An Empty Hole


"its not working out im breaking up w/ u"

The last text he got from his girlfriend that Friday was heavy. It sank, like the hull of a battered battleship, drifting towards the bottomless, cold abyss of his heart. The teen took it hard, harder than most. His emotions flared, rapidly responding to the sinking ship. He tried as much as he could to stop the watering of his eyes, trying to blink away his feelings.

There were not a lot of things that didn't affect the male. He was notorious, ever since he was a toddler, for his ever-constant flow of sensitivity to the most minor things. His parents were always there to cradle him, tell him it'd be all better, or to punish his wrong doing and send him deeper down. He was a shy looking boy, reclusive to even his closest friends.

He began reflecting on how she made him laugh, the time he spent kissing her, and touching her. How she made him leave his room and peeled him off of his computer, away from his games and into the world. And how much he wished she would just let him play his video games in peace. His eyes leaked onto his pant leg, wetting a small drop of tear into the fabric of his dark blue jeans.

He hated the feeling of weakness; it caused him unlimited grief with his peers. The more he thought about it, the worse it got.

The teen decided to shove his mind into the internet.

He checked his Facebook, if for nothing else then to distract himself. Various pictures floated down his feed, minutes past. His girlfriend posted a picture.

"Chilllliiinnggg with my man!!!!" Her petite, round face was pressed up against the cheek of an athletic senior, who looked very pleased with himself. They both smiled brightly, and it was receiving likes from a crowd of internet lurkers, and various other high school girls leaving comments "Ooomg! You're dating him? That's amazing! I'm so happy for you!"

He closed that tab, staring emptily at his computer screen as he pondered his next move.

His door echoed with the sound of knuckles rasping against the wood. "Hey. Can I come in?" A familiar feminine voice questioned.

"Not now, Mum." He didn't have the tact to hide his emotions, and didn't appreciate affection from his mother.

The door opened intrusively, his average sized red-haired mother walked into the room, resting her hand on the knob of the door and slouched slightly against it. She titled her head, an expression of curiosity and worry streaked in her eyes and the way her eyebrows formed. "Honey, are you okay?"

The male turned his attention back to his computer screen; a small curtain of raven colored hair covered his eyes from sight. "I'm fine."

"Good." She announced, firmly, continuing almost immediately. "She was a slut anyway. Why don't you find a nicer girl on that OkValentine website or something? I think you'd be better off with a more mature girl."

He hung his head in shame. "It's OkayCupid, Mum."

"Well, whatever." She threw her hands at her son, and began to close his door as she made an exit. "Just try to get out of the house, a bit more. Don't shack up in here just because some stupid high school girl made the biggest mistake of her life."

He sighed in relief as the lock of his door clicked, and his door was closed. She was a colorful one, and managed to succeed in making him feel a bit better about himself. He couldn't help but at least google the streamlined dating website. The simple design poked his curious coding side, and the male learned to appreciate it for what it tried to accomplish.

But what did he really want? To replace his girlfriend? Not exactly. He felt inadequate, almost empty. As if he had temporarily lost his way, his motivation. Something was missing, and it was unique. He didn't know if it would be replaceable. The teen needed a hole to be filled; he just didn't know which one.

For the sake of 'oh well, fuck it', the male signed himself up onto the website and filled out a basic profile. Thankfully, he just narrowly made the age requirement for the site, his eighteenth birthday was just a few weeks ago.

He listed his height, five feet and ten inches, and a slim one hundred and twenty pounds. Through several prompts, he uploaded a picture of the black haired, petite looking face he carried. His skin was slightly pale and clear of common blemishes and pimples that covered the face of his teen peers, his cheek bones were angled femininely, giving off a girlish look. His eyes were large, brown orbs of gooey emotion. He was a much softer, smaller looking male, probably equal to any girl that was his age. His hair dangled below his eyebrows, slightly blocking his eye sight in this instance, and his hair was touching the middle of his neck in soft locks. The background was a dark room, mostly everything past his outline not visible.

He read it over, several times, and decided that it was good enough. He pushed himself away from his desk, and walked out of his room, several small tasks on his mind.

How he had spent such a long time away from his computer, the male will never know. He walked into his room several hours later, after a few detours and delayed events. The male plopped down into his computer chair, sighing gleefully, as he was now ready to begin a night long trek into Horde territory with his guild.

