An Incredible Massage


Mina moved again, standing by Shelley's waist and turned to face towards her feet, and presenting her lovely brown bottom to Shelley's view. Shelley gazed in fascination, especially as Mina began to run her hands over her bottom and down her legs so that she had to bend slightly forward. Her pussy flesh was black, Shelley was not surprised to discover, lovely folds of dark flesh either side of her slit, a tight slit that Shelley was sure shone just a little with wetness. She thought vaguely about why she needed to look, why a woman's pussy and her state of arousal were suddenly of interest, but whatever the reason she found she couldn't keep her eyes from it, or stop herself wondering if Mina was feeling the same degree of arousal as she was having to admit that she was.

More oil was used, trickled across her bottom and down into her crack, and Mina now placed one hand either side of her cheek and pushed down firmly, letting her hand move downwards, the side of her little finger slipping deep into her cleft and sliding over Shelley's anus, the tip catching momentarily on the entrance and threatening to enter. Shelley breathed in suddenly from the sudden and unexpected sensation, and from the little burst of adrenalin it caused. Mina blithely continued as if she hadn't noticed either the contact or Shelley's reaction, though Shelley was sure that she must have, and her hands slid on down both sides of her thigh. The hands came back the same way and then action was repeated, and Shelley waited with bated breath to see what would happen, almost hoping for another intimate touch. Nothing. Mina's hand slid past without invading and Shelley finally let out her breath.

It had felt nice having a hand sliding so intimately over her body and Shelley lay still, waiting and hoping for a similar touch next time. She was not disappointed, but this time Mina was even more intimate, her hand sliding deep into Shelley's cleft, over her anus and on down, the fingers sliding over her pussy, and briefly massaging her labia before continuing down her leg. Shelley gasped in sudden and unexpected delight at the intrusion, but before she could decide if it was really welcome or not the hand had gone, rubbing her inner thigh and kneading the muscle there. She looked around again at the visible portion of Mina's pussy, wondering if she really was wet and aroused and if the touch hand been deliberately erotic. It was impossible to tell, but Shelley hoped in a strange sort of way that she was.

Again Mina's left hand went from hip to thigh while her right hand went down into Shelley's crack, following the same route down over her anus but this time turning so that the her whole hand was pressed onto Shelley's pussy, the palm flat over her entrance as the fingers fondled and explored. Shelley groaned softly, expressing her enjoyment and no longer caring about the purpose behind Mina's trespass. Mina touched and fondled her for a few seconds more without giving any other discernable reaction before moving on again, while Shelley parted her thighs a little further ready for the next pass.

Mina's hands returned to the top of their journey once again and Shelley felt her own hands clench under her head and her body tremble slightly in excited anticipation. She had been touched intimately by a strange woman, and she wanted it to happen again.

She was not disappointed, because Mina did exactly the same thing, her hands sliding down either side of her bottom with one dipping down between her legs onto her pussy. This time there was no hesitation, the touch was undeniably and intentionally erotic, one finger sliding into Shelley's slit and rubbing her clitoris at the same time as the others massaged her labia. Shelley groaned and closed her eyes, surrendering to Mina's attentions, only to find that the hand moved on once again after a few seconds, as if such erotic stimulation was merely a normal part of a massage.

Now Mina was back to working on Shelley's bottom and, for the moment at least ignoring anything between her legs, one innocent hand gripping and kneading each cheek as if nothing had happened, and Shelley found herself bewildered. She wasn't at all sure what was happening. Was all this a usual thing, was the intimate touching part of some curious kind of Thai massage? Or was Mina feeling horny and taking advantage, and was she intending to take things further. Shelley was ninety-nine percent straight (she would have said a hundred percent until today) and too much more would not be welcome. She could only think that Mina was reacting to her unexpected orgasm just a short while before. Please God, she thought, let her make me come again, but please don't ask me to do anything in return.

Mina dipped her fingers into the oil again and then, facing directly across Shelley's bottom, deliberately let it dribble directly into her crack, oiling her already slippery anus and pussy even further. Shelley caught her breath as Mina's right hand followed the little rivulet down, with her left running up the inside of her thigh. She just knew that Mina was going to touch her intimately and erotically, but she wasn't sure how.

