd be waiting outside for me for as long as it took. He gave me his card and I put his number into my phone.

As I walked into the restaurant a young girl came to me and took my coat. As soon as my coat was gone a gentleman appeared and asked who I was meeting. I have to admit that I was nervous and excited as the man led me through the tables to where Peter was sat. As we approached, Peter stood up and smiled at me.

"You must be Amy, I'm Peter, and I have to say that it really is my pleasure to meet such an attractive young lady."

We shook hands and he pulled a chair out for me to sit on. Peter had just sat down when a waiter appeared and started pouring me a glass of champagne.

"I do hope that you don't think that I'm a bit presumptuous but I took the liberty of ordering champagne for us." Peter asked.

I like champagne, and told him so.

Peter had correctly assumed that I would like him to do most of the talking to start off with, and he told me all about his wife, teenage daughters and his home life. While he was doing that I started to relax and decided that Peter was quite a nice man. He seemed to be a genuine 'mister nice guy'.

He saw that I was relaxing, and asked about me and my life. I told him that I was a student and that I'd decided to do the escort job to help pay my living costs. When I told him that this was my first escort job he laughed and told me that I was the result of the first time that he'd used an agency.

I declined a dessert, and excused myself and went to the ladies room. As I walked back to our table Peter watched my every step. Over coffee he complimented me on my choice of dress and said that I looked 'exquisite'. He said that he particularly liked the lack of lines made by my underwear.

I was a little surprised by that, but replied saying,

"Perhaps I'm not wearing any."

Peter smiled then told me that he used to go out with his wife with her wearing nothing under her dress, but since the girls came along she'd refused to indulge him.

Peter surprised me again by telling me that he'd heard that one of the local universities had done a deal with the local police and that university girls could walk around town completely naked.

"Yes, I've heard that as well." I said.

"Well I didn't see any of them today, and I'm leaving town tomorrow." Peter replied.

"Maybe next time." I said.

"I certainly hope so."

Peter looked genuinely disappointed.

"You like looking at naked girls then Peter?" I asked.

"Most heterosexual men do, and don't you believe them if they say they don't." He said.

"Well Peter, if you play your cards right, you may just get to see me naked later." I said.

Peter's eyes lit-up. He moved one hand over to me, covered my hand and said,

"Amy, I know that the deal is for dinner only, but I will pay you 300 pounds if you'll let me see you naked later, perhaps in my hotel room."

"For 500 pounds I'll get naked right here and now." I said.

Peter looked a bit shocked, and after a little pause he said,

"You can't, you'll get arrested then I'll miss the pleasure of being with you."

"Let me worry about that," I said, "will you pay me to get naked right now?"

"Yes, yes, of course I will.

I stood up and looked down to Peter. The anticipation in his face was quite a sight.

"You're sure?" I asked.

Peter nodded, I think he was speechless. I reached round the back of my neck and released the fastener. I held the halter in place with one arm. Peter was almost drooling.

I smiled and then moved my arm out. The dress slid to the floor leaving me naked apart from my heels.

"Magnificent!" was all Peter could say as he stared at every inch of me that was above table height.

It didn't take long for the manager to appear and ask me to get dressed.

"I don't think so." I said.

The manager's response was to threaten to call the police.

I smiled at him and told him that he was welcome to. I picked up my purse and got out my student ID card. Sticking it under his nose I told him that I was legally entitled to be naked anywhere in the city. That shut him up.

"Please keep the noise down." He said as he walked away.

I looked round and saw that we had an audience. I smiled at them then sat down.

"Is there any more champagne please?"

Peter laughed and said "Wonderful" before calling a waiter over to pour us some more champagne.

Just as the waiter was about to leave, I picked up my dress, handed it to the waiter and said,

"Have someone hang that with my coat please."

"Certainly madam."

"Why didn't you tell me you were one of those naked university students Amy?" Peter asked.

"I wanted to save the surprise for later, besides, when you first mentioned it I wasn't sure how you would react."

We talked some more, with Peter struggling to look at my face rather than my breasts and hard nipples. Peter wanted me to tell him what it was like being able to go everywhere naked. I think he wanted to be able to do it as well.

We finished the coffee and then Peter asked me if I'd like to join him in his hotel room for a drink. He told me that his hotel was just down the street.

"I'd love to Peter. Anyway, you've promised me 500 pounds and I want to make sure that you get your money's worth." I said.

We got up to leave and most of the people in the room watched us walk out with me hanging onto Peter's arm like he was my sugar daddy.

Peter carried my coat and dress as we walked out onto the street.

When Peter pointed out his hotel I said,

"Don't you want us to walk around town a bit so that you can show me off?" I asked.

"That's a nice idea, but it's a bit cold, dark and it's late. I think I'd prefer just to go back to my hotel." Peter said.

Back in his plush room, Peter poured us a drink while I went to freshen-up. I needed to dry my inner thighs.

When I walked back to Peter I saw a bulging envelope on top of my dress. It turned out that I was right to trust Peter and not check it there and then.

We sat on the bed and talked for a while with Peter's eyes looking up and down my body all the time. In the end I lay back on the bed and told him that I was his to do with as he pleased.

Peter stood up and looked down at me.

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