tagNonHumanAn Alpha's Klutz

An Alpha's Klutz


*All places in this story are fictional and all information about them is fictional also.

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Jenna sat behind her work desk and carefully cut fabric in to tiny diamonds for the new quilt she was working on. She loved sewing and found cutting the fabric very peaceful. She had become so good at it that now she made a living out of it. One of her quilts could easily bring in anywhere from three hundred to a thousand dollars depending on how detailed it was.

The ringing of the phone distracted her. "Quilted Hearts, this is Jenna speaking. How may I help you?"

"Jenna!" It was Emily, her best friend. "Don't you ever go home? I swear, It seems like I can only reach you on your work phone."

Laughing Jenna put down her scissors. Although Emily was her best friend, she was a weird one. Her personality was very bubbly; easily the life of the party, and her appearance reflected it. Her hair was dyed many different colors. This week it was blonde with blue, pink, and purple highlights. It looked very good on her angular face. Her clothing was always bright and fitted to her tall supermodel body. She was the type of person you just wanted to be around. "Hey Emily, what's up?"

"What are you doing this summer?" She asked as if she didn't know.

Jenna just snorted. "The same thing I do every summer. Quilting." It wasn't as if that was a bad thing, but she just didn't care to go out and about all the time. She was more of a home body, but that didn't stop Emily from pulling her out of her comfort zone and putting her in life or death situations. Literally.

"Well, I'm glad to hear it, cause now you are going on vacation with me. In two weeks we will be heading for some white water rafting, mountain climbing and sightseeing in West By God Virginia. It will be so much fun!"

Jenna groaned just thinking about it. Last time she went to West Virginia with Emily she almost drowned when rapids knocked her out of the raft. Then when the hospital released her from that near death experience, she slipped when mountain climbing and broke her arm. Yeah, this wasn't going to be a good Idea. "I can't Emily, I have two quilts I have to finish, and you know I refuse to go rafting or climbing with you ever again!" It wasn't a relaxing vacation for her.

"I know Jenna, but I figured you could take your work with you and maybe work on it while I went and did all the fun stuff. Then we could hike and tour and stuff together after."

It didn't sound too bad, but she knew Emily enough to know she had something up her sleeve; she always had something up her sleeve. "And?"

"And what?" Emily replied sounding way to innocent for Jenna's peace of mind.

"Emily!" It was a warning.

"Okay. Fine." She sounded aggravated. "Well you know Chad, our guide from last year? Well we've kept in touch and he has a cousin who wants to meet you. So, I've kinda agreed for us to go on a double date the first night."

Ah, and there it was. "I don't know Em, why does he want to meet me?" It sounded a bit fishy to her.

"Oh, well he saw the pictures that Chad had taken, and he just said he wanted to meet you."

Jenna groaned. There wasn't a single picture taken of her that she wasn't covered in bruises from falling, or her arm in a cast. "So he wants to meet a girl he has never met before, who is the biggest klutz on the face of the Earth, who is short, fat, and has frizzy burnt copper hair? That doesn't sound good to me Em."

"Honestly Jenna. You're what? Twenty pounds overweight?"

"Ten" Jenna growled. She has always had weight problems and was very sensitive about it.

"And you hair is beautiful, I would kill to have your hair. I've never seen hair that curled is big ringlets like yours does, and it is a beautiful auburn color."

Jenna noticed she didn't comment on the short or the Klutz part, but she laughed anyway. Emily was good for her ego without sounding fake. "Okay, fine. I'll go but I'm taking my work with me, and I'm not going rafting or climbing. No activities that could kill me. Also I only agree to one date. No more than that. You know how shy I am. "

"Okay! I've got to call Chad back real quick and tell him!"

Jenna just shook her head and hung up. This promised to be an interesting vacation.

"They are coming Sir." Chad said to Nekko, his cousin and Alpha. "But she refuses to go rafting or do any type of climbing."

Nekko just nodded, knowing how injured she got last time. Chad had told him the story. She seemed to be quite accident prone. "Very well. Anything else I need to know?" He had set things in motion a year ago after he had first seen a picture of Jenna, and instantly became interested in her. He couldn't say she was his mate yet, only his wolf could say that, but they were both very interested in her and needed to meet her to know for sure.

