tagErotic CouplingsAn Author's Fanatsy

An Author's Fanatsy


A pretty and obviously affluent forty-something woman in a very short maternity dress approached the short, dark man in the Homer Vargas wing of an erotica bookstore. "My God! I can't believe it," she exclaims. "You must be ... you are ... Homer Vargas!"

"What a daring surmise. Why do you think so?"

"You look just like him."

"Hmm, so I've been told."

"You see THIS?" the woman asks, pointing to her large belly.

"Is my name Homer Vargas?"

"YOU are the cause of this!"

"Madam, I do not even know you, never mind never having known you."

"No, I mean it was your stories! It stared one night when after fucking my boyfriend into a coma, I was still horny. Surfing the net I came across your stories on Literoticia and started reading 'A Cop Too Far.' Holy shit! The way they used hormones, and sex toys, and girl/girl sex, and hypnosis, to turn that cop woman's mind to horny mush and get her pregnant with the druglord's baby! That was sooo HOT. And then "The Examination," my God! Thinking about that hotshot lawyer seduced by the black nurse and then programmed by the doctor to be a fucktoy for her boss until he got her knocked up. My hand was in my pussy the whole time. I made a real mess of my panties and skirt, I'll tell you."

"It's always a joy for an author of erotic literature to find that his efforts are appreciated."

"Appreciated? Hell, when I finished "Bred," where that frustrated husband, and his brother, and the brother's ever-pregnant wife turn that snooty career woman into a stay-at home baby maker, I was so wound up I raced back to the bedroom and fucked my boyfriend three more times."

"Well, I guess that's what you get for reading pornography," the man replied a little testily, nodding at her bulge. "Accidents do happen."

"Accidents?" she snorted. "This," she cradled her belly proudly, "was no accident, you pervert. BEFORE I started reading your stories I was on the pill and had no more interest in having babies than my stud lover did. Maybe he didn't know how horny pregnant women get, or how much we like to fuck the guy who has knocked us up, or how much men enjoy eating pregnant pussy."

"I see HE hadn't read any Homer Vargas stories."

"No, and he'd have freaked to know I was reading that kind of 'trash.' He was so conservative; he would never do me anyway but 'lights-out missionary.' I only put up with that because he was intelligent, handsome as sin, had a monster cock that could make me come more times flat of my back during a quick slam-bam than most men could with a good half-hour doggy fuck. He was one of the best of the eighteen to twenty-five year old studs I'd been bedding and dumping for years, enjoying my money and my freedom, always careful NOT to get pregnant. Maybe your stories just set off the alarm on my biological clock, but after that night, I was obsessed with having this guy's babies."

"He must have been flattered."

"It scared the shit out of him. He might have dumped ME, except, well," she smirked, "I'm not bad looking and I AM a hell of a good lay."

The brown man appraised her curly red hair and green eyes and nodded. "So?"

"That's where your other stories came in handy."

"You mean the (MC, Fdom, preg) ones?"

"Exactly. I read them all for tips on how sexy older women get handsome young hunks to knock them up. I considered trickery, like the woman in "Principles," sabotaging the condoms or just going off the pill and getting him to do me bareback at the 'wrong' time. But I rejected that, as it would really put him off and I didn't want just one baby from this Adonis. I had plans for him to keep me pregnant for years. I loved the raw power of "Sabah" and knew how I'd use her psychic powers, IF I had them. Nor did I have an organization like that of "The WOPI Chronicles" to kidnap him and hold him prisoner while I slowly conditioned him to be my stud toy. Or he couldn't be transformed by a virus into a horny, docile plaything like the men in "A New Infection." The chair in my computer room was caked with girl juice from all the times I got off searching through those stories."

"You looked to pornographic fantasies for practical advice? Surely, madam, you must realize ..."

"Yeah those were all just hokey. Hot as shit, but hokey. So I decided to use hypnosis."

"Hypnosis? But Vargas stories hardly ever have elaborate hypnosis induction scenes and besides ..."

"I know. All that 'Look into my eyes' and 'watch the pretty pendant' is malarkey, too. But I knew there were drugs that make a person very open to suggestion, like Maria used in "Dawn and Ken and Maria and David." And I figured if I rewarded him for each new thought I put in his head, they were more likely to stick."

"Makes sense."

"So I put a little something extra in his wine one crucial Friday when he came over. When he got that dumb smile on his face, I told him to forget about the theatre; I wanted to cuddle a while. He let me lead him to the couch, but I had more than a cuddle in mind. I whispered in his ear how much he loved my tits and soon I had him working on them with his mouth and hands with more enthusiasm that he'd ever shown before. Even as he pawed me, I was thanking you for the idea."

"Would Homer Vargas mislead you?"

"Worked like a charm. Still, getting a guy to feel me up has never been much of a challenge even without drugs. I wanted to test him. Notwithstanding several strong hints, I'd never been able to get him to go down on me. So as he was kissing my titties like crazy I whispered to him that I was getting really wet 'down there' and I knew how much he liked kissing and licking my pussy. He seemed to resist a little, so I told him how good my pussy juice tasted, and how much he loved to worship my sex, and how much he wanted to make me come with his mouth. He sort of moaned and slipped down onto his knees between my legs. I flipped up my skirt -- of course I hadn't worn panties -- and let the sight and smell of my steamy cunt finish him off."

