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Amy's Friend Gets Fucked


Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging comments and helpful hints regarding previous stories. I hope you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a comment if you like.


My wife Amy and I have been married for just over a year but dated for nearly 10 years prior to tying the knot. I know it's rare for a guy to say so, but I have a better time when I'm with her than I do with anyone else. We get along famously and our sex life is out of this world. We found out early on in our relationship that we are both open to trying new things in the bedroom, or any other room for that matter. Amy initiated our first FFM threesome with a co-worker of hers just 6 months after we began dating and we never looked back! Ever since that fateful night we have continued to experiment with swapping, MMF threesomes and some occasional girl on girl action. The best part of all these wonderful experiences is that once they are through, Amy and I can't wait to be alone and often spend the next few days so turned on that we can't keep our hands off one another.

The only thing that I felt was lacking in our sex life was, of course, other women. On several occasions my wife had picked up guys at the clubs and had sex with them while I was at work or otherwise engaged. And I wanted the same opportunity with some sexy women. The problem with this is that I am extremely shy and have a difficult time approaching women. In addition to that, it is much easier to locate a single guy who is willing to hook up immediately than a single lady. Over the years Amy has managed to help me become more confident and has urged me to pick up women a few times when we went out. I knew exactly why she wanted to see me with another woman since I found it extremely hot when she fucks other men. I had considered trying to pick up girls a couple of times at the clubs but eventually chickened out when it got to crunch time. I had chatted with a couple of girls online but nothing ever came of this either. I decided that my best chance was with a woman that I already knew and was comfortable with.

I thought about some of the women that I worked with but most of them were married and the others were just not my type. Then I started to explore the idea of sleeping with one of my wife's friends. We were relatively new to the area so neither of us had made too many friends yet and most of the ones that we did were not the type to sleep with a married man. One of Amy's closest friends Rebecca, however, was really into the fact that we had an open marriage and had watched my wife flirt and hook up with guys when the two of them went out together. Becky was a very voluptuous friend of my wife's who possessed a set of fantastic 40DD breasts that suited her curvy frame perfectly.

Becky had flirted with me on occasion but I wasn't sure if she would actually be willing to have sex with me. I didn't think that Becky had a wild side to her but that thought was put to rest one night when the three of us had got together at our place for a few drinks. Amy and Rebecca had gone out a while back and Becky admitted that she had fucked a guy in the bathroom at the club. This was the first indication that Becky was the type of woman that would be a perfect candidate for me. The second clue that Becky was a little bit of a wild one was the following weekend when I picked the girls up after the club. As I was driving Becky leaned into the front seat and asked me if we could stop for a burger on the way home. I didn't agree right away which prompted her to try slightly harder to convince me

"I really need a Big Mac! I'd do anything for one!" Becky teased while her hand reached around the seat and rested on my shoulder.

"Anything?" I asked, playing along.

"Well maybe not quite anything but I'd do an awful lot!" Becky continued.

"You should let him titty fuck you!" Amy added, stunning both Becky and myself, before we all broke out in laughter.

"That sounds like a fair trade to me!" I admitted, imagining my cock disappearing between Rebecca's ample globes.

"Okay, it's a deal then!" Becky agreed jokingly.

Becky may not have been serious about our deal but I had every intention of holding her to it. This conversation took place a few months back but ever since this discussion all I could think of when we got together with Becky was releasing her tits from her always tight shirt and having my way with her huge breasts. I thought my chance might arise when I was invited to join Amy, Becky and another one of their friends for a night of drinking and playing Rock Band. The odd thing about my invitation was that it was sent to me by Rebecca and not my own wife. When I questioned Amanda about the night she informed me that Becky had made a point of wanting to be the one to invite me.

I figured that our get together would be the perfect opportunity to have Becky make good on her offer since she would be drinking and would probably spend the night at our place as she would be unable to drive. There was going to be a few obstacles to overcome prior to having some fun with Becky. Firstly, I would have to ensure that Fran, the other girl, was either gone or asleep and I would also have to work around my wife as I didn't think Becky would allow anything to happen in her presence. I figured Amy would give me the time and space to have some fun but ditching Fran was going to be difficult.

