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An Avenger's Guardian


Part 6 of 'An Avenger's...' a Black Widow series. This story takes place prior to the events of Guardians of the Galaxy and before Age of Ultron.


"Ohhh Nat, that is sooo good!"

The old barn creaked around the two women, orange light permeating through the worn slats as they made love. Deep brown eyes rolling, she could just make out the ajar door they had neglected to close in their haste to find a safe hiding place, clothes hanging over the rusting tractor; thrown aside as their lust mounted.

Laid out in a dark corner, the woman ran a hand through her own, wavy brown locks, strands of straw coming free as she beamed down at the waves of red hair bobbing between her thighs. Gasping, her nose crinkled as lips latched onto her aching clit.

Attempting to find purchase on the wadded hay that made up their makeshift bedding, Laura Barton struggled to gain the other woman's attention over the quivering mound between them:

"Nnn-Nat Nat! J-just wait a second!" Laura gasped; twitching in place as her lover's invading tongue grudgingly withdrew:

"Are you sure you're okay with this?"

Rising up from between the pregnant woman's open thighs, Natasha Romanoff grinned; it wasn't often she pleasured a lover who was quite so... sweet. Resting her chin on, soft, rounded flesh, the redhead responded playfully:

"You know I'll keep this between us Laura, just like last time, and the time before-"

"I know," the brunette whispered anxiously, afraid the kids might hear them from the adjacent farmhouse:

"Its just, I feel guilty. You do so much for me when Clint's away, and you know I can't, return the favour... But I get these turns when I'm so horny and the kids can be such hard work and having sex just-"

"-Ssssshhhh..." Natasha replied softly, leaning down and pressing her full, pouting lips to the brunette's bloated belly. Gasping, the pregnant woman shivered under her; it was adorable really, Laura always got nervous when she was close.

Opening her mouth Natasha sucked in soft flesh, lips creating a momentary seal, smacking before each word as she spoke:

"You know-mmm, I don't usually -mmph, get to be with -mmmphg someone so appreciative? Sometimes -Mmmm... It's nice to be gentle."

"Are you mocking me?" Laura giggled, smiling down at her perfect friend as she place kiss after kiss on her bump, "You know my husband is a little more, old-fashioned..."

Natasha shrugged:

"The man uses a bow and arrow instead of a gun, I figured he was just clueless!"

Laura laughed lightly, her swollen chest dancing before the other woman's captivated gaze. Natasha couldn't help but stare, her eyes following every judder. Laura's breasts were huge! The redhead shook her head, as if awaking from a trance.

"Mmmm... Let's not wake the kids."

Laura's hand flew to her mouth, big brown eyes going wide as she realized her mistake. The hormones made her impulsive, sometimes downright irrational. When she spoke again her voice was more hushed:

"You're a good friend Nat, I couldn't do this again without you."

Natasha considered the awkward position she had granted herself within the Barton household. When had she let things become so... domestic?

Watching the redhead's hesitation, Laura saw doubt shimmer in the other woman's sensual green eyes:

"Nat, you know I totally support your Avenging, even your ahhh! Side projects..." Laura panted as Natasha arched her back, disappearing below the horizon of her belly as she began to lick her pussy lips once more.

Sliding her tongue up and down repeatedly, Natasha twirled the strong pink muscle between the pregnant woman's blossoming folds before sucking her peach into her waiting mouth.

Laura gasped, eyes watering as she heaved, her belly lurching as Natasha's lips practically swallowed her steaming core, warm hands holding her sore breasts. Feeling a tickling sensation, she let her own fingers twirl in the red locks that trailed over her swollen body.

Tasting warm cream on her extended tongue, Natasha reveled in the sublime warmth of her friend's delicious core: vivacious and full of life.

Struggling to breath, Laura attempted to finish her thought:

"B-but a person can only bend so much you know, ungh! B-before they break!"

Resting on her friend's outstretched thighs, Natasha grinned down at her friend:

"Miss Barton you little minx! Are you actually questioning my life choices right now?!"

"No, no no No!" Laura gasped, backtracking quickly before Natasha continued:

"Well as you should know by now, I'm down for anything." The redhead murmured seductively: " And I can be very, very flexible..."

Running her hand down a slick thigh, Natasha chuckled:

"Why else would Aunty Nat be going down on Mommy??"

Laura pouted adorably but Natasha, not waiting for a reply, captured the brunette's pussy once more, hungrily swiping over her hot pink flower.

