tagFetishJennifer, the Cumbucket

Jennifer, the Cumbucket


Jennifer was bent over the back of the couch, shaking, nervous. She kept pushing her long blonde hair back behind her ears as the photographer instructed. She couldn't believe she was doing this. She needed the money, but didn't realize posing for an adult magazine would be this hard. She hadn't even taken off her skirt yet. It was, however, hiked just high enough to show her tight, round ass.

"Spread your legs more, Jennifer," the photographer ordered. She did as she was told and cautiously moved her legs apart. It was difficult to do in these ridiculous high heels he made her wear. The straps were wrapped up her ankle and over her calves. "Okay, now look back at me," he ordered again. And she did, blushing.


Jennifer was now nude, sitting on the couch. She had been here for what seemed like three hours. There was no telling how many rolls of film her photographer, Tony, had shot. She sat exhausted, still in those heels. They were hurting her feet, she wanted to take them off. "Are we done yet," Jennifer pleaded. "Well, I've still got some film left and I'd like to use it, but I think we've taken all the solo pictures I need," Tony said. "Solo pictures?" Jennifer was confused. "Well, I know we only contracted for solo nude, but if your interested, we could take it a step further," he said convincingly. "What do you mean? I'm not doing anything weird here, Tony." "Well, that's fine. I understand. I've just got about $3,000 here that I was planning on using to buy some photography equiptment, but would be willing to spend it in other ways." "$3,000? Are you serious? What kind of ways are you talking about?" Jennifer was definitley interested now. "Well, I won't beat around the bush. I'll pay you $3,000 if you want to do a hardcore set," Tony said with confidence. He had done this so many times, the same routine. Take a few shots of them nude, then offer them the big bucks to get what he really wanted. They usually resisted, but gave in at the end. And he always got what he wanted.

"What would I have to do?" Jennifer was very nervous about this. After all, she had been with only two guys in her 19 years. But, for that much money, she might be willing to do just about anything. She felt like a cheap slut, being bought like this.

"For that kind of money, you'd have to do whatever I want you to. But, I won't do anything to hurt you, cause you bodily harm. How is that?" Tony said.


Jennifer was on her knees in the middle of the room, just as Tony had instructed her. She was alone still, but feared what was behind the door in front of her. She kept pushing her hair behind her ears nervously. All she could think about was soon this will be over and I will have my money. What ever Tony wanted, it couldn't be too bad, could it?

"Alright Nick, come out," Tony yelled out, his face hidden behind the camera in front of her. The door opened and out walked a large man, probably in his late 20s Jennifer thought, naked. She was impressed with his size. He was naked and his cock stood out half erect. He walked toward her and Jennifer tensed up. She could hear the camera clicking away...

Nick approached her without a word, grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled her face into his crotch. Jennifer took the hint and opened her mouth wide, closed her eyes and felt first the swollen head then the top of the shaft slide in her mouth. She felt her mouth get wet with the large cock sliding in and used the saliva to moisten the cock, now pushing in deeper. When she thought she had it all in her mouth, Nick suddenly jammed in the rest of his now fully erect cock into her throat. Jennifer gagged hard and pushed him back out of her. She knelt over and caughed, spit drooling from her lips.

"Good, good," she heard Tony say, clicking away. "Go back at her Nick." Nick took his cock in his hand and wrapped the strings of spit hanging from Jennifer's chin around the shaft of his cock and pushed it back into her tight lips. Jennifer resisted at first, but knew she had no choice. She finally let her body relax, knowing that if she let Nick do what he wanted, this would be over soon.

Nick grabbed her by the hair and began to guide her mouth back and forth on his enlarged dick, sopping with her spit. He used her head like a basketball, dribbling against his stomach while jamming his cock down her throat. Jennifer gagged several times, caughing up more spit. Saliva bubbled out of the sides of her mouth and down her cheeks and chin.

Then she felt his cock stiffen and tasted a small spurt of cum ooze out onto her tongue. She knew he was going to cum. She had only tasted cum once and that was a long time ago when her boyfriend asked her to swallow. All she could remember was hating the salty, sweaty taste. Nick began to grunt and moan. As he did, he picked up his pace, fucking her mouth harder.

Nick pulled his cock out and stroked it fast in front of her face. She opened her eyes, suprised that he pulled out his cock. She thought they wanted her to swallow it. She could hear the camera clicking away faster than it had all day. She heard the door open and shut again. Nick jerked his cock furiously in front of her. He reached back and pulled Jennifer's face closer to his waist. "Look up at him, Jennifer, look up at him!" Tony yelled. She looked up to Nick's face, clenched in exctacy. He let out a yell and she saw the cum shoot out from his cock. The first two streams landed on her forehead and began to drip down into her eyebrows. Nick was yelling and aiming his spurting cock at different spots on her face. Cum was shooting out of his cock all over her cheek and nose. It felt warm and slimy, but she was thankful none of it was in her mouth.

