tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Apartment with Benefits Ch. 26

An Apartment with Benefits Ch. 26


Chapter 26 Loose ends get tidied up and a revelation for the future.

It was fun that morning. I was able to reply, when Gordon apologised that they had to rush because he had a Board Meeting starting at eleven, 'Yes us too. Our's doesn't start until one though.' Cool huh. He had called a cab, probably didn't want to alert his driver that they were playing away.

When they had left I asked Susan whether she had anything to bring up to the meeting. She felt that to earn her position she could offer to design and furnish the apartments, she had some firm views on the positioning of the cameras for example, and she was already organising the next of the parties for Friday night.

I had a plan but thought I had better ask her how she wanted to be treated by the other Directors.

'What do you mean?'

'Don't take this the wrong way, but they all think you are a really hot bit of stuff. And, of course you are. They see your exploits night after night and really want some. They all want to fuck you and while I don't want to change their minds, I think you should be able to show them a little of your brains as well. That's why I was asking what you wanted to talk about. Look I don't want you to take advantage of your relationship with Gordon but why don't you become the VSX representative in charge of all the new apartments. Perhaps I mean I do want you to take advantage of him. You can wrap him around your pretty fingers and he will do deals with you that he will never do with Art.'

She thought about it. 'Sure. You are right, that would be fine with me. Yes, I reckon I could get better deals from him than any of you. That's not a problem, but do you think Art and Darren just think of me as a bimbo?'

'No certainly not. I am sure they think of you as bright and clever but they only know you as a good-looking girl who attracts men like flies. What I am trying to suggest is that you talk about your relationship with Gordon, even if necessary to the extent that you have had a fling with him, but show that it all helps on a business level. Let them know that you know how to use sex to your advantage.'

'I see. Yes okay, I wonder how I can do that?'

'Well if the worst comes to the worst and you haven't been able to find a way to prove it, I can strip you at the end to remind them how good you really look.'

'Not perfect, but now at least I am expecting it,' she laughed.

We went off to the meeting early, stopping as was our practice to have a quick one in the pub opposite. I had suggested to her that she should wear something classic but sexy. She chose a wrap-over dress, with a fairly small wrap. When she sat down there was definitely a lot of inner thigh showing particularly on her left leg where the dress didn't wrap over. No panties of course, but I did suggest that she wore a balcony bra to elevate her tits to new heights.

We went in about ten to one to find that so far Art and Darren were the only ones there. I knew we were expecting a few more. As it happens the others were not invited until two o'clock so we could get the important stuff agreed and out of the way.

Art started the meeting formally and gave us a report on the legal nature of our business. While the contracts that we all held and had signed were good as far as they went, the lawyers considered we would be better off legally to convert to a Limited Partnership in order to limit our liabilities in case the whole company went bankrupt. There was some discussion before we agreed that the Lawyers could prepare a new draft contract. Art had costed it out. He then gave a report on business to date.

'Alex and Susan, let me say at this stage after you have been with us now about three months you have revolutionised our business already.'

Darren then proceeded to give us chapter and verse on the number of visitor hits and the number of sign-ups that we were now getting.

Alex then continued, 'I know the deal you signed gave you a bigger percentage when you had doubled our turnover, well you have done that already, so you are on the better deal immediately. The most amazing thing about this business is how rapidly it can grow, and I suspect, how rapidly it can decline if things go wrong. One of the reasons why we wanted to form the Limited Partnership.

Darren and I have agreed that if the pair of you can double it again, and I know we are asking a lot, then we are prepared to give you an even bigger percentage. I am talking one third each for Darren and I, and one third for the two of you, split however you want between you to achieve the best tax efficiency. Don't forget that goal can be reached if we can keep getting a proportional rise in the customer base to match occupancy say, of another say, six to a dozen flats. It will be difficult to find both the right flats and the right tenants.'

