An Older & Wiser Man For Me


"Corbin, if I'd wanted a spring chicken I would have given my address to Jason. Heck, who am I kidding? I would have grabbed him by the collar, thrown him in the car and you'd be breathing exhaust fumes right now. And remember what you told me earlier tonight? It's not the quantity…it's the quality. Come home with me Corbin. Come home and show me how I'm supposed to spend Valentine's Day. How I should have been celebrating Valentine's Day." Wrapping her arms around his neck, Lizzie pulled his mouth down to hers and kissed him deeply, running her hands down his chest. "Please, Corbin," she whispered as she nuzzled his neck, "Show me what it's like to be made love to."

On a groan, Corbin pulled away and held her car door open. "Alright," he said between the quick kisses he placed on her lips and cheeks, "but I need to stop somewhere and get a couple of things first."

Lizzie climbed behind the steering wheel, blushing. "…you don't…I've uhm…got some at home. Just in case."

Closing her door, he looked at her, slightly puzzled as she rolled down the window. Then it hit him. "OH…no, not those. Well, those might be a good idea too…I was talking about something else. Just go home and climb into that robe you were wearing earlier, alright?"

She drove home quickly, her stomach churning with butterflies again. Common sense told her what she'd done, what she'd agreed to wasn't the brightest thing in this day and age. A scant 3 hours ago she'd been worried that he was a lunatic and now she was inviting him into her home, into her bed. Her mother would be mortified if she knew. Her sisters would be mortified if they knew. She didn't care.

She let herself in and said a silent prayer of thanks that she'd had the sense to clean the apartment the night before. At least he wouldn't think she was a slob. Just easy. She pulled the bottle of wine from the refrigerator. Damn. Only enough for one glass and there wasn't time to chill another bottle. Okay…they'd do without the wine. She kicked off her loafers and went to the cds…he liked jazz she remembered. And of course, she had very little in that genre. She scoured the jewel boxes until she found a compilation called "Jazz for When You're Alone". Well, better than nothing she thought as she popped it into the stereo and walked back to the bedroom. She began to take off the bustier and thong, then changed her mind. She was knotting the robe when there was a knock on the door. Kitty looked at her expectantly and ran as if to answer it.

"Oh fine you little turn coat…you knew this was going to happen didn't you?" Lizzie muttered as she went to open the door. What she saw took her breath away. There stood Corbin, with a dozen mixed roses in one hand, and a grocery sack in the other.

"Nice robe," he said as he kissed her and brushed up against her on his way in.

"Corbin, you didn't have too…"

"You asked me to show you how you were supposed to have been celebrating tonight, right? Well, Geoff was an idiot if he never brought you flowers…especially on Valentine's Day. Red," he continued as he held them out to her, "for passion, pink for romance and yellow for friendship."

She inhaled their scent deeply, almost crying. Geoff had never gotten her flowers, saying they were a waste of money since they died after a couple of days anyway. He'd even balked at the tradition of paying for her wedding bouquet.

Corbin had made his way to the kitchen and was unloading the sack. A bottle of champagne, followed by a small container of whipped cream, a pint of strawberries and a box of chocolates. "Where can I find the champagne glasses?"

Lizzie was amazed he'd remembered her saying she'd gotten the good crystal in the settlement. She walked in the kitchen and began putting the roses in a vase. "Over the sink…rarely used items so they're a little out of the way I'm afraid."

"Well, we'll have to change that won't we?" He kissed the tip of her nose as she continued to arrange the flowers. She watched as he popped the cork, filled one glass and handed it to her. He filled the other and stood beside her. "To the first of many Valentine's Days spent the way they were meant. Even if I'm not the lucky devil who gets to share them with you." They clinked glasses and sipped, looking at each other. Lizzie wondered if Corbin's line of thinking was running the same direction hers was…which was straight to the bedroom.

Corbin set his glass on the counter. "Now, for the rest of the preparations." He rubbed his hands together as if he were a chef embarking on the creation of a five course meal.

"There's more?" she asked as she let her eyes wander over his form. Oh he was definitely tall alright…had to be 6'4" at least. And those eyes…damn the man had sexy eyes. Not to mention his mouth. Thin lips, but not too thin, that looked so soft and kissable. Broad shoulders and chest, a slight paunch, but if anything, that made him sexier. It showed he was comfortable with who he was.

