tagLoving WivesAn Odyssey Continues

An Odyssey Continues


A guttural groan seemed to rumble from deep down within him. His big, thick cock came free from Diane's pussy with an audible pop. Red, engorged and ram rod hard it hovered at her entrance. With minimal coaxing four long spurts of ejaculate erupted from her husband's twitching member, coating the entrance to her vagina in cum and leaving a thick, sticky trail that extended up her pvc clad body to her ample breasts.

"Mmm, that's it. Give your big load to your dirty little whore," Dianne hissed. "Go on, give it to me. I need it all, spunk on your greedy slut."

Her jet black hair, cut in a tight shoulder length bob, combined with the crimson lipstick gave her a slightly pale complexion - her milky white skin contrasting sharply with the red of her patent thigh boots and the black of her sluttish outfit. She looked the perfect milf, her curvaceous body clad in the shiny, creaking material of the catsuit.

On the bed next to them Milly pulled her mouth back from her husband own hard-on - her lipstick smeared along his length.

"Go on," she whispered to Rick hoarsely. "It's your turn. I want to watch you fuck her."

Rick leant in and kissed Milly on the lips. "I love you," he whispered back, his face flush with excitement and anticipation. He gazed at his own wife's sexy body. Similar age and build to Diane, she too still turned heads. Her dark hair, good looks and firm 36c breasts on her size 12 frame often drew admiring glances when they were out.

He moved between Diane's legs, feeling the coolness of her red patent thigh high boots with his hands. Casting his eyes over her body lustily, he used his index finger to massage a stream of the fresh spunk left behind by her husband into her already glistening pussy lips.

"Fuck," he thought to himself. "He's absolutely covered her." He felt his own cock stiffen yet more as he looked at the amount of cum splattered all over Diane's pussy as well as the pvc of her catsuit and her exposed tits.

Milly reached out and took a firm grip of the base of Rick's sturdy seven inch cock. Silently, she guided him towards Diane's opening. He groaned in ecstasy as his cock slipped effortlessly inside her already well fucked cunt, assisted by the greasy lube of her husband's seed. Diane let out a satisfied sigh as he sunk his dick into her, withdrawing slowly until he was almost free of her grip, before thrusting deeply into her once more.

Diane closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip. She took her hardened nipples between the thumb and ring finger of each hand and rolled them gently.

"Mmmm," she whispered. "I love being fucked by new cock. Give it to, give it to me really fucking hard. Show me what you've got."

Without hesitation Rick picked up the pace, driving his cock into Diane, feeling his shaved balls slap against her with each thrust. Milly took up position behind him. She took hold of Diane by the ankles of her slutty boots, holding her legs open so Rick could fuck her with ever more force.

"How does she feel?" Milly hissed in Rick's ear.

"Oooh, fucking amazing," was his breathless reply. "Her pussy feels like a well worn in glove. Warm, comfortable and fits perfectly."

"I knew you'd like her. Your three favourite things all in one. A sexy milf, thigh boots and pvc all in one! Go on, fuck the shit out of her for me. Really give her what for."

Rick continued to power his hard-on into Diane's pussy, which squelched noisily with every thrust.

"I'm so wet," Diane gasped. "I love being given a good fucking by different cocks."

She reached down a furiously wanked her clit with her right hand, crying out as wave after wave of a massive orgasm washed over her.

"It's not fair that Di should have the fun," said her husband, his big dick starting to fill with blood once more. He got up from the chair he was sitting in and walked behind Milly, who was still holding Diane's booted legs as Rick worked his length into her.

Milly let out a soft moan as Diane's husband stood behind her, his hands reaching around and caressing her tits through her own PVC dress. He lent in and nibbled her ear, and as he did she felt the thick bulbous head of his now hard cock brushing against her arse. Instinctively she reached behind her, feeling his cock and stroking it gently.

"Mmm, that's a lovely thick dick you've got and you feel so hard again already." She stepped away from Diane and Rick, turning to face him. "I've been itching to get my hands on this big cock since Rick first showed me the videos of you and Diane fucking online. And what about you, do you like what you see?"