On the night of our gathering I made sure that we had a never ending supply of booze for both myself and the three ladies and that the spare room was made up in case somebody wanted to crash a little early, hopefully Fran. I shaved, showered and got dressed in anticipation of the ladies' arrival. I had just come out of the bedroom when there was a knock at the door which was surely Becky and Fran. Amy let her friends in and took their coats and bags to the bedroom. With her jacket removed I saw that Becky was wearing a tight fitting sweater with a plunging neckline that showed off at least four inches of her wonderful cleavage.

"It looks like you ladies need a drink!" I offered, wanting to get them drinking as soon as possible.

I went to the kitchen and mixed four strong drinks and quickly returned to join the three women in the living room. Fran had taken the love seat and Amy and Becky were seated next to each other on the couch so I decided to sit beside my wife for the time being while we sipped at our initial drinks. Becky must have been really looking to have a good time tonight as she finished her drink rapidly and politely asked for another. I graciously offered to make her another one on the condition that she turn on the Playstation and get Rock Band ready to go. She readily agreed and I took her glass to the kitchen to mix another drink as she rose and began to prepare the game. I took a quick glimpse back to see her huge tits jiggle when she walked across the living room and retrieved the drum kit.

Once I returned with Becky's beverage we spent the next hour or so jamming to various songs and drinking quite a bit of alcohol. Everybody was having a great time as we rotated between singing, drumming and playing guitar. Amy was the only one that liked to do the singing so she spent most of her time standing close enough to the Playstation that the cord for the microphone would reach leaving Becky and I alone on the couch. It seemed that every time one of us got up to fix a drink or visit the washroom we sat slightly closer upon our return. We were eventually sitting thigh to thigh and our eyes locked when we both realized that we had became so close. Every so often I would place my hand on her leg while we chatted as I tried to gauge her reaction to my subtle advances. I did, however, make sure that Fran didn't witness any of the physical contact between Becky and I because I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable at all.

After about only her second drink Fran began to complain that she wasn't feeling well and suggested to Becky that they should both leave. I was delighted when Becky said that she was having too much fun to leave but that Fran could take the car and Becky would either get a ride from one of us or take a cab home. Fran was slightly annoyed with Becky's response but she decided to head out anyways which quickly took care of one of my problems. Once Fran was gone the ladies started making fun of her for always being a downer and never letting loose, even after a few drinks. I found it odd that Becky was saying these things about her friends since I had never really witnessed her let loose at all either but I would soon find out that the normally reserved Rebecca had a wild side.

"What do you know about letting loose?" I teased Becky, hoping that I could elicit some sexy behavior.

"Well, I did have sex with that guy in the ladies room of a crowded club!" she snapped back.

"I suppose that counts but why don't you ever let your guard down when we're around?" I questioned.

Becky's reply to that was to rise to her feet in front of me, grasp my head with her hands and mash my face between her giant breasts. I was shocked that Becky had done something so bold, especially with Amy in the room. I felt my cock stiffen as her soft melons enveloped my entire face and her subtle perfume became apparent. I found it difficult to breathe for the moment or two that Becky pressed her tits into my face but I wasn't about to complain. She pulled away suddenly and took her seat next to me once again as if nothing had happened. I took a second to adjust my dick which was now straining against my jeans as I inhaled some much needed oxygen.

"Now, you were saying something about me being a prude?" Becky asked provocatively.

Rebecca's comment coaxed a laugh from both Amy and I before we admitted that she definitely had a wild side to her. We were both very surprised that Becky was misbehaving but neither of us wanted her to stop. Amy must have seen this as an opportunity for me to get a little further with Becky because she excused herself to go to the washroom and briefly flashed me a sexy smile as she left the room. Once my wife was out of sight I leaned into Becky, placed my hand high on her thigh and thanked her for the shocking treat as I admired her luscious globes.