Natasha's cheeks hollowed as she blew into the housewife's core, Laura's thighs clutching her face as the brunette bucked in the ex-S.H.I.E.L.D agent's arms.

"Ahhh, Unghh! Mmmm- Nat, I'm, I'm gonna, I'm gonnna cum!" Laura squealed, clawing at the ancient wooden boards beneath them as she wriggled ecstatically.

Seconds later, Laura squirted into Natasha's open mouth, her cream spraying the back of the redhead's throat before she took a grateful gulp. Smiling into the brunette's pussy Natasha swallowed several more mouthfuls, months of the put-upon mother's frustration being released; glad to be able to satiate her friend's need.

Laura fell back into the course straw, gasping as the redhead gave her a mind-blowing climax. Feeling her weakened bladder give slightly; she went red, accidentally releasing herself into her friend's open mouth.

Holding on determinedly, Natasha swallowed, struggling to contain the brunette's hot excretions. Staying still, Natasha lapped up her friend's delicious cream while she waited for the brunette to release her. Feeling Laura's thighs finally loosen, the redhead pealed away, licking her lips.

"Ohhh Nat, that was wonderful!!"

Climbing up the satisfied mother, Natasha smiled, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, the orange light of dusk running shadows over their naked curves:

"Just name that next kid after me alright?"

Laura nodded sleepily, hugging her friend close in a pleasure-stricken daze:


Smirking, Natasha ran her fingers around an engorged nipple, plucking the hard nub cruelly:

"Owww!" Laura yelped, opening her eyes to see the redhead grinning naughtily back at her:

"Come on Mommy, you know we're not done yet..."

Laura frowned exhaustedly:

"Ugh Nat, I don't think I have another one in me!"

"Well we both know that's not true."

With the redhead's help, Laura climbed up onto all fours, forced to arch her back under her increased weight. Sweeping back her dark wavy hair, the brunette revealed a nervous expression, watching her friend's shadow pass behind her as she massaged her sore belly:

"Y-you know, one of these days you're gonna go too far right??"

Crawling around Laura, Natasha took in her lovely form, barely listening as she focused on her real target:

"Nobody else is complaining."

Natasha licked her lips; ever since Laura had gotten pregnant her once tight little butt had doubled in size.

Eying, sumptuous, fat round globes, Natasha practically salivated at the brunette's new proportions, glad her friend couldn't see her cool façade replaced with genuine lust. Groping fleshy cheeks Natasha nipped tender flesh, eliciting a gasp from the wholesome housewife:

"Be gentle Nat..."

Kissing a swollen cheek, Natasha smirked, pulling apart soft flesh to reveal the pregnant woman's tight pucker. Grinning, she glanced up from between Laura's swollen globes:

"Yes Mommy..."

Pressing forward, Natasha slipped her tongue against crinkled skin, barely pausing before sliding its full length inside the quivering brunette. Feeling her friend's anus close around her, Natasha enjoyed her tart taste, before sucking herself in:

"Unnnnggggghhhhhhhh..." Laura's whine died pathetically as she felt Natasha's tongue roll over her shivering canal, her soft pucker sealed between plump red lips.

Lashes fluttering once more, the brunette's mouth fell open, her eyes rolling. Feeling the full extent of this deviant pleasure, her shoulders sagged as she fell face first into the pile of hay.

An hour later Natasha stepped out of the dilapidated barn, stretching in the dim light from the farmhouse. Wandering out into darkness she reached her waiting motorcycle. Satisfied that she had properly tended to her friend, the redhead threw a long leg over the saddle, stretching tight black leather.

Reaching for the nearest handle, Natasha's hand froze as it was swallowed in blinding white light.

Blinking fast, Natasha attempted to regain her vision in the burning haze. Twisting in her seat, she turned toward the dark sky, red hair fluttering around her shoulders.

Even if she hadn't seen the S.H.I.E.L.D reports, Natasha believed she knew what was happening as she spied the hulking black craft that floated above her; knowing there was no escape.

With nothing to be done, the redhead braced herself, clinging to the bike's handles before she disappeared into the spaceship.


Opening her eyes groggily, Natasha found herself on a sterile metal cot, the cold steel pressing against her full chest.

Laid out on her front, Natasha swept back her short red hair, still wet from her long bath.

"Mission report?" Maria Hill asked sternly, a hint of concern creasing her striking features.

Standing over the prone Avenger, Maria looked over to Dr. Helen Cho, whom was still examining her patient. Surrounded by top of the range Medical Equipment in the Avenger's medical bay, she was more or less confident the redhead would live, even if she still had no idea what had happened to her.