"She requires a large room, she will be bringing her work with her, but from how it sounds, she doesn't know she will be staying here." Chad looked at Nekko as he waited. Nekko was a very powerful man. His hair was jet black, with no sign of graying even though he was over a hundred years old. He was the tallest male in the pack, but he didn't use his strength to win his battles. He was cunning, and that cunning was easily seen in his green eyes.

"Prepare her a room next to mine, if you need to expand it. I have the funds. Just make sure it is perfect for when she is here. Her friend needs a room at the other end of the house. Make it next to your room since you will be staying here while they are. You will be responsible for keeping her occupied so that I may spend time with Jenna. " Nekko's voice vibrated with command, it was deep and allowed for no refusals. He had patiently waited for a year and would wait no longer. Everything had to be perfect.

What Jenna didn't know was that they had been speaking to each other for the past six months. The quilt she was making was for him, he placed the orders for them. It wasn't that he needed more blankets, for he could easily purchase some, but he needed to start building a relationship with her, and that was the only way he could, but that was soon to change. Soon she would be under his roof, and under his control.

"Yes Sir." Chad responded before quickly leaving the room. He had only two weeks to make things in the way Nekko wanted or else his head would roll. He wouldn't be sleeping anytime soon.


Two weeks later . . .

"Finally!" Emily exclaimed when they pulled up to the front gates of the WolfRun Ranch.

"Um, Em? Where is the hotel, and why the heck are we here instead of there?" Jenna asked, not quite sure of what to make of the beautiful ranch. And such an odd name. The WolfRun ranch, but hey, whatever floated their boat, or sunk their ship. She didn't really care.

"Well, Chad's cousin invited us to stay on his ranch for the two weeks we are here. Isn't that awesome? And I figured you wouldn't mind."Emily smiled and Jenna sweetly, but Jenna knew better.

"No Emily, I would prefer a hotel room. You know how I get when I'm working. I will be kicked out after a day." She was pure bitch when working. She didn't stop to eat, didn't stop to chit chat unless she was taking an order, and she sure the hell didn't want to "Play Nice" with the host of a huge ass ranch that had bars on the windows! Wait.... Bars on the windows?

"Okay Jenna, I'll just stop by and tell them there has been a change of plans." She sounded disappointed, and truly she was. Chad would be staying here and she wanted to get his hot body alone for a few days and have her wicked way with it.

Jenna sighed. She hated for Emily to be upset. She was the closest thing she had to family and wouldn't hurt her for the world. "Never mind Em. We can just stay here. Let's go in and get this over with."

Emily beamed with her happiness, making Jenna glad that she agreed, even if it was going to be uncomfortable for her.

The drive up the drive way was long, very long, so long that Jenna was almost sick with nerves by the time they got to the front door. She hated meeting new people. Being socially inept, she often made a complete ass out of herself within five minutes of the first meeting.

Emily threw the car in park and jumped out leaving Jenna to stare up at the huge house in awe. Seriously, who lived like that? The house looked to be a two story log cabin, however there were guards posted at the entrances and bars on the windows. Who lived like that? Really. The more she stared at the house the more she was sure this was a bad idea.

Well, here goes. She whispered to herself and opened the car door. Pulling herself out she closed the door, took one step, and fell face first into the gravel.


"They are here sir." Chad said although it was pointless. Nekko felt her the moment they pulled past the front gate. "Should I escort them in here?"

"No Chad. Show them to their rooms first and have the men unload their car. Tell them I will meet them at dinner so they may rest first."

Chad nodded and left the room.

Standing up from his leather chair he walked to the window. It faced the front of his home so he was able to keep an eye on things throughout the day. This time, however, he was keeping his eyes on Jenna. She had yet to get out of the car, but he could sense her there.

Are you scared baby? He thought, wanting to rush down and pull her into his arms.

When she finally opened the car door and got out, she was more beautiful than the pictures portrayed; she was small and dainty with curves that had his wolf fighting to get out.

She was so graceful, as she stepped away from the car towards his house. Then she fell.

As panic set in, he leapt from the second story of his cabin to rush to her side.


"Are you alright, Miss?"

Jenna looked up from her sprawled position on the ground to the deep voice that spoke to her. The face behind that voice could have easily been an angel's face. "Yes, thank you, I am fine."

