tagInterracial LoveAmy's Encounter

Amy's Encounter


Quite simply, Amy was a stunningly attractive blonde woman from a well off suburban family. Her parents were liberal minded and raised her to be the same. When she turned twenty-four, she met and fell in love with a fair-haired young man named Ronald. He was a handsome young man who was open minded in his ideals which is what first attracted Amy. They were making love after the third date and married less than five months after having met.

They honeymooned in Florida and made love on the beach. With the sand as their bed, they fondled and kissed tenderly. The sand was hot and the air was cool. It was a fond memory, despite Ronald's lack of sexual prowess. Ronald looked around constantly, worried that they might be seen.

"Who cares if someone sees us?" Amy repeatedly said to Ronald as he continually broke off their lovemaking to see if anyone was around.

Ronald was so nervous that he struggled to keep an erection. As she lay under him in hungry waiting desire, he comically stroked his penis without success to get it erect. Taking control of the situation, Amy gently pushed Ronald on his back and took his penis in her mouth. With Ronald's pale limp penis in her mouth, she began fellatio. Ronald's penis felt like a small worm squirming around her mouth and Amy nearly gagged because the experience repulsed her. When Ronald finally got an erection, they made love in their customary missionary position. Ronald was in ecstasy as he entered his lover for the first time as her husband. Amy always enjoyed the intimacy but felt little excitement from Ronald's strokes. She hardly felt penetrated at all. Ronald was handsome and the best kisser she had ever known but she almost felt bothered by his shallow entry into her. She wanted more and wanted it further within her then he seemed to be able to reach. She took control again and lifted her hips and began smashing them against his. Her hands were on his buttocks now and her pussy gobbled every piece of his penis she could get into herself and it began to feel good. She gasped as new areas within her were touched, but after a few minutes of this rough treatment, Ronald hollered and ejaculated. Moments later his penis went limp again. As if all the passion spurted out with his semen, Ronald rolled off her and moaned in gratification. As he lay back, Amy sat on top of him and inserted him into her again. Pumping on top of him a few times in order to please herself more.

"Come on, Ron...let's do it again." Amy swayed in vain. He could not regain an erection and she hadn't felt an orgasm yet.

Amy didn't really care, she loved Ronald and understood how nervous he was.

After returning moving into their first home, Amy and Ronald's lovemaking session improved a great deal. Ronald became less nervous about sex and they had many long and fun times in and out of bed. Amy began having more orgasms after one year of marriage and then it became a regular event for her to enjoy sex. Despite this, Amy continued to be nagged by the feeling she wasn't being fully penetrated. In a strange way, she almost felt like she hadn't had sex.

After two happy years living in a suburban apartment complex, the couple decided to get an house in the inner city where they both worked. Amy and Ronald used to drive together to and from work. During these short drives, they talked about work, had arguments and other mundane things. They also talked about having children. Both Ronald and Amy wanted children eventually, but Amy was reluctant because it would mean her leaving her job, something she was not prepared to do even for Ronald. After one year of driving to work, Amy recommended they start using public transportation in order to do something for the environment. Ronald agreed, not realizing that Amy was really trying to avoid their discussions about having kids. Amy and Ron would take the bus together, but would never argue since they didn't have any privacy.

One morning, Ronald didn't want to have sex, and wouldn't have sex with Amy no matter how she begged for it. The reason Ronald did not want to have sex that morning is because he had been masturbating unbeknownst to Amy in the shower. He was spent from masturbating and couldn't get an erection so acted like he didn't want to have sex so he could conceal the truth. Amy became very angry and irrational and refused to go with him to the bus stop, saying he would prefer to take the train by herself. The train stop was four blocks away, but Amy was too angry to care.

Amy normally dressed very conservatively, but decided to dress as sexy as possible in order to irritate Ronald. She pulled out her favorite black high heels and put on a short black loose skirt that was sure to lift up revealingly in the breeze. Amy also slipped on a shinny blue silken short sleeve blouse that accentuated her attractive slender proportions.

"Do I look nice, Ronnie?" She asked in a sultry tone.

"Yes," he said gloomily.

"Do I look sexy?" Amy asked with a tinge of anger.

"Very, listen..."

"Good," Amy said and trotted out the door without another word.

