tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Expat Story Ch. 02

An Expat Story Ch. 02



This is a story set in the India. It involves nonconsensual activities and power inequality. As such, racism, abuse and rape are part of the story. If you are not comfortable with these topics, I urge you NOT to read on. Thank you. Please note: all characters are over the age of legal consent.

This is a part of the Robert Hamilton expat series. I will not recap previous chapters in the current chapter. So, for this story to make the most sense, please review prior chapters.

Robert was in heaven. He finally had his dream - a cushy expat assignment in India with a housekeeper who had just willingly sucked him off. Well, maybe she wasn't all that willing.

After that night, things returned to normal. Robert didn't push his luck and force Piya to suck his cock again and she continued doing a good job and staying out of his way.

Things went on this way for nearly a week. Then, late one night Robert woke up very late and very horny. The clock said 3:16am. The house was quiet. Oddly, there was an odd stillness and quietness outside as well.

"Fuck it," thought Robert. There was nothing to do but force Piya to suck his cock again. She was still sleeping in the guest bedroom – over the objections of his cook Sunil. Having an Untouchable in the house was a bit more than the neighborhood could handle.

Robert quietly walked down the hall and opened the door. He could her Piya's quiet rhythmic breathing. The darkness was penetrated by the small green light on the TV in the room. Piya was facing him near the edge of the bed.

Robert dropped his boxers, making himself totally naked. He walked to her and put his knees on the bed. Her breathing didn't change. Doubts filled him. It was wrong to force her to do this. She was young and poor. She was only doing it because she thought he'd fire her. Hell, if she didn't suck his cock, he would fire her. That would thrust her back into her life of poverty. "To hell with that," thought Robert. "I'm her boss and this isn't some charity camp."

He spoke a little more loudly than he meant to. He wanted it come off just above a whisper, but it was more commanding and louder. "Piya, wake up." And he leaned forward sticking his cock right up against her lips.

She awoke with a start and bumped her nose against his cock. It took several seconds for her to remember where she was. And then it several, more seconds to comprehend Robert and his cock in front of her face. She spoke several words in Hindi, but that was several words to many. As she opened her mouth to speak again, Robert leaned forward and stuck his cock into her mouth.

Piya got the message. She started rolling her tongue around Robert's cut head. She was generally reserved and timid. Last time, he had grabbed her head and used her like a fuck doll. This time he took a more supportive approach.

Robert started gently touching her shoulder. From his elevated position above her, he could have shoved all the way in. Instead, he kneaded her shoulder with his left hand, encouraging her to do more. With his right hand, he took her hand. He could feel her shudder below him with this intimacy. He brought her hand up to the base of his cock.

By now, Piya was more awake. She was lifting her head off the pillow to take more of Robert's cock into her mouth. She was moving up and down. But Robert's legs tired, so he flopped down onto the bed next to her.

Piya didn't move. Robert moved his hand behind her head and gently started pulling her head back to his cock. Realizing she was still wanted, she gobbled his dick up. A deep moan left her throat just before Robert bottomed out. "She's actually enjoying this," thought Robert.

Without really thinking, Robert reached up and cupped her breast through her gown. Piya froze. Robert didn't need for Piya to take this moment to develop morality. He grabbed the back of her head and shoved his dick all the way in. He also firmly squeezed her breast, staking his claim to her body and her life.

At that moment, Piya realized she had a certain amount of power here. If she could keep her new employer satisfied, she could be more than an Untouchable. He would take care of her, but she'd need to keep him satisfied. Despite being a virgin and having no experience with men, she decided there wasn't anything she wouldn't let him do.

With that, Piya began bobbing her head up and down with absolute religious fervor. "Damn," thought Robert. "This is awesome."

As she sucked his cock, her spit had him complexly soaked. Her spit ran all the way down his balls and she was marking some slurping sounds on the upstrokes. It was driving Robert mad with pleasure. The thought hit him, "There's nothing she won't let me do."

At that moment, a massive torrent of cum left his balls, travelled the length of his shaft and erupted into Piya's waiting mouth.

Piya wasn't prepared for it, but she did feel his dick twitch. She was going to let that be a signal to her in the future. After last time, she knew Robert would expect her to swallow. And swallow she did. She swallowed all his cum, enjoying its salty, musty texture.

She kept sucking, but Robert quickly pushed her off. She learned that his cumming was a signal that it was over.

Robert lay in the afterglow of his fantastic orgasm and promptly fell asleep. Piya was perplexed. Should she wake Robert up so he could sleep in his own bed? Should she stay here and sleep with him? She didn't know what to do. She agonized over it for nearly a half hour. Robert's breathing deepened. It was clear he wasn't going anywhere. Piya decided to move to the far end of the bed and go to sleep. She would be close if Robert decided to use her again.


In the morning, Robert woke up in the guest bedroom naked. His groin was covered in dried spit and cum. It was coming back to him. But Piya was not in the bed.

He went to his room and changed for work. He went down to the kitchen and greeted Sunil, who responded coldly. "What's wrong Sunil?"

"I do not question you sir, but I may not agree with your decisions. You do not understand the culture here. Piya is not one of us. The community would not approve and now you've taken her into your bed. I do not judge you, but I hope nobody learns this terrible secret. The punishment is most severe."

"First, I'm going to do as I damn well please. Second, she hasn't shared my bed - I visited her in her room. Third, she's my toy and is here for my pleasure – I'm going to keep using her. Fourth, I did not fuck her." Robert paused, but quickly added. "Sunil, I enjoy your food and your companionship, but if Piya makes you uncomfortable, maybe this won't work. Will you stay and work with her?"

Robert didn't realize that he had just insulted Sunil more deeply than any person ever had. Robert had just valued an Untouchable who was nothing more than a whore as more valuable than Sunil.


Sunil could work with Piya. After the humiliation, Sunil planned to take Piya. There was no reason why he couldn't enjoy a little of the flesh and since Piya can't speak English, well, Robert would never know. Sunil began to make his plans.


Life has a way of keeping you on your toes.

Robert returned home to find a police motorbike in front of his house. He went in. The officer was sitting in his kitchen like he owned the place. Piya looked extremely uncomfortable by his presence and was at her most demure. But she looked relieved that Robert had arrived.

The officer explained in broken English that Sunil had died - probably a heart attack. However, when they discovered Piya in the house they decided to wait. It was most inappropriate to have her kind in the home. Robert assured him that Piya was a servant and she belonged in the home.

The officer hesitated. Robert dismissed Piya and pointed upstairs. Privately, the officer said that it was bad to have her kind in the home. They are most untrustworthy. Robert thanked him.

After he left, Piya returned downstairs. Robert went into the living room and sat sown. Piya sat on the floor in front of him. If he'd made a motion, Piya would have sucked him off instantly. But Robert wasn't interested in getting head right then.

Instead Robert was troubled by the affairs of the house. Fuck. He could probably hire another cook, but would they be understanding of Piya? And she still fucking didn't speak any English.

One of Robert's two problems resolved themselves the next morning. Piya cooked the most delightful breakfast. She'd paid attention to how Sunil cooked eggs - it was perfect. This girl could cook!

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