tagNovels and NovellasAmy's Algerian Anal Adventure Pt. 02

Amy's Algerian Anal Adventure Pt. 02



In which Amy and Lucy visit Oakleigh Hall and further secrets concerning Miss Burnley are revelaed

Lucy and I had no more opportunities to spy upon our guardian and our governess before the day came when we were to depart for Okeleigh Hall. Lady Okeleigh's well appointed traveling coach pulled up outside the house. Lady Okeleigh, Lucy, Miss Burnley and I traveled in the compartment of the carriage while the ever-present Johnson was installed on the postilion's seat behind. A second carriage carried the maids and the baggage. The journey proved to be long and arduous. Despite the relative comfort of Lady Okeleigh's coach the roads were in a terrible state. It was hot and dusty. Opening the window meant an invasion by clouds of dust while closing it meant one was obliged to suffer the oppressive heat. We were all consequently relieved when the coach at last turned into the tree lined drive of Okeleigh Hall. As we passed along this avenue I could just obtain glimpses of the resplendent house standing at the it end. Finally the coach merged into the sunlight and there across the grass stood one of the finest houses in England, built by Lord Okeleigh's grandfather. The coach rumbled through an archway at the side of the house and into a cobbled courtyard. We had arrived.

We were soon escorted into the magnificent hallway by the butler and thence to a grand reception room decorated with chandeliers and tapestries. Lady Okeleigh's son Lord Okeleigh greeted us warmly and offered us refreshment. We gratefully accepted a cool glass of wine following the ardours of our journey. Lord Okeleigh was a raffish young man, dressed in the very latest fashions from Paris. We knew little of him but he was rumoured to be a most popular member of London society and to enjoy gaming and horses.

That night at dinner Lucy and I were seated at either side of Lord Okeleigh. Also present at dinner was Lord Okeleigh's close friend Mr Woodford who was seated on the other side the table from me between Lucy and Miss Burnley. Beside me was Lord Okeleigh's younger brother Thomas.. I noticed that during dinner that Lord Okeleigh's attentions fell chiefly on Lucy but was content to let her converse gaily. His lordship was undoubtedly a most handsome fellow with a firm chin and dark flashing eyes. For my tastes his manner was a little too charming and at times somewhat boastful. He described to Lucy how he had made a wager the previous month of one thousand guineas on a horse which had won at handsome odds. Mr Thomas Okeleigh was an altogether more taciturn young man that his brother. Throughout dinner he attempted to make polite conversation with me concerning the warm weather and my impressions of the house but it was his older brother who dominated the conversation and injected a welcome air of gaiety into the party.

After dinner Lord Okeleigh proposed some music. In the saloon of the house was a fine pianoforte and he suggested that Lucy or I might like to play. Both of us were somewhat indifferent musicians but we managed to carry off our favourite pieces to applause form the assembled company. I suggested that Miss Burnley was a far more accomplished player than either of us and Lord Okeleigh immediately insisited that she might play while we danced. With some hesitancy Miss Burnley consented to this proposal. Lord Okeleigh asked whether I should like to accompany him in the first dance while his younger brother partnered Lucy. Even Lady Okeleigh consented to dance with Mr Woodford. Miss Burnley struck up a gig and the dancing began. Lord Okeleigh certainly danced well moving with a grace and ease. In the next dance I was partnered by Mr Thomas Okeleigh. While the younger brother was unable to match his brothers' style, he showed a quiet reserve and an assiduous attention to the needs of Lucy and myself which was far from unwelcome in my eyes compared to his overbearing elder brother..

The days at Okeleigh Hall passed quickly. Lord Okeleigh proved a charming host organising a variety of activities for his guests. Lucy and I were able to try our hands at archery and fishing. We strolled in the park and went riding on Lord Okeleigh's magnificent horses. In the evenings there were dancing, card games and witty conversation. It was all such a change from the narrow life which we led at home. To our surprise Lady Okeleigh who had been so withdrawn while staying with us came into her own, no doubt enlivened by the company and we began to perceive why she was so highly regarded as a society hostess. Towards the end of the week Lady Okeleigh suggested that we should stay for a further week. The prospect of delaying our return home and with it our return to lessons filled us with delight and we were only too happy to accept her invitation.