'I have had a few thoughts about that,' said Susan. 'I, sorry we, have a friend who runs a property company. I know that at the moment he has a full block of flats, six I think, rapidly approaching completion. Somewhere round here. I would like to approach him and do a deal for all six. It would mean a very rapid growth pattern and cause an urgent problem to get the right tenants but it should be possible. One of the big advantages would be that the residents would all be involved. That means firstly there would be no prudish tenants not liking living next to porn stars, and secondly there is a synergy between the flats. We have seen in the results for the last few weeks how the efforts that Alex and I have put in have produced immediate results in the bottom line. We have exploited the synergy between similar residents. You have described how, not only have the number of tenants improved but also the take-up rate of the three-day trials and renewals of the one-month deals. Part of that is the first Friday night party we had and the interaction of the tenants after the party. How much better it would be if there were six in the same block. Also with eight flats already mixing with each other, the synergy between them and the new six will never be the same. There is a small third benefit as well that Darren will be able to wire the whole building in one go. Logistically, it makes sense as well.'

'Good point, before we vote on whether to explore that further what other plans does anybody have.'

'I would like to just mention the party next Friday night, same pub, the invitations have all gone out and all have accepted except Melissa, one of the three girls in the flat in our block. She has to go to a family wedding that weekend. I know where she would rather be,' joked Susan. 'There will also be the new tenant Tracy, who settled in this week. Of course, Darren has already met her.'

Darren blushed and added, 'Yes a charming girl, she will do well in our flats.'

I butted in, 'I have ordered another little gift for each of the girls at the party. Like the tabards I gave out last month. Loose crop tops, which will barely cover the girl's breasts, again with VSX on the front and back. They will show a lot of underboob. How about we order a few dozen extra and try to sell them through sex shops, even if we don't make much money from them, it is all advertising. I was torn between them and fox's tails, attached to a butt plug, which can look very attractive but are difficult to stencil VSX. I thought I would leave those until next time.'

They agreed that market testing the tabards and crop-tops was a good idea. I knew of a shop to trial it. I would see if they would take our stock. Both Art and Darren were intrigued by the fox's tails and were already looking forward to the next but one party.

'Has anything happened about the idea of a TV camera sex agency that we talked about, and also the Feed-back site online.' I asked.

'Indeed, I was just coming to the Agency,' said Art. 'The lawyers have suggested that we start a second company, with a similar structure to that which VSX has at the moment, for the agency adding possibly a side-line in showing repeats of the Camera girls shows, like a catch-up TV or archive. It will be obviously cheaper to see other people's time with a Camera girl rather than have your own. We can also use it for advertising to get the customers to move up the food-chain on to our VSX site. Originally, we will only advertise our own site but later if the site is popular we can add other paid-for advertising, say dating sites. The new company will charge the clients and accounts will be settled by our existing outsourced accounting company. They will pay the girls one month in arrears. I have told the Lawyers to set up the papers in the names of the four of us, with the same percentages. Hopefully they will bring them with them at two o'clock.'

'On that matter,' said Alex, 'I have a strong possibility of signing up Tracy who has just moved in and also potentially Sandra and Alice.'

Darren then told us about the Feedback site. He had prepared some trial pages. There was a Home page directing you to an individual feed-back page for each flat, and to a series of pages each which would host discussions about the flats or individuals in general. He wanted our input over the next few days, firstly to add a load of comments about the flats, how lovely the girls were, what great bodies the men had, on each of the individual flat pages and then to start discussions on which was the sexiest girl, or the hunkiest guy and anything else we could think of on the other pages. We would have to make up Avatar names for each of the comments, as if they were regular users, and once it went live we would have to monitor it for content. In the first place Darren would monitor it for racist, sexist, political, religious or terrorist style content, erasing anything possibly problematical. He had an alarm built in, alerting him every time someone contributed. He would only be able to monitor it at first for up to twelve hours a day so, temporarily, the three of us would have to spread the load of the other hours. Time would tell us whether we needed to hire a couple or three full-time monitors, before Darren could write a programme with algorithms to automatically remove any contributions triggered by certain word usage. In the meantime, Darren could direct the alarms to each of our home computers when he logged off. I told him that we would need a better desk top than the little lap-top we had at the moment.

