tagLesbian SexAn Inquisitive Babysitter: The Discovery

An Inquisitive Babysitter: The Discovery


Miranda pulled up into their drive, stopped, and parked the car. She paused, briefly, and with a deep sigh she reached to open the car door. Miranda's mind was in turmoil, full of apprehension, unsure of how to approach the problem, if indeed there was a problem to begin with.

Regularly, Miranda and Lisa, her old university friend meets up for dinner, more often than not, Miranda inviting her friend Lisa round. But With her husband working out of town, she had suggested a meal out, in town, and asked Rose, to baby sit. Finally, she opened the door, and stood, heading to the front door as the car door closed, as she pressed the locking button on the remote control. Slowly, Miranda inserted the key, and turned the lock, entering her, or rather their home.

"Evening Rose, everything okay?"

Rose picked herself up from the arm chair, and pressed the mute button on the TV as she replied, "Sure, everything was a dream, now his cold has gone, William is sleeping better a lot better."

"Good to hear Rose, I'll just pop upstairs, and then I'll pay you, if you don't mind?"

"Sure, no probs," was the reply.

Miranda headed upstairs, and entered her bedroom, looking around the room, scrutinizing it closely. The bed, looked lightly disturbed, Miranda thought, as if someone had lain on the bed, and then straightened it out, but the bed didn't appear as straight as she remembered. But was it her imagination playing games? Her eyes moved to the tissue box, knowing there had been an orange tissue on top, but being a two tone tissue box, the colour of the tissue was possibly irrelevant, as it was, still an orange tissue. However, the bin, that Miranda had carefully emptied late afternoon, had several tissues screwed up, laying in the bottom.

Hands on hips, she gasped as her eyes moved towards the sets of drawers, and the wardrobe containing her lingerie collection. From an early age, Miranda preferred the luxurious lingerie that was available, always preferring quality over quantity. Adrian, her beloved husband shared similar likes, and regularly bought Miranda gifts of quality lingerie. When he did, he was never selfish. If he liked an item or a range, he would buy effectively the entire set, the bra, or possibly two, the thong, and briefs. If the set also had matching camisole, and, or French knickers, he would buy them too. Consequently, Miranda had built up quite a collection, and a separate though smaller wardrobe was required to store them. A favourite part of her collection was designer lingerie, sold exclusively in a store in London, or their online website out of town factory online. The quality of silk and silk lace was excellent, and for designer wear, the price was affordable.

Slowly, as if she was scared of someone, or something, Miranda walked over to the wardrobe, and opened the drawers each in turn. Her eyes viewed the contents critically, looking for signs of disturbance, and if wasn't long before she found what she feared, or perhaps hoped? The collection was not as it had been left; in particular her new orange silk bustier had been moved. She picked it up carefully, slowly drifting her eyes over the silk, noticing a long black hair. Her eyes stopped, transfixed at the hair, before finally returning the bustier to the drawer. Miranda paused, as she took a deep breath, and then exhaled deeply, reached for her purse from her handbag; and armed with her purse, Miranda headed downstairs, to rejoin Rose in the living room. She entered, and sat into one of the arm chairs, close to Rose.

"Thank you for your help tonight, Rose," as Miranda offered Rose the £10.00 note.

"Thank you," Rose replied, her eyes smiling at the paper money, already knowing how it would be spent; on the typical things teenagers spend their money on.

"Err Rose, I am intending to go shopping tomorrow afternoon, would you be able to pop over for a couple of hours, maximum? It is so much easier to shop without him." a wave of apprehension rippled its way through Miranda as she asked, her mind revisiting her plans.

"Sure, midday?"

"Please, Waitrose (an upmarket UK food chain) can become quite chaotic if I leave much later."

With that, Miranda saw Rose out, and returned upstairs heading to William's room, having switched the lights off downstairs as she went. She sat on the edge of his bed, and stroked his hair, reached over and kissed him, before she ended back in their room.

Rose had been babysitting for Miranda and Adrian for several years, ever since her early teens. Rose was a bubbly girl, always cheerful and smiling. She was slightly taller than Miranda at about 5'3, and has long jet black shoulder length hair that reached past her bra strap. Her eyes were a deep blue in colour, and her form, whilst not slender, was that of a curvy young teen. Whilst she had the ability to dress up, and make herself rather pretty and appealing, she often wore trousers, or hipsters, that expressed her curvy bum, and her muscular legs, that she had developed from swimming and running. Miranda had always guessed correctly that whilst they were of a similar size, or rather height, Rose's build was such that she was the next dress size up from herself.