The next morning over breakfast Lady Okeleigh asked what Lucy and I should like to do that day. Lord Okeleigh suggested a tour of the park with a picnic by the lake. To this suggestion we all assented and it was agreed that a picnic would be arranged with the housekeeper. By the time we assembled in the hall the sun was well up in a cloudless blue sky, the prefect prelude to our picnic. It was agreed that our party would walk to the lake which was about half a mile in distance from the house while the servants would follow us with the picnic hampers. It proved a pleasant stroll though the garden and across the park until we reached the lake. The water feature had been created by damming a small brook in the valley below the house. In the centre of the lake was a small island dotted with trees and standing on it was a small Grecian or Roman temple echoing the classical style of the house itself.

We arrived at the lake to find a sort of small pavilion erected with rugs, cushions and folding chairs for seating and even a small couch of which Lady Okeleigh immediately took possession. Her ladyship explained that her skin could not abide bright sunlight and she would rest in the shade of the pavilion. The servants laid out a most magnificent picnic upon tables and then we were invited to partake of this veritable feast which had miraculously been transported from the kitchens.

After we had all copiously indulged of this repast most of the party rested in the shade of the pavilion. The sun was now at its hottest. Miss Burnley and Mr Woodford appeared to have disappeared following the luncheon, no doubt taking a walk around the lake. Lord Okeleigh offered to show Lucy and I the little island in the lake. He explained that there was a small boat moored nearby in which he could row us across. I sensed that Lucy might want to be alone with her lord so I declined this offer but she all too readily assented and so that couple departed.

At this point Lady Okeleigh noticed the absence of Miss Burnley and Mr Woodford and questioned her younger son as to their whereabouts. Mr Thomas Oakleigh suggested he could go and look for the missing pair and I volunteered to accompany him. Although it was warm outside I had no desire to remain in the pavilion alone with Lady Okeleigh who after all had a retinue of servants, including the redoubtable Johnson, to care for her needs. Mr Okeleigh and I wandered along the edge of the lake and waved at Lord Okeleigh and Lucy who were rowing towards the island.

Suddenly Mr Okeleigh said in the most strange manner. "I suppose you are aware Miss Hernshaw of the relationship which exists between Miss Burnley and Mr Woodford?"

I had no idea of any relationship between these two persons and was for a moment rendered speechless.

"I can see from your expression that you know nothing of this." Mr Okeleigh continued. "Miss Burnley was formerly governess to Mr Woodford's little daughter. During her employment she formed an attachment to Mr Woodford. When Mrs Woodford discovered the affair she insisted on Miss Burnley's dismissal, although that lady was given the highest references and recommendations which is how she came to be employed by your father."

"So you fear that Mr Woodford and Miss Burnley have taken the opportunity to renew this liaison now they are under the same roof together," I asked.

"It would appear so," Mr Okeleigh replied. "I have a very good idea where we might find that pair and I intend to go there now. However, I feel this is a rather indelicate matter for a young lady such as yourself. Perhaps you should return to my mother." said Mr Okeleigh.

"On no account, Mr Okeleigh," I responded. "Do pray let me accompany you, this is all most exciting."

Mr Okeleigh at last acquiesced to my wish to accompany him and together we followed the little brook from its outflow down the valley. Soon trees closed in around the path and after some minutes of walking Mr Okeleigh turned off the main path onto a smaller path running away into the woods. He signed to me to be silent and I walked as quietly as I might. Up ahead was a small wooden hut, perhaps used by a gamekeeper or foresters. We crept up to the hut and together peered through the window. The light inside the hut was dim but it was possible to clearly discern the scene which was taking place within. On the other side of the hut was an old bed and lying on the bed naked form the waist down was Mr Woodford. Mr Okeleigh attempted to cover my eyes and pull me away but I would have none of it. I pulled away from him and once more peered through the window.

At that moment Miss Burnley appeared in view and to my surprise was entirely naked. She climbed on the bed beside Mr Woodford and commenced kissing him on the lips while her hands roved over his body in the most lascivious fashion. You can imagine my shock to see my prim governess cavorting in this wanton fashion with a married gentleman. However, I must also confess a degree of excitement and arousal at witnessing such a scene. Mr Okeleigh seemed similarly transfixed and stared intently through the other side of the window.