He had also started a new archive site which could provide all of the previous recordings rather than just the last twenty-four hours. We would be able to charge for this as a separate service. I suggested that it would be better to have it as a trade-up at an extra price rather than let it go newcomers who would be able to buy it cheaper than the live pages, but still guarantee that they could see everything forty-eight hours in arrears. That was agreed. It was sortable by date and by apartment. Darren was in the meantime working on an algorithm to isolate 'hot stuff' so that eventually the archives would be sortable by 'Party', 'Hardcore', 'Threesomes', 'Masturbation' and a dozen other headlines. It would take him a couple of months to write and test it.

We all thought that was great and agreed prices to start to sell Darren's present new archives as a premium service.

'I think that just brings us back to the new apartment block,' said Art. 'Perfect timing. The others will be here in about fifteen minutes. I think Susan has done an excellent job in sourcing them and if we are all agreed I am quite happy to go ahead and meet with her friend to discuss a price for taking them on, and whether they are furnished or empty etcetera. Do you think you can quickly find half a dozen tenants Alex?'

'I think so. It will take a couple of months before the flats are habitable I suspect but I will start to widen my search quickly by first asking if anyone at the party has any friends they think would be suitable.'

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Susan stand and swing her chair round so that the back faced Art. She sat down facing him her legs around the back of the chair. I could not see her legs which were below the level of the table but I knew Art could. He would be looking at her naked pussy. He was. He had gone a little pink.

'Art, I would like to go with you to meet my friend. In fact...' and she opened the front of her dress exposing her body completely. Her nipples protruded above the edges of her bra. '... I would really like to meet him on my own, and then report back to you what his best offer would be. I am sure I can get a deal out of him. You macho guys would bounce...' and here she bounced her titties in her hands, '...off each other, each protecting your own companies. I should be able to squeeze...' and so she did, '...him a little on his price.'

She walked towards Art, sat on his knees facing him and said, 'What do you think Art? Do you think I can persuade him?'

He laughed and swallowed hard. 'For god's sake go and sit down, Susan, this is a board meeting.'

He loosened his tie. 'I take your point Susan, and as you are equal shareholders, I bow down to your 'desire' to get a good deal done. Why don't we meet for dinner one evening and I will talk through with you what would be a good deal for us. Just so that you know what to aim for.'

Susan by now had done up her dress and was primly seated back at the boardroom table. 'Why Art, I don't know what you are thinking but you must know I am not that kind of girl. If you want dinner than either you come to us and I will cook it for you or Alex accompanies us to a restaurant. I was only giving you a glimpse of my marketing techniques rather than making any kind of offer.'

'Susan, I must apologise. You are a beautiful, nay gorgeous girl who has just shown me not only her fantastic body, but also her wit, intelligence and her appreciation of how important this deal could be to our company. Susan I can only apologise for what I was thinking, in fairness, for what you led me to believe, and I salute your negotiating skills. I will of course discuss with you in any suitable or decorous place our price targets. I can even let you have my ideas by email if you do not want to spend time with me, even with Alex in attendance, because of the depths of depravity to which my mind can sink.'

He bowed his head towards her.

'Of course, I not only forgive you but must in turn apologise to you for giving you ideas, which if we did not have an existing relationship, I would probably encourage.'

'Thank you, sweet lady. The more I know you, the more I am sure I will appreciate your style. But be careful. This entire company was started because my ideas can, as you have seen explore those depths of depravity. Ahh. The door. That must be the others arriving in the nick of time to stop me embarrassing myself again. Excuse me while I let them in. Perhaps you wouldn't mind pulling up some more chairs.'