He offered his hand as Jenna struggled to rise. "Thank you for your help, I've fallen so much I've learned to bounce." She smiled, hoping her blush would soon disappear. It was hard to brush off a fall if you kept blushing from it.

Nekko stared, awestruck that this beauteous creature before him was indeed the misfortunate klutz he had heard her to be.

Shrugging off the strange look he was giving her, she continued her walk toward the front door. Though the guards refused to look at her, she was pretty sure one of them was laughing at her and she glared as she walked past him, ignoring the snickers.

"Hello Miss, my name is Channing, if you will follow me, I will show you to your room." The butlers' smooth, deep voice rang with a compassion that belied the disappointment in his eyes.

"Thank you." She said, as she followed him into the house.

Inside the house was beautiful, like walking through history, old yet modern at the same time, it was very unexpected. Every inch of the house seemed to scream outdoors. Not a good scream either, more like "what the hell were you thinking" type of scream.

Following Channing further into the house, up a set of stairs and down the hallway, she was finally ushered into a room, a huge room. "Um, Channing? Are you sure this is my room?" It was breathtaking. The walls were a pale grey color accented with purple and black. The bed was so big she was scared to sleep on it for fear of getting lost, and to be honest the room was bigger than her whole house.

"Yes, Miss. Your bags will be brought up shortly." Turning, Channing left without another word leaving Jenna to gape. Walking farther in she opened every door she found. The first door led to a closet so big she could use it as a bedroom. It had rack after rack of ladies clothing, shoes, purses, scarves and whatnots. The second door led to the bathroom. This room was just as big as the closet, and looked like it belonged in a mansion. The tub was a in ground tub and could have been a small pool, the shower was encased in stained glass, and the toilet had gold decorations. It was quite intimidating to her. The last door led to a room the same size as hers but much more masculine. It had the same outdoors theme as the rest of the house, with windows that went from floor to ceiling on one wall.

Turning back to her room she closed the door and waited for her things to arrive. She was dying to try out the tub and catch a nap before dinner.

Three hours later after a long soak in the tub and a quick nap, she was starving and ready for dinner. She made sure that she dressed for the occasion since tonight was going to be the date night for everyone. She kept her outfit simple, a black skirt that flared at her hips and flowed around her hips and stopped at her knees, her shirt was sleeveless, white, and hugged her breasts in a flattering way. She left her hair down to softly curl down her back and to finish off her outfit she wore a strappy stiletto shoe with silver buckles and a bracelet of silver roses.

As she left her room and slowly slowly made her way down to the entrance hall, she approached Channing. "Excuse me Channing, but could you show me the way to the dining room?"

Sighing as he stepped away from the closet, as though the coats and jackets held great interest to him, he turned to face her. "Miss..."

"Oh I'm sorry, Jenna, Jenna Walker." She said sticking her hand out for Channing to shake it.

"Very well, Miss Talker...."

"It's Walker." Just in case he didn't hear her name the first time.

"Miss Stalker, if you would care to wait in the parlor until Mr. Paxton gets here he will escort you to dinner."

Jenna glared at him. For some odd reason he didn't like her, but she was never one to take shit from someone without giving some back. "Thank you, Manning, I will wait then."

"Ma'am, its Channing." He said with an arched brow.

Jenna waved him away. "I know, Fanning." She said walking away with a small smile. Let him chew on that for a while.

Jenna took a seat in the parlor, it wasn't long before Emily joined her.

"Hey Jenna, how's your room? Mine is unbelievable!" She said hugging her quickly. " I swear it's like walking into a time warp. I feel like a princess. You will have to show me your room after dinner so I know where it's at."

They both sat and chatted for what seemed an instant, before Chad joined them. Suddenly Jenna felt left out. Emily and Chad really hit it off, talking about what they planned to do the next day and what fun it would be. So far they planned white water rafting and possibly a hike.

"Ah, and here's my cousin. Nekko, this is Emily and Jenna. Ladies, this is my cousin Nekko Paxton, our wonderful host for this evening."

Turning to the person indicated by Chad, Jenna was shocked to see the man who helped her after she fell. "You?" it was a whisper.

