tagFetishAn Exotic Dancer and Cum

An Exotic Dancer and Cum


At first glance Crystal wasn't any different than any other girl you'd expect to see next door. The more you watched her the more you were drawn to her. At 5 foot 2 she was a little shorter than other girls but her body made up for any differences. She had long straight black hair that stretched halfway down her back, full perky 36 C breasts and a tight muscular little ass that was always straining to get out of her low riding jeans. She was a very sensual person who knew what she liked and knew how to get it. Being a very sexually experienced person, Crystal had her fair share of partners and was always willing to experiment sexually.

However, Crystal has a fetish that separates her apart from the rest of the girls. When she was 19 she dated a 30 year old who would revolutionize her sexually. Her boyfriend always insisted that she swallow when giving head. Although she had done it before, it was nothing that was done on a regular basis. It was never anything that neither turned her on nor gave her any physical pleasure. However, after doing it on a regular basis with him she grew accustomed to it and started giving head just to swallow his load. She had swallowed other guys' sperm before but his was different, it had the perfect blend of taste and texture. The cum from her earlier boyfriends was either really runny or smelled like sweat, but his cum was thick, and left a sweet salty taste lingering in her mouth. The smell was intoxicating as well; after he finished cumming in her mouth she would often squeeze that last drop out of his shaft so that she could rub it on her lips. You see; Crystal was developing a fetish for cum, not just swallowing it but playing games with it as well.

Her boyfriend shared her passion for his cum and was equally aroused by the sight of his semen dripping off her chin. The only problem, which is often the case for all men, was that once he came he instantly lost the passion he had prior to cumming. As with all things, he figured out a way around it. He would lie on his back and masturbate right up to edge of orgasm. If he stopped stroking before his cock started flexing, his cum would just flow out into a puddle on his stomach. It wasn't a full orgasm but it was enough to drain his balls and keep the pre-cum passion. This requires some practice and can actually be done by any man. The trick is to stop masturbating at the right moment. After his cum would drain onto his stomach she would mount him and play with the cum on his stomach while she fucked him. While she was riding him she would either pick his cum up with her fingers and eat it or she would smear it all over her clit. Sometimes instead of just swallowing it all she would leave a little bit on her tongue, lean down and give her boyfriend a very passionate cum filled kiss. She didn't do this often because it usually pushed him over the edge giving him a full orgasm thus pulling the passion out of him.

One day they decided they would forgo the usual fuck and swallow and play a game. He would provide some cum for her and she would find a way to make someone else eat it. He presented his cock to her which she immediately grabbed and savagely sucked his cock. She fought hard not to swallow but instead jacked him off into her hand when the time had come. Crystal dipped her finger in the puddle of cum and rubbed it around her areolas and all over her nipples. Making sure she spread generous amounts of the cum evenly over each areola she then blew on her nipples until a white crust appeared. After all of his cum had been applied it dried into a thick crust and she then sprayed body perfume on her chest to cover up any evidence of the salty treat. This instantly turned her on, the thought of some unsuspecting guy licking cum off her nipples made a wet spot form on her white thong. After the bra was in place she finished getting dressed and left for work.

As soon as she got to work she began to scope the floor out for her special someone. Sitting in the corner was a guy in his mid 20's sitting alone, there couldn't have been for a more perfect time or place. She causally walked over to him and sat right across his lap; his khaki pants only made things easier for her. She knew exactly what to do; men were like a light switch to her. As soon as she felt his cock shift she shifted in his lap so that her pussy was right on top of his hardening cock. She asked if he would like a half price lap dance and then whispered in his ear that she wanted him to cum while grinding him. It didn't take but a second before he was waving a 20 dollar bill and she was straddling him. She made sure she spread her legs far enough apart so that her clit was directly rubbing against his rock hard cock. With one hand she reached around and untied the string holding her top on. As soon as the string was pulled down both her tits sprung free from their cups and fell out of the bottom of the top. When he saw her tits bouncing up and down in rhythm with her grinding he started bucking his hips matching her movements. While she was grinding her pussy against his cock she wondered what his cum was like and how much of it was waiting in his balls.

