tagInterracial LoveAmy's Fascination Ch. 07

Amy's Fascination Ch. 07


Amy couldn't sleep. She had been tossing and turning for hours, ever since she had snuck back inside after getting fucked by her black boyfriend in the garage. Her insomnia was not because she felt guilty about cheating on her husband, however. Her mind kept wandering back to the profile she and Treyvon had made on an interracial sex website. All she could think about is whether or not her favorite black porn star Jackson Hammer had seen the pics she had posted yet.

She picked up her phone to check the site for what had to be the tenth time that night. There were a few new comments, but nothing from Jackson yet.

"Just relax," Amy told herself. "He'll see them eventually. You just put up your profile a few hours ago. Give it time." She had a double shift at the coffee shop in the morning, so she needed to get some sleep. Maybe if she got herself off, she would finally be able to rest.

Her hand slid down to her panties, then under the waistband. Amy was excited to find that her pussy was still slick from the load Treyvon had left in her a few hours ago. She had recently discovered her new favorite way to masturbate: by using her black lover's cum as lube.

She pulled up a photo of herself sucking Treyvon's dick and looked at the comments as her fingers went to work.

"Damn, suck that dick, sister! Wish I could join you." from MarriedQoS.

"I bet he blew his load down your throat. I would do the same." said BBC_Destoyer.

"You would look good with his cum on your face!" from YourBlackGod.

"OMG I love this picture. You look so sexy with that black dick in your mouth." said gina4blacks.

The lewd comments about her body really had an effect on Amy. The fact that so many strangers thought she was sexy was a huge turn on for her. She pumped her fingers into her hungry pussy as she imagined some random black man jacking his dick over her photos.

She opened Treyvon's profile next. Her black boyfriend had posted videos of him fucking the six or seven girls he was able to meet up with through the site. The first one was labeled "jessi94". She clicked play on the video.

A blonde girl who looked to be about 24 or 25, presumably Jessi, was on her hands and knees with her ass up in the air. Amy recognized Treyvon's bedroom from the background. Jessi was wearing a skimpy black thong. She wiggled her ass towards the camera, and a moment later Treyvon stepped into view. Amy's mouth salivated at the sight of his hard black cock. Her thumb pressed against her clit as she fingered her pussy. In the video, Treyvon ripped the panties off of the girl, and slapped her bare ass.

"Are you ready to feel this big black dick, girl?" he asked.

"Yes, daddy," the girl cooed. "Make me take it."

Treyvon held his cock by the base and rubbed its tip against the girl pussy for a few seconds before finally pushing it into her. Amy heard her gasp as the huge cock entered her for the first time. She remembered how she had felt when Treyvon had first penetrated her, too. Her fingers pushed in and out, making audible squelching noises in her sloppy pussy.

On the screen, Treyvon pounded the lucky girl like Amy had never seen. "Is this how we look when he fucks me?" she wondered. Maybe she should suggest they make a video of themselves next time. As she watched her black lover's dick vanish into the young blonde's pussy, she could feel herself getting close to an orgasm. She checked the time on the video. She was 7 minutes into a 30 minute video. She decided to skip ahead, determined to make herself climax to his cumshot.

At 26 minutes in, Jessi was now on top of him, the camera focused in on the black dick as it entered her pussy. Amy smiled. This was her favorite position to watch. She could hear him start to grunt, and knew it was coming. Sure enough, she could see his balls clench, and the black shaft start to pulse as he pumped his cum into the girl's pussy. She let herself go as well, feeling her orgasm ripple through her body as she watched the young blonde girl being seeded. She covered her mound as she felt her pussy begin to squirt, careful not to disturb her sleeping husband. After weeks of practice, she was an expert at getting herself off without waking him.

After her orgasm ended, Amy shut off her phone. There was now a wet spot on the bed underneath her ass, but she didn't mind. She looked at the clock on the bedside table. There were only five hours until she needed to get up. She closed her eyes, and was finally able to drift off to sleep.

When her alarm went off, Amy reluctantly got out of bed. Her husband was already gone. She went to go make breakfast for the kids. After they are she got them on the school bus, leaving her just enough time for a shower before work. When she got out she took a second to check her profile, but was disappointed to find nothing from Jackson.

As she got into her minivan, the smell of sex and cum hit Amy like a brick wall. She had forgotten to wake up early and clean up after last night's escapades. It would have to wait until she got back from work. She drove to the coffee shop, distracted by memories of the previous night's fucking.