Then Nick grabbed her by the chin and wiped his cum-covered cock head over her lips, smearing her with semen. She clenched her eyes shut, resisting the taste and the feeling. When Nick was finished he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back. Jennifer thought she would fall to her back when a pair of arms caught her.

"What the fuck?" she thought. "Who the fuck is that?" Jennifer was scared now, there was more men coming out through the door. The guy behind her pulled her up to her feet and guided her over to the couch. He pushed her back down and she was forced to bend over. Another guy walked up to the front of the couch and climbed onto the cushins. She felt her skirt get lifted up onto her ass and she instinctively spread her legs.

The guy in front of her pushed his cock into her face and she took it into her mouth. A cock pushed up into her pussy and Jennifer began to feel frantic. Both men now started to fuck her holes with reckless abandon. She was being gagged again by the cock in her mouth and the dick in her pussy was ripping it apart, it felt like.

The cock in her mouth pulled out and was quickly replaced by another. The two men seemed to be arguing over getting their cocks sucked. "Just let me cum in her mouth, then you can" one of them said. "It doesn't matter, just one of you two fuck her face, now!" she heard Tony say. The second cock entered her mouth and he pushed and pulled her hair to his liking. The cock in her pussy was pounding into her and suddenly she felt cum spurt up into her. The guy yelled even louder than Nick and when he was done he came around to the front of her and wiped off the excess cum onto her cheek, which was filled with cock.

Another cock replaced the one in her pussy; Jennifer was beginning to lose count of the guys that were having their way with her. The cock in her mouth stiffened again and shot his huge load into her mouth. Jennifer couldn't swallow it all and gagged on it, spitting up most of it out onto her chin. Another cock in her mouth. But this time the guy let her do the work. Jennifer, with her mouth, face and pussy filled and covered with cum, began to feel as if she must have been doing something right if all these men were cumming so fast.

She felt like she wanted to out-do herself and took his cock into her mouth eagerly. "Yes, that's it Jennifer, take it. Suck his cock. Do it fast, and you'll make him cum faster," Tony said from the side. She took his cue and began to bob her head back and fort fast, wanting to taste his cum. Wanting to give it to her just as bad, the guy in her pulled out, leaving just the head in, and jacked off into her mouth. Quickly Jennifer felt the cum shoot out, hitting the back of her throat and the roof of her mouth. It was more watery than the previous guy and not as salty. She enjoyed the taste of this guy's cum.

She pushed him back when he finished and opened her mouth to let him see his cum on her tonuge. The camera moved in closer and began to click faster. The guy in her pussy shot his load into her and as he did, she swirled the hot load around with her tonuge, mouth open. She looked up into the camera and slowly pushed them cum and spit out of her mouth, through her lips. Tony moved back and it was then that Jennifer finally grasped the situation.

There were at least 30 men in the room now, all naked, stroking their cocks. Near them on the ground was a large beer mug that she could tell was already half-filled with cum. Another guy pushed in from behind her; another in her mouth.


For what seemed like hours, man after man was jerking off on her face, in her mouth and into her pussy. Cum was dripping from every inch of her body; most of it down from her chin onto her tits and legs. She could feel cum drying on her back. Everything in the room sounded like an echo, or as if she was under water because her ears were filled with cum. Her hair was doused, soaking wet and sticky. Her eyes hurt from the sting of cum in them. Her makeup was smeared down her cheeks, mixed with semen. She estimated that she had swallowed at least 10 ounces of cum and her stomach hurt from it. But she knew she was about to get more.

Tony instruced Jennifer to stand up and lean back over the couch, and put her ass as high up in the air as she could. He told her to reach back and spread her ass cheeks as far as she could. She did and felt cum dripping from her pussy, falling onto the floor and over her heels and feet. Cum dripped from her face onto the cushins of the couch below her. Her wet hair clung to her face.

She felt a hand reach down to her pussy and scoop out a handful of cum. It reached down from under her and smeared it all over her face. Then she felt another hand rubbing cum over her virgin asshole. With her ass spread wide, she felt a cock head press against the her tight shithole and force it's way in. Her yells were quickly muffled with a cock shoved into her mouth. The cock in her ass was soon buried in. Jennifer was in so much pain from the huge cock, tears welled up in her eyes. She opened them and could see men all around her jerking their cocks, shooting their cum on various parts of her body.

More cum in her mouth, more cocks. The cock in her ass was going at her full throttle. Her body slammed back and forth against the back of the couch. The cock in her ass released a massive load and she felt it ooze out when he pulled out. Another cock in her ass and more cum. Over and over again her asshole and mouth were pumped full of cum.

Jennifer was dizzy, she felt like she didn't know where she was. All she could see was a haze, mosty from the cum in her eyes. She brought her hands to her face and wiped the cum from her eyes and instinctively suck them clean. All she could taste was cum. Her asshole had been ravaged now. Pulled open and spit and cum in so many times she felt as if she would shit cum for a month.