The answer was not long in coming. Two oily fingers of Mina's right hand stopped and circled Shelley's anus, pressing just slightly but not penetrating her slippery sphincter, and then two fingers of her left hand slid directly and without hesitation right into her pussy, pushing into the depths of her vagina as far as they could reach and staying there. Shelley gasped and automatically jerked away a little, pleased to find Mina's fingers following her and maintaining their contact.

At first the two fingers inside Shelley's pussy didn't move, but the ones around her rear entrance made up for that by circling and stroking, massaging her rosebud both with the flats and the tips of the fingers. It was both highly erotic and a little kinky, but it was wonderful, and Shelley was rapidly losing any remaining inhibitions or anxieties she might have over such intimate contact from another woman. She was being unashamedly and unexpectedly played with and she could feel the result in her growing arousal. She just wished that the fingers inside her would do something, anything, and that the ones playing around her bottom would take things a little further and perhaps, just maybe, penetrate her.

She got half of her wish. Mina's right hand, the one playing at her rear entrance, stopped moving, resting with the palm on her cheek and the fingers lying within her crack, fingertips just, and only just, maintaining that infuriatingly erotic contact with her anus. But the other hand now began to move, two fingers thrusting in and out of her vagina, slowly and steadily at first, with the other two sliding along her slit to rub up against her clitoris, pressed against it by the surface of the massage table. Shelley groaned and wriggled, encouraging Mina to go further, harder, faster, or any damn thing extra that would trigger the orgasm that was now building.

But Mina was not to be rushed, she ignored any noises or movements that Shelley might make and just continued to do what she had in mind. Soon Shelley was on the very edge of coming, her groans had turned to gasps and her movements had become the little involuntary jerks and spasms of a body on the edge.

'Don't stop. For fuck's sake don't stop.' Shelley implored her, her language matching her mood.

Stopping was not something Mina had in mind, her fingers continued to push steadily into Shelley's pussy, twisting and wriggling inside her but never stopping, nor speeding up, nor changing in any way, the very relentlessness of her actions having the required effect and bringing Shelley closer and closer to coming. She was now lying with her hands gripping onto the edge of the table and her eyes gazing fixedly into the distance, just waiting for the explosion to come.

This time Shelley didn't try to hide her orgasm even if she could have done, she cried out loud, letting the waves of pleasure rip through her, jerking and writhing, impaled on two fingers that were still turning and wriggling inside her pussy, with Mina's other hand now acting as a kind of anchor, pressing down on her bottom and holding her still.

When it was over this time Shelley lay on the massage table shivering and panting, her entire body rendered limp and useless by the power of her climax. Mina quietly and gently withdrew her fingers and without speaking began to lightly massage Shelley's back with long firm strokes from shoulder to buttocks and back again. Eventually Shelley regained enough control to raise her head and look around, blowing out her breath in a long drawn out exhalation.

'Phew!' The word expressed pleasure, contentment and relief all in one happy sound.

'You like?' Mina asked, smiling broadly.

Shelley nodded earnestly, unable to express in words how she felt.

'Then turn over please.'

Shelley hadn't imagined things continuing after what she had just gone through, but she was only to happy to obey, although she couldn't help but notice as she did so just how slippery her entire body was, making it difficult to gain the purchase to do so. Even her hands slid on the table surface, but with a little giggling and sliding she rolled onto her back with her arms by her sides and her feet just naturally apart. Mina looked down at her with her same broad smile.

'I have shower for you afterwards.' She assured her.

Minas dribbled even more oil down Shelley's front, her free hand lightly following along to spread it into a smooth shiny film, even over Shelley's breasts and between her legs onto her already highly sensitised pussy. Shelley flinched slightly, bringing a quick look and then a comprehending smile from Mina.

'Relax.' Mina instructed softly. 'You will reach your completion soon.'

Shelley breathed in deeply in anticipation, realising from the strange remark that Mina had more in store for her yet, and she was looking forward to finding out what. Right then she knew she would let Mina do any damn thing she wanted to her, absolutely anything. The session, she realised, had gone from therapeutic massage to outright erotic masturbation, and she didn't mind a bit, although her friend Carol might have a little explaining to do when she saw her next.