With the thought of fresh cum consuming her she felt her first orgasm building. The excited look in his eyes and breathing told her that he was going to be cumming any second. First she looked around to make sure no one was looking and then she cupped her right tit with one hand and put her left hand behind his head. She pulled his head straight into her breast and he instinctively welcomed her cum glazed nipple with an open mouth. As his tongue cleaned her nipple of the dried cum her body rocked with one of the most intense orgasms she's ever had. Halfway through her convulsions she felt his cock start to flex which caused her to meet his convulsions with her own. He sucked harder each time he came only causing her to roll right into another orgasm. His sucking increased to the point where it was starting to hurt so she had to pull her ravaged nipple out of his mouth. After the spasm stopped she looked down at her crotch and saw a huge wet stain on his pants, her thong had already started soaking up his cum. It's a good thing there were more outfits in the back.

Before she got off him she reached down into his pants and felt his wet cock. It had been a while since she felt another mans cum and wanted to see what she had been missing. She squeezed the last drop out of his cock and pulled her hand out to inspect it. It was dark in the corner but the flicker of the strobe lights revealed a shiny fluid running down her fingers. Her palm was slick with his cum and there was a single rope of beaded cum hanging off her thumb. She quickly lowered the rope of cum onto her tongue before anyone could see what she was doing. His eyes grew wide when she smiled and dragged the stream of cum along her lips with her tongue. Her swollen nipple was licked clean and the only evidence of her boyfriends cum had been devoured by this total stranger. With a wink she stood up and went straight to the bathroom to clean up. She took her thong off and used it to wipe the juices off that were running down here thighs. A wave of fire shot through her body when she brought the thong to her mouth and inhaled the aroma of their mixed cum. She had one cum covered nipple left and could hardly wait for the next stranger to clean it off for her.

The next guy had to be just right because the game was going to be taken a step further. Sitting at the bar was a middle aged man in a business suit drinking a scotch and water. After 30 minutes of small talk she convinced him to move to a private table along the back wall. Not many people sat at the end of the back wall because a corner stuck out and blocked most of the view of the main stage. She didn't want anyone to see what she was about to do. She was wearing a long thin silky robe that trailed her when she walked; to match her robe she wore one of her skimpiest thongs and bra. The triangular bra was big enough to cover her nipples but the edges of her areola could be seen straining to get out. The tiny thong covered her swollen clit but that was about it, the string that connected to the back was so thin it actually crept up in between her pussy lips.

She guided him to the corner and sat so close to him her right tit was pushed into his left side. She sat with both legs tucked up under her ass while her right arm rested behind his head playing with his hair. With one move she could swing her left leg over him and straddle him in less than a second. While she was gently scratching the back of his head she pulled her robe back a bit and spread her legs apart so he could see her swollen pussy lips eating the string of her thong. As soon as he saw this he agreed to a 10 dollar lap dance, something never heard of in this day and age. She swung her left leg over him making sure the robe hung down in the back covering up her ass and his lap. Slowly grinding him she grabbed the back of his head pulled his head back and gave him a deep passionate kiss.

While this was going on she reached down with her right hand and swiftly pulled his zipper down. Before he could do anything about it she had pulled his stiff shaft out and moved her hips into it. She broke the kiss and threw her head back while grinding her clit on his exposed cock. To keep his attention she sat up just enough to drag his shaft along her slick thong string and soaking pussy lips. After a few more times of doing this his cock was coated with her juices and his precum was running out of his hole. The song ended but she didn't stop and he didn't ask, she was so smooth about it no one around them were the wiser as to what was going on.