"We cleaned Miss Romanoff up the best we could, given where we found her,"

Gesticulating to the redhead's torso, currently clad in a grey hoodie, Helen explained calmly:

"She has relatively minor external injuries; bruises," the Asian Doctor gently slid her hand up a bare thigh till she reached the trim of Natasha's black knickers:

"Scratches," Helen continued, slipping up the hem of the redhead's top, before moving to her neck:

"Bite marks..."

"Hickeys," Natasha croaked weakly from the cot, "Not much experience in this area Doc?"

The Asian Doctor flushed, looking to her superior awkwardly.

Maria shook her head, rolling her eyes, "Helen, please continue."

Nodding meekly, the Doctor quickly instructed her patient:

"On your hands and knees please Miss Romanoff,"

Slowly pressing up into a crouched position, Natasha groaned, feel a twinge of pain ripple through her abdomen.

Awkwardly reaching forward, Helen tugged down the simple black panties to reveal Natasha's curvaceous behind:

"Looks like some internal damage, but well... I've never treated anything like this."

Moving around the Doctor, Maria swallowed hard, inspecting Natasha's behind:


Natasha's once tight asshole gaped, her bruised cheeks parted around her open sphincter. Looking into the quivering crater, Maria whistled, staring deep into her ex-agent's bowels.

"Can you fix me Doc," Natasha asked shakily, her usual confident façade fading to reveal genuine concern.

"I can heal anything," Helen replied confidently.

Tearing her fascinated gaze from the troubled redhead's rear, Maria nodded to the Doctor. Moving swiftly, Helen pulled her tablet from her lab coat, activating the regeneration cradle. Maneuvering the automated arm behind Natasha, she aimed the device between unnaturally spread butt cheeks.

Stepping around the cradle, Maria commanded sternly once more:

"Mission report?"

Natasha was vacant, not looking her manager in the eye: She'd thought she had known the depths of depravity, thought she had no limits. Then she had willingly entered that bubbling cauldron... and this humiliation was her reward.

Becoming impatient, Maria clapped her hands in front of the redhead's face:

"Mission report?!"

Natasha smiled weakly, "I don't do 'missions' anymore, remember?"

Maria scowled:

"Fine then, just tell me what happened!"

Attempting to speak, Natasha gasped, mouth falling open as the reconstructive laser finally fired, pale blue light disappearing into her anus.

"Ahhhhhhonestly!? I'm not sure -unnghgh," Natasha bared her teeth, her brow knitting as a surprise needle sunk into the plump flesh of her behind:

"What is that?!"

"A sedative for the pain," Helen explained carelessly, turning up the laser as she studied the display on her tablet:

"Its going to get a little worse..."

"Worse??" Natasha growled, before the heat on her insides increased exponentially:


"When I invented this technology this wasn't what I had in mind." Helen said apologetically, typing a new command into her tablet and watching the blue spray pour into the Black Widow: "try to hold still, the cradle is repairing damaged tissue. Soon you'll be as good as new!"

Maria allowed herself a small smile; she was going to have a lot of fun breaking that new bottom in.

Seeing steam rise from between Natasha's glowing blue cheeks, Maria, crouched in front of the redhead till she was eye-to-eye with the wincing woman. Recognising the strain in Natasha's wide green iris', the brunette spoke more softly:

"What do you remember?"

Biting her lip as a fresh wave of energy permeated her bruised insides, Natasha spoke through clenched teeth, eyes watering:

"I was leaving -ugh, the Barton's place -MMMmmmm!!" Natasha whimpered, "After some... R&R, helping out around the farm-"

Maria shook her head:

"-I'm sure Mrs Barton was glad to have the extra pair of hands..."

Natasha bit her lip guiltily, Maria's crystal blue eyes seeing right through her explanation.

"But then, then there was this blinding light..."


Natasha awoke with a jolt, wide eyes adjusting to the dim light.

Immediately the ex-agent's training kicked in: take in your surroundings, assess threat level, disarm and find escape route. But there was nothing, literally nothing, but glowing haze all around her.

Feeling a weird falling sensation, Natasha tried to sit up, only to realise her arms could find no support. Not only that, but upon further inspection her leather suit was gone, her perfect body now naked and on full display. Swinging her legs, the redhead gasped, feeling a weird sense of drag, her vision wafting psychedelically:

Natasha was floating, weightless, in seemingly endless space.

