tagIncest/TabooAn Earth Day to Remember

An Earth Day to Remember


Sitting at home alone one a beautiful spring day Julie made up her mind to get out of the house for the day. As she reached for the milk in her refrigerator she caught a glimpse of the invitation again and figured that it might be a good way to spend her afternoon. When she first got the invitation in the mail she didn't even give it a second thought. Julie pulled the card off of the fridge and read through the details again. It was an invitation to the annual Earth Day fundraiser at the nearby college, the same one that her son Jared attended as a freshman. The festivities included a tree planting ceremony followed by a carnival themed fund raiser and finally capped off with a party jointly sponsored by several campus fraternities. Julie noticed that her son's fraternity, Delta Tau, was listed as a sponsor and decided that this would be a great opportunity to do something good for the earth and spend some time with her son at the same time.

Julie Simons raised her only son alone after her husband left her for his secretary when Jared was five years old. The divorce left her devastated and she never allowed herself to open up to another man since. Over the years her friends would periodically drag her out but she wasn't interested in meeting someone who would just break her heart again. It wasn't easy for Julie to raise a child as a single mother but she gladly dedicated herself to making sure that her son had all of the opportunities that she felt he deserved. Since Jared went off to college, even though it was only a twenty minute drive away, Julie found herself feeling lonely and depressed more and more frequently. She had spent most of the past eighteen years raising Jared and now she was beginning to realize that she needed to move on with her life.

Julie decided to surprise her son and show up at the Earth Day fundraiser unannounced. Ever since he moved out of the house she barely saw her son anymore and she looked forward to seeing the look on his face when she showed up out of the blue. After finishing up her breakfast she went up to her bedroom and got dressed for the occasion. Knowing that she would be digging and planting trees she decided to wear an old pair of cutoff denim shorts a purple tank top and a pair of old sneakers.

Julie married young and had Jared when she was still a teenager. Now in her mid thirties nobody would ever suspect that she had an eighteen year old son. She is 5'7" with a thick mane of dirty blond hair that falls just past her shoulders. Julie was blessed with a petite frame and always took very good care of herself through the years. Without any makeup she could easily pass as a college coed.

Pulling up to the campus Julie followed the signs to the Earth Day tree planting ceremony which led her to a big open field at the far side of campus. She made a generous donation and put on her donor bracelet before joining the crowd. By the time she settled in, the dean of the school was nearing the end of what appeared to have been a long-winded speech praising the students for their efforts. After a brief round of applause he directed everyone to team up into groups to plant the trees. Julie anxiously milled around the crowd until she spotted her son. She made her way over to him and was only a few feet away when she saw his eyes widen and his face redden. She knew that he would be surprised, but she never expected him to be embarrassed. Before she could turn away to help her son save face one of the guys that he was standing with noticed that they seemed to know each other. Julie felt awful that she was putting her son in such an awkward spot and felt foolish that she didn't realize how embarrassed he might be to have his mom show up at his college. She didn't have a chance to say anything before Jared was introducing her to his group of friends as his friend Julie. She saw the look of dread in Jared's eyes and decided that it would be best to play along. Julie introduced herself to the group as his friend and made her best attempt to pretend to be just another student.

Over the next ten minutes Julie hit it off with one of the other girls in the group, Jessica. Jessica insisted on finding out how Julie made her hair look so good and gushed over how hot her English professor was. Their team captain eventually arrived with their shovels and instructions. He led them to their site which had a pre-dug hole and a sapling waiting to be planted. After fifteen minutes, their team managed to put the tree in the ground and fill up the hole. After the tree planting, Jared and two other guys excused themselves to get ready for the carnival. Their frat was participating in the fundraiser and they needed to set up some of the attractions. After the boys left, Julie and Jessica helped a few other teams out before heading over to the carnival together.