As he shook his mouse, the screen blinked alive, and showed his OkCupid page that he had temporarily forgotten he had made.

"bigmama24 has sent you a message. You should reply to her!"

At first, he thought the name was signaling that it was a larger girl, but as he examined the picture next to the name, he noticed she was of a normal weight. He checked the message that she sent.


I saw your profile, and you look really cute. I'd love to get to know you. Here's my number, if you want to talk to me. I'll be up all night, so don't be afraid to give me a call ;)"

He was surprised that someone that was quite attractive was already messaging him. After a few instant messages to his guild members, telling them to start without him, he was nervously staring at his phone. The male was afraid to mess this up, not be interesting enough, or stumble over his words clumsily. He was already racking his mind as to what to say.

After a half hour of deliberation, he simply pressed the call button without thinking about it, and put it to his ear. A ringing began, and soon ended. A short pause, then a very girlish, "Hello?" Broke the silence.

The two started a slightly lengthy conversation, and awhile later the woman paused, and giggled slightly.

"I'm a little hot right now..." She slowly rubbed her free hand against her clothed breast, smiling as she listened to the boy breath.

"Okay..." He wasn't sure if she was speaking literally or figuratively, so he waited for her follow-up.

"Are you hungry?" She questioned, seemingly out of nowhere, and with no direction.

"Um..." He chuckled for a moment. "Kind of... why?"

"Because, I was wondering if you would like to get something to eat with me." She finished off the sentence quickly, after hesitating on a few words.

"Right now? I... don't have a car." He was unsure of this.

"I can come pick you up soon. I can pay too; it's just that I'm a bit lonely. My work takes up a lot of my time." She bit her lip, hopeful that she could sway him.

"Alright then. I'll text you my address."

"Great!" She said her farewells, and hung up the phone.

The teen immediately raced to take a shower, not knowing how much time he would have. If he had to guess, she was only so eager to meet him, so soon, because she was looking for something similar to a one night stand. He wasn't about to walk unprepared into a great situation. Even if he was wrong, it would be nice to talk to someone in person, and maybe forget about his ex.

He waited eagerly, sitting down at his computer and staring blankly at its screen, holding his phone in his hand, waiting for the feeling of a vibration.

The male got excited, perhaps he was just a horn-dog that took the entire conversation wrong, but it felt like he was going to have a fun night. His pants grew slightly, making room for his mounting thoughts and dominating heat that filled his loins. The teen took a quick look at his private computer files, almost gaining a full e-

Vrrrm. The vibrate. He glanced at the phone between his legs, seeing a small bulge in his blue jeans and a message. "I'm outside."

He fought with his feelings, allowing his eagerness to deflate before he replied. Hopping out of the seat, he walked through his empty hallway and living room, leaving the house at eleven o'clock at night without a single care in the world. He closed the door behind him, spotting a black, luxury looking car, smoke slowly drifting out of the exhaust.

The male swiftly approached the car, and the passenger door opened for him. He caught a look at a softly tanned arm, as he glanced at the driver. It was a beautiful, striking, light blonde woman dressed in a silky crimson dress, just barely reaching her knees. It was firm, tight around her chest, showing off the size of her breasts. She had a big, devious looking smirk on her face, the kind you'd see on someone who just had a sick fantasy fulfilled.

"Hey!" The male said, as he sat down in the seat next to her, closing the door and forcing the cabin of the car into darkness, the glow of the dashboard flashing on her chest.

"Wow, you're adorable." She looked back to the road, a now satisfied look on her face. "Your picture doesn't do you justice."

He softly blushed. "Thanks. You look great." And really dressed up.

"Thanks. I just got back from a big gig with my boss. He likes to strut around eye candy while he does his business." She pulled away from his house, driving down the road steadily.

"I see." He observed silently. "My names' Sam, by the way." He realized that they never exchanged names.

"That's such a cute name." She smiled again. She peeled a hand away from the steering wheel momentarily, picking up a soft drink from the cup holder, handing it to the male. "Here, I got you a drink."