"I hope tonight's the night that I get my payback for the Big Mac!" I teased, desperately hoping that my wish would come true.

"It just might be your lucky day!" Becky responded as she leaned closer and rubbed her tits against my arm.

I decided that it was about time I made my move so I reached out and cupped her breasts in my hands. Becky didn't even flinch and allowed my hands to freely explore the vast surface of her tits while she tilted her head back and closed her eyes. I moved in and began to kiss her deeply, a kiss that she returned with a great deal of lust. She was obviously enjoying my attention as a few low moans escaped her lips. Now that I knew she was really into what was happening I decided to push things even further. I lowered my head and placed a few gentle kisses on her exposed cleavage while continuing to manipulate her breasts with my hands. I felt Becky move and was expecting her to push me away but instead she placed a hand on the back of my head and raked her fingers through my hair, holding me in place as she did so.

While I was sitting on the couch playing with my wife's best friends' tits I heard Amy exit the washroom. The way we were sitting permitted me to see down the hallway but Becky had her back to it which didn't allow her the same view. My wife took a few steps down the hall and was stopped dead in her tracks when she saw what was going on between Becky and I. She shot me another sexy grin and made a quick left into our bedroom before Becky had the opportunity to hear her and stop the proceedings. I knew this might be my one and only chance to finally get that titty fuck I had been craving for so long and I wasn't about to pass it up. I pulled my head away which caused Becky to question why I was stopping.

"I'm not stopping, I just want a better look at you!" I stated as I grasped the bottom of her sweater and started to pull it over her head.

"That's good because I'm really enjoying this!" Becky replied as she eagerly raised her arms allowing me to completely remove her top. "I think you might just get to put your cock between these babies tonight!" With that, Becky grabbed her tits and squeezed them together forcing them to nearly pop free of her bra. I reached around her body and undid the clasp of her bra which permitted her tits to spill out into her hands. Becky raised her huge mounds and offered them to me. I quickly lowered my head once again and sucked one of her large nipples into my mouth. Becky moaned louder this time and again pulled my face tightly against her.

I was positive that I was going to finally get to slip my cock between her tits but I wanted to see if she would let me go any further. As I suckled at her breasts I slid my hand between her thighs and began gently caressing her pussy through her pants. Becky was startled when my fingers first made contact with her pussy but she made no attempt to stop me, instead she shifted in her seat and spread her legs which granted me better access to her puss. I was rubbing her pussy with one hand while my other hand was alternating between her two tits and my mouth was switching from one nipple to the other. Becky was loving the attention I was giving her body as she writhed against me and was now breathing very heavily.

I raised Becky's left breast toward her face as I steadily tongued the nipple and when I reached her mouth I offered it to Becky. We simultaneously sucked and licked her large nipple which caused our tongues to touch, eventually ending in a very sensual kiss. When our kiss ended I asked Becky if she was sure she wanted to continue and she replied by reaching down and firmly grabbing the bulge in my pants.

"I want you to slide your hard cock between my tits and then cover them in your warm cum!" Becky admitted excitedly. "But what about Amy? I don't want to upset her!"

"You don't have to worry about her. We have already discussed this scenario and she encouraged me to go for it!" I answered. "She saw us when she came out of the bathroom and gave me a smile that told me to continue!"

"Okay then, I just don't want her to feel excluded in her own home!" Becky said sincerely.

"Well, we can invite her to join us if you'd prefer?" I asked.

"Maybe later. I want to have some fun first!" Becky greedily responded as she began to unbuckle my belt and lower the zipper of my pants. Once she had sufficient room Becky snaked her hand into my jeans and wrapped her warm hand around my hard shaft. It was my turn to lay back and enjoy now so that's exactly what I did. I leaned against the back of the couch and watched as Becky focused on bringing the maximum amount of pleasure she could while I was still in my pants. She slowly stroked up and down and used her thumb to stimulate the tip of my cock as she did. Although her actions felt amazing I was still hoping for more so I eventually suggested that she finish removing my clothes and wrap her beautiful tits around my cock.