"He really ...?"

"Like he'd been muff diving since his horny sixth grade teacher taught him how. But I was the one teaching him: 'Faster!' 'There!' 'Deep!' 'Like that,' all the time telling him how much he enjoyed pleasing me. Of course as hot as I was, it took only a few minutes before I popped and gave him a mouthful of pleasured pussy juice, but he just lapped it up and kept going."

"I let him bring me to several orgasms before I told him I was ready to fuck and had him carry me to my bed upstairs. He was sort of on autopilot and shucked his clothes as I finished stripping. 'You like?' I teased, striking a sexy pose. I told him how horny he was and how hard looking at me made him. I swear I could almost see his cock, fully erect before, grow stiffer. Then I ordered him into bed."

"He was reluctant, but I explained how much he loved to lie back passively and let me fuck him from on top. As I crawled from the foot of the bed toward that magnificent upthrust cock, I fought the urge to stop and suck for a while, but this was my fertile week and I had better uses for his semen. I poised with my pussy above his flagpole and again told him how much he would enjoy letting me ride him, letting me use his cock to pleasure myself before having him fill me with his come. That seemed to remind him of what was going on and he tried to say something about putting on a condom."

"I smiled down at him and asked him if he really wanted to put on a tight, uncomfortable condom, which would only reduce the pleasure he wanted to give me. Besides, I suggested, he was so horny he couldn't wait for me to fuck him. He sort of groaned and nodded. I couldn't wait either; I dropped onto him and almost came again as his prick slide smoothly into my well-lubricated depths. I savored the fullness for a few seconds and then began the ride him toward my goal. I kept cooing how good it felt to relax and let me fuck him. When I felt his orgasm start to build, I slowed down to keep him on the edge, just where I wanted him."

"Then I started telling him how much he wanted to come in me, to fill my pussy with his potent sperm now that I'd stopped taking the pill, just as he'd asked me to. I felt fear shrink his prick just a bit, but I accelerated the fucking and pressed ahead. 'Of course, I know why you want me without protection, sweetie. You've wanted to knock me up for a long time. I'll be sooo sexy with a big belly full of the bun you put in my oven. All you'll want is to fuck my pregnant dripping pussy and to lie in bed with me in your arms sucking my milky breasts. And you'll be so proud when I take you out in public and everybody looks at me admiringly for getting a handsome young stud like you to make me pregnant. That IS what you want, isn't it honey, to make a baby in me? I'm so fertile tonight, so ripe, all you have to do is ...COME!'"

"I thrust my pussy down on him hard. That's all it took. He roared and it felt like opening the sluice gates at the Hoover dam. I was filled with enough boiling hot young jizz to impregnate every forty-year old woman in the state and it was all for ME. The thought of my eggs drowning in that rich goo triggered my own orgasm, which I knew was good for conception. I scoonched a pillow under my hips to keep the sperm where it would 'do me the most good' and as we drifted off to sleep together, his mouth gently sucking on a nipple, I didn't doubt that in a few months, I'd have another pair of lips nursing at my breasts."

"The next morning he didn't seem to remember anything about the night. I teased him a little about getting so excited he didn't take me out. He was a little embarrassed, but I let him know I wasn't upset by screwing him again right after breakfast. We didn't leave the house that weekend and he must have fucked me seven or eight times, not once mentioning a condom. I really knew it had worked on Monday morning when I woke up with his head between my legs. I let him be late for work."

"Remember or not, he was doing everything I had told him. He stopped objecting to me wearing short, tight miniskirts and flashy jewelry when we went out dancing. (We didn't fuck ALL the time.) And he loved to see me in four-inch heels even if it did exaggerate the difference in our heights. Everything was better. We began every session, and ended many of them, with his increasingly expert tongue work in my pussy. He loved for me to ride him best of all, but he was willing to give me the heels-to-the-ceiling drillings and the hard-pounding doggy fucks I love, too."

"Not surprisingly I missed my next period and when I told him he almost cried for joy. 'I've wanted to knock you up for a long time. You'll be so sexy with a big belly full of the bun I put in your oven. I'm looking forward to fucking your pregnant dripping pussy and lying in bed with you in my arms, sucking your milky breasts. I'll feel so proud when we go out in public and everybody looks at you admiringly for getting me to make you pregnant,' he recited back with perfect sincerity. Yes!!"

"So that's the way you came to this?" The brown man smiled, admiring how the short dress was stretched tight over her swollen tummy.

"This one? Oh no, I was telling you about my FIRST baby. Boys," she called, "come here there's someone I want you to meet."

From around the corner of the aisle, three smiling men appeared, one large and Black, holding a café au lait infant, an Oriental guy, maybe a grad student, pushing a pink stroller, and a white man, slightly older than the others leading twin toddlers with curly red hair.

"Oh my God, I'm sorry!"

"Sorry? *I'm* not sorry. I LOVE being pregnant. It's still all I can think about. These big tits and my pussy leaking all the time feels so sexy, and it makes my husbands fuck me so good. I can afford to have as many babies as I want. And you know," she paused with a thoughtful gleam in her eye, "I haven't had a Latino baby yet. Would YOU like to do me next time?"

"Can I write a story about how we met?"

The End

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