"Okay, Jennifer, come here," Tony said. Jennifer crawled across the floor over to where Tony was. He was putting something on the floor, what looked like a large bowl. "Come crouch over this bowl, Jennifer" Tony said.

Obeying him, Jennifer stooped up, her ass hovering above the bowl. "Now, squeeze out the cum in your ass, slowly, into the bowl," he said. Jennifer could not imagine what this was leading to and she really didn't want to know. She knew Tony would do what he wanted with her and shoot his fucking pictures.

Jennifer squeezed her asshole tight and felt the warm goo slip out of her now loosened hole easily. Air escaped her hole and large amounts of slop dumped out of her ass into the bowl. "More, there is more Jennifer!" Tony yelled. Of course there was more. Jennifer knew that she was completely filled with cum. She squeezed and pushed harder and harder until she finally knew all the cum had been pushed out of her ass.

One of the men quickly grabbed the bowl and brought the beer mug over, which was completely full with cum. It was spilling out over the top, but the guy was careful not to lose any and held the bowl underneath to catch the excess. The guy emptied the mug into the bowl, which was now filled to the brim. Tony then brought over a straw, one of the ones that twisted and twirled like kids use to drink Kool-Aid. He stuck one end into the bowl. "Suck it Jennifer, do it now," Tony demanded. Jennifer thought she was going to be sick. There was no was she could suck a whole bowl of cum down with a straw. But she tried.

She wrapped her lips around the end and sucked on it hard. The cum was thick and hot and was difficult to pull through the loops and into her mouth. Finally she began to feel the first drops ooze slowly onto her tongue. The cum wouldn't stop, but was still hard to suck through. Her cheeks hurt from sucking on the straw and her mouth was completely full with cum, her cheeks swelled to near bursting.

"Okay, that's enough," Tony said. He came over and removed the straw and Jennifer leaned back. She looked up to the ceiling to catch her breath. The bowl was now about three quarters full of cum now, she had swallowed at least 24 ounces of cum. Suddenly she felt a hand grab her hair from behind, tight, and push her down hard. She closed her eyes tightly and felt her face buried in the bowl of hot, sticky semen. He head was pulled back and she could feel the heavy weight of the cum weighing on her face. He poured off her chin and down her nose. She opened her mouth to get air, but all that came in was hot spunk.

Her head was dunked in the bowl of cum again and again, all while the men laughed and Tony clicked away. "Okay, that's it. Let's finish her off guys," Tony said. Get the funnel.


"Open. Wider, Jennifer. Wider!" Tony yelled. She was looking up to the ceiling again stretching her mouth as wide open as she could, the sides of her mouth hurting. "Now, take this, Jennifer." The tube-end of a large funnel was pushed into her wide open mouth. Tony pushed it into her throat and Jennifer gagged on it. She finally used it as a snorkel, breathing through it. She saw a naked man standing above her, holding the bowl in his hand...

"Here ya go, babe, see if you can take this," he said. Jennifer's eyes bulged out, wide open with fear and shock. But she no time to think about it. The guy quickly emptied the bowl into the funnel end and cum shot strait down.

"Drink it Jennifer, fast, hurry! Don't let it spill!" Tony barked from the side. It poured in so fast, Jennifer didn't have a chance. She took it like a funneled beer, letting it rush down her throat into her stomach without trying to swallow. But she had to stop to breath, but when she did, it just came in faster, filling her mouth and gagging her. It seemed it would never stop. Jennier coughed and spit while cum poured all over her face. She couldn't stand the taste and the smell now. Finally, the funnel was empty.

Jennifer quickly got to her feet and ran to the bathroom, completely covered in cum from head to toe. She slammed the door closed and quickly knelt over the toiled and began to gag. She felt her throat contract and open and finally she let it out. Cum shot out through her nose and mouth like vomit. But is slower and hotter. She couldn't gag it all out and choked on it harder. She pushed a finger down her throat and tried to pull the cum that was stuck in her mouth. Semen dripped from her nose. She looked down into the toilet and it seemed to be a hazy white. Blotches of cum had collected togehter in the water.

When Jennifer finally thought she had gagged it all out, she stood up to look in the mirror. Her reflection showed a drowned 19-year-old cum slut. Her makeup, what was left of it, was all over her face. Her nose and mouth were red from gagging and choking. Her eyes were swollen. Her entire body was glistening and sticky. Jennifer began to sob uncontrollably. Her tears streamed out and mixed with the cum. Her eyes stung.


Jennifer finally had herself cleaned off when she left the bathroom only to find that she was alone. Everyone was gone. Even Tony. On the couch was a cheap-looking briefcase. She rushed over to and quickly opened. The money was there, and she smiled.

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