tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAmy's Awakening Ch. 02

Amy's Awakening Ch. 02


Wow was all I could say as I wandered around my house, my heels clicking the way I like and just shaking my head in disbelief at what I had done. The crotch of my panties was soaked from my precum and I couldn't believe what he had made me do. But I knew inside that while he made me start I had become someone else during our session and that I very much did it and wanted to do it. I loved sucking his cock so much that all I could think about for the next week was getting him in my mouth again. I couldn't believe how or what I felt.

He called me on Tuesday and asked if Thursday would work for me. I told him it would and when we hung up I almost came in my pants just from thinking about what would happen. I went shopping Wednesday to pick out something very sexy to wear for him but didn't have any luck so I would be resigned to wearing something I already had, which would be alright since he has only seen the one outfit. But what I mused, what would I wear?

Well I decided on a black sheer multi-layer skirt with a black satin and sheer striped blouse. I would pair it with a matching black bra, panty, and garter ensemble and black stockings with a seam up the back to really make it sexy, and a pair of black strappy 4 inch sandals completed my choices. I started early that morning getting ready with my bath and shave. I was dressed for about an hour just clicking around the house when the doorbell rang.

Overly excited I almost ran to the door, I couldn't believe what I was feeling, and that I wanted to see him so bad. See him, who was I kidding, I wanted to maul him, the crotch of my panties already soaked just thinking about what was to happen. I opened the door and there he was, as he walked in past me his hand trailed across my waist and butt sending a charge through my already excited body. Once inside I closed the door and he put his arm around my waist and pulled me to him, staring into my eyes as his lips found mine and we kissed so deeply, our tongues seeking each others out. Frantically our hands roamed each others body as we explored each others lips and mouth.

Our kiss broke as he looked into my eyes and said well hello Amy, how's my girl. My heart fluttered as he called me his girl, and I was his for the taking or using as I would later learn. Still standing in the entrance he moaned baby I have to get my cock in your mouth right now as he pushed me to my knees and unzipped his fly pulling out his very hard cock and pushing it into my hot, wet, eagerly waiting mouth. I instantly went to work on him and in just a few minutes he exploded streams of his hot thick cum all over the inside of my mouth. I swallowed it all licking his cock and my lips when he was done. I stood and tucked his softening cock back into his pants and took him by the hand and led him down to the living room.

We talked for awhile and he reached out and pulled me to him and kissed me again. He said Amy you've got me so turned on and so hard again that I need you to wrap those luscious red lips around my growing member. He undid his pants and I helped him take them off and I got between his legs and wrapped my painted nails around his beautiful cock and brought it to my lips as I ran my tongue along the length. I worked on him for about 10 minutes moving him in and out of my mouth and then he pushed down on my head pushing his cock into my throat and gave me another huge load of his delicious cum straight into my tummy. As I was milking and cleaning his cock I looked up into his eyes and said well it's official I'm a cum loving slut and he just laughed.

I would have never thought that about myself before. He said so I don't have to feel like I'm forcing you to do this anymore? I shook my head no and that I would be with him whenever he wanted me. He smiled and said well he would much rather I enjoyed myself as much as he was. Oh baby I am I mumbled around his softening cock. He dressed and left asking if next Tuesday worked for me, I smiled and told him I didn't know if I could wait that long. He laughed and kissed me saying he liked hearing that and maybe we could make it a couple times a week. He sure could get use to me doing him every day if we could arrange it. Really I mused, are you serious? Yes he nodded. I will work it out if you want me baby I purred. He looked into my eyes and said this may mean you will have to meet me out on occasion. I paused. I don't know if I can go out. Why he ask? I never have I quipped. Well you had better make it happen. Alright I nodded. Good he exclaimed then let's meet tomorrow. Ok, where I asked my voice breaking. He said lets try downtown, come by and I will drive while you do me. Ok I nodded.

The next morning I leapt out of bed unable to believe I was going out dressed but unable to not go out to meet Sandy at the same time. I scrambled to start getting ready, starting in my closet. I picked out a red linen skirt and a white silk blouse and a very sexy red with black and red brocade bra with a matching thong. I decided on white thigh highs and red 5" high heel pumps. I showered and did a touch up shave and applied my make-up and a long blonde wig. I gathered some things I thought I might need and threw them into my coach purse and jumped in my car, off to meet him. I got to the place he had told me to meet him at and he wasn't there yet, so there I was standing on the sidewalk terrified that someone would read me and tell everyone. That didn't happen. I even had a couple guys check me out before Sandy pulled up. He got out of his car and came around to open my door for me and helped me into his car. I love getting in and out of a car with a skirt on, showing off my legs the whole time.