Suddenly, to my surprise, Miss Burnley shifted her position and placed herself so she was bending over Mr Woodford. She lowered her head and I watched in wonderment as she began to slowly lick Mr Woodford's manhood. This organ was of nothing like the proportions of Johnson's gargantuan tool and I was relieved to observe that not all men were so generously endowed. Nevertheless, this instrument shortly began to assume a much greater degree of firmness and thickness as Miss Burnley applied her mouth and lips to the said organ. Soon Miss Burnley was taking the now pulsating rod deeper and deeper into her mouth while her hands roved into every intimate corner of Mr Woodfor's anatomy. Her head began to bob up and down as she thrust her lover's throbbing pahallus in and out of her sucking lips. This activity had been unfolding for several minutes and I began to wonder how soon Mr Woodford might continue before he would explode in Miss Burnley's mouth. However, before the pair had reached this juncture Mr Woodford pushed the governess away from him and stood up. He seized Miss Burnley and placed her in a kneeling position on the bed and then climbed on himself so as to be kneeling behind her. His organ had now achieved its maximum dimensions and by virtue of the oral ministrations of my governess now looked ready to explode inside Miss Burnley.

Mr Woodford now spat upon his fingers and used the liquid to lubricate the pulsating purple head of his manly organ. He held this pole in one hand and seemed to be lining it up in order to penetrate Miss Burnley from behind. I had assumed that Mr Woodford's intention was to enter Miss Burnley by the natural orifice However, on closer examination her was aligning his throbbing organ with the cleft between the governesses buttock cheeks. I t was clear that the gentleman's intention was to ravish his lover anally. He now commenced a firm thrusting into Miss Burney's posterior and had obviously accomplished his penetration when a few moments later an audible cry from Miss Burnley reached us. However, this did not deter her lover who continued with his act of sodomy. He now began to thrust mercilessly into the governess's rear orifice. It gave me some satisfaction to observe this woman, who had so mercilessly beaten Lucy and myself, being soundly buggered by her lover.

To my astonishment the look of pain which had initially crossed Miss Burnley's face as she was rectally invaded was now being replaced with a look of pleasure. As Mr Woodford vigorously plunged his penis into my governess's tight little anus she actually appeared to be enjoying the operation. This conclusion was reinforced when a few moments later that lady began to rub herself vigorously between the legs. Within a few minutes this activity had obviously triggered a crisis in Miss Burnley she began to moan and scream to such a degree that it was clearly audible through the wooden wall of the hut. Mr Woodford now began to plunge with even greater vigour and enthusiasm into the lady's posterior until I saw his face also contort in the throes of climax. I could only imagine what sensations the lovers were experiencing; my governess of her tiny anal opening being stretched wide open and invaded by her lover's thrusting cock. Mr Woodford must at that moment have been experiencing the unique pleasure of ejaculating a flood of semen deep into a lady's bowels. Mr Woodford was indeed apparently pumping hard into my governess's posterior and himself uttering grunts and gasps of pleasure as he completed his anal ravishment of Miss Burnley.

At that moment I felt my sleeve being urgently tugged by Mr Okeleigh. Reluctantly I allowed myself to be dragged away form the window. He pulled me back towards the path through the woods.

"We must be away before they emerge." he said. "Now do you comprehend what species of woman is your governess."

"Mr Okeleigh," I replied, "I have to confess I have had some intimations as to the true nature of her character."

I then told him of the beatings which the governess had inflicted upon Lucy and myself with her cane and how we had spied on her abusing herself with her hairbrush that night.

None of this came as a surprise to Mr Okeleigh who had clearly formed an opinion that Miss Burnley was a vicious and depraved woman.

"But what of Mr Woodford?" I enquired. "He is not without fault in this situation.

After all, is he not a married man with a wife and child?"

Mr Okeleigh responded, "Miss Hernshaw, I am sorry to tell you that Mr Woodford bears little affection for his wife. He and my brother are two of a kind. Both are addicted to the most base and vicious forms of pleasure."

"And pray, what sort of pleasures might those be?" I asked.

"Well, for one things my brother and Mr Woodford belong to a club called the Society of Sodomists. They are inspired by the writings of the Marquis de Sade. Their goal is to explore the depths of sexual debauchery and vice. At this moment my brother and Mr Woodford have a bet as to how many women they are able to sodomise in the course of six months."

"And who may I ask is winning the bet?" I enquired.

"Well until now I believe the two gentlemen were drawing equal but I believe that Mr Woodford's recent conquest will give him the advantage."

At that moment a dreadful thought crossed my mind. What if Lucy were Lord Okeleigh's next intended victim. Suppose that this gentleman had taken my poor cousin to the island on the lake with the intention of seducing or worse ravishing her.