Miranda returned to the drawer, and retrieved the silk bustier; bodice. A more recent addition to her collection, (part of a range that was a Christmas gift from Adrian) it had become an instant favourite of hers, especially during the winter months. Made of silk, it was smooth, and comfortable, and because it was silk, it was warmer to wear during the cold winter months, and she often preferred wearing it rather than a bra. The bustier or bodice in question was a deep rusty orange in colour, with wide shoulder straps, and reached to just below her navel. The bustier was decorated with brown embroidered lace with hints of orange and gold in an ornate pattern, a pattern from the Indian sub-continent; that started at the shoulder straps, covering the thickness of the straps, and travelled towards the base of the top, the two bands meeting at the base, forming an Orange V down the body and meeting at the base. This orange was, itself crisscrossed with a brown band, giving the appearance of being tied, although it wasn't. Along the centre of the back were 15 little eyelets, which fastened the bustier. The set came complete with a matching bra, thong, and briefs. The only item her husband didn't buy was the matching night dress, as Miranda preferred sleeping without hindrance.

Miranda felt anger, with Rose; anger with Rose once again going through her lingerie collection. She was not sure how she first suspected Rose had been going through her collection or when she started. However, one item that Rose was clearly admiring was the orange silk set, and in particular, the bustier. Yet again, the bustier was stored at the top of the pile, and this time there was the solitary black hair. She sat on the side of her bed; unsure and confused about how to take tackle this problem despite countless hours spent mulling over the issue. Despite her anger, Miranda often felt a sense of pride, flattered that Rose appreciated her lingerie collection, seeing Rose's rummaging as a compliment. Her eyes flicked across to another part of the room, where a gold gift box lay, with a black bottom and tied with a gold ribbon.

"Damn Rose" she muttered to herself, as she put the item back into the draw, and undressed, before settling into bed, unsure whether she would sleep well.

Miranda awoke with a jolt as William jumped on her bed, "Mommy, Mommy," he exclaimed.

She smiled, as her son climbed into bed with her, her mind registering the time on the clock. It was seven thirty something or other; the exact time didn't matter. William had been good and slept well, allowing Miranda to have a little lay-in despite her disturbed sleep. Her mother was collecting him at 10am, so she had about two hours in which she had to prepare him.


Dressed casually, in a t-shirt and skirt, Miranda waved as William was driven down the drive, and onto the road, being entertained by her mother-in-law. Slowly, she closed the front knowing that she had the house to herself till Monday evening, or at least midday, when Rose would show.

Slowly, Miranda headed up to the bedroom, and started to prepare herself for the uncertainly of the afternoon. She showered and dried her hair, before tying it into a high ponytail, leaving her neck, and necklace exposed. The drawer opened slowly, as Miranda reached for the bustier, and slowly put her arms through the arm straps before reaching back and fastened the clasp methodically; finally, she walked over to another wardrobe, and reached for her new, very sheer, silk blouse that was a light cream colour. As she fastened the two half's, she deliberately left the top of her bustier exposed. She tucked the blouse into the waistband of the deep orange skirt, and admired herself in the mirror. She smiled; as the blouse had the effect she was wanting, being that her bodice was clearly visible through the sheer silk.

The time seemed to go slowly, as Miranda sipped her fresh coffee and watched the morning news on the BBC news channel. She waited for midday; the passage of time she sensed was slow. The gift box was placed on a side table.

The repeating news cycle must have at least sent Miranda into a trance, or a light snooze. The door bell ringing bought her back to reality. She gulped and realised that the time had come as Miranda looked at the clock on the TV screen. Slowly, not wanting Rose to think Miranda was sitting at the door, Miranda stood and looked at her reflection in a window, straightened her skirt and ran her hands down her top, before she walked slowly and deliberately into the hallway and reached to open the door.

"Afternoon Rose, thanks for being so prompt" as Miranda smiled, opened the door and indicated to Rose that she should enter.

