tagFirst TimeAn Innocent Holiday

An Innocent Holiday


It was the middle of summer and a friend had just offered me to join her on a holiday weekend with her daughter. My boyfriend was away on holidays and I could do with getting away from the house and my work, so I agreed to go.

I drove down early one morning and arrived around 8am. My friend showed me to the room and after unpacking I stripped my clothes off, squirting some sun cream in my hand. Which I then rubbed all over my body from my neck down to my chest, over my DD tits, stomach, over my ass cheeks and right down my legs. I then hopped into my bikini, got my things together and headed down to the hotels outside pool area to sun bake.

My friend's daughter ran to play in the pool while I flicked out my towel and placed it on a chair in full sun. Laying down on my back I undid my bikini straps so my tits just lay there with no support. It was so nice and hot that day, I could feel my body start to sweat in no time at all.

Some time passed and I decided to turn over, I put a hand on each boob holding the bikini in place while I flipped over onto my stomach. I got rid of the bikini top as my tits were hidden anyway and pull my bottoms down a little so my cheeks could tan. I lay there with my head raised on my hands so I could watch the little girl in the pool when I noticed a guy staring over at me from the spa. Feeling risky, I sat up a little and let my tits hang a bit to tease him, flashed him a smile before laying back down facing the other direction.

Not long past before I looked over at the spa again and there he was, still looking over at me. I decided to put back on my bikini and headed over to the spa, sliding into the warm bubbling water right next to him.

I asked "Did you like the view from here?" His response was a sly "Very much". We laughed together, it was as easy as that to get someone... We got to talking a bit before the question popped up of whether I have a boyfriend. Before I could even think the word 'no' left my mouth. I didn't even hesitate or change my answer. Before he could say anything else my hand ventured over to his leg and rested in his lap.

I could feel his semi-hard cock bouncing around in his boardies. He smiled and asked if I would be interested in some fun. I merely grabbed harder at his cock through his pants letting him know my answer. He asked about drinks to which I responded "Why waste our time and money with drinks?". He looked at me and I asked, "My place or yours?" His place was free for a bit so we jumped up and he led the way inside and to the elevator. As the elevator doors closed I pressed my body against his, furiously making out with him as my hand slid inside his pants, stroking his hard cock.

The elevator stopped and we exited, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to his room. He opened the door and as I walked in he closed it behind me before pushing me hard against the wall. I was so horny and he knew it. He shoved his tongue down my throat before pulling the straps on my bikini off releasing my big tits. They bounded out of the bikini and hung there, his hands immediately grabbing both and squeezing as he bit my lip gently. He massaged them as we continued to make out.

He let them go and put one hand around my neck, choking me while he tore off my bikini bottoms with one hand. I stepped out of them before he led me to the bedroom by the throat. He pushed me onto the bed but I got right up and fell to my knees in front of him. I grabbed his boardies and pulled them straight down, his hard cock bouncing out as his pants fell. I grabbed his balls with one hand and his cock with the other gently tugging as I slid my mouth down over the large head. I sucked it hard and deep making myself gag with each thrust of my head.

He said to me, "You like that, don't you?" as he pulled me up, pushed me to the bed and pulled my head so it was hanging off. He then shoved his cock in my mouth gagging me while he planted his face in my pussy. He pulled my angles up under his arms so my ass was in the air and could get a clear view of my soaking wet, shaved pussy. He pulled back a bit more so he could lick my tight little asshole, then made his way back to my pussy.

He pulled out letting me breathe as I coughed from being gagged so long. He proceeded to jump onto the bed and pulled me on top so I can sit on his face. I sit down hard on his face so he can't breathe while I grind my pussy on his tongue. I lean down and suck his cock in a sixty-nine while he eats my pussy. He slaps my ass making it red so I lightly bite his cock and he jolts from surprise and slaps me even harder.

He pushed me off and makes me lay on my stomach. He pulled my ass up into doggy style but pushed my head down into the bed, he stood behind me above my ass and pushed his hard cock down, deep inside me. He puts both hands on my head and pushes it into the bed so I can barely breathe while he pounds me. I flatten myself out so his cock bounces out and I push him to the bed jumping on top of him, ready to ride him. I push down so his cock fills my pussy and I rest my legs either side of his hips as I grind on him. My hands on his chest, my ass tensing as I slide my hips back and forth. I get faster and faster before he tells me he's going to cum.

He tries to stop me but I just grind on him harder, getting him as deep inside me as I can. He lets out a deep groan and I feel his cum squirt deep into my pussy, filling me up as I rub my clit and have my own amazing orgasm. I slow down but continue to grind on him making him so sensitive, I feel him shudder with pain and pleasure. We finish and go to the shower, cum dripping down my legs as I walk. He joins me for a hot, soapy shower. We made out once more before I got dressed as he did the same. We proceeded back down stairs and into the spa like nothing ever happened.

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