Amy decided to take the train to work, which meant she had to walk four blocks to get to the train stop. All along the way, Amy put on a good show. Her hips swayed in a beckoning manner and her legs moved doe like along the sidewalks. She glanced back once at Ronald who was watching her from the apartment window in dismay as she continued her arousing stroll down the street. Her high heels made a sharp clip clop as she walked, signaling to everyone that a woman was passing through. She looked all around to catch the eye of any man in the vicinity. Amy smiled as she saw men watching her hungrily as she walked by, enjoying the thought of Ronald bothered by her exit and the attention she attracted. She imagined that she could have any man she wanted in a moment but didn't think seriously of it. She really only wanted to stick to Ronald she thought-she never thought of cheating on him. Amy was happy enough gathering the attention of men and eating up their desiring looks. Her eyes went from one man to the other until they finally came upon him.

His eyes were large and dark and started so deeply into her that she felt they were sucking her in. They were expressive, soulful and hungry...and they belonged to a black man. His name was Terrance and he was large and tall. He had a dark grubby looking beard and a tangled mass of dirty hair. His clothes were gray, tattered and dirty. He was smelly from not showering, smelled slightly of alcohol and had been searching deeply through a trashcan when she caught his attention. His face was dirty but his skin was dark and tight. Every man on the street wanted her, but in his eyes, Amy could see that he wanted her most of all. While other men only stole glances at her, being too afraid to meet her gaze directly, he looked her up and down without a hesitation and smiled at her.

She smiled back without thinking and found her gaze locked on to his as she strolled by with a swish of her skirt. He kept staring as she past and shamelessly drank the vision of her alluring backside as she walked on. She had turned her head as much as she could to keep looking at him eating up her looks and turned around a bit.

"Good morning, ma'am." Terrance said. "You lookin might fine."

"Thank you, sir." Amy said, again without thinking. "Good morning to you."

Amy did one more thing without thinking, something that both she and Terrance would be thinking about the rest of the day. She raised one slender creamy hand and very provocatively blew him a kiss. Afterward, blushing deeply red, Amy skipped hurriedly away. Amy speedily entered the train station and merged into the crowd. She was unaware she was giggling and shaking a little from excitement. After climbing the staircase to the train platform, she walked over to a spot where she could see the black bum standing on the street beside the trashcan he had been rummaging through. He was looking up at her, had a broad smile and waved slowly at her.

She waved back, completely out of character, and very quickly blew another kiss at him. Amy nearly missed her train because she was so distracted she couldn't her the conductor calling. She hurried in and spent the rest her ride contemplating what she had just done. Ronald was nowhere in her thoughts from that moment she laid eyes on that black man until she got on the train and couldn't see him anymore. She felt a sort of shame, and wondered who sitting or standing around her might have seen her actions.

At work, where she was a human resources executive, she thought constantly of what had happened. She felt bad mostly, but in the back of her thought stirred some deep seeded itch. As her thoughts drifted from work to her encounter, her hand once found it's way between her legs. Her fingers touched the edges and she became moist.

She called Ronald and they made up. It was a great relief and Amy felt assured that tonight would be an evening of great sex with Ronald. Her thoughts remained on Ronald and the anticipation of embracing and lovemaking with him. She thought of nothing else until she started riding the train back hone and wondered if she would see the black man again.

Charity starts at home

Since the fateful day when she walked to the train station, Amy made it her habit to take the train to work. Amy told Ronald that she liked the walk to the train ad enjoyed the exercise it gave her. She made certain to let Ronald know that she wanted to take these walks alone since she also enjoyed the quiet time to herself. What happened didn't tell Ron or even realized herself what that she secretly was hoping to meet the black bum again. When she walked to the train station, she found the black bum at the same garbage can.

The black bum wore the same tattered and dirty clothes and looked just as grubby as he did the previous day. This time the black bum wasn't searching through the garbage can, it seemed clear he had been waiting there to see Amy again. As she approached, the black bum gave her the same admiring stare and met her eyes.

"Good morning, ma'am." He said with a smile. "That's a real nice dress you have on this morning, the colors bring out your lovely eyes."

"Why, thank you." She replied feeling genuinely flattered.

