tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Expat Story Ch. 01

An Expat Story Ch. 01



This is a story set in the India. It involves nonconsensual activities and power inequality. As such, racism, abuse and rape are part of the story. If you are not comfortable with these topics, I urge you NOT to read on. Thank you. Please note: all characters are over the age of legal consent (18 years of age or over).


Robert Hamilton was a mid-level executive for a multinational industrial conglomerate - you know the one, you see them sponsoring the Olympics or World Cup. But his life's goal was to leave the United States and work overseas. He had always been an avid traveler, but he figured the expat life was for him. Finally, at the age of 36, he got his big break - a two year posting to India. It was a dream come true.

So, one December, Robert found himself moving to India for his mega company. They had arranged for him to have a very nice four bedroom home on the outskirts of the city. It was block construction, similar to a townhouse back in the United States.

One of the terrific perks of an expat assignment is the domestic help. The company provided him with a car and driver, plus a small stipend for domestic help. The goal was for the stipend to cover a single domestic servant. Robert began the process of hiring someone who could cook and clean for him. Through his relocation specialist, he placed an ad in the local English-speaking publication.

The following week, he began interviews at his home. All of the candidates spoke perfect English and all were expensive, consuming his entire stipend (and some of the help were even more expensive so he would be paying out of pocket). None of them seemed like a fit - all of them were older, most in their late 40s. Near the end of the day, he met with an older gentleman, Sunil, in his late 50s who was only a cook. There had been a mix-up in his application. Robert instantly hit it off with the older gentleman. The bonus was that he was cheap and would only cost Robert about 65% of his stipend. At that rate, he could get a second person as a housekeeper.

As the day concluded, he had a cook who would start the following day, but he still needed a housekeeper. The relocation specialist conveyed that there would be nobody else suitably qualified. Robert wondered how in a country of billions of desperately poor there couldn't be anyone suitable.

The following morning, Robert asked his cook Sunil how there couldn't be a suitable housekeeper. Sunil told him, "Well, that depends on your definition of suitable. You will probably not find someone who speaks English. And you will probably not find someone your neighbors won't look down on."

Robert asked, "What the hell does that mean?"

"Have you heard of the caste system? Of the untouchables? Someone of the lowest caste that they are unworthy of your time, unworthy of the air they breathe. People in India hold them as walking trash - nearly the waste of a life."

Robert had heard of this. But he didn't put much stock in such things. He asked, "Do you know anyone who would work for the amount I can pay?"

Sunil answered slowly, "I do not. And I do not hold such opinions, however, it is very culturally taboo. However, I can make inquiries."


Nothing more was spoken on the topic for several days. One morning in mid-December, Sunil told Robert that he had found several individuals of an undesirable caste who would welcome the employment. If it pleased Robert, they could all come the following day.


The next morning, Robert woke up and set about straightening up. He did not want his future housekeeper to think he were a pig. Sunil showed all three in and Robert met with each individually, with Sunil acting as a translator.

Each of the three women were in their mid-40s with older children in their home -- they moved slowly and Robert wondered if they were lazy. Two actually spoke very limited English, but the third did not have any English skills. Unfortunately, two were "hygienically challenged." Robert was not impressed. He told them he would consider that evening and send word with Sunil. The three women left and Sunil took his leave to begin making dinner.

The bell rung and with Sunil cooking, Robert answered the door. Before him stood a most beautiful young Indian woman. On seeing Robert she lowered her eyes and spoke quickly in Hindi.

Robert had no clue what she was saying. He yelled "Sunil!" into the kitchen and the old man came running. Sunil took one look at the girl and Robert could see the shock in his face. Sunil began speaking quickly with the girl for several minutes who was answering him respectfully.

"Excuse me," Robert said. "But what does she want?"

"Sir, this is the daughter of the last woman you met this morning." Robert's thoughts returned to only hygienic candidate. "She would not marry the man her parents chose for her, so she has been thrown out and is now forced to find work. She is inquiring about the position."

Robert asked, "Do you know her? What can you tell me of her?"

Sunil answered, "Her name is Piya. She does not have much formal schooling. She is 19 and her parents had an arranged marriage for her, also to another untouchable. But she refuses to marry him. She has a reputation for being a bit rebellious and got into trouble when she was younger. But she is a hard worker. I have known the family for many years." Piya kept her head down, but was casting quick glances at the two men talking.

"How much?" Robert asked.

"Sir, if I may. That is now how you deal with them. You tell them what you will offer. They take the job or not. Piya is quite anxious for work and given her situation, you can get her cheaply."

Robert quoted an amount that was 35% of his allowance and Sunil scoffed. "She's not worth that. I will offer her 10% of your allowance. If she won't take it, her mother will." Sunil turned to Piya and spoke to her in long slow sentences. His tone with Robert was humble, but with her, he was commanding and dominant.

Piya broke into tears and smiled the biggest smile. She accepted the amount, which Robert figured was less than a nice lunch back home. Robert couldn't believe how cheaply he was getting Piya! She would start the next day.