Panicking, The redhead scrambled instinctively, hands grasping for something, anything solid. Spinning, Natasha's hair drifted around her, forced to sweep back floating strands from her fuzzy gaze. This place defied physics!

No. There had to be a light source, something illuminating her skin. Following the beam, she saw it shimmering above her. Swimming upward, the redhead moved determinedly, her stroke somehow propelling the naked agent. This was something else... Then suddenly Natasha burst through the surface, gasping as she emerged into a cavernous, alien space.

Twisting in the thick, viscous liquid, Natasha coughed, momentarily dazzled. Stroking back wet hair, she attempted to remain calm in-spite of this bizarre situation, syrupy fluid rolling off of her in droplets.

Natasha was in a pool. Under the surface, the oil had seemed endless, extra sensory. Yet now she was out, the redhead saw that it was not much bigger than a Jacuzzi.

Swimming, Natasha's eyes searched alien room. Falling back on her instincts, the woman looked for some sort of exit.

Reaching the pool's rim Natasha leant on hot steel, just as a leather boot clanged down beside her. Looking up she gasped, finally seeing the alien that had been watching her this entire time.

The strange being was at ease, towering over Natasha from her elevated position. Taking in her captor, Natasha noticed leathers not dissimilar to her own; tight, black and revealing. That was where the similarities ended: Green and apparently female, Natasha observed strong curves and long, flowing hair, pink highlights reminding her more of a hipster than a kidnapper. Seeing her face, Natasha's gaze met impossibly large, dark eyes and realised she too was being appraised.

Moving to cover her breasts, Natasha thought better of it, swallowing her distress; this was no time to appear vulnerable, as impossible as that was. But she had been trained for an encounter such as this and she had killed much bigger, much uglier monsters.

Gamora watched the redhead's reaction from above, drinking in the female's fear. Taking a bite, she dug her perfect teeth into a alien fruit, red juice trickling down her chin as she swallowed.

Neither spoke; still weighing each other up. Feeling steps below her feet, Natasha rose slowly from the liquid, never taking her eyes off the waiting creature. Her body slowly revealed Gamora smirked as she eyed the human's vulnerable nethers. Finally freed of the strange liquid, Natasha shivered, her body glistening in the alien light. Gathering her strength, she finally broke the heavy silence:

"What is this?"

Meeting curious, wide eyes, the redhead got no response, the green alien simply staring back at her in apparent amusement. Was there a language barrier?

"How long was I under?" Natasha asked slowly, watching the oily surface ripple unnervingly, its colours constantly shifting:

"That's not water... how could I even breathe??"

"You are stronger than you look Terran, yes?" Gamora asked, ignoring the question put to her.

"I-what?" Natasha replied, feeling self-conscious in-spite of this strange context. The alien woman continued her line of questioning regardless, probing her credentials:

"You represent your world?"

"I guess," Natasha replied, staring back at her captor. Was she expected to fight?

"You are a warrior?" Gamora asked doubtfully, eying the earth-girl's naked curves.

Natasha considered the question. Clearly the alien knew her connection to the attack on New York, the incident, everything that followed. Why else would she be here? From a negotiation standpoint, information was power. However if she wanted to achieve a balanced dialogue she had to create trust:

"I am a spy, an assassin."

Raising an eyebrow, Gamora chuckled, responding dryly:

"Small Universe."

Stepping forward, Gamora scrutinised her subject more closely, strutting around the vulnerable human as she made her assessment:

"You have the bearing of a babe, not a fighter."

Natasha stood still, her mind racing; she was unarmed but that was her forte. However, underestimating her enemy would be foolish. The existence of this being in itself was a revelation. She had to be cautious:

"Why am I here!? Wherever here is??"

"You are in the Ilenian system, 16 million miles from the Isoli quadrant..."

Natasha stared back at her captor blankly, lost for words.

The alien scowled: "You are far from help, Human."

Natasha considered this; even if she could overcome this woman and every other alien on this ship there was no way for her to contact Earth or even a chance she could pilot the spacecraft. That meant fighting this woman was ultimately fruitless, leaving the redhead in a no-win scenario.

Seeing genuine fear appear in the human's eyes, Gamora paused. She took no pleasure in this; as a child she too had been abducted. But the Universe was not a fair place:

"I am Gamora, daughter of the Mad-Titan Thanos. You and your people have greatly inconvenienced my father. He wishes to demonstrate his displeasure."

"Natasha Romanoff," the redhead replied flatly. At least these aliens had names; that was progress.

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