The fraternities had setup a simple carnival with a handful of skill games and rides with all of the proceeds going to environmental charities. Julie had always been a sucker for carnivals and dragged Jessica around trying their luck at all of the games. After an hour of trying to throw ping pong balls into small fishbowls and pop balloons with darts Jessica suggested that they check out the kissing booth. Julie was happy to pay the ten dollars knowing that it would all be going to charity. This was by far the most popular attraction at the carnival with a line of eager young women extending all the way down to the dunk tank. Julie figured that there would be one or more frat guys running the kissing booth, but it didn't dawn on her that her son might be one of them until she was almost at the front of the line.

"Oh my god! I can't believe that Jared is at the kissing booth" Jessica cooed.

"I know, I can't believe it either."

"He is such a hottie!"


"Are you kidding me? Just look at his chest! He has such a sexy body, and I heard from one of the Delta girls that he is hung like a horse!"

Julie had never thought of her son in a sexual way before, but she had to admit that Jessica was right, he was a very handsome young man.

"I guess I never thought of it before."

"I would give anything to fuck him! I guess a kiss will have to do for now" Jessica giggled as her turn came up.

Julie watched as Jessica approached Jared and gave him a lingering kiss before moving off to the side. Julie was led by one of the frat brothers to her son and felt a butterfly in her stomach as she hesitantly approached. Jared, propped up on a bar stool, stared nervously back at his mother as she neared him. Julie knew that he hated her right now, but she had to at least give him a peck on the cheek. Slowly she leaned into him while standing between his legs. She aimed for his cheek and leaned in for a quick peck with her eyes closed. Jared nervously tried to turn his cheek to her but miscalculated as she neared him and their lips met. Julie tasted the warm sweat on her son's lips as her mouth fell into his. The intimate contact made her knees turn to jelly and she lost herself in the moment leaning further into him. Her body melted into his hands as he grabbed her hips pulling her closer to him. Her crotch pressed against his and she reached up to hold his face in her hands while slowly pushing her hips against his. Julie felt his lips part and his warm tongue slip into her mouth. She moaned as her son's tongue explored her mouth. It had been years since she had been kissed and she had forgotten how much she missed the strong touch of a man. Slowly she opened her eyes while they kissed and abruptly pushed herself off of her son. Julie couldn't believe what she had just done. She stepped back from him panting, her face flushed. Her son stared back at her. He too seemed to be in disbelief at what had just transpired. Julie nervously looked away and stepped off to the side where Jessica was waiting.

"Wow Julie, you really went for it!"

"uhhh..." Julie didn't know what to say.

"I can't believe you just did that! I am so jealous."

"It was just for charity."

"Yeah right! You totally have the hots for Jared!"

Suddenly feeling defensive Julie retorted "No I don't, he's just a friend." but the thought lingered i nthe back of her mind.

"Whatever, you would totally fuck him if you could! Are you coming to the party tonight?"

"I don't know, why?"

"Well the party is at his frat's house, so you could see if the rumors are true."

"What rumors?"

"You know... " Jessica held her hands up, indicating Jared's length and gave her a knowing smirk "...it's just for charity, right?"

Still feeling flush from the intense kiss Julie felt a tingle between her legs at the thought of her son's large penis. She tried to laugh off Jessica's comment and grabbed her arm pulling her though the crowd. She looked over her shoulder one last time at her son and saw that he was now kissing a tall red headed girl. All of her repressed sexuality had suddenly bubbled up to the surface and she felt like a school girl with a crush all over again. Jessica gave her the address to the frat house before she left to get ready for the party.

On her way home, Julie decided to stop at a salon to get her nails done. It had been so long since she had gone out that she wanted to make sure that she looked good. Julie always enjoyed the ritual of getting ready for a night on the town and was enjoying this unexpected opportunity to get herself made up. She still felt ashamed at herself for the kiss, but she was also consumed by the rush of lust that the kiss released inside of her. She had no intention of taking things any further with her son but she figured that she could at least enjoy a night out on the town with her new friend Jessica. At the salon she told the stylist that she wanted the deluxe package; hair, nails, everything. One woman worked on her hair while another did her nails. After finishing her nails the stylist asked her what style she wanted down there. Julie was caught off guard by the question because she hadn't even considered trimming her pubic hair in years. She decided to be bold and take it all off. Walking out of the salon Julie felt like a new woman. Filled with raw sexual energy she returned home to shower and finish getting ready.