"Mais oui, ma chere. Your introduction to Valentine Hedonism is only beginning. I need candles…lots of candles." He began opening cupboard doors, searching. "Ah…matches! We'll need those too." He slipped them into his pocket and continued his quest. "Good lord woman…don't you have any candles? How in the blue blazes would you find anything if you lost power?"

"Corbin, get real, it's a three room apartment…and I'm being generous." Laughing she walked to the pantry. On the bottom shelf was a box of candles, most of them barely used, more evidence of the romance gone awry in her marriage. "That should be enough I hope," she said as she handed him the box. "Now what?"

"Now, you go sit and drink your champagne while I get the rest ready." He led her into the front room and gently pushed her down to the sofa. She sat looking up at him, unaware that her robe slipped open, revealing the bustier underneath. Corbin groaned and pressed his lips hard against hers, kissing the breath from her. "Don't tell me…you had that on at the restaurant, didn't you?"

Lizzie looked down and grinned. "This little old thing? Why yes, I believe I did have it on then. Care to see what it matches?"

Forcing himself to be patient, Corbin stood up and walked towards the bathroom. "No," he said as he walked off, "I'll wait…it will be worth it."

Lizzie sat there, drinking the champagne and letting the bubbles tickle her nose. "Wow," was all she could think. "he hasn't done more than kiss me and I'm practically dripping." She heard him humming along with the music as he turned the tub faucet on. "What are you doing?" she called out?

"You'll see…just be patient! Yes, I know…you're not good with patience…just try, okay? Where do you keep your bubbles?"

"In the cabinet against the wall. Corbin, that tub isn't big enough for two of us!"

He peeked out from around the corner, grinning. "Who said two of us were going in the tub?" She heard the water turn off and Corbin muttering to Kitty, who sat outside the bathroom door, looking from Corbin to Lizzie, then back to Corbin as if approving of the measures he was taking.

Corbin came out and took Lizzie by the hands. "Alright, my dear…your bath awaits." He walked backwards, leading her into what had once been a very drab bathroom. Now, however, it was one of the most sensual rooms she'd ever seen. The light wasn't on, but there was the soft glow from the candles along the sink and corners of the tub. Corbin stood behind her, untying her robe and letting it fall from her shoulders. She heard him gasp sharply as he saw the thong that matched the bustier. "Oh yes…very nice. You dressed like this when you were married?"

Thankful he couldn't see her blush in the candle light, Lizzie turned her head. "Yeah…and he still wouldn't touch me. Go figure."

"That man was an idiot. Or gay. Probably both." Corbin ran his hands along her shoulders, down her arms and then up her stomach until he cupped her full breasts. "Don't look at me hon, look in the mirror. See how beautiful you are?"

Lizzie turned to see her reflection in the bathroom mirror, not believing what she saw. The normal Lizzie was gone and in her place was a woman whose eyes were filled with lust and desire, her body being caressed and teased. Corbin's fingers circled her nipples through the material of the bustier, making her sigh. Kissing her neck then down along her shoulders, he removed the straps of the bra with his teeth as his hands made quick work of the series of hooks in the back. He let the garment fall to the floor as he took both breasts in his hands, squeezing them gently, leaning around her to take one nipple in his mouth, gently sucking then flicking it with his tongue. Then he did the same to the other breast, making Lizzie sigh as she felt her knees go week. Corbin knelt down and slid the thong down her hips, caressing her ass and moving his hand towards her pussy. He stopped and looked up at her. "Bare? Oh my…" He turned her and leaned his mouth in and took one very long, teasingly slow lick at her nether lips before standing up and helping her into the tub.

The water was perfect…not too hot, not too cold. She smiled up at him, "You know, I think you could stop right here and I'd be perfectly happy." Corbin smiled slyly and shook his head, walking out into the kitchen. "Now what?" she thought.

When he came back in, Corbin had the box of chocolates and both glasses of champagne. He sat beside the tub and offered Lizzie a piece from the box. She opened her mouth as he teasingly pulled it away, then brought it back before her lips. She nipped at his fingers as she sucked the chocolate into her mouth. "MMM…..a girl could get used to this you know."