Shelley gazed up at Mina's pert chocolate breasts as she lay before her, wondering vaguely what it was like for her to massage women, to touch them so intimately. Mina must be gay or at the very least bisexual, she concluded, to be able to do it every day, and yet she wasn't getting anything in return. The thought that she was enjoying being played with by a lesbian and the speculation as to what that said about her own sexuality was driven from her mind when Mina's hands came down onto her breasts and began a gentle manipulation, squeezing her nipples between two fingers at the same time. She moaned softly, not even trying to hide her enjoyment.

For several minutes Mina continued just to play with Shelley's breasts, letting her recover from one orgasm but keeping her aroused for the next. Occasionally one hand would leave her breast and sweep over her abdomen and down to her pubes, slipping quickly onto her pussy before returning the reverse journey, and slowly those journey's would become more frequent until eventually both her breasts and her pubes were being massaged equally.

'That is so good.' She remarked in a whisper, wanting Mina to know that she was enjoying her attentions.

'Ssshhh.' Mina admonished her softly. 'Let it happen.'

Shelley nodded mutely and just enjoyed the sensations, parting her knees a little more as Mina burrowed deeper between her legs. Deep within her pelvis gentle warmth was telling her that the fires were not yet exhausted. She looked sideways at Mina, her eyes fastening on Mina's dark pubic hair, and wondering if she ever had this same thing done to her. Who would do it for her, she wondered, unless perhaps one of her clients would return the favour.

Before she could take the train of thought any further her musings were interrupted by Mina moving to stand beside her hips and pushing her legs open, lowering each foot over the edge of the table as if to be sure they remained wide apart.

Again a little dribble of oil over her pussy and then Mina bent forward a little apparently to focus on what she wanted to do. Shelley frowned to herself a little apprehensively at what would require such concentration, but Mina just parted Shelley's long inner lips and held them open with two fingertips so that she could use a finger of the other hand to play directly with her still very sensitive clitoris, scratching and circling the tip as it peeked out from under the hood. The sensation was intense and Shelley's breath came out with a hiss, her own fingers gripping at the sides of the table as the warmth inside her turned into a blaze.

Mina looked at her and smiled, her fingertip still teasing Shelley's clit, making her react with little jerks of her hips and gasps of excitement. Shelley could feel another, her third, orgasm building inside her and was just afraid that Mina would stop before she came.

But just as before, Mina had understood what was happening and had no desire to stop, only to continue and bring Shelley to orgasm once more. Now she pressed the very tip of her finger hard onto Shelley's clit and wiggled it, the change of sensation sending Shelley over the edge and making her cry out loudly again as she came.

This time Mina didn't back off to let Shelley recover, instead she just removed the wicked little finger that had been stroking her clit and used the two fingers from her left hand to stroke the full length of her pussy, fondling and massaging the puffy flesh so that Shelley's excitement remained high. And whist she was doing this the fingers of her right hand being dipped into the oil, rolled around in the shallow little bowl to make sure they were well coated.

Mina then sought the entrance to Shelley's vagina with her oily hand, finding it and inserting two fingers as far as they would go. For a moment she held them still, but then she began pumping them steadily in and out, thrusting hard inwards and pulling them out slowly and delicately, the contrast serving to exaggerate their effect. Shelley looked up to meet Mina's lovely brown eyes looking intently back at her as if checking for effect. She smiled gratefully and Mina returned her smile, pushing and twisting her fingers deep into Shelley at the same time.

'Oh yes.' Shelley couldn't help the little exclamation, but Mina only smiled wider.

With her hands gripping hard onto the edge of the table Shelley was rapidly reaching the point of no return once again, but then Mina stopped and looked down at Shelley's pussy, the sudden change putting her orgasm on hold for the moment. Mina pulled her fingers out, making Shelley moan with disappointment, but she didn't take them away. Instead she changed the shape of her hand, turning it so that rather then the two fingers entering her one above the other, they were now side by side and there were three fingers instead of two, stretching Shelley's vagina and sending jolts of pleasure through her every time the fingers slid home.