"Don't worry, we'll get to that but I want to have some more fun first!" Becky admitted. She then proceeded to withdraw her hand and continue to remove my clothes. She aggressively pulled my shirt over my head and lowered my pants around my ankles which finally freed my stiff cock. Becky resumed stroking my cock only this time she dipped her head down and traced her tongue across my balls which sent a shiver up my spine.

"Our definition of fun seems to be pretty similar!" I joked as I slid toward the edge of the couch in order to grant her better access to my cock and balls.

Becky got my not so subtle hint and began to trail her tongue slowly up the length of my shaft until she reached the head. After swirling her tongue around the tip of my cock a few times she wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked me into her mouth. She looked up at me as she started to gradually take more of my manhood between her moist lips while her tongue danced wildly along the underside of my shaft. Now, any man that has been lucky enough to have Amy's mouth wrapped around their cock will attest to the fact that she gives incredible blowjobs and I am very glad to report that Becky's technique wasn't far off. She managed to get my entire length into her mouth and used her fingertips to lightly tickle my sack.

I almost shot my load down her throat when she looked up at me and tried to grin even though the majority of my cock was still between her lips. Becky slowly pulled away from my cock leaving a string of saliva running from my shaft to her pink lips. This woman that I thought was quite innocent was turning out to be quite a slut and I was loving every minute of it! I reached out, grabbed hold of her hair and brought her face back to my glistening cock so I could methodically fuck her eager mouth. I increased my pace until my balls were violently slapping against her chin with each thrust.

"That's it, let me fuck your face!" I urged, "You like having your best friend's husband in your mouth don't you?"

"Mmmmhmmmph!" Becky groaned.

I kept fucking her mouth until I felt that I was on the verge of cumming. I quickly pulled out and managed to avoid the eruption that was about to take place. I suggested that Becky should shed the remainder of her clothing which she hastily did, revealing her voluptuous body to me for the first time. I reached for her hips and spun Becky around so I could get a good look at her plump ass. I grabbed her surprisingly round butt and manipulated her ample flesh with my hands. With my hand on the small of her back I prompted her to bend over in front of me, partially exposing her bare pussy to my gaze.

I spread her thighs slightly and pressed my face into her pussy which was generously moist already. My nose was buried in between her lips as I started to flick my tongue at her clit. Her thick thighs and large ass must have made it look as if my head was being swallowed by her pussy. I must have been doing an adequate job because Becky bent over further and spread her legs giving me greater access to her pussy. I was thoroughly enjoying her sweet tasting cunt when she stepped away from me and took a seat on the couch next to me.

"If you're going to eat my pussy I want to sit down and relax." Rebecca stated.

I got on my knees in front of her and resumed munching on her puss which garnered a series of appreciative moans. I licked and sucked every inch of her tasty pussy while my hands wandered up and roughly pawed at her tits. When I sucked her hard clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue rapidly Becky began to scream out her first orgasm of the evening. As I continued to suck, her juices flowed into my mouth and she bucked her hips wildly against my face throughout her climax. When her orgasm finally began to subside Becky settled back into her seat and I proceeded to lap up all of the cum that was still leaking from her slit.

Just as I was about to move up and slip my cock into Becky's pussy I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye. I glanced down the hallway and saw my wife standing there with her hand in her pants and her fingers were obviously playing with her pussy. Amy shot me a mischievous grin and silently mouthed that she wanted to watch me fuck her friend. I didn't hesitate as I grabbed my cock and placed the head at Becky's slippery entrance. I maintained eye contact with my wife as I started to slowly push my dick into Becky's pussy. I blew a kiss to my sexy wife before returning my full attention to Becky. I pressed my lips to Becky's, once again, allowing her to taste her own cum off my tongue. Her pussy felt fantastic around my cock as I began to fuck her with long, deliberate strokes. I finally broke our kiss so that I could watch Becky's face as I fucked her. Each time I thrust back into her pussy Becky let out a louder moan and in no time at all she announced the arrival of her second climax.

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