tagNonHumanAn Exquisite Visit

An Exquisite Visit


An Exquisite Visit

A gate appeared in the sky. It was shimmering; a platinum flash in space only a dozen feet across, and it was quick. It was time enough for a brilliant creature to dash through, resplendent in the clear morning air.

It was long, supple, and sinuous. It wore a kind of sparse armour on its body, impressive in its conformity to the creature's form. The armour was radiant, streaked with iridescent crimson that flared at every nimble arc the creature performed. The minimal armour was revealing. Dazzling emerald scales covered its body, a delicate leaf green on its underbelly that darkened ever so gradually until it converged at its spine in the deep blue-green of the ocean. The scales met and melded in ways that formed intricate and enticing patterns; swirls and spirals that conjured everything in nature from images of shells to flowers to the sun itself. The lines flowed across the breadth of the creature's broad chest and hard stomach and down the serpentine grace of its tail in playful skips. They defined the creature's eloquent neck in rigid strokes, demarcated with sharp geometrical details. Atop its neck, the creature's head scanned the land below with intelligent eyes colored the uniform shade of smooth clay. It had a proud, angular head. Its moderate snout was only a smidgen beak-like, and the corners of its mouth were arched into a humble smile. A soft mane of feathery hair issued along the crest of its head.

In short order it spied what it had journeyed here for, and alighted on all four limbs with the touch of an insect in a small, fenced meadow. The day was still new; the sun perched behind the hills of the horizon touched the dark grass with a subtle glow, filtered by sweet smelling trees. Birds sang in the dawn jubilantly.

The dragon absorbed it all with quiet exuberance; the sights, the smells, the sensations underfoot and on its skin. He let them all sink into his being before turning his attentions to the other prominent creature in that place. The mare was glorious; her tan coat enhanced by warm rays of light that played across her figure as she made a few timid paces towards him. They were of a similar size. A wispy morning mist hugged the ground around her legs and tense body, but she seemed high above it, her head held tall with brown eyes bright and alert and focused on the interloper.

He met those eyes and held their gaze kindly for long moments until she at last released the tension in her muscles. He nodded his long neck as if to reassure her of this concession of trust. For a time he simply enjoyed her presence and the world around them waking up, bringing forth color and sound. White puffs issued in the air with each hot breath they exhaled. She would wander several paces very occasionally; not in his direction but randomly, the simple movement of a content animal, and allowed him to do the same without any hint of trepidation. She grazed, but would always bring her attention back to him with an air of interest; looking up from the ground, or sidelong at him, or turning her head and looking behind across her haunches, her mane of straw-colored hair flowing gracefully along the curve of her head and crest.

He absorbed her beauty with reverence and restrained desire, drinking in the details of her athletic form. His awareness skipped across her hard curves, delighted, finding new perfections with each appraisal. She came over to him once, reaching out tentatively with her regal head to sniff at him before retreating. Then again, more confidently. During these brief trysts her scent would flood his nostrils, and he drank in that musk with a gladness bordering on honor. He initiated no contact of his own until several visits in when she had whinnied at him softly and danced a jubilant skip beside him, clearly comfortable with his presence and eager to befriend him further. He laughed at that and, sensing his pleasure, she responded in another display of affection.

He gingerly lifted his forearms then, shifting his weight onto his back legs in a comfortable crouch, and petted her. Neither her beauty nor smell was comparable to the sensation of direct touch. Her back rippled pleasingly under his hand at this initial contact. He sensed the same nervous excitement he felt and comforted her with long tender strokes. With growing confidence he explored more of her body; the arch of her glorious neck, intertwining his fingers with her mane; the strength in her proud chest; the generous flesh of her haunches and thighs.

She accepted it all -- a communion; a ritual -- and he got the impression that she had enjoyed such private ministrations in the past. He smiled and reluctantly removed his hand. She paused to look at him expectantly and then, sensing a lull in proceedings, pranced impatiently around him.

The dragon's fingers played over his minimal armor, releasing secret catches. The shell-like material fell away from his torso and hindquarters effortlessly and was placed to the side. He dropped back onto all fours to study her reaction, and laughed when she pirouetted in approval. She did not shy away when he moved forward and brushed his neck up against hers. They leaned into one another longingly, smooth scales against short hair, rubbing their mutual apprehension away. Every so often one of them would dip their head down under the other's and up again on the reverse side -- his neck was thinner but no longer than hers.

Their torsos pressed together with building exhilaration. He raised a hand off the ground to caress her side and she flicked her head in appreciation. He pressed his hard lips against her flesh in a showing of his own thanks. Long moments passed in this blessed embrace before an insatiable compulsion built up that could no longer be ignored. He let her go reluctantly and she obediently spun around until her hind was before him, flicking aside her tail to present her sex. Her outer labia were black and inviting, and she further enticed him by winking, revealing the cherry-pink moistness of her vagina.

His member had already begun to peek from its indiscernible sheath on his underside, now it grew vigorously, a stiff phallus of hard white flesh as thick as a horse penis and with a slightly conical head. It jerked taut against his stomach in anticipation, but he had other plans. He rubbed the mare's slit with his finger, making sure to fully retract his claws. A thin layer of lube covered his fingertip on the first stroke. He massaged the area gently, sometimes with individual fingers, other times with his hand, pinching the labia together or pulling them apart carefully to get a glimpse at her slick pink passage. All the while her vaginal muscles continued to contract, winking, exposing her clitoris to him. Occasionally he would reach under her to caress her teats. His free hand alternated between her flank and his throbbing penis, coating it with the pre-come that was liberally dribbling from its rock-hard tip.