"I would hope so," he replied as he took a washcloth and lathered it up, washing one arm, then the other. Then he took one of the sea sponges she had for decoration and wrung it out over her arms, letting the warm sudsy water cascade over her glowing skin. Moving to her body, he lathered her breasts, teasing and playing with her nipples until her hips began moving slowly as she continued to sip her champagne. "Oh god…" she whispered, offering him a piece of chocolate. He took it and her fingers into his mouth and sucked deeply, as his hands went down to her shaven mound. Lizzie felt as if her body were on fire, melting down to its very core. Again, he wrung the sponge over her body, the water dripping down and making her skin glisten. Taking one leg, he caressed it with the soapy washcloth, massaging the sole of her foot and along the back of her calf. Letting it fall gently to the water, he did the same with the other leg as Lizzie continued to watch him, amazed that a man would spend so much time touching, caressing a woman. She took another swallow of champagne as he motioned for her to sit up as he washed her back, kissing and biting the nape of her neck, again, making her moan.

When he stood up, Lizzie started to rise from the tub. "No, sit back down…I'll come get you when I'm ready."

Lizzie sat down, trying not to let her thoughts show. "Great, here it comes…let me get hard looking at something else, then quick fuck you before I lose it" she thought, downing the rest of her champagne. "Well, Kitty," she said as she looked at the cat sitting by the sink, "It was nice while it lasted."

"While what lasted?" Corbin came back into the room, naked and very erect.

"Uhm, nothing." Lizzie stood and got out of the tub, taking the towel he offered her.

Corbin took her arm and gently pulled her back. "It is not nothing. I can see it in your eyes. Shit. You think I'm just like him…that I'm just like Geoff."

"No…it's not that…it's just…"

"Lover, look at me," Corbin took her chin and raised her eyes to his. "You are a beautiful woman. A very sexy young, yes young, woman. I said it before and I'll say it again. Geoff was a fucking idiot." He took her hand and placed it on his erect cock. "YOU do this to me…the idea of kissing you, of making love to you does this to me." He took the towel from her and began rubbing her down. Once he had toweled her off, he took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

A gasp escaped her lips. Again, he'd taken candles and used only them to light the room. Along the dresser and nightstand, along her vanity and on the corner of her desk. Along one corner of the nightstand were the strawberries and a bowl of the whipped cream. She looked at the bed and found he'd turned down the blankets and taken some of the roses and scattered their petals on the sheets. A tear ran down her cheek as she went into his arms and kissed him deeply.

Their tongues again intermingled as they had outside the restaurant, darting in and out of each other's mouths, along their teeth. Hands explored bodies…memorizing every curve, every nuance. He eased her back on the bed and covered her breasts and stomach with kisses as her fingers curled in his hair, pressing him harder against her. "mmm…oh yes…yes Corbin…"

He stopped and looked up at her, grinning. "Hold that thought." And with that he was up on his feet and in the kitchen.

"What the hell?" she thought, "Now what?" Man had more tricks up his sleeve than David Copperfield.

Corbin came back with the champagne glasses nicely topped off. Handing one to her, he took a sip of his then bent his mouth to her pussy. Kissing it and letting the champagne flow into her at the same time, he sat his glass down on the nightstand, wrapping his arms under her bent legs. The sensation of those bubbles combined with what his tongue was doing made Lizzie arch her back and moan. Taking her clit between his teeth, he nibbled and tugged as he sucked the champagne from her slit, reaching a hand up to play with her nipples. Again, Lizzie fisted her hands in his hair, pressing him deeper against her, her hips rising, back arching in that age old rhythm. With a sudden ferocity she had never experienced before, her first orgasm of the evening rushed over her body in waves, pulsating, throbbing, making her cum so hard she saw stars. "Yes…oh fuck yes Corbin….god…yes…yes…YES!"

She lay back, panting, trying to catch her breath. "Where on earth did you learn to do that?"

"MMM….what did you tell those girls at the restaurant? An older man had more…what was it…flair? I take it you liked?" He smirked as he sidled up next to her, cradling her in his arms as he took a finger of whipped cream and spread it on her nipples, then bent down to clean the mess he'd made.

"Oh shit…uhm…yes… yes I liked…oh god Corbin…what are you doing to me?" She could feel her pussy moisten even more, every nerve alive and tingling as another orgasm began to build.

"This?" he asked as he swabbed a strawberry and offered it to her. "I'm making love to you, you silly goose. Isn't that what you wanted?"

Taking a finger through the whipped cream she held it out to him and grinned. "Why yes," she purred as he sucked her finger, "I do believe it is."