In her bedroom, Julie paused to admire her new bare pussy in the mirror before showering. She had never been fully shaved before and marveled at the softness of her skin as she drew her hand gently across her smooth mound. Her body quivered at her own touch. Over the years she had successfully managed to repress any sexual desires, but she now felt all of that pent up sexuality coursing through her veins. Her fingers lingered on her smooth pussy while she admired her body. Unconsciously her middle finger began slowly rubbing up and down along her pussy lips. Julie's breathing quickened as her finger slid between her now moist pussy lips. She let out a shallow gasp as her finger first made contact with her clit that she had ignored for so many years. She rubbed her finger in small circles around the opening of her pussy while her other hand began to work its way up her firm stomach to her breasts. She massaged her breast with her right hand as one of the fingers on her left hand slid easily into her well lubricated pussy. She explored her pussy as she slowly fucked herself. Her one finger was soon joined by another as she rolled her nipple between the fingers of her other hand. It didn't take long until she felt that familiar feeling in the pit of her stomach. Her pussy contracted around her fingers as the first wave of her orgasm washed over her sweating body. She plunged her fingers as far inside of her pussy as she could. Julie's head fell back as her body convulsed. Her tight pussy clenched around her fingers rhythmically as she came. Years of pent up sexual energy flowed through her body in shockwaves of raw emotion. Julie waited until her orgasm subsided before she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and again opened her eyes. She saw a new woman staring back at her. She felt like a teenager again and couldn't wait for the party.

After she regained her composure, Julie took a long hot shower and did her makeup. Looking through her closet she was disappointed to find that she didn't have many outfits that would be appropriate for a college girl to wear to a party. The closest thing that she found was something that one of her friends encouraged her to buy from Frederick's of Hollywood years ago. The dress had a white strapless bustier style top and an attached black skirt that hung loosely around her hips. The bustier left the upper half of her breasts exposed and the skirt fell to her mid-thigh. Julie picked out a pair of black satin panties but decided to skip wearing a bra since the bustier provided plenty of support. She finished the outfit with the highest pair of black heels that she had.

Julie's heart was racing at she drove across town to the party. She couldn't believe that she was going to a frat party at her age but she knew that it was time for her to start living her life again.

She easily identified the frat house from the hand painted 'Earth Day 2011' banner that hung from the upstairs windows. Julie parked her car and nervously approached the house unsure of how to act or what to expect. She was consumed with the fear that someone would figure out that she wasn't a student and that she didn't belong but all of her doubts faded from her mind as she entered the house. The dark entryway of the large victorian house was filled with smoke, loud music, and sweaty bodies flirting and moving to the music. She felt relieved that she would be able to disappear into the sweaty mass of college students.

She slowly moved from room to room looking for either Jared or Jessica, the only two people she knew at the party. She stopped at the bar just off of the front room and accepted a drink that was quickly offered to her. She didn't know what was in the bright red concoction, but it tasted sweet and delicious. She lingered at the bar while sipping her drink and scanned the room for familiar faces. After a few minutes she decided to continue her hunt elsewhere in the house but made sure to get a second drink before leaving the bar. Julie noticed that guys were ogling her as she pushed her body through the packed crowd of the house. Going from one room to the next she felt stray hands on her body copping a cheap feel. Once or twice she even felt a warm hand grab her ass under her skirt. The first few times she swung around to see who would be so bold but never managed to catch the owner of the offending hand. The effect of the drinks mixed with the attention that she was getting from so many young men began to loosen her up. Julie found herself smiling back at some of the faces in the crowd and was even starting to enjoy the hands pawing at her body as she made her way through the dark mass of people.