Over the next few weeks, they settled into a routine. Sunil would cook and run the kitchen and handle the shopping. Piya would clean the house, do the laundry and generally stay out of the way. It took only two weeks for Robert to notice that Piya had only two outfits -- pink and orange. But both were always clean, and she kept herself presentable.

It had been almost two months since Robert had gotten laid, and he was starting to get horny. Some of the other expats at Mega Corp had told him about using prostitutes to relieve their tension. But none of them had domestic help as beautiful and innocent as Piya. Robert was fantasizing about his young servant.


Several nights later, it was quite late at night. Robert had awoken to the sounds of India. He had grown accustomed to the sounds, but what was that unusual noise? It sounded like moaning. Robert thought there must be an animal outside.


The next night, Robert heard moaning. It was nearly midnight. Fuck it, he got dressed and walked out his back down to the 10x10 foot area that constituted his yard -- a few pots with flowers and herbs grew here. There was a large piece of metal roofing that usually rested against the wall, but was pulled out away from it. The moaning was coming from there. He shone his cell phone in and discovered Piya pleasuring herself.

Robert was shocked. "Piya!" he commanded. She freaked out, pulling her hand out. She was crying and talking fast in Hindi. Frankly, it was giving him a headache. He looked at her sternly and said, "Piya, Silence!" and brought his finger to his lips.

Robert was in doubt. Why the hell was Piya living in his yard. This was not part of the deal. He remembered Sunil saying her parents kicked her out, but he didn't figure that meant literally, but perhaps it did. Robert moved to the little lean-two and looked in with his camera phone. There were a few blankets and her other sari, but that was all. She really was homeless.

Robert motioned Piya inside and they went in. She was trembling. He was tired, but he couldn't let her sleep in his yard, that was just wrong. Nothing left to do but stick her in the guest bedroom until tomorrow and figure it out.

He motioned Piya upstairs and into the guest bedroom. He pointed to her and then to bed. Robert started to leave, but Piya was changing the sheets. "What the fuck?" Robert said. Hearing his voice, she moved more quickly. Once she had changed the sheets, she turned to him for approval.

Robert spoke, "Oh my god, you thought I meant change them. No, no, no. This is for you." Robert again pointed to her and then to the bed. She was confused now. Robert was tired and now he was getting pissed off. He had to work the next day. Time to take matters into his own hands.

He grabbed Piya's arm and firmly guided her down onto the bed. With one hand he pushed her shoulders back until she was laying down and then Robert removed her sandals.

Piya was shocked. No person had ever touched her before -- much less with kindness. And Robert had demeaned himself by removing her sandals. And she had never slept in a bed before. It was all too much. But by the time she had processed that, Robert had already left the room and turned out the light.

The next morning, Piya was demure and respectful. Robert told Sunil what happened and Sunil warned him, "You musn't ever let your neighbors know. And you must not do it again. And she must not live her. Send her away, fire her." Robert said sternly, "I will not fire her and you will not make it uncomfortable for her. I will figure this out."

That evening, Sunil had left for the night and Robert had put Piya back in the guest bedroom. He went into his computer and fired up some porn. Damn, he was horny and the hot girl in the next room wasn't helping matters. He'd been watching for a little while (perhaps a little too loudly) and was stroking his cock, when he sensed a presence behind him. He turned and Piya was peeking into his doorway. He stood up and faced her, "Piya!" It dawned on Robert what to do.

Piya came in demure, but looking at his naked body and hard cock.

Robert booted up a great POV scene of a woman sucking on a man's cock and swallowing his cum. He pointed and Piya watched mesmerized. When the scene was finished, he scooted his chair over so Piya was kneeling between his legs. She didn't move. "Fuck it," Robert said. "You're going to suck my cock and swallow my cum." He stood and stuck his cock right up to her lips. She was trembling, but he didn't care.

She opened her mouth and he shoved in. This woman had no technique. She was a warm, wet mouth. But as Robert pushed in further, she had no gag reflex. Her innocence and inexperience was a huge turn-on for Robert. He ran his fingers into her hair behind her ears and began fucking her face.

Actually, Piya felt really fucking good. Robert ignored the woman between his legs and focused on his own pleasure. He moaned, "Oh yeah Piya, suck that cock girl." He picked up the pace. This wasn't going to last long.

Robert felt his orgasm building, he pumped quickly a few more times into Piya's mouth and then grabbed the back of her head and pulled her in. He hadn't come in weeks and sent his cum gushing into her mouth and throat.

Piya tried to pull back, but Robert wouldn't let her pull off. She took his cum and having just seen the video on his computer, figured she had to swallow it. After all, there was no other place for it to go.

Robert loosened his grip on her head. She looked up for approval and could see the ecstasy on Robert's face. He motioned her back to the guest bed room and followed her in naked. She felt nervous and climbed into bed. Robert turned off the lights and went back to his room.

He now had a woman that he could use as a sexual plaything. A real life sex doll. India was going to be real interesting!

To be continued...

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