tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 07

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 07


That afternoon Ted and George sat and watched the video of Mandy and Bernard delighted with the new and more incriminating footage. After watching it they both soon realised that because she was told to start on him while he slept it could look as if he was an unwilling participant, to start with anyway.

This got them more excited as they talked it over. "We could tell her that if we showed it to the police then they may be convinced that she sexually molested him without his consent," said George.

"Yeah, I reckon we could get her so worried that she would do just about anything for us," commented Ted.

The thought of how this could be used to blackmail her into doing far more got the two old boys imaginations working overtime. Sat playing with their erections through their trousers they discussed various fantasies they could have her fulfil.

"I think we should get her round here tomorrow night to show her what we have," said Ted.

"Good idea," chuckled George, "she's not going to be too happy."

"No I know," answered Ted with a huge grin on his face. "Right you call her and get her over tomorrow and I'm going to go home and make some copies."

"I don't have a number for her," George told him.

"I do," said Ted, and with that scribbled it down for him before leaving.

Later that day George made the phone call to Mandy and told her to come tomorrow, (thursday) instead of friday. He wanted her to come early as it had been a while since he had had her to himself and all the talking earlier and the new video had got him wound right up.

At this she started explaining how all this time off work was starting to make her look bad and she was getting worried for her job. Her department head had already made a few comments about the amount of time she'd had off lately.

The head of her department was a little weasel of a man called Walter, in fact all the girls called him Walter the weasel due to his weasel-like features and his weedy 5ft 4inch skinny frame, a truly weak and pathetic little man.

Unbelievably at the age of 58 Walter still lived at home with his aged old mother, one of those characters that everybody thought of as being a little odd. He had a small circle of friends but was generally something of a loner, working at the same job for more years than he cared to remember never making a fuss and always keeping himself to himself.

The girls all found him rather creepy, always too shy to speak to them about anything other than work, but always watching them as they worked. Some of the girls were convinced that he was a bit of an old pervert as he often fiddled with himself under his desk as one of them would have to bend over to do some filing or lean across the desk to reach some paperwork.

The truth of it was that Walter was about as frustrated as anyone could be, spending years at work surrounded by sexy young women and only ever being allowed to look and never touch. The timid shy exterior kept hidden from everyone what he was really thinking. Walter had been going home every evening for many years now unable to help himself from jerking his little dick off fantasizing over the girls he worked with.

Over the last few months things had got harder for the poor old chap with the arrival of the gorgeous Mandy. She was more of a turn on than all of the others put together. He found himself even going to the toilet during the day to bang out a quick one unable to hold it until he got home. All of this was a secret the weedy little man had to keep to himself, along with one other thing.

He was so awkward and shy around women that unbelievably at 58 years of age he was still a virgin, never having the confidence to get a girlfriend.

Anyway hearing of Walter gave George an idea of how to get Mandy home early and at the same time indulge in a little fantasy of his.

George told Mandy what to wear for work the next day and then went on to explain exactly what he wanted her to do. He wanted her to pretend to be unwell during the day and need a lift home, but to ensure it was Walter that brought her.

No sooner had he said this than she started objecting saying how she was in no way going to have sex with him. If she did it would be all over the office so fast and the embarrassment would be no worse than if the girls at work got to see that blasted tape.

As George tried to calm her down he went on to explain how Walter would be the one needing to keep it a secret more than her.

"I just want to see what he would do if he had the chance to touch you without you finding out."

"I don't understand," she replied.

"Well imagine if you passed out and he was alone with you," he told her, "what do you suppose he would do?"

She knew she had no choice other than to do as she was told and so listened carefully as George explained in detail what she must do.

The following day came and Mandy did as she was told. She arrived at the office dressed in a black silk blouse, a little tight across her generously sized tits and nicely tapered in at her narrow waist. The black skirt she wore was short but not so short as to look tarty, but it was tight around her hips thighs and of course her shapely ass making it look just incredible. Underneath she wore a black lace bra with matching thong and suspenders which were clipped onto her sheer black stockings.

She looked unbelievably sexy but at the same time rather classy, something that was not wasted on Walter as he watched the 20 year old beauty come in and take her usual seat. As she crossed one leg over the other he noticed the outline of a suspender strap could be seen through the tightness of her skirt.

"God they're stockings," he thought to himself as he admired her legs encased in the sheer black nylon. Already the little weasel could feel a stirring in his loins and knew it wouldn't be long before he would have to scurry off to the toilet.