Then Mina stopped again, more of a pause really, and only to allow herself to bring a fourth finger into play, now pushing all of her long slim fingers into Shelley's hole. She pushed and wriggled until her hand was entering as far as her thumb, almost to point of hurting for Shelley, although the discomfort simply translated itself into intense pleasure and was bringing her back to the very edge of coming.

Then Shelley felt Mina's thumb being bent and introduced to her entrance, and her eyes shot open with alarm as she understood the girl's intention. She had never been fisted, nor did she think she wanted to be. The idea of someone's entire hand being inside her was just too scary. But Mina was twisting and pushing her hand in and Shelley could feel herself opening for her. She wanted to do it, wanted to be that brave, that adventurous, but the concept was just too much. She raised her hand, shaking her head in panic, scared of continuing even though she was wishing she had the courage.

'No! Don't!'

Mina stopped immediately and withdrew her hand, folding two fingers and her thumb out of the way and then cautiously sliding the other two back inside.

'I'm sorry.' Shelley apologised. 'I just daren't do it.'

'No problem.' Replied Mina gently. 'It frightens some ladies. You all right now?'

Shelley knew that she really meant by that question was did she want to continue with the two fingers that Mina was still gently wriggling inside her. There was nothing she wanted more, her alarm had killed the orgasm that was so close to exploding through her, but she was still highly aroused. Her pussy was throbbing and pulsing with need and the possibility of another climax was still hovering just below her horizon, waiting to be called forward once again. She nodded, ruefully giving her consent to this less adventurous activity, not even thinking that only an hour previously she would have considered it out of the question.

Mina's fingers began to thrust slowly in and out, not hard and not rapidly, just quietly pushing inside her before retreating again, and at the same time her left hand started to run along her body, stroking and caressing from pubes to breasts and back again in a gentle return to massage. Shelley just relaxed and let her carry on, enjoying the quiet intimacy of the attention in contrast to the fierce stimulation of a few minutes before. Part of her was relieved that Mina had not continued with her intention, but another part almost wished that she had been pushed into accepting it. Now, as Mina softly stroked and fingered her she could imagine what it would be like to have someone's hand inside her, and she had to admit that the idea would be a hell of turn on if only she had the courage. She looked up at Mina and smiled dreamily, letting her own imagination and Mina's touch combine to bring her back towards another climax.

For a while Shelley enjoyed what Mina was doing, taking sensual pleasure in the hand that circled her breasts, squeezing and fondling each in turn, tugging gently on her nipples before sliding a flat palm back and over her smooth shaven pubes, and a more direct erotic stimulation from the two fingers that gently but firmly slid in and out of her vagina, sometimes wriggling a little, sometimes being hooked to drag at the roof of her passage and sometimes being forced right in deep so that the rest of Mina's hand was pushed hard onto her entrance. At that point Shelley invariably wished she had let Mina force herself all the way in, but then, if she had, this languid eroticism wouldn't be happening. She sighed to herself regretfully and let Mina continue, feeling her budding orgasm growing until it was impossible to ignore and she began to gasp quietly from the jolts of pleasure it was shooting into her pussy.

Seeing that Shelley was getting close again Mina changed her technique, speeding up her reciprocating fingers and bringing her other hand down, pressing two fingers into Shelley's slit to play with her clitoris, gently but rapidly flicking her fingertips from side to side over the head.

Shelley groaned, getting closer and closer to the edge again, and wishing more and more that she had let Mina do what she wanted.

'I wish...'

She nearly asked Mina to do it, but at the last moment her nerve failed, and anyway, she told herself, she was too close to coming now. Next time, she promised herself, the next time the opportunity arises I'll do it, I promise I'll let it happen. Her mind built on her fantasy until she could almost imagine Mina's entire hand slamming into her just as her fingers were now. It would give her the most fantastic climax she had ever had, especially if fingers were flashing across the tip of her clit the way they were now. She raised her head to watch what Mina was doing, but all she could see was flattened fingers vibrating from side to side and a brown forearm moving increasingly quickly where Mina's other fingers rammed themselves into her. If only there had been a mirror. She let her head fall back and surrendered herself to her orgasm.

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