Amy smiled nervously, not because she was scared of the black bum, but because he made her feel strange. Amy walked by the black bum. He watched her as she walked by in the same way he did yesterday. This time, however; Amy turned around and walked back to the black bum.

"Good morning and hi." She said with a smile and extended her hand to the black bum. "My name is Amy Smith."

Amy was amazed at how confident and composed the black bum appeared to be. Nothing seemed to startle him. He kept smiling at her and looking at her with his soulful eyes. He took her hand in his and shook it firmly but not hard. Amy detected a sensation running through her hand up her arm at the moment of contact, electricity seem to pass between them as they shook hands.

"Mine is Terrance Ebon, very nice to meet you Amy Smith."

"I'm kinda of embarrassed, I felt I should talk to you...to apologize...yesterday when I blew a kiss to you..." Amy blushed.

"I knew you was just playin around," the black bum said with a hearty laugh. "You made my whole day though and I much appreciate it."

"Thank you," Amy said smiling.

"I encourage you to continue," Terrance joked. "And I would like to add that your smile is as lovely as your eyes.

"Thank you again," Amy said with a big smile. "I better be heading to work now."

"Ok miss...but can you blow me another of your sweet kisses."

Amy blushed redder if possible but smiled cheerfully and did as Terrance asked. She blew him a quick kiss and gave him a wink. Terrance watched the attractive sway of Amy's behind as she walked away to the train station. Amy didn't stop thinking about Terrance for the rest of the day and wondered how a seemingly nice man could end up picking garbage from a trashcan for a living.

Amy would see Terrance every day at the same spot every morning. Terrance would always greet her politely and compliment her on clothes. Amy would always greet him with a smile and a kind word, and sometimes gave him change. They might talk for a minute or two before Amy left to catch her train. During one of the conversations, Amy learned that Terrance used to be a mechanic but had been unemployed for over two years.

One morning Ronald was surprised to wake up and find Amy had already left for work. This didn't bother Ronald at all, things were going very well with Amy. Ronald figured that Amy was just leaving early because she needed to get work done at the office. What Ronald did not realize was that Amy left early so she could meet Terrance and buy him a cup of coffee at a nearby donut shop.

Amy was curious why Terrance was still unemployed and wanted more time to talk with him. Terrance was very pleased to have coffee with Amy. They talked for nearly thirty minutes. In that time Terrance revealed to Amy that the reason he wasn't working was that he was a recovering alcoholic. Amy hesitantly told Terrance she was married when asked. He went on to tell Amy that he couldn't get a job because he had no place to stay, clean up, or anything. Amy was touched by his apparent willingness to work, and was also touched on the arm by Terrance during the conversation. Since Amy was a liberal and charitable minded person, she felt bad for him and wanted to help.

That evening after Amy and Ronald had made love and were talking in bed, Amy began to tell Ronald about Terrance. Amy didn't tell Ronald about the way she acted around Terrance, she only told him that he was a vagrant she gave change to in the morning. She explained all about Terrance's problems getting work and suggested that maybe they could help him. Ronald was also a liberal minded and charitable person, and he listened to Amy's plan for helping Terrance. Amy suggested that Terrance could temporarily move into the renovated basement of the house. Terrance could shower, have a place to live for awhile and then look for work. At first, Amy thought Ronald would flat out refuse such an arrangement. To Amy's surprise, Ronald agreed to it. For a few minutes, Amy actually found herself trying to talk Ronald out of agreeing. In the end Ronald said it was easy for them to do and would help Terrance out a lot. Amy gave Ronald a great hug and kissed him deeply. Amy felt so lucky being married to a man with such a generous heart.

Terrance was stunned when Amy told him that she and her husband wanted to invite him to live in the basement of their house until he could find a job and get his own apartment. That afternoon, Amy took Terrance to her house and introduced him to Ronald. Terrance and Ronald shared a brief polite handshake.

"You have a real nice lady," Terrance told Ronald. "You ought to hang on to her."

Ronald smiled and held Amy close to his side. "I know she is...and I plan to."

After welcoming Terrance to the house and showing him the basement, Amy put out some of Ronald's old clothes for Terrance to wear after he took a shower in the basement bathroom. Ronald and Amy waited for Terrance to return from his shower upstairs in the dinning room since they decided Terrance would share dinner with them tonight. When Terrance came upstairs, neither Amy nor Ronald could believe their eyes. Once washed, shaved and put into new clothes, Terrance looked like a completely different man. Under the dirty clothes, nasty hair and foul smell was a well built and strikingly handsome black man who looked better in Ronald's clothes then Ronald ever did.