"Hello ladies. Thank you for joining me this evening. " Nekko walked to Emily and kissed her hand but his eyes were on Jenna. Turning to her he went to kiss her hand, only for her to jerk it back.

"Um, Hello, Mr. Paxton, a pleasure to meet you." She rushed to say. She had been nervous about meeting him before, but now the nerves came rushing back. "Thank you for helping me earlier."

She was absolutely adorable and the innocent blush made her more so. "You are very welcome. Please, join me for dinner. Our chef has outdone himself." Taking her elbow he ushered her to the dining room where he sat her right next to him. "The first course will be here shortly. So tell me Miss Walker, what do you do?" He already knew but wanted to hear her speak.

A small tray of oysters appeared before each one of them making Jenna cringe. She hated oysters. "I own a quilting business called Quilted Hearts." She couldn't take her eyes off of the little buggers. It was like they were mocking her, knowing she couldn't eat them.

"Really? How odd, I have an order for two quilts through there." He tried to sound surprised. "you own it? That is amazing."

"You are the Mr. Paxton who ordered the two king sized quilts in a diamond pattern?" She was shocked, what a small world. Who would have thought it.

"I guess so. Is that the work you are working on while you are here?" Once again he knew the answer. She seemed to be very dedicated to her work, and from what he got out of Chad, she was in high demand.

"Yes, I should be done by the end of the month." She smiled. It was good to meet the customer, to get their input. After all, each quilt is made especially for each customer and each quilt is one of a kind.

Nekko watched her pick through the oysters, never taking a bite but moving them around on her plate and avoiding ever actually having to taste one. " Do you not care for oysters Miss Walker?" He almost smiled at her expression.

"Please call me Jenna." She said before picking up one slimy grey mass of raw disgust and shoving it in her mouth. "They're lovely." She barely got it out through her clenched teeth. The need to gag was strong, but she quickly gulped down some wine to control the urge. "Just fantastic."

Nekko bit back the smile that threatened to escape all evening. She was a horrible liar, it was quite adorable really. She didn't really have a sign that gave her away, no blush, or look to the left, instead her eyes spoke the revulsion that she was feeling. Fascinating.

Ignoring the rest of his oysters, he motioned for the next course to be served. He didn't really care if anyone else was finished with theirs, after all this was for her and if she didn't like it then it needed to be changed . . . quickly.

The smell of perfectly grilled steak permeated the room as servants brought in four plates to set in front of each of them. The covers were removed to reveal a beautifully grilled steak, a loaded baked potato and a dinner roll. To the side a smaller covered dish revealed a small side salad.

Jenna almost moaned. It smelled heavenly and she was starving, even after choking down one oyster. Picking up her knife and fork, she quickly cut off a bite and about fainted from the taste. It was delicious.

Leaving her to enjoy her meal, Nekko addressed Chad. "So what are your plans for tomorrow Chad?" He didn't really care, but he wanted to give Jenna a chance to eat a bit before he talked to her more.

Swallowing quickly Chad answered. "We are going rafting tomorrow morning followed by a hike. I figured the girls could work up an appetite for diner that way."

Emily beamed at him and Jenna just nodded. A hike didn't sound too bad, and it would give her time to work on the quilts in the morning and the afternoon and evening to spend with Emily.

"That sounds fun. Where are you hiking at? I might join you."

She didn't really care for that idea. Even though he seemed like a wonderful guy, and hot too, she didn't want him to see her outside of the house. That meant he would witness any moment of embarrassment that would follow. But honestly, what could she say? He owned the place so she couldn't really tell him no.

"I figured I'd take them around the trails of the farm. Keep them close but get them far enough out to see nature."

Nekko nodded. It was a good, safe, idea.

Dessert was next to be served and it didn't disappoint Jenna. It was a beautiful chocolate truffle cake and even though it made her mouth water, she couldn't eat much of it.

"Is dessert not to your liking Jenna?"

Jenna looked over to Nekko and gave him a small smile. "It is wonderful, but I'm full" another bite and she would bust

"Very well. Chad if you wouldn't mind taking the ladies into the study, I will get them a warm glass of tea to help them relax." Chad just nodded and gave him a strange look. He knew no one here approved of his plan, it was pretty shady, but it was the way he decided to do things. He just wished he felt better about it.

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