After doing a full lap of the party Julie decided to refill her drink and camp out at the bar hoping to see Jared or Jessica. The young man behind the bar gave her a big smile as she walked up to him holding out her empty cup.

"You should watch out, our Earth Day punch is some strong stuff!"

"Thanks for the warning." Julie smiled back at him.

While the bartender chatted Julie up a fast song came on and the whole room erupted into a frenzy. Bodies on either side of her jumped up and down and rocked from side to side in time to the rhythm. The loud music drowned out whatever the young bartender was trying to say, but she nodded her head along politely. As she made her way through her third drink she felt someone push against her from behind and felt his arm stretch across her back as he placed his hand on her hip. She didn't want to turn around and scare him off because she was enjoying the contact. Julie rocked her hips back and forth with the music as the hand slid down her skirt until it was resting on her bare thigh. The intimate contact of his warm skin against her soft flesh sent a chill through her body. She continued to pretend that she didn't feel anything while she indicated to the bartender that she needed another drink. The hand on her thigh slowly moved up her thigh and under her skirt. He paused briefly on her hip before moving his hand around to cup her left ass cheek. She pushed her hips into his hand while he massaged her under her skirt. The thrill of being felt up by an anonymous stud in a crowded room was making her head spin. Julie felt her pussy responding to the advances of her unknown friend causing her panties to get moist. While his hand continued to massage her left ass cheek a second hand pressed against her right hip under her skirt. Julie was finding it harder to be discreet with both of his hands exploring her firm ass.

Julie put her cup down and held on to the edge of the bar to support herself as she ground her hips into his eager hands. His right hand circled her ass for a moment before it began to slide around the curve of her hip. His fingers slipped effortlessly under the elastic of her panties and gently brushed against her moist freshly shaved pussy. She felt his fingers wrap around the waistband of her panties pulling them away from her body. With the help of his other hand he pushed her panties down her hips while she swayed back and forth. He pushed her panties down her thighs until the elastic went slack and then let go dropping them to the floor.

His right hand moved back up her inner thigh to her bald pussy. He pushed against her while tracing circles around her pussy with his fingers. Julie let out an audible gasp when his fingers pushed her pussy lips apart and she felt his fingertip slip inside of her tight pussy. Her gasp caught the attention of the bartender who looked at her with a wide smile, seemingly aware of what was happening to her. Julie arched her back and pushed her legs apart to allow this stranger better access to her pussy. He took advantage of the opportunity and pushed his finger deep inside of her. She was no longer aware of her surroundings and pushed one of her hands under her skirt. Taking his hand in hers she pushed his finger deeper into her pussy, fucking herself with his hand until she climaxed. Her body was overwhelmed by the massive orgasm as her pussy clenched onto his finger. She held his hand tight against her quivering body as she came. After she released his hand he slowly pulled his finger from her dripping pussy. She paused for a moment enjoying the rush of excitement before she turned around to see who had just finger fucked her like a slut. As she turned around she felt a hand grab her arm and pull her away from the bar. She didn't even have a chance to see the mysterious strangers face as she was dragged through the crowd.

"JULIE!! I knew you would come!" Jessica drunkenly slurred her words into her ear.

Julie was still reeling from the encounter at the bar and had trouble coming up with something to say.

"You look so hot, and I love your perfume!"

Julie was thrown off because she had forgotten to put any perfume on before she left the house.

"You have to tell me what it is, you smell just like sex! I love it!"

"I uhh... can't think of the name right now." She stumbled on her words, somewhat self-conscious that Jessica could smell her pussy.

"You're face looks flushed, are you ok?"

"I'm fine, I was just dancing."

"I need a drink..." Jessica trailed off as she pulled Julie back towards the bar. She got two cups of the red punch and handed one to Julie.

"Have you seen Jared?"

"I knew it! You DO have the hots for him! Not that I blame you, I wouldn't mind getting myself a piece of that huge cock of his."

"I told you, we're just friends that's all."

They finished their drinks and the bartender filled up their cups again.

"Ok, so you're just friends."

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