Amy's Awakening


I was home all by myself one morning and decided to take advantage of this very rare happening. So I took a long hot bubble bath and shaved all my body hair. Not that it was a lot, I have almost no arm or leg hair and just a tiny patch of chest hair and a little facial hair on my chin and upper lip and of course a small patch of pubic hair and a very thin trace amount of underarm. So I was silky smooth and so soft, I love the feeling of my skin after a fresh shave especially next to my silky under things and hosiery. I got out of the bath and patted myself dry and rubbed lotion all over my body to make me extra smooth and silky feeling.

I wrapped the towel around my chest and went to the vanity and sat down to apply my makeup. I applied my eyeliner, a heavy black line all the way around my eyes. Next I brushed the mascara through my lashes top and bottom making them long, black, and pronounced and the top ones ever so curved upwards. Then I used a sponge and applied my foundation to even out my skin tone and then went to work on my eye makeup. I always want them to stand out so I liked them as dramatic as possible even during the daytime. I started with a smoky gray and blended the color all over my eyelids. I then used a deep plum and accented the corners and creases. I finished my face with a bright red lipstick and a touch of cherry on my cheekbones.

I picked out this cute little grape dress with a tiny black belt and black accent buttons on the sleeves. It has a scoop neckline with a rouching down the front which beautifully accents my breasts. I grabbed my favorite black and violet, satin and lace matching bra, panty, and garter belt set from Victoria Secret and a pair of jet black stockings and these stunning 4.5 inch stiletto heeled pumps. I dropped the towel and fastened the bra around my chest and leaned forward to allow my D-cup breastforms to fall into the cups as I brought the straps up and over my arms. I hooked the garter belt around my waist and straightened it making sure the straps fell down the front and back of my thighs. I stepped into the panties and wiggled them up my thighs and over my hips allowing them to snuggle into place with a perfect crease down my firm and toned butt. I gathered one stocking and placed my pretty painted toes into the end and unrolled it up my long, sexy, toned leg and fastened the top to the garter strap and then repeated this on the other leg. I stood and pulled the dress over my head and let it fall down past my full breasts, over my flat stomach, and down my ample butt to caress my toned thighs. After finishing my makeup and getting dressed I grabbed a long blonde wig and fitted it on my head, it came down to the middle of my back and cascaded over my shoulders with slight bangs on my forehead. I stepped into my high heels and sashayed my way to our full length mirror and as always I was shocked at the beautiful woman staring back at me.

I walked around the house and relished the feeling of my hose swishing and the clicking sound of my heels on the hardwood floors; it was all so erotic feeling to me. This morning is a perfect example of how my life transpires when I have a chance to become Amy, my alter-femme. You see I am a transgender girl. I have been dressing off and on since I was 12, so for 20 years now. I am married with two beautiful children and none of them know anything of this side of my life. I don't think they would understand and it doesn't really matter since I've always considered myself heterosexual and have never ventured outside the safety of my house. Like a lot of us gurls, I love dressing and feeling sexy but really have no interest in men sexually or at least I thought so before this morning.

I was sitting at my desk doing some work from home. I love sitting there in a dress with my legs crossed and my high heel dangling from my foot as I work at the computer or on the phone and no one that I'm dealing with has any idea of the beautiful sexy appearing woman on the other end, like when I laugh with one of them and flip my hair back over my shoulder or typing out an order watching as my long bright red nails work on the keyboard. Just then I heard a sound coming from upstairs, startled and in shock almost panicked, I stood from my chair and slowly walked to the stairs listening for any clues as to who it could be, hoping I had been imagining things. As I slowly ascended the first set of steps I was suddenly greeted by our landlord, Mr. Sandy Jones.

He is a tall good looking guy with broad shoulders and blonde hair cut just at his collar and very blue eyes. I think I was as shocked by him as he was by me and by that I mean that someone was here. He stammered a bunch of apologies and excuses and I just shook my hands and nodded affirmatively trying not to have to speak to him, not too sure of my voice. After some pleasantries he was turning to leave and stopped and stood in place for it seemed like an hour but actually only about 45 seconds then turned back looking at me and staring me up and down.

I looked at myself trying to see if anything was out of place and smoothing down the front of my dress. I asked if anything was wrong as he moved closer to me. He just stared at me, first into my eyes and then down at my body and legs. I cleared my throat wondering what was going on with him when he brought his eyes up and met mine and a broad smile spread across his mouth. He then asked what my deal was. I inquired in my softest voice I could muster, what he was asking. He just laughed a deep throated, almost sinister laugh. I said excuse me but what is so funny sir. He again looked me up and down pausing at my legs and said you almost had me fooled; you look very good, very sexy. I said well thank you, kind of blushing then I asked almost, what do you mean?