It was evident that her blouse and her bustier had achieved the desired effect as Rose stuttered and stumbled for words as she endeavoured not to stare at Miranda. Rose only partially succeeded however, as Miranda smiled triumphantly to herself.

"Thank you Miranda," Rose replied, as she to avert her gaze from Miranda, as Rose followed Miranda into the living room.

"Looking rather smart Miranda, I thought you said you were going out shopping?"

Miranda smiled, "Sorry Rose but a slight change in plans. Coffee?"

Rose nodded, and Miranda headed to the kitchen and soon returned with Rose's coffee, as Miranda knew she liked it; milk and no sugar, and handed it to her.

"Rose, I'd like to talk to you, if I may?"

"Sure Miranda," her voice betraying a slight edge of discomfort; as she reached for her coffee, and leaned back into the sofa, her eyes avoiding looking at Miranda. Every now and then there would be a little glance at Miranda, as Rose tried to control her eyes. Rose was shocked, as soon as she saw Miranda in the blouse, bustier; Rose wondered if her little secret was out, that Miranda seemed to know, but how? She had made the effort the cover her tracks, where did she go wrong she asked herself.

Miranda cast her eyes at Rose, admiring her long jet back hair, and trying to read what was Rose thinking at that moment. Rose had chosen to wear a kaftan style top, with a plunging neck line and a simple camisole to obscure the view of her cleavage. Her legs were covered in a pair of black footless tights and sandals.

"Well, Rose, I have noticed that you seem to enjoy quality, luxurious lingerie, and well this Christmas present from my husband in particular." As she spoke, she straightened her back, and pushed her chest out indicating the bodice that she was wearing.

She watched Rose go crimson, a bright red blush as her suspicions were realised; that Miranda had become aware of her little antics in Miranda's room.

"Yes" was her simple reply, embarrassed that she had been caught, found out - discovered."

"May I ask why, why you invade my privacy, and rummage through my lingerie?"

Rose paused, exhaled deeply, and sat nervously, her fingers fidgeting with her coffee cup as she looked away, onto the floor, avoiding Miranda's eyes; nervously moving the toe of her sandal from side to side along the carpet and stared at the carpet.

"I... I guess I'm really not sure Miranda. It wasn't to invade your privacy, or upset you in any way and I'm sorry if that's what I did." Rose paused briefly before she continued, "maybe I just wanted to see what it's like to... you know"

"Please continue Rose, I am not mad.... irritated sure, but not mad. I don't know exactly how I feel at the moment Rose."

"Just to... maybe see what... well... what it looks like... what a mature woman wears... maybe I just wanted to see what I'd look like in something like that..." Rose paused for a minute or two, as she collected her thoughts, whilst Miranda sat patiently, sipping her coffee.

"I stumbled upon the lingerie accidentally the first time, it was out drying on the clothes liner in the spare room; and well... you dress smart, yet have a certain edge maybe, and some of the lingerie was high quality, things I could not afford", as she continued to blush stumble for words..

"And did it fit you or was it too tight Rose?"

"It was a little snug, to be honest, but I didn't ruin it or anything. I was careful but I could possibly use the next size up," Rose relaxed slightly, her face colour returning (as a little smile crept across her face.

Miranda stood up, placed her coffee cup on the table and took a step or two towards Rose. "Rose, please unfasten my blouse."

Rose's eyes widened a look of uncertainly on her face as what Miranda had just asked sank in. She nervously played with a ring on her finger. "Miranda...I'm not, well, I don't... I err," she stuttered.

"Please Rose... please unfasten my blouse and tell me what you like about this bustier in particular."

Rose gulped, her lips started to move, but no sound escaped. Rose's eyes met Miranda, hoping for Miranda to back down, wanting the floor to open up, swallow her whole. The room remained in silence, a deathly eerie silence, the television having been switched of soon after Rose's arrival.

"Please Miranda, why?" She paused briefly, "why are you making me do this?"

Miranda smiled softly, not fully sure why she wanted this to happen either, her mind trying to imagine the various possibilities.

"Because I would like you to see how the bustier looks on its rightful owner Rose here in person, in the flesh."

Rose sighed, her hands still showing signs of reluctance to reach out and to do what Miranda had asked.