As the morning went on Mandy started complaining that she was getting a migraine and so went and informed Walter that if it got worse she may have to go home. As always when she spoke to him he seemed a little embarrassed and probably unaware that he conducted most of his conversation with her chest. When she turned and went back to her seat he couldn't help taking a lingering look at her sexy ass in the tight black skirt, an image he would probably store for his trip to the toilet where he would imagine his hands roaming all over it.

As 12 o'clock approached it was time to put into action what George had instructed her to do. She wasn't completely sure that Georges plan would even work as Walter was always so quiet and gave no clue as to what he really thought.

She again approached him and this time laid it on much thicker saying her migraine was one of the worst she'd had in a long time and wondered if she could go home.

"If you're that ill then of course you can go," said Walter in his usual polite manner.

"The trouble is," she went on, "I know it's a bit of a cheek but I don't suppose someone could drive me, I....I don't think I could manage on my own."

"Yes, yes of course," he replied, "erm, w...would you like me to take you."

"Oh, if you're sure you don't mind," she replied coyly.

This was just what was supposed to happen, so far so good, it seemed George may be right about him but she still wasn't so sure.

Out in the car park Walter got into his car and leaned across to unlock the door for her. As she got in and sat down he noticed her skirt ride up her thighs showing a good length of her stocking covered legs. He felt himself getting turned on as he noticed the edge of the darker band of her stocking tops just peeking out slightly from under her short skirt.

As she put her seat belt on too he couldn't help but glance from the corner of his eye at the way the way the strap nestled between her huge tits. Walter grew more and more excited as her perfume filled the air inside the car, sitting beside her like this was probably the closest he had ever been to her.

Her instructions were to take him to Georges house and pretend it was hers. The journey was torture for Walter, sitting this close to the source of so many of his fantasies trying not to give any indication of how turned on he was getting. As they drove through the town however he couldn't help but feel rather good about himself as he noticed people looking at her sat in his car with him. For the first time in his life he knew other men were looking at him with envy, this was a new experience for Walter.

When they pulled up outside she said she was feeling worse and would he mind coming in with her for a moment while she took her medication.

Meanwhile George had seen them arrive and, leaving the door unlocked so she could let herself in, took up his position. He had cleared some space out in the lounge cupboard that went under the stairs and had put a small stool in there so he could sit in the darkness and watch all the action through the slatted door.

Mandy walked in looking absolutely stunning, her lovely blonde hair down between her shoulders contrasted with the black of her clothing. Although not a tall girl in her heels she still stood several inches taller than weedy little Walter. The weasel followed her in trying not to make it too obvious that he was watching the rise and fall of her ass cheeks as they seemed to be trying to bust out of the tight fitting skirt.

"Thank you," she said to Walter as she sat down on the sofa and took some pills from her bag. Remembering everything she had been told to do she reluctantly continued, "would you mind waiting just for a few minutes until these pills take effect, it's just that they do the trick but they knock me out cold for an hour or two."

"S...sure ok," replied the little weasel.

"Once I'm asleep absolutely nothing can wake me so don't worry I'll be fine then and you can let yourself out." So with that she took the pills, that were actually only asprin, and lay down on her back on the sofa. After a few minutes she closed her eyes and pretended to drift off to sleep, just as she had been instructed.

All the while old George was sitting in the cupboard watching in silence waiting excitedly to see what Walter might do with this opportunity.

He stood there looking nervously around for a few minutes before going to the door. Just as it looked as if he was going to leave he paused, turned, and went back over to Mandy.

"You asleep?" he asked quietly.

She pretended to be out cold as he asked her several more times getting louder each time. He leaned forward and gently smacked the side of her face to see if he got any response.

He looked at her as she lay still and his mind started going into overdrive, he went to the window and looked out before going to the front door and turning the key to lock it. He then went to the foot of the stairs and called out, "HELLO? ANYBODY THERE?" Confident that the house was empty he went back over to Mandy and stood in front of her, she looked so sexy and Walter was getting turned as he realised that he could probably touch her and she wouldn't have a clue.

He had been watching her every day for several months now only being able to look but not touch. This was surely too good an opportunity to miss, "maybe just a little touch, she won't know," he thought to himself.

Terrified that she might wake up he knelt beside her and placed his greasy little hand carefully on her shoulder to give her a shake. He looked along her seemingly unconcious body getting very excited at the prospect of touching the beautiful young 20 year old and getting away with it.

He again glanced left and right over his shoulders nervously checking that he was alone, one more time he called out, "HELLO!......HELLO!" There was of course no answer and, more importantly, no response from her, she didn't move a muscle.