He grabbed the bottom of the cold drink. "Oh, thanks." His hand felt the wetness, from the condensation. It had been sitting there the entire car ride over here, maybe longer. Sam wrapped his lips around the straw, pulling the liquid into his mouth. It tasted like an unidentifiable cola, but good, in some ways. It had an odd, burning aftertaste and a strong smell. He took just a few swigs, surprisingly thirsty, before setting it down.

"I'm sorry I took so long getting here, I got lost. I think everything's closed now. I could make you something at my place." She flung her hand up off the steering wheel once her second sentence ended, emphasizing emotion. She seemed moderately distressed.

"That's fine, whatever works." This even further pushed the notion that she was looking for some intimate time. He could only assume.

The car ride was long, maybe an hour or close to it, and mostly spent in silence as she fiddled with her GPS and paid attention to the signs, getting on and off the freeway, taking back roads and various mess ups. Eventually, he didn't even have a clue where they were going or how far they went. Over the course of the drive, Sam drank almost the entire drink, his mouth suspiciously dry.

"Okay, we're here! Finally, heh." She parked in the driveway of a brown, second-story house with a comfortable amount of lawn space, mostly by itself on a corner. The two left the car, approaching the house which already had several lights on and an unlocked door. The woman opened the door for herself, and held it open for her companion. They were greeted to a respectably sized kitchen, which took the entire back of the house in space, and led into the living room, which took up the rest of the space, except for a small single bathroom that was fashioned under the stairs.

"I forgot to mention that my roommate's home, Sam. She's very nice though, I hope you don't mind." Her high heels clicked as they walked across the tile.

For a moment, all his hopes were crushed. For a moment, until his head began spinning with ideas.

Almost on cue, a black skinned female, wearing a rainbow colored headband/hat in her braided hair, a black bra with a small hole in between the laces that held the cups firmly against her breasts, and a pair of shorts, which ended at her mid-thigh walked into the living room from the stairs. The size of her chest and the design of her underwear made it seem as though her jiggling jugs could burst out from their entrapment at any moment.

Sam's head started spinning, his head began pounding. He placed a hand on the counter.

"Sam, this is my roommate. This is my date; I brought him here because everything else was closed."

She seemed disinterested. "Ah, I see." A light accent rolled off of her tongue, as she indifferently flaunted in her half nudity. Once she saw that Sam was beginning to show difficulty walking, she smiled.

The crimsoned colored woman looked to the male. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, fine, just dizzy..."

The dark skinned female walked over to him. "You don't look well. Here, come sit." She placed one hand on his arm, and the other on his backside, wrapping her fingers around the soft, clothed cheek as she led him to the light orange couch in the living room.

He went without a fight, sitting down lightly on the couch, resting his back into the comfort of the cloth. The crimson dressed woman sat down next to him, the other female at his other side.

Sam was going insane. His body flustered swiftly, causing his head to rush with adrenaline, his body to sweat. His groin was on fire, and his aroused loins poked noticeably. He closed his eyes, as the headache passed and clouds began covering his mind, disabling any motor function he might have. A wave of pleasure filled his body. "Ooooh..." He moaned out.

He could hear the black skinned female speak. "It seems our sickly boy's a little excited." He felt a smooth hand from the blondes' side of the couch touch his crotch, and a nipple pressing into his arm.

The teen couldn't talk, he couldn't move. His eyes remained closed as various shapes flashed, intricate designs floated in front of his eyes.

A nose brushed the top of his ear, the hairs of his neck stood as lips touched his ear. "Are you horny, Sammy?"

Sam didn't reply, as his mind sent him down another spiral of confusion, pain and pleasure, distorting everything he was thinking. Nothing was clear, in the haze he found himself in.

He felt the light pressure of his pants loosen, as his button was unbuttoned, and his zipper unzipped. His member took every inch it was given, pushing desperately against the cloth of his underwear. Suddenly, his shirt was ripped off, revealing his small figure. Long nails slowly trailed down his chest, rubbing his nipple back and forth, tweaking it like a loose bolt.

"Did you take yours, yet, dear?" An accented voice questioned.

"Right before I left to pick him up."


The flaps on his underwear split, and his shaft slipped out, throbbing wildly. The nipple pressing into his shoulder disappeared, and a soft hand firmly gripped the revealed member. Sam gasped at the slightly cold fingers. He felt the fingers slowly stroke him. "You're a big boy, Sammy. I bet you play with this all day..."