They stayed like that for awhile, kissing and teasing each other, feeding one another as the world outside melted away. No more business calls, no more job worries. No more headaches about whether or not she could pay the bills this month without dipping into Geoff's alimony check. No more overly helpful sisters who thought she needed to get married again right away. No more mother who thought all she needed was a good day in church and some quality time spent in prayer. Just this. Her and Corbin in bed, touching each other, kissing each other, pleasuring each other.

Her hands roamed freely over his body. His chest was broad and firm as she had thought. She slowly trailed her tongue across his collar bone then down the middle of his chest as her hands sought out his erection.

Taking him in her hands, she cupped his balls with one, and gently began stroking with the other. Sliding down between his legs, she raised her eyes and caught his glance. Smiling she stuck out her tongue and using only the tip, circled his head then down his shaft, watching his eyes close as his head tilted back on a groan. She licked at his shaft slowly as she stroked, watching the precum begin to form. Taking just the head in her mouth she twirled her tongue around it, feeling his hands push her head down farther as he moaned. "Oh Lizzie…oh baby…sooo good…"

She bobbed her head up and down his shaft, echoing the movements of her hand, the other continuing to fondle his sac. Deeper and deeper she took him into her mouth until she could feel his cock head on the back of her throat. His hands on the back of her head held her still. "Don't move…not even your tongue babe…I'll lose it if you do and I want to cum inside you."

Needing no further incentive, she held her head in place until she felt Corbin's hand relax, then she slowly raised her head from his shaft and lay back on the bed. Looking at him she spread her legs and reached over to him. "Corbin, make love to me…please baby…show me how you make love to a woman."

Corbin half rolled half crawled over to her, sliding his body up along hers until she could feel his erection pushing against her slit. As he leaned down to kiss her, she reached down and spread her lips so he could slide inside. Teasingly he nudged his head along her clit, making her arch her hips in an attempt to get him inside. "God baby," she whispered between kisses, "don't tease me…please Corbin…I need you inside me."

With one fluid movement, Corbin thrust all the way into her, then pulled back. Slowly, again and again, he slid in and out of her warm, moist cunt. Feeling her skin stretch to take him, so tight, so hot. Soon, their pants and moans filled the room as he quickened his pace, kissing her neck, her breasts; her hands roaming up and down his back, over his ass, squeezing his cheeks as he rocked in and out of her, making her feel fulfilled, alive.

Slowing his pace, he withdrew, causing an agonized whimper to escape from her lips. "Roll over," he whispered, "don't worry, I'm not even close to being done."

Lizzie rolled over onto her stomach and felt him raise her ass so he could slide into her from behind. "Oh yes…yes, that's it Corbin..fuck me baby…oh yes…" Lizzie reached a finger down to her clit and was surprised to find his hand already there. In an erotic motion she'd never even dreamed of, much less experienced before, she and Corbin played with her hard button as he pumped his cock in and out of her, covering their fingers in her juices.

She felt his hand withdraw and move to her ass. She must have tensed up or something, because he slowed his pace and leaned down, kissing the back of her neck.. "Trust me Lizzie…just trust me."

She relaxed a bit and Corbin began to pump slowly again, his finger pressed against her asshole. Lubed with her own juices, Corbin slid his finger slowly into her puckered hole, eliciting a sharp gasp from Lizzie. Her hips began to buck against his finger as he manipulated it in and out of her ass as he slid his cock in and out of her pussy in a matching rhythm.

Corbin leaned down again and kissed Lizzie's neck. "Like that baby?"

"uh….huh…ohhhhhh" was all the response he got.

"Just relax sugar…take a deep breath and relax." Bracing one hand against her ass, Corbin slid his cock from Lizzie's cunt and pressed his head against her ass…sliding it up and down her crack. She gasped slowly as she felt his thick head penetrate her ass. He let her become accustomed to it before easing the rest of the way in. Holding himself there he waited until she began to moan and press against him. Taking that as a sign of encouragement, he began to slowly fuck her virgin ass. He was surprised, however at what he heard next.

"Harder…fuck me harder Corbin." When he didn't respond right away, she began to buck against him. Corbin gripped her hips in his hands and moved with her, the two of them bucking against each other, panting, grunting, and moaning. Lizzie's body stiffened and she rose almost straight up at the same time Corbin arched his back and shot his load deep into her ass. Breathless, they collapsed on the bed.

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