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An Italian Cuckoldress


I fell in love with my wife on a holiday in Italy. I was visiting Florence for a few days five years ago. It was high summer, blazing hot, and I was walking along the Arno towards the Ponte Veccio when I first saw her.

She is a stunning Florentine beauty. Mocha-skinned in the summer, with flowing raven locks and musty dark eyes. She also had curves to die for.

As she stood leaning against a column, gently licking a melting gelato, I fell for her, and had to go introduce myself. We got chatting, went out for dinner and I got a kiss. But being a good catholic girl, nothing more. I managed to convince her to come and visit me in London, and she did so a few weeks later. A few more reciprocal visits and we fell deeply in love.

She agreed to move to the UK, and we later planned to marry. I am financially secure, so she was able to move in with me without worrying about work, although she continues to work part-time in the art world - something she was doing in Florence before she met me.

This gives her the opportunity to travel a lot, which allows her to engage in her second favourite activity - extramarital sex.

We had married about 12 months after meeting - rushed I know, but we had fallen so deeply in love. Now, I had mentioned she held sex back because she was catholic. That is true, but not strictly accurate. She had held sex back from me, because she had decided it was time to marry to get her strict catholic family off her back - as they disapproved of her promiscuous ways. My wife is a total nympho, and I admit I can't keep up.

Before I met her, unbeknownst to me, she was well known in Florence as a total slut - she would fuck anyone who took her fancy, and with her seductive curves and beauty it wasn't hard for her. She had fucked men from the art work - dealers and curators, baristas from coffee bars, even random men on inter-city trains.

She had decided I would miss out, so our marriage was 'done properly' the catholic way - just conveniently ignoring her previous sex life.

So we had a beautiful church wedding in an ancient church in Florence, both our families were there. She looked amazing in her figure-hugging bodiced wedding dress - like something on the cover of a wedding magazine. I felt like the luckiest man in the world, and still do.

However our wedding day was also the first day of her cuckoldry. Apparently on the way to her hotel room the night before, she had bumped into an old lover, a passionate lover with a big dick that she couldn't resist. I imagine her biting the corner of her lip they way she does as she gives into temptation, and her pussy flooding with desire.

He spent the night before my wedding pounding my fiance several times over. Of course, I didn't find this out until much later, but needless to say, my wife was strangely tired on her wedding day.

When we left the reception and headed to the hotel for our honeymoon, she was strangely subdued - I didn't know why until later. She fell asleep several times on the way to the beautiful Tuscan country villa where we were to stay for a few days.

I knew I was expected to consummate our marriage, but I was highly nervous. I wasn't the most sexually experienced man, and most of my previous efforts had resulted in swift completion, plus disappointment for my partner.

We made it to our marital bed, and to be honest I was struggling from stopping myself from coming just at the sight of my wife in her white satin and lace bridal lingerie for the first time.

As I got undressed I noticed a strange look upon her face as she saw me naked for the first time. At the time I was not to know, but later she confessed that she had been surprised by how small my cock was compared to all of her previous lovers.

Sure enough after some brief foreplay, I slipped into her strangely loose and moist pussy, only to begin spurting on the third or fourth stroke.

"You're fucking kidding me!" Was all she had said.

She had gotten up to have a cigarette, and stood on the balcony in the warm summer evening with her back to me in the bed, her hips tilted to one side and legs slightly parted - her legs and arse nicely framed by the thigh high stockings and suspender belt.

And then I noticed the globule of my cum slowly dangling and dripping down from between the frame of her legs...

I wanted to somehow make it better , to not have her angry with me, to show her I loved her and wanted to do anything to please her.

As she dragged the final puff on her cigarette I walked over to her, took her by the hand and led her and her disappointed face back to the bed. I don't know if she was expecting me to try again, but instead I lowered her back down onto her back, and sunk between her legs, showing her one sexual skill in which I excelled.

I licked away gently at first, cleaning my own sticky mess from her beautiful pink lips, and for the rest of our wedding night I brought my wife some of the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced... With my tongue.

My wife told me that night - our first as man and wife, that I had redeemed my under-sized and prematurely spurting cock with my incredible tongue. As we lay in bed after her multiple orgasms on my mouth, her smoking lustily from a cigarette and tossing her hair like a 50s Italian film queen, she told me that although she loved me, and loved they way I made her come on my tongue, my tiny cock would never be enough for her, and she certainly could never cope with my quick coming - she had grown used to much larger and more capable cocks, and it would be unfair of me to deny her that.

She stated matter of factly, that she loved me and wanted to stay with me, but that I either had to agree to her taking lovers on the side, and content myself to only pleasing her with my mouth, or that we would have to agree to part ways there and then, before our first night as man and wife had ended.

I glanced up and down her beautiful body and knew straight away I loved her so much that I would never deny her happiness, in fact as I thought about it, the idea of a more capable man than myself pleasing her body aroused me a lot. She sensed my small cock stiffening as I contemplated the idea of her being fucked with a big cock.

"You are turned on by the idea, no?" She raised an eyebrow.

Her long slender fingers wrapped around my short shaft, and she began stroking, keeping my eyes locked with her own. "Your hot Italian wife is going to get regularly fucked properly by other men, and you're going to like it!"

Three or four swift and skilful wanks later, I blew my tiny load again.

She lit another cigarette. "It's settled then."

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