Miranda wasn't sure what she wanted. She was angry about the intrusion, the invasion of privacy as well as being flattered. But the feelings were deeper than that. Once she had realised the possibility that Rose had tried on her garments, Miranda's mind have ventured, wondering how would Rose look in that lingerie. How would she look in a set of Miranda's or even a set of her own. Over a period of time, the more she thought about how Rose would look in the set, her mind had ventured deeper, how would Rose look nude, naked? Miranda's mind went back to her university days, when she was a similar age to Rose herself, and had her various gay experiences, having been seduced herself at that tender age.

Since her marriage, Miranda had almost been faithful, only committed adultery with one person, Ruth. Ruth was an old university friend, a close friend, they slept together then and still do at times, expressing their affection, fondness at a more sensual intimate level. But during the recent events, happy memories of those days returned, together with a desire to sleep with some one of that age again.

Miranda's thoughts returned to the present as Rose stood there, awkwardly.

"Please Rose."

Again, Rose gulped and bit her lower lip as she looked up at the button closest to Miranda's waistline and slowly moved her hands to take hold of the button. She ever so gently began to push it through the hole. As she held her breath slightly, the button soon released from the hole and she leaned back.

"I can't Miranda, I just can't do... I'm sure it is as lovely on you as I've imagined, but I... The colour is different, very different, and well... I just might have thought about what it would look like against your darker skin tone, that and the silk. Its such fine quality and I have only seen something like it in a shop."

"Unfasten the other buttons Rose and feel the silk; please?"

"I can't Miranda please, please no."

Miranda smiled softly, started to think out aloud, "Do your parents know about your little hobby Rose? How many others of your clients have you rummaged through? What if they were to find out Rose?" Miranda's eyes staring into Rose's seeing her shiver.

"You wouldn't would you Miranda? Would you? Isn't this our little secret?

Miranda just smiled, leaving Rose to ponder.

Rose nodded slightly, and again gulped, as her hands moved to the other buttons. She moved at a faster pace and unfastened them opening the two halves, pushing them to the side to reveal the bustier. Gently yet quickly, Rose nervously ran her fingertips along the silk, felt her ears begin to burn from the rush of blood to her head.

Miranda placed her hands onto Rose's hands on the bustier, as she crossed her arms and smiled. "Lovely material isn't it?"

Rose nodded softly, "It fits you perfectly Miranda."

Slowly, she moved Rose's hands as she lightly placed them on her breasts. Her eyes still held Rose's gaze. Rose gasped softly and then sighed deeply, obviously afraid to move, afraid to blink. Her hands rested on Miranda's breasts, and she could feel Miranda's swollen nipples pressing into her palms.

Miranda's gaze moved, as she looked towards the box, her gaze slowly moved between Rose and the box, before settling to look at Rose. Miranda nodded and released her hands, freeing them from her grasp and allowing them to fall away to her side.

"See the box on the side Rose?"

Rose just nodded quietly, her mind full of emotions.

"Please open it."

Slowly, hesitantly Rose walked towards the box. Taking hold of it, she walked to the edge of the sofa, sat down, and started to un-wrap the box, her fingers nervously unfastening the bow.

Rose slowly pulled away the gift paper and golden ribbon and opened the box; peeled away the layers of tissue to reveal her very own silk set: the camisole, bra, the thong, the briefs and the suspender belt together with a couple of pairs of stockings to finish of the set. Slowly she lifted them, gasping, smiling, and almost crying with surprise.

Miranda watched her as she slowly drew the items out of the box, gazing at the pattern and feeling the soft silk of the fabric.

"Sorry Rose, but the set that you liked so much, it's already discontinued, being a designer range, they tend to come and go quickly, but I hope you will like it?"

The room was quiet; the only sound was of the tissue as Rose carefully removed each item in turn. Rose removed the items gently, lovingly, and placed them carefully on the side of the sofa, her hands running over the silk. "I love it Miranda... but you shouldn't have. You didn't have to..."

The Katrina set was made from panels of black silk with the cups made from a black and red lace. The bra was made from panels of black silk, but the cups of the bra were made from black lace and accented with red embroidery within the lace as well as the shoulder straps. The straps were red in colour, made from the embroidered edging of the bra and camisole. The result was a fine, soft sheer lace, which allows the breasts and nipples to be visible through the lace, which added a very erotic touch. The camisole was similar, but the red lace was wider and much deeper, covering the entire front of the camisole.

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