Halfway into the second song his head fell back, his mouth opened and his eyes closed, it was now or never. She pulled her top up letting her left tit fall out, grabbed a fistful of hair on the back of his head and brought his mouth within an inch of her nipple. When he stuck his tongue out she dragged her cum coated nipple across his tongue. As soon as he tasted something a puzzled look came over his face. Before he could say or do anything she sat up little higher this time and came down hard on his cock. The little string that parted her pussy lips offered no protection as his cock had no problem pushing it to side and impaling itself into her pussy. Instinctively his eyes popped wide open and his mouth fell wide open. In one fluid motion she slid all the way down his cock and pulled his open mouth onto her nipple. She was so wet that a quiet squishing sound could be heard as she rode him. After her pussy sucked his cock in it only took 30 seconds before she could feel him tightening up.

With her tit still in his mouth she leaned down and whispered into his ear, "Suck the cum off my nipple and cum inside my pussy". As soon as the word "pussy" rolled off her tongue she felt his cock start to spasm inside her. She pushed hard into his cock making sure all his cum was shooting deep inside of her, she didn't want to loose one drop of his sweet sperm. His first shot of semen was so warm that she could feel the walls of her pussy heat up. The second hot shot of cum sent a heat wave through her stomach. She started cumming as soon as the third shot of cum emptied into her soaking pussy. Not wanting to arouse any suspicion by her noises she bit her lip and put all her weight onto his cock, all she could do was bury her head into his shoulder and whimper with each orgasmic wave. Each spurt of cum after that warmed her body until her faced was flushed with heat. She didn't know how much he came but she felt like there was a bucket of cum sitting deep inside her. After the spasms stopped she looked down and pulled her tit from his mouth. His lips were covered in a white paste and drool was running down the corner of his mouth. As soon as she felt cum oozing from her pussy she sat up causing his softening cock to fall out and ooze it's last bit of cum onto his pants. After a thick ball of cum fell from pussy onto his cock she pulled her thong tight and squeezed her hole tightly shut. Standing up, she smiled, winked, tied her robe and quickly walked away leaving him sitting there with his cock hanging out. Realizing what had just happened he stuffed his cock back into his pants and quickly wiped the cum off his lips before anyone could see. The whole series of events only took two songs; men are truly a light switch.

As she walked to the bathroom she could feel his cum leaking out of her pussy; each drip was quickly smeared onto her thigh with each step. Crystal stepped into an empty stall; made sure the door was locked and sat down on top of the lid. She pulled the thong to the side so that the strangers cum could drain out of her full pussy. As soon as she peeled the string out between her spread lips the cum flowed out in thick drops. For a second her head went dizzy and she thought she might pass out, her body was rocked with intense shudders of pleasure with each drop of cum. This was the most intense sexual high she had ever had in her life.

Nothing mattered to her at that moment in time as the puddle of cum between her legs grew bigger and bigger, she couldn't believe how much of this strangers sperm was coming out of her pussy. When it was done she stood and stared in amazement at the massive pile of cum. Thick cum floated in the middle of the puddle while her own juices surrounded the little mounds. As if hypnotized, she carefully knelt down and stuck her tongue out to taste the treat. She stuck her tongue in the puddle and as she pulled her tongue in a thick rope of cum attached itself to the tip of her tongue and landing on her chin when she pulled her head up straight. Again a dizzy spell struck her, it had been a while since she had tasted another mans cum, it was different especially since she had developed her fetish. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she sucked the rope of cum into her mouth and swallowed the salty candy. She felt possessed as she quickly dropped her head back into the pile and began to greedily lick the rest of the cum off the toilet seat. A few times she used her hands to scoop the larger floating piles into her mouth. This mixture of cum was intoxicating to her. Soon it was all gone and reality set back in, she had just allowed some stranger to cum inside of her and she just ate it all out of her pussy.

In a rollercoaster of emotions she felt sick, scared, disgusted but especially scared when she thought of how boyfriend would react once she told him. Was this something he turned her into or was this something that was always inside of her? For the time being she would put this event in the back of her mind and deal with it later. Right now she was in strange territory and needed to get back to a safe place where she could regain control of herself.

To be continued...

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