"Mr Oakleigh, I fear the worst for my cousin. Do you not recall that she has gone off alone with your brother. Do you think it is possible?"

Mr Oakleigh suddenly realised what I was suggesting and said, "Indeed we must make haste to return to the lake and find out what is happening. We quickly made our way back along the paths through the woods and at last found ourselves back at the lake. The island with its little temple was still in the distance at the far end of the lake with the boat moored on the island. Of Lucy and Lord Okeleigh there was no sign.

We hastened along the lake shore until we at last reached the pavilion. Lady Okeleigh was still reclining on her couch sipping at a glass of wine. Johnson stood beside her cooling her with a large fan.

"Ah there you are my dears. I was beginning to wonder where everyone had got to. Did you meet Mr Woodford or Miss Burnley in your travels?" she said.

Before I could respond Mr Okeleigh replied, "No Mama, despite our best efforts we saw no sign of them. We had a pleasant walk in the woods but of course there are many paths so I suppose we must have missed them."

Lady Okeleigh fractionally raised an eyebrow and said, "Well as long as you young people are enjoying yourselves."

I decided that the wisest course was to keep my counsel for now and said no more. Mr Okeleigh beckoned to me to join him outside and as we emerged from the pavilion I was pleased to see Lord Okeleigh handing Lucy into the boat at the edge of the island. Observing us Lucy gave a cheerful wave and my heart leapt. Lucy was clearly not distressed and I concluded that if Lord Okeleigh had any dishonourable intentions towards my cousin that he had not accomplished his object on this occasion. We waited on the shore as his lordship rowed my cousin back to the shore.

Once Lucy had alighted from the little craft I took her aside as soon as possible in a vain attempt to quiz her regarding what had passed on the island. Her only response was to grin mischievously and inform me that all would be revealed later.


In which Lucy reveals what transpired on her visit to the island

It was not until we were safely tucked up in our room that night that I was finally able to interrogate Lucy fully concerning the events of the day. I commenced by recounting my own experiences with Mr Okeleigh. I told her how we had searched for Mr Woodford and Miss Burnley and had finally discovered them in a hut in the woods in an act of passion. Lucy insisted on my describing what I had witnessed in the most minute detail and seemed particularly gleeful to hear that the martinet of the schoolroom had actually enjoyed being vigorously sodomised that afternoon. In my haste to tell Lucy of all these events I completely forgot to inform Lucy of the intelligence which I had received from Mr Okeleigh concerning the proclivities of his brother and Mr Woodford. It was clear that Lucy was bursting to tell me of her own experiences of the afternoon so I invited her to tell all.

"My darling Amy, where shall I begin," said Lucy. "Lord Okeleigh is so entirely charming. Her began by rowing me to that delightful little island in the lake. It was so pleasant lying back in the dinghy while he manfully applied himself to the oars, drawing us towards our destination. On our arrival he gave me a little tour of the island and completed this by showing me the little Grecian temple. It is in fact dedicated to the goddess Venus, who is, as you know, the goddess of love. Inside the temple is quite exquisite. The walls and ceiling being covered in painted scenes depicting events in the life of the goddess. To my surprise there are comfortable couches and small tables in the single room of the temple and some servant had thoughtfully provided a small basket of refreshments and some wine though I was quite incapable of eating following our picnic."

"Having described the temple to me and its paintings, Lord Okeleigh poured us some wine and told me he had a request to make of me. I was quite taken aback when he knelt before me and declared that he was deeply in love with me and hoped to make me the next Lady Okeleigh. I knew not what to say and finally replied that I had the greatest affection for him but felt I needed some time to come to a decision on the matter. Lord Okeleigh then asked if I might grant him another favour. I responded that for a gentleman who had just honoured me with a proposal of marriage I could hardly refuse his request. It was then that Lord Okeleigh asked if he might kiss me on the lips. I of course assumed that his intention was to kiss my mouth to which I readily assented offering him my lips. What Lord Oakleigh said next quite astounded me. He explained that he wished to kiss my nether lips and would be my slave for ever if I were only to grant him this wish. While I was taken quite aback by this I recalled the exquisite pleasure which the touch of your own sweet mouth and lips afforded me when you kissed that part of me. Well I reasoned, how much more pleasurable might it be to be kissed there by such a fine and handsome gentleman. Moreover what harm could befall me by granting this small favour.

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