The first thing she noticed when she got into the shop was that Janice had copied her slutty work uniform. Her tits weren't as big as Amy's, but otherwise she was pulling it off. Amy had been so focused on her own sexual exploits the previous day that she had forgotten to call Janice and get the details of her blackening. She ran over to her boss now.

"Oh, my gosh, Janice! I'm so sorry," Amy said. "I was with Treyvon yesterday and I totally forgot to call you!"

"It's okay," the other girl said. "I was busy, too!"

"Ooh, what happened?" Amy asked in a low voice, getting close to Janice.

"Well, I told you how it started that first night. I ended up staying over at his house that night and last night, too. I actually haven't been home since we last talked," Janice said.

"Oh my god, you slut!" Amy grinned and hugged her boss. "I can't believe you did that!"

"I know, right? I told my husband my grandmother was in the hospital," she said. "I feel terrible about the lie, but I don't regret doing it at all. It was amazing, Amy. We spent all day and all night fucking the shit out of each other. I haven't felt like that since... maybe ever. It was so much more intense with Mike than it ever was with my husband."

"I'm so glad you did it, Janice!" Amy said. Her friend was positively glowing.

"I invited him over this afternoon for another round in the stock room," she giggled. "You're welcome to watch us."

Amy laughed. "Don't mind if I do! Oh, that reminds me, I need a few minutes before my shift to go scrub a cumstain out of the seats in my minivan." Janice raised an eyebrow at her. "Treyvon came over last night and fucked me in the garage while my husband was asleep," she added.

"You're so bad," Janice smiled at her. "Take all the time you need."

Amy grabbed some cleaning supplies from the back and spent the next 15 minutes scrubbing out the minivan. When it was clean she went back inside to start her shift. The breakfast rush was busy that day, so she didn't have much time to daydream. At about 10 o'clock it started to taper off, so she was able to check her profile. Still nothing. She was getting impatient. And horny.

She decided to text Treyvon. Since her boss was planning to fuck a black man while on the clock, there was no way she could get into trouble for doing the same thing.

"Hey, are you coming to see me today?" she asked him.

"I was planning to come in for lunch," he replied.

"Maybe I will give you a special dessert," she text, followed by alternating eggplant and water droplet emojis.

"I think I'll take my lunch early today," he text back.

Treyvon worked at an office nearby, she knew. It wouldn't take him long to get there. While she waited, she busied herself with getting ready for the lunch rush.

Fifteen minutes later, Treyvon came through the door. Amy rushed over to greet him, her big tits bouncing as she ran. Without thinking where she was, she threw her arms around him and kissed him on the mouth.

When she realized what she had just done, she froze. Had anyone seen? Her coworkers knew she was married. Some of her customers did, too. Luckily, the only one who seemed to notice her was Janice, and she was unlikely to cause problems for Amy. Silently, she kicked herself for being so careless.

She made Treyvon a sandwich and a coffee. He sat down at a table nearby to eat. Amy went to go sit with him. A few minutes later, she saw another black man enter the shop. It was Mike.

"This is interesting," Amy said as she watched him walk straight up to Janice, grab her arm, and march her toward the stock room door.

"What is?" Treyvon said as he finished his BLT. He hadn't been watching.

"Come with me, I want to show you something," Amy said. She led him back to the door Janice and Mike had just disappeared through. She put her finger to her lips, motioning for him to be quiet, and slowly opened the door.

Careful not to make a sound, they stepped inside. Their caution was unnecessary, however. The occupants of the room were already too busy to notice them. Mike's shorts were down around his ankles, and Janice was kneeling in front of him sucking his black cock. Behind her, Amy could feel Treyvon get hard, his erection poking her in the small of her back through his pants.

They stood behind a shelf, concealed from the couple's view as they continued to watch the erotic scene unfold. Amy could see Janice's throat bulging as she took all of Mike's cock down it. He was holding her head in both hands, fucking her face. Her hand was down the front of her shorts, playing with her pussy.

Treyvon grabbed Amy's hand and put it on his dick. Needing no further encouragement, she unzipped his fly and pulled it out. She began to stroke his cock as they watched.

After a few more minutes of blowing him, Janice stood and began to take off her bottoms. Amy felt Treyvon's dick pull away from her, and she saw with shock that he had stepped out into view. Hesitantly, she followed him.