"Oh my gawd!" Amy said after her mouth dropped. She was amazed at how well Terrance cleaned up.

"Thank you for the clothes," Terrance said. "After you let them out they fit better on me."

"Look at you, handsome." Amy said half-joking, half-serious. "You look great. Those are some nice clothes you have on this morning, mister."

"Aw, stop your joking." Terrance said with an attractive smile.

"Give me a hug." Amy said impulsively.

Without hesitation, Terrance scooped Amy up in his arms and hugged her. Amy felt instant delight in Terrance's strong masculine embrace. Terrance spun her for fun and Amy laughed giddily in spite of her self. Amy felt as light as a feather in Terrance's strong taut arms and felt as though she were flying through the air. Amy placed her hands on Terrance's shoulders for balance and squeezed them, feeling the muscles on him. As Terrance let Amy back down, Amy's thigh brushed past Terrance's crotch and she was startled to feel a large stiff bulge in his pants. Ronald who was standing nearby looked at the two with a fixed gaze.

"Well, let's eat." Amy said as she quickly moved to Ronald's side.

All three sat at the table and enjoyed a good meal. They all shared some small talk and laughs at the dinner table. Amy and Terrance did most of the talking together that night. Amy couldn't get over how handsome Terrance looked and get her gaze focused on him for most of dinner. As Amy kept her attention on Terrance, Ronald seemed to fade away until it felt like Terrance and Amy were having a intimate dinner alone. Ronald watched his beautiful wife smiling in a way he never saw before, she was glowing with excitement, and her eyes shined in admiration at Terrance. Ronald noticed how Terrance smiled at Amy, how admiringly he looked at her and how comfortable they seemed together. Neither Amy nor Terrance took notice when Ronald left the room.

Amy's Best Friend

The best friend Amy ever thought she had in the whole world had to be Dana Jones. Dana and Amy knew each other since grade school and were close since then. Amy felt she could express her feelings and share her troubles with Dana more then anyone else. Dana felt very differently about Amy. Dana loved Amy as a friend, and also hated her as a rival.

Dana was a tall attractive brunette, very slim and very sexy. Despite her attractiveness, she felt intimidated by the gorgeous supermodel looks of Amy. Dana felt that she could never get things as good as Amy because of Amy's gorgeous looks. While Amy didn't realize it, she had unintentionally stolen Ronald from Dana. Ronald had been friends with Dana first, and things were just starting to get good between them when Amy came along and took him.

Ever since Amy got kissed first in 3rd grade, in Dana's thinking, Amy always got the better of her. Amy married the man Dana wanted, so Dana remained single. Amy had a house and not an apartment, Amy had a better car, Amy had a higher paying job and Amy had the perfect life.

Dana received an urgent call from Amy on Sunday night and was now meeting Amy for lunch on Monday to talk about Amy's latest crisis. These crisis lunches on Monday were a regular event for Amy and Dana. The kind of crisis Amy had were usually like whether she should accept the new higher paying job or accept the raise her current employer was offering her to stay. Nothing bad ever happened to Amy. Although Dana resented Amy, she still couldn't resist wanting to be friends with her, if only in the hopes that she might see Amy fail at something someday.

Dana waited for Amy in they're usually quite corner in a café close to where they both worked. Closer to Amy then it is to me thought Dana. Amy was running late as usual. So that she can make a dramatic entrance and show off her slim body to me.

Here comes Mrs. Perfect now, looking gorgeous as ever. Oh my gawd, she's wearing the same dress I showed her and said I was buying....that bitch!

Sure enough, when Amy arrived, heads turned at the bar. Amy wore a white sun dress with a slit on the side that revealed her sexy legs. Amy looked radiant as she walked up smiling at Dana. As she reached the table, Dana rose up smiling and gave Amy a friendly hug. They took they're seats and shared some idle chitchat for a few minutes. They ordered some ice tea, the waiter flirted with Amy of course, and then Amy seemed to be prepared to share her latest crisis with Dana.

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