Milly put her forefinger on his chest and stepped backwards. She put her hands on her hips and lent back to strike a seductress' pose. She wore a black pvc dress with the zipper pulled down to expose a killer cleavage, enhanced by a push-up bra. Her legs were encased in black thigh high boots with stiletto heels. "I think someone likes it," she teased, pointing at his penis. By now it was at its maximum, the thick shaft leading to a crimson helmet that looked to be almost throbbing such was his hardness. Angry, prominent veins ran along it, accentuating it's size. "I'm going to make that come so hard," she said.

Wrapping her fingers around his cock, again noting the thickness, she led him to the empty double bed next to the one where Rick and Diane were continuing to fuck noisily. She noticed that Rick was now lying on his back, Diane riding him cowgirl style driving down on the length of his prick and then grinding her clit hard against his body.

She took Diane's husband to the edge of the bed where she sat, his penis directly in front of her face. Grasping it by the base she began to circle her tongue lightly over the helmet stroking and twisting with her hand as she did. Without warning she took as much of his cock into her mouth and throat as she could, gagging loudly. Next she expertly began to suck him, alternating long and steady with fast and short movements with her warm, moist mouth.

"Fuck, that's good," he groaned. "You know how to give head, I'll give you that. Let's see what else you've got."

Taking her by the shoulders, he turned her around so that she was kneeling on the age of the bed. With his right hand he caressed the checks of her bottom, before moving in between her legs. He could feel her wet pussy almost sucking his fingers in, and he eased two digits in to her. With Milly still in the same position he began to message the inside of her vaginal wall. Milly began to moan loudly and ordered him not to stop. Less than a minute later, fluid gushed from her pussy and over his hand, drenching the bed beneath her. She panted as he continued to probe.

"Fuck yeah - a squirter," He grunted

She turned to look at him. "Fuck me. Put that big cock in me. I want to feel it."

Taking his penis by the shaft, he lined it up with her swollen pussy and thrust it home. Milly let out a gasp as the large head pushed through her opening, followed by several inches of thickness. Taking her by the hair, he forced her head down on to the bed before putting his hands on her waist, feeling the shiny material of the pvc. He proceeded to fuck her roughly, his own body slapping against the cheeks of her arse with every thrust.

Rick couldn't help but steal a look at his sexy wife, being fucked hard as he knew she liked. He'd discovered how much he loved watching Milly being fucked by other men on their first visit to a swingers' club, and it never ceased to amaze him just how turned on he got by watching his wife satisfy and be satisfied by a nice big cock.

He knew how quickly Milly would cum from being fucked from behind, especially with her tits being kneaded as Diane's husband continued to plough her relentlessly. He could already see her biting down on her lip and her cheekbones were reddening, both telltale signs that she was well on her way to orgasm.

Rick told Diane to lie next to him on the bed. He kissed her deeply on the lips, before brushing her hair away from her cheeks. He lent forward and gently began to nibble at her ear, using the tip of his tongue to trace the outer edge.

As light as a feather his tongue moved down her neckline, causing her to move her head aside to expose more of it to his touch. She breathed slowly, his hot breath exciting her as he continued his quest. Reaching her exposed breasts she swallowed deeply as Rick cupped her firm tits in his hands, using his tongue to flick over her erect nipples.

Still further down he went, following the line of the dried cum stains that streaked her catsuit. He licked the outside of her vulva, already slick from her pussy juices. Next he moved inside, using his tongue to coax open her labia. He let out a groan of pleasure as he tasted her sweetness for the first time. He loved eating pussy, and he could tell from her gasps and the tension in her body that Diane was loving it too.

He reached for the glass of pink champagne that stood on the table next to the bed, pouring a small amount on Dianne's pussy. The bubbles fizzed and popped, heightening her senses. His tongue moved over her hardened clit, circling it in a figure '8' motion. He took two fingers and gently eased them inside of Diane's pussy, continuing to attack her clit with his mouth while doing so. She groaned loudly.

"Oh yeah, that's it," she whimpered. "Fuck my cunt with your fingers while you lick me out. It feels so fucking good." Rick obliged gladly, probing her inner depths as he worked her clitoris. "Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum. Don't stop, give it to this dirty little slut."

