tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Intruder Fucked Me

An Intruder Fucked Me


Hank and I enjoy acting out our fantasies. This one was my favourite, I'd wanted to do it for a long time. He left one evening leaving me home alone. I decided I would go and have a shower and get myself ready for bed. I turned the shower off feeling wonderful and warm from the hot water and walked naked back to my bedroom.

I was pulling back the covers when a gloved hand went over my mouth. The man then forcefully pulled my hands behind my back and tied them up. He then put a gag in my mouth so I was unable to talk. I looked up to see his face but he had it covered up with a balaclava. He then pushed me to my knees; his cock was already out of his pants.

" Suck my cock you filthy slut" he ripped the gag out of my mouth and pushed his cock in. I had no choice but to suck it. Sliding it in and out of my lips, my tongue twirling around the head. He was grunting beneath his mask, pushing my head onto his cock faster. I pulled my head back and this made him angry. He slapped me across the face and said if I did that again he would hurt me. Again calling me a filthy slut.

Lifting me off the ground he then threw me onto the bed. While he was removing his pants I tried to get away but he grabbed me and tied me to the bed. I was on my stomach and he told me to get on my knees. That he wanted to fuck my tight little ass. Fuck me so hard and make me scream.

The intruder was rubbing my ass cheeks, moaning and spreading them wide. I gasp as he thrust 2 fingers into my pussy and laughed.

"You like having you cunt fingered do you? Dirty whore!" he continued fingering me, putting more fingers inside of me until his whole hand was in there. Stretching my pussy wide. I had my head buried in the pillow so he wouldn't hear me enjoying being treated this way.

He then spat over my ass and rubbed it in. I knew now he was going to do what he had said he wanted to do. He pulled his hand from my pussy and slid a finger into my ass. I could then feel his knob at the entrance feel him pushing against it. I screamed out as he rammed his cock into my tight ass.

As he said he would he fucked me hard. He was grunting and moaning and he fucked my ass. Everytime he trust in he would slap my butt. It was stinging and hot and I knew it would probably be red raw by the time he was finished with me. I didn't stop screaming till he came yelling out calling me a slut and dirty whore who deserved to be fucked this way.

I could feel his cum running down my ass, over my pussy as I lay on the bed. He grabbed a pair of my panties and used them to wipe his cock clean. Then threw them at me. He left me tied to the bed as he looked around the bed rubbing his cock as he did. He went through some draws and found my dildo.

"This might be fun " he said and climbed onto the bed and lifted my hips up. He rubbed the dildo over my ass and pussy spreading his left over cum around. He then slid my big 10 inch dildo into my pussy and began fucking me with it. I tried not to make any sound as I felt him ease his cock into my pussy with my dildo still in there.

He fucked me with slow hard thrusts, my pussy filled with the both making it hard for him to go fast. I was glad that it didn't take long for him to cum. He then dressed and unhandcuffed me and left with a final statement.

"I know where you live whore and I'll be back to fuck you again slut!".

I was in the shower when Hank returned home. He had the biggest smile on his face and as did I. He kissed me and told me that was the best fantasy we've ever acted out. I told him I was glad he videotaped it so we could watch it over and over.


I hope you enjoyed reading about our fantasy as much as we enjoyed doing it. Please tell me what you think. I'd love to read all your replies, especially nasty ones. How about tell me what you'd like to do to me if I was your dirty little slut wife.


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