As she became wetter he gained in confidence; he took to poking a finger drenched with her natural lubricants into her opening and pleasuring her with deep, slow strokes. He built up to two and then three fingers, pushing deeper into the folds of her sex, and felt her inner walls begin to clamp down on his digits. He stimulated her in time with the contractions; they became harder and harder until they pushed his sticky fingers out. He did not force them back in but continued to rub the vestibule of her vagina. Her sides were heaving to the beat of her orgasm, accompanied by several heavy exhalations when she climaxed with a squirt of sticky lubricant and urine.

She pulled away and he made no move to stop her, enthralled by the experience. His hand was thickly coated in her juices. It ran down his arm to drip from his elbow. He gave one finger a speculative lick -- it was as exotic and pleasing as her musk. While he waited for her he rubbed the substance into his longing cock, adding it to his own body's oil; he found the act overpoweringly erotic and had to check himself several times, lest he come early.

By this time the mare had regained her lustful inquisitiveness and approached him once more, this time quite familiar with what would likely follow. He accepted her back with exuberance and she presented herself. This time he lowered his elegant neck and aroused her orally, sliding the rough surface of his long tongue first up and down her black lips, then probing with gentle insistence inside. He squatted behind her and rubbed her flanks and haunches and thighs and buttocks lovingly; gratefully. When his probing was obstructed by her labia he pulled them apart to allow the narrow tip of his muzzle greater access, and his tongue pillaged her depths. Its firm pliant length reached deeper than his fingers had, and could work her sensitive spots with greater precision. He closed his eyes and drank her in, his tongue working fervently; twisting and coiling, stroking her depths, filling her, wanting all of her. He toiled as if in a dream -- sending them both into frenzied states of ecstasy -- stopping only when her familiar contractions began to quicken. He had more to show her yet.

She peered back at him impatiently, wondering why he'd stopped. The dragon stood and moved forward, placing a comforting hand on her back and guiding his penis towards her very wet cunt with the other. The slightly pointed head slid into her effortlessly, and he eased its mass further inside with unhurried pumps. He felt weak contractions, but she was early enough in her orgasm not to hinder his thrusting, only to elevate the incredible sensation of her inner passage. Her pussy was beautifully warm, soft and slippery, and he thanked her by kissing and lapping at her graceful neck and shoulders. The process of entering her fully was protracted and indescribable; he had fucked many beasts, in many forms, but this mare held him with a snugness bordering on duality; he felt like a part of her, moving inside her.

He reached a point where he had to rear back to enter her further; she was growing tighter and stumbled when he pressed against her, but her insistence to remain still for his ministrations encouraged him to grab her sides and push deeper still. He gasped and peered down, studying their coital union as he fucked her. His ivory white penis was fully extended; rigid, as thick as his forearm and buried in the mare. Every time he pulled out her lips would slide along it, then plump up as he re-entered. His shaft glistened with her fluids. Watching it somehow made him even more intoxicated by her, and with a final thrust he worked his pelvis and the tight package of his balls flush against her rump. He gasped and reveled in the milestone, grinding against her, pleased to find she still had no desire to shift from his grasp, and was indeed grunting agreeably.

Her contractions came more urgently, but he was inside her now and they didn't push him out, only pressed and caressed him pleasingly. With the entire length of his cock having enjoyed her, he set about building a rhythm with the tightening of her vaginal walls; his penis flowing out with each contraction and driving vigorously back in as she relaxed. It was pure sensational delight on every level; her smell, her quickened and delighted puffing, her warmth inside and out, and the sun on his back.

His desire became more urgent; he braced his knees so he could fuck her harder and faster, his white shaft entering and exiting her rapidly, thrusting two or three times between her powerful vaginal contractions. His balls were slathered in her juices, and the juices dripped onto the ground between them. He felt his dick flare and her insides grew scorching hot; his member jolted inside her with a force that surprised him and gave him momentary concern for her wellbeing, but the mare only emoted in pleasure. Then his climax was fully upon him, racing through him, arching his body like a thunderbolt; semen erupted into her depths even as she had her most violent contraction yet. The pressure was almost unbearable, as was the pleasure, but it was exquisite as it was intense.

Dragons are extremely potent ejaculators. His seed flooded into her in many powerful squirts, filling her quickly and spurting out between the tight seal of her pussy lips around the base of his cock. His face was a mask of sheer tormented bliss; eyes clenched tightly, biting his lip in endurance. He held onto her fiercely; in his mind his cock was a harpoon and he continued slowly grinding and jerking it around inside her, milking every moment of joy as she milked every drop of come from him.

Finally it ended, fading away until a happy glow filled his body. The mare had climaxed heavily as well. She tentatively moved from him and his still-rigid dick slid out along with a voluminous amount of semen and mare fluid. It made a veritable puddle on the ground. He touched his sensitive penis and felt it gradually soften and retract. The mare stood very still for a while, looking from side to side as if to see if anyone had been watching, then resumed pacing around as contentedly as when he had first met her.

He stayed and enjoyed her company for a long while. They brushed against one another but did nothing more intimate than that. The sun was well on its way to the highest point of its daily journey when the dragon sensed the mare's owner stirring in the house across the meadow. He slipped on his strange armour, whispered lovingly by the mare's ear, then took flight with no greater effort than that with which he had landed. She did not understand the words but they comforted her. The mare watched his vanishing form, then flicked her tail and stooped to nibble the green grass.

The End

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