Mike and Janice startled at the interruption. Janice relaxed immediately when she saw who it was, but Mike was defensive.

"What the fuck!" he shouted.

"Relax, man," said Treyvon. "You're not the only one who's trying to fuck his white slut back here."

Mike smiled. "Shit, man, welcome to the party," he said, pushing Janice back down to her knees. Amy joined her on the floor, and together they each sucked their respective black lover's cock.

"Your bitch has some fine-ass titties," Mike said to Treyvon.

"I know it," Treyvon replied. "You want to see them?"

"Fuck yeah," Mike said.

"Come on, girl, you heard the man," Treyvon said to Amy. "Show him those big tits."

She loved the way he was talking to her, like she was his property. Amy's pussy gushed as she obediently took off her shirt and unhooked her bra, freeing her huge breasts for everyone to see. She could see hunger in Mike's eyes, jealousy in Janice's, and pride in Treyvon's.

The girls continued sucking for another few minutes until Treyvon spoke again. "What do you say we switch it up for a bit?"

Mike grinned eagerly. Janice and Amy looked at each other apprehensively. Amy wasn't sure what to do. She really didn't have much desire to suck Mike's cock, but if Treyvon wanted to see her with another black man she wasn't about to tell him no. Also, she was convinced that Treyvon was a better lover, so she did want Janice to experience his cock as well.

Her mind made up, Amy took the lead. She knew Janice was very submissive when black men were around. She stepped over to Janice, pulled her to her feet, and guided her down in front of Treyvon, placing her hand onto his cock. When she saw Janice start to stroke his shaft, she went to kneel in front of Mike.

The black cock in front of Amy was slightly smaller than what she was used to, but still much bigger than her husband's. She gave it a couple strokes before licking the tip. She knew Treyvon was watching, and wanted to give him a good show. She pushed her head down on the shaft, forcing it down her throat.

"My third black cock," she thought to herself as she bobbed her head on the thick pole. She remembered Ray, the black construction worker whose black cock had been the first she had ever touched. "I wonder what ever happened to him."

Out of the corner of her eye she could see Janice slurping away eagerly on Treyvon's dick. She was afraid she would feel jealous, but all she felt was arousal. It was like seeing the video she had watched before going to sleep in live form. She slid her hand into her panties.

After a couple minutes Mike grabbed her hair and held her head in place. "I'm gonna cum," he said, his cock already spraying its hot load onto her tongue. Amy wasn't used to taking cumshots in her mouth. She struggled to swallow as much as she could, but a few drops escaped her lips and landed on her bare tits.

After Mike was finished, the two of them watched Janice and Treyvon. Amy felt a surge of pride to see her black boyfriend outlast Mike. It was another seven or eight minutes before his cock erupted all over Janice's pretty face.

Amy brought her friend some napkins to wipe herself off. She helped Janice to her feet again. "What did you think of Treyvon's dick?" Amy whispered.

"I could barely fit it in my mouth," Janice said. "It must feel amazing when he fucks you."

"You have no idea," Amy replied. "Although, maybe you can find out!" The two girls giggled while the black men introduced themselves to each other.

"One of us should go check on Mara," Janice said. "She's been out there by herself this whole time." Both girls looked at each other, neither of them wanting to leave. Luckily for Amy, Treyvon made the decision for them.

"Sorry girl, but Amy can't go anywhere," he said to Janice. "I need her back here riding my dick." Janice looked surprised, but sure enough, Treyvon was hard again. She looked to Mike for help, but he clearly wasn't ready.

"I'm gonna need another minute," he said. Janice glowered at Amy as she put her shorts back on. Amy on the other hand was ecstatic as she stripped off her remaining clothes and bounced over to Treyvon. The black man sat on the floor with his back against the shelves. Amy watched Janice leave the room as she lowered herself onto Treyvon's cock. The hard floor hurt her knees, but she didn't care. She would do anything to feel that massive black cock inside her.

"Damn, this bitch knows how to ride a dick," Mike said as he watched the two of them fuck. Amy could see his cock beginning to get hard again. She bounced herself on Treyvon's shaft, feeling his girth stretch her pussy. Her tits flipped up to hit her chin as she moved.

After about 10 minutes, Janice came back in. As soon as she was through the door her shorts were sliding to the floor. "Mara's fine, it isn't that busy out there." she said, making a beeline for Mike. She pushed him down next to Treyvon and straddled him, slowly bringing her wet pussy down onto his hard black cock. Amy stared intently as it slid inside.