The back of his jeans were invaded by a hand, slowly pushing his pants down his entire crack. The hand softly rubbed his soft cheeks, before a finger pressed against his back door. "What a juicy ass..." The accented voice 'hmm'ed satisfactorily.

His mind came to him, and he opened his eyes, first seeing a white hand stroking him freely. And he felt a finger crawl into his ass, slowly worming its way into his hole. It circled the odd muscle, pushing deeper easily. It was slick with some type of liquid he couldn't identify.

He looked over to the blonde, seeing her breasts pulled out of her dress, with no bra underneath. Her nipples stared at him, perking softly, a beautiful sight for the teen. He couldn't catch anything below that before she smirked at him, diving her mouth towards his hips, bending over him from where she sat, and breathing hotly on his cut tip. Her tongue licked his crown lightly, pre-cum leaking him his tip.

Another spiral came, and he closed his eyes again, the finger invader retreated. He heard a lewd sound, that didn't seem to come from either woman. A loud creaking sound came, and he felt the crimson dressed blonde sit between his legs, her attention retreated from his groin as her hands swiftly pulled his underwear and jeans to his ankles. Two fingers rubbed his anus graciously, covering his butt in a slick substance that made her fingers penetrate much easier.

The male didn't know what was going on, but he wasn't going to fight it. Not yet.

A curt tongue licked him, before a set of cherry lips swallowed him whole. Fingers tickled the underside of his sack. His normal sized shaft was completely in her throat, covered in saliva. He moaned, blushed, and felt the two fingers push the chunk of oily liquid a little bit deeper, coating his insides.

"Mmm, you're so nice and tight." The accented female complimented, as various sounds came from the throat of his passionate meat gurgler.

It was not the night had had planned, at all, but he was enjoying it.

A deep breath came as the sweet warm lips abandoned his shaft. He felt the position of the female at his legs shift, to a stand. He felt a hand grab a clump of his hair, and pull him up to a standing position by his shaggy hair. "Ow! Damn!" He exclaimed, as his eyes snapped open. The blonde was smirking deviously, her eyes staring at him with a death glare. "Nice and ready to get fucked, boy?"

She looked behind her, and then swiftly sat down, bringing the boy roughly down to her. She was sitting on her ass, in the middle of the living room, as she pulled the boy down to all fours. His face was a few inches from her spread legs, as her dress hid her undergarments. Another headache came, and his eyes shut furiously as he groaned. His knees and palms pressed into the carpet, and he felt a silky clothe fall on his back. He didn't know what it was, but it was small enough to be a thong.

His eyes burst open again, as two white hands pulled the red silky dress in front of him to the hips of the owner, revealing a pair of black silky panties hiding a very fleshy package. As the hands pulled aside the pathetic amount of cloth that covered the female's genitals, he witnessed a veiny, monstrous horror throb to full attention. Hair covered the base of the fleshy hole-destroyer, and a musky scent of semen covered his senses. The pink head twitched with excitement.

"What... the fuck?"

The beholder chuckled softly, as he tried to back up, tried to move away. He felt two hands grab each of his cheeks, and knees press into the back of his knees, pinning entire backside in place.

The hands of the blonde swiftly grabbed his hair, pulling his head roughly toward her meat mountain. She pinned his hands with her legs, pressing firmly into the knuckles, preventing movement. He groaned out in pain again, feeling a thick log resting in the crack of his cheeks, and a fleshy sack press against the skin above his anus. As the pink head neared his mouth, he closed it, refusing entry. The head tried to force its way in, instead pressing into his cheek and smearing it with pre-cum. The hotness of the tool melted his skin, as his erection still throbbed with uncontrollable lust.

"The longer you make me wait, the harder I'm gonna be!" The blonde screeched, eager to finally claim her prize after sucking his dirty little dick.

Sam felt a thick beast press into the star of his back door, the pressure eventually collapsing his resistance. "Oooh, yes! Nice, warm, tight ass!" The black cock punched deep into his rectum, eventually her hips coming to meet his cheeks, her nuts resting nicely below his penetrated hole, and her hair tickling the skin between his ass.

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