He said well Mr. Smith I saw something familiar in your eyes and well as I was admiring your body it dawned on me. I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about, I mused. He moved closer to me and put his hand on my shoulder and said it's alright, what you do is your business. I then felt all the fear drain from me and I relaxed, too soon I would learn, but I breathed a sigh and said ok thank you. He asked how long I had been doing this. I told him a long time. He asked if I liked to be treated like a woman as well as dress like one. I nodded I guess but what do you mean. He moved to my side and put his arm around me and rested his hand on my butt. I jumped and screamed Mr. Jones what are you doing? He just laughed and said it was alright. No its not I protested. He said well it is if you don't want anyone finding out about all this. This is when all that fear returned.

Please you can't tell anyone oh please I pleaded. He said well if I'm going to keep your secret I am going to have to be invested in it too. Whatever do you mean by that I asked with trembling in my voice? He moved closer again and put his arm around me and said listen, you are very pretty and I have a need that I think you can take care of. What is that I pleaded, not really wanting to know. He said I married this woman last year and she is very pretty and very sexy but she will not let me put my dick in her mouth and I simply love getting head, I mean nothing beats a good blowjob. Taken aback I just stared at him, you can't be serious I quipped, I'm not gay. He said he wasn't either and the way I looked he would never think of that anyway. But you know what I am I mumbled. What you are my dear is a beautiful young girl who is dressed so sexy and it would be such a shame not to take advantage of that. Besides you can't stand there looking like you do and tell me you have never been with a man or that you haven't at least thought about being with a man.

I haven't I pleaded as I shook my head, honest I haven't. But inside my mind was racing now, I was extremely turned on at this moment. I felt betrayed by my body, as I was saying no but my body was telling him I wanted him in the worst way ever. He smiled as he looked at my lips. I think they are getting poutier if that's possible. What I asked. Your bright red lips my pet; he whispered as he leaned closer and brushed my lips with his finger. Look if you suck my dick I won't tell anyone anything. I just shook my head as he undid his pants and pulled out a very hard very sexy looking cock. It was about 9 inches and very thick with an ever so slight upturn at the head. He took my hand as I shook my head and placed it on his cock. My slender fingers wrapped around the shaft as if instinctively and my bright red nails flicked against each other barely touching.

OMG I gasped, you're so big and its sooooooo ummmm. So what he inquired. Uuuuuuummmmm I mumbled as I bit my lower lip and continued moving my hand on the shaft of his cock. A drop of precum oozes from the end and I rub it into the head. Uuuuummmm I don't know I just stammered. Sure you do he said as he put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me down to my knees in front of him, his cock right at my lips. He brushed my lips with the head of his cock smearing precum across my lips. I opened my mouth and licked my lips and attacked his cock, sucking him into my warm wet mouth.

I had never touched another cock in my life and here I was devouring his and loving it. He smiled and said see you do want it don't you. I moaned yes I do oh god yes as I moved him in and out of my painted lips and did to him what I had seen done to guys in sex films for years. He moaned as I sucked him and pushed his hips forward trying to get more of it into my mouth. I gagged as he did but kept trying because I wanted him in my throat as much as he wanted to be there. I moved my mouth up and down on his cock, stroking the base with my pretty fingers as I sucked as much as I could get. I pulled him out and ran my tongue around the head and then from the tip to the base and back to the tip before pushing him past my pursed lips once again into my hot mouth. He grew somewhat impatient and put his hands on either side of my head and began to fuck my face.

After only a couple more minutes he tensed up, pushed all the way in and exploded into my mouth. It was so much I gagged again but kept sucking and swallowing trying to get as much of his cum as I could. I couldn't believe what I had just done but at least it was a onetime thing, I thought to myself. He helped me stand and rubbed my butt as he told me that I gave a very adequate blowjob. Adequate I blurted, what do you mean? He said it's alright sweety; you will have plenty of practice to get better. You said just this once, I can't do this again. Yes you can and you will unless you want everyone to find out about, he paused. So what do I call you? I stood there and cooed Amy. I realized at that moment that I loved sucking cock and that I loved swallowing cum, at least Sandy's cock and cum that is but I'm not telling him that.

He said alright Amy I'll call you and we'll set up a day and time for next week. Wear something really sexy won't you sweety he mumbled as he groped my butt. Damn you have got a great ass Amy. You should see this, Wow. Thanks I mumbled, I think.

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