The two women watched each other as they both rode black cocks on the floor of the stock room. Amy was enjoying seeing Janice get fucked as her own pussy was being pounded. She tried to put on a show as well, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples while the other girl looked on.

"You like getting fucked in front of your friend, don't you, girl?" Treyvon asked in her ear. "You like showing her what a black cock slut you are."

"Ooh, yesss," Amy whispered back. "I want to show her that my boyfriend's big black cock is better than hers." She grabbed the shelf behind Treyvon to give herself better leverage as she drove her body down onto his dick. He sank his fingers into her ass while thrusting up to meet her.

Next to them, Janice began moan as her orgasm approached. Mike was holding her tits as she bounced in his lap. Amy could see how wet Mike's shaft was each time it pulled out of Janice's pussy. He whispered something in her ear and Amy watched her cum.

Her own climax wasn't far away. She shoved her tits into Treyvon's face, and arched her back as he sucked her nipples. The room echoed with the sound of black balls slapping against white pussy.

"Hey, Trey, what do you think?" Mike asked. "You wanna switch it up again?"

"Nah, I don't think so," he replied. "Amy's pussy belongs to me." Hearing Treyvon claim her pussy pushed her over the edge. Her vaginal muscles clamped down on the black shaft inside her. Overwhelmed, she was no longer able to hold herself up and she fell onto his lap. Treyvon never stopped thrusting into her.

"Come on, man. Don't be so greedy," Mike said.

"Sorry bro, that's how it is. Her pussy is just for me. At least until I knock her up," Treyvon said. Amy's head swam. Her orgasm just kept going.

"Damn, they're gonna have to open a black baby nursery at this coffee shop by the time we're done with these girls," Mike chuckled.

"That's right, girl," Treyvon said, just to her again. "The two of you are gonna be pregnant with black babies together." Amy moaned obscenely as her pussy continued to spasm, unable to form coherent words. The fat black cock kept pounding into her.

"Awe, shit, I'm about to cum!" Mike yelled. Janice cried out in ecstasy, presumably when she felt Mike's cock squirt its load inside her. She bucked in his lap for another minute, and finally slid off backwards to the floor. She lay panting on the cold concrete, watching Amy ride as the cum ran out of her pussy.

Amy put her arms behind her to hold herself up. Each of Treyvon's upward thrusts into her was like the beginning of a new orgasm. She had never been so turned on.

"You ready girl?" Treyvon asked. "You ready for me to cum in your pussy again? You ready for me to get you pregnant?" Deep in the recesses of her brain, Amy knew she should answer no. She was going to be ovulating any day now. But in her current state of mind, her rational side didn't stand a chance. She nodded fervently, crazy with lust.

Treyvon roared as he forced his black cock against her womb. Amy felt it release, pumping its huge load in her unprotected pussy once again. She couldn't stop cumming as the huge black shaft spewed its hot seed deep inside her. She fell backwards as the last of her strength left her, her ass hitting the floor hard. She cried out as the spurting black cock was pulled from her hole, covering her tits with cum.

Amy's orgasm finally ended as she lay on the bare concrete floor, absentmindedly playing with her cum-splattered tits. Janice crawled over to her and started to lick her breasts clean. Amy held them in place for her friend as she greedily ate Treyvon's load. She hadn't really had much interest in being with a girl before, but somehow, within the context of fucking black men together, it turned her on.

When Janice was done cleaning up her tits, Amy pulled her in for a kiss. She could taste Treyvon's cum on her lips as their tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths. Janice climbed on top of her, and Amy could feel her tits mashing against her own as they kissed. She felt something cold against her pussy, and realized that Janice's pussy was dripping cum onto her.

Amy reached around and grabbed Janice's ass, pulling her crotch down into contact with her pussy. She started to grind her clit against her other girl's. Their bodies rubbed together, slick with sweat, saliva, and cum.

After a minute of this, Amy felt strong hands on her knees, spreading her legs apart. She broke the kiss with Janice and looked up to see Treyvon sliding into position between her legs, his hard black cock pointed straight towards her pussy. He slapped Janice on the ass, and indicated for her to move up. She did so, shimmying up Amy's body and coming to a stop with her pussy over her face. She lowered her dripping slit onto Amy's mouth just as she felt Treyvon enter her.

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