He got in and leaned over to give me a kiss as we drove off. I moaned into his kiss as he rubbed my leg. He looked at me as I smiled and told me I looked stunning. I told him thank you that I wanted to look sexy for him and he told me I absolutely did. I crossed and uncrossed my legs several times as he drove, then he put his hand on my neck and pulled me towards him as he told me to take out his dick. I unzipped his pants and reached in and grasped his very hard appendage, pulling him out and just dropped my mouth on him. He pushed down driving his cock all the way into my throat and I stayed there for a few minutes and started swallowing with him all the way in. I was massaging his cock with my throat and he was going crazy. I sucked him off without ever moving him in and out. He groaned and pushed his hips up and blew his load into my tummy. I licked and sucked him clean and tucked him back into his pants just as he pulled back to where he picked me up. I smiled at him and said great timing and he squeezed my thigh as we kissed goodbye.

On the drive home I couldn't stop thinking about it all. Going out dressed, seeing Sandy, sucking him off while driving around and parting ways as if nothing was abnormal between us. When I got home I took off my thong and v-string and lay out on my bed to relive my afternoon tryst and get myself off. I came all over my skirt and blouse. Sandy called that evening to tell me how hot it all had been for him and that he wanted to see me tomorrow at my house. I blushed and told him I would love to see him tomorrow. That night my mind drifted off to Sandy and what I wanted to do with him and I decided then that I wanted him to complete my feminization. I needed him to make me a woman in every way and I ached to feel him inside me, I only hoped he would want to.

I decided that I wanted things to be playful but sexy and I wanted to turn him on more than he could take. I dressed in a super short red plaid skirt with a white oxford shirt, tied just under my breast, white knee socks and black 4 inch pumps. I went with a white bra and matching panties to complete the look. I gave my eyes a dark smokey look and my lips a frosted bright red. My finger and toe nails were painted scorching red to match. When he arrived and I met him at the door he couldn't believe how hot I looked or how turned on he was. Every mans fantasy, a sexy school girl to please him. I immediately dropped to my knees and took his cock between my luscious red lips and sucked him off. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it all milking his cock of every drop. After he finished I stood and asked him if he would take me to bed. He looked at me and asked if I was sure that was what I wanted. I simply looked into his eyes and breathlessly moaned yes more than anything. He picked me up into his arms and carried me to my bedroom and laid me across the bed. As I lay there watching him undress all I could think about was making love to this incredible man.

He moved on top of me as I rolled onto my back and spread my legs cradling him between my thighs. He leaned down and we kissed our mouths so hot for each other. He slid my panties off and raised my legs as I wrapped them around his waist. I pulled him down to me and kissed him again and as I looked into his beautiful eyes I purred to him to please be gentle with me. He told me not to worry he would be. I raised my hips as he moved his cock to my opening. He rubbed precum all over my hole and squirted some lube into his hand and pushed a finger inside me. I gasped and it hurt but only for a second. I relaxed and he pushed another finger inside. When he withdrew his fingers I moaned and said no please don't take them as he replaced his fingers with his cock. He placed the head of his cock at my opening and pushed. It hurt as he began entering me and as he leaned forward to push more inside it hurt more. He rocked back and forth a little trying to get all of his cock inside my body. It hurt and he would hold still for me to relax around him. This went on for what seemed like forever and then it happened, my muscle gave way its resistance and allowed him in.

He was finally buried inside my body, lying on top of me and kissing me. I moaned and rocked my hips forward and staring into his eyes I begged him to fuck me. Oooooohhhhhh Sandy pppllleeeaaasssseee, I want you, I need you, and fuck me he did. He began to pound his cock in and out of my body like he would die if he didn't. I couldn't believe how I felt; it hurt but was so hot at the same time. I was engulfed by his passion, I had my hands clawing his back, my legs wrapped around his waist, my calves draped across his butt and my heels digging into his butt and I was screaming for him to fuck me harder. I came as he fucked me, without even touching myself and then it happened, he tensed up buried himself inside me with one final push and exploded into my body. It was inexplicable to feel his hot cum rushing into me, spraying my insides and him getting bigger and harder than before. I loved even second of it, now I truly felt like a woman.

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