Her body tightened and then began to convulse as an orgasm rocked her to the core. She reached out and grabbed Rick by the back of the head, forcing him onto her with even more vigour.

"Oooh, fuck yeah," she panted. "Ooooh!" The second wave of her orgasm hit, causing her to throw back her head and almost giggle at the pleasure. "Give that cock to me," she insisted. "I need it in me again. Fuck me."

Rick needed no encouragement. With Diane lying on her back, he knelt if front of her, wanking his rock hard cock. He positioned himself at her greedy entrance and stretched out into an almost perfect push up position. Now his cock head was nestling between the lips of her pussy. With the gentlest of pushes he entered her, closing his eyes and revelling in her warmth and tightness. Maintaining his position he began to fuck her, alternating the depth and speed of his thrusts as he went. His cock was the only part of his body touching hers, and she loved the sensation.

"Oh yes, that's it. That feels amazing. You feel so fucking hard. Give it to me, I love it!"

Rick turned and grinned at Milly, who was now sat astride Diane's husband driving herself onto his fat prick.

"I want to taste Milly's pussy," said Diane. "I want a piece of that for myself."

She instructed Rick to lie on his back next to her, and she mounted him in the cowgirl position. Then she ordered Milly to come over to their bed, and stand over Rick so that her pussy was immediately in front of Diane's face. She leant forward, kissed Milly's pussy and began to explore with her tongue in the expert way that only a woman can.

Rick gasped. Here he was, not only being ridden by this sexy woman whose pictures and videos he'd admired and wanked over for so long, but also getting a fabulous view of that same woman giving oral sex to his gorgeous wife. It was taking him all of his effort and concentration to stop himself from blowing his seed deep in to her

He felt movement at the foot of the bed. Glancing down he saw Diane's husband taking up position behind her, his cock standing proudly to attention in front of him. He used his fingers to massage some of her own pussy juice into her arse. combined with a liberal amount of lube. Rick could feel her changing her position ever so slightly, priming herself for his entry.

Taking his meaty cock by its base, Diane's husband pushed it into her arse. She gasped as he did so, adjusting to the feeling of having two solid cocks inside her simultaneously. Her mouth formed a perfect 'o', and her tongue licked her painted lips.

"I'm such a dirty slut," she groaned. "I love being filled up by two hard cocks at once. Fuck me like the dirty slut I am."

In no time Rick and her husband had found a comfortable rhythm that worked for both of them, and by the panting and groaning coming from Diane it was clearly working for her too. The feeling of fullness was bringing her perilously close to yet another orgasm.

Milly was now lying next to Rick, her head turned towards him in a passionate kiss. Diane reached, with her right hand, and rubbed Milly's clit before slipping two fingers into her pussy.

Suddenly, Diane let out a cry of delight as she came hard on the pricks buried deep within her. Spent, she flopped on to Rick's toned chest.

Her husband pulled his member from her arse and, as he did, Diane rolled to her left.

"Spunk on me," she ordered the two men. "I want to feel your hot sticky cum all over me.

Rick and her husband now knelt either side of Diane. Her husband wanted his cock hard the helmet a deep purple.

Milly was now behind Rick. Reaching around, her fingers found his penis and she took a firm grip. She noted is hardness, swollen and glistening with pre-cum that drooled from the head.

Diane played with her tits and pursed her lips. "Yeah, that's it. Give me a good coating in hot cum."

Almost as she said it her husband let out a loud groan and two long, thick ropes of cum arched into the air and landed with a heavy splat on the top of her right boot and her pvc covered thigh.

The sight of it was too much for Rick. Another couple of quick strokes on his cock by Milly and his body tensed. He held is breath in the split second before he erupted, sending a huge shower of his spunk forth with such ferocity that it it landed on Diane's chest, neck and face.

Diane let out a delighted giggle. As she did Milly lent forward, first licking up the sticky mess left behind by Diane's husband on her boot before moving up and eating up Rick's own seed. She kissed Diane full on the lips and smiled at her, before licking off a streak of cum from her cheek.

"We must do this again," she purred.

"Too fucking right," Diane agreed. "And next time the guys can watch what two sexy sluts can get up to together."

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