I laughed towards Susan and shook my head in mock astonishment. She knew what I was thinking. What a marvellous job she had done on him.

Darren was just grinning in appreciation. 'Amazing,' he said. 'In all the years I have known him I have never seen him flabbergasted like that. You are a piece of work girl. You have my sincere support and help if you ever need it. I am sure you can get anything you want in this world.'

The lawyer, the accountant and a couple of guys who I rightly assumed were electricians filed their way in and we were introduced. The Lawyer produced the papers for us to sign and after a couple of questions he handed them out for us to read at our leisure. The accountant gave us a quick run-down of the financial implications of the numbers that Darren had already given us, and the estimates for cash flow and profitability for the current financial year. He also gave us some projections of cash flow if we could improve our customer base by both five or ten percent. I was already staggered and tried not to show it. I could see that likewise Susan had grasped the import of his words and was, like me trying to be cool about the numbers involved. If that was what five or ten percent could do what about if I could double the customer base again as it was suggested. I couldn't allow myself to even think about those numbers. I did start to understand the subliminal message that Susan gave to Art.

Sex sells.

The electricians were next up on the agenda. We had discussed whether it would be suitable for them to be invited to the party on Friday. Art and Darren were quite happy to take our recommendations about the wisdom of this.

I decided to introduce ourselves properly.

'John,' I looked at the older one, 'and Pete' the younger one 'right?'

They nodded.

'My name as you know is Alex and my partner,' I laughed, 'in business and in life, over there is Susan. You know a bit about what we do because you have fitted all the cameras. Have you ever watched us on the site?'

They both shook their heads. 'Okay then can I ask a couple of very personal questions? Are you married or single, straight or gay, do you have partners? You see what I am getting at. Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves? You know we run sort of a porn site?'

John spoke for both of them. 'My name as you know is John. I am forty-two and have been divorced about four years now. She ran off with a younger man. Good riddance. No kids. I enjoy sports, but don't play football any more. I do play a bit of cricket in summer, but it does not impinge on work. That comes first because without the wife's earnings I need the money to pay the mortgage. I go to the gym a bit. Pete and I both go to the gym, which was where we met. Pete now lives at my place which also helps with the mortgage. I am straight, but find it difficult nowadays to meet women, without a lot of money to spend on them. Pete is certainly straight. I have to put cotton wool in my ears some nights when he brings a bit of totty back. Sorry Ma'am,' he said looking at Susan. 'too much information I know. My mouth runs away with me sometimes.'

Susan laughed, 'John Pete, absolutely no offence taken or apologies necessary. I think we must give you both free access to our site, so that not only can you see what we do but when you are doing your job and fitting or moving cameras, you will know what we are looking to achieve.'

Darren nodded. 'I will give you both login passwords, what about you two guys, do you want them as well? Beware if you have wives or girlfriends around, it is a porn site of sorts.'

Charles, the accountant acknowledged that, yes, he would like one please. Archie, the lawyer smiled and shook his head with regret.

'Anyway John, Pete we would like to invite you both to the tenants party we have on Friday nights monthly. Watch the site for a bit and then decide whether you would like to come. I suspect you will. There will be all sorts of nudity and sex going on. You don't have to participate, you can just watch, and you must obey of course the biggest rule 'No means No.' You must also bear in mind that like us, we are all employees and if you do anything out of line you will be sacked for misconduct. There is free alcohol, so be careful. You are both fit-looking guys so my guess is that you don't have a problem with alcohol, but just don't get carried away. All the tenants and other employees, male and female should be treated with respect, familiarly, but with respect. It will help you gain access to the apartments for your job if you know the tenants. I will be watching you on Friday nights exactly the same as I will be watching all the new tenants. If I think anyone is pushing where I believe the boundaries are, then I will not hesitate to ask them to ease off or go home. Sorry to lay it out so strongly but I am sure that if I can impress you both with the importance of it then I will never have to say anything again.'

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