He was as confident as he could be that it was safe to proceed, he had to take the chance this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

With his hand still on her shoulder he watched her eyes for any sign that she might waken as he began to move it down over her silk blouse. He began to tremble with excitement as he started to climb the steep slope of her breast. The feeling was out of this world as his hand slowly roamed over her huge silk covered tit until soon it was resting on top.

Unbelievably this was the first time he had touched a woman in this way in his entire 58 years. After a momentary pause to check that she was still sleeping he gave it a gentle squeeze, his entire body trembled excitedly as he started to massage it, squeezing harder and harder amazed at the firmness and size of it.

Mandy lay there motionless, she had been convinced that Walter the weasel wasn't like the others and would never have touched her. She began to realise however that all these dirty old men were the same, "oh my God every man I meet must be having the same thoughts about me," she thought to herself.

Meanwhile in the cupboard George was overjoyed to see this pathetic little weasel making the most of his opportunity and his cock was pleading for attention.

"Oh my God," whispered Walter under his breath as he took her other tit in his other hand and began feeling it too, "they're incredible." His little dick was rock hard in his trousers at the excitement of feeling this young womans large and surprisingly firm tits, deep down he knew it was wrong but simply couldn't resist the unbearable temtation.

He looked along her body at the shortness of her skirt and, wanting to make the most of this chance, dragged his hands from her tits and felt his way along the sides of her body until he reached the tops of her thighs. He stopped as he felt the outline of her suspenders through the tight material of her skirt. He seemed to make some sort of pathetic whimpering sound of delight as he spread his hands out and rubbed them up and down feeling the tightness of her skirt over her thighs. He moved lower and lower until he was touching the silky smooth nylon of her stockings.

He stopped to check that she was still asleep and, happy that she was, he parted her knees several inches and held his breath as he raised her skirt and peered up it into the darkness. He was nervous but the urge to have a feel up there was overwhelming, and so very carefully he began to run his hand along her inner thigh.

As it went higher he licked his lips as he came to the bare skin above her stocking tops, the hairs on the back of his hand stood up as he felt the warmth radiating from above. He was beyond the point of no return now and he moved higher inch by inch until he suddenly found his path was blocked.

He knew the warm softness he was touching was the crotch of her panties, and as he pressed his fingers against it he realised he was pushing them into the folds of her lovely moist cunt.

Walter was so aroused by what he was doing, he had dreamt of this for such a long time that he couldn't stop now even if he wanted to.

As she lay there with her eyes closed Mandy found herself getting turned on by the mysterious wandering hands. With his fingers fumbling and poking at her cunt she couldn't stop her juices from starting to flow getting her crotch wetter and wetter.

Walter let out a long sigh as he teased her panty crotch to one side and his finger tips touched her wet pussy lips. For a short while he just ran his fingers up and down the length of her slit amazed at how wet it was getting. Unable to control the temptation he wormed a finger upwards and felt it start to slip inside. Without realising what she was doing Mandy let out a quiet moan, it was just turning her on so much.

Startled by this Walter quickly pulled his hand from under her skirt and just knelt there frozen to the spot. Thinking that she had blown it she acted as if she was dreaming and rolled herself onto her side, she let out a long sigh and then lay still and silent appearing to be sound asleep.

She was now laying with her back to him and her knees drawn up slightly which caused her ass to stick out over the edge of the sofa. Walter stayed motionless for a good minute or two until he was sure she was still out cold.

"Oooh that ass," he thought as he looked at it in the tight skirt pointing towards him. Only a few hours earlier he had been looking at it wishing he could touch it. But now he could do better than that, without even thinking he instinctively leaned forward with his mouth wide open and locked it over one of her lovely round cheeks. This was an ass that had always been crying out to be bitten like a ripe piece of fruit.

"Mmmmmmmmm," he moaned as he bit down gently, his hands wandering all over it feeling the tight smoothness of her skirt as it stretched around her.

After a few minutes he straightened himself up and gazed in wonderment at the incredible Mandy, still not quite able to believe his luck.

As he grew more in confidence and the unbearable hardness of his cock overwhelmed him he decided to throw caution to the wind and, with some effort, he tugged the tight skirt up and over her hips. The sight of her two beautiful ass cheeks thrusting out towards him with the black lace triangle of her thong emerging out from between them was just incredible.

He couldn't control his urges and hoped she wouldn't wake up as he grabbed her ass with both hands and started groping at the firm rounded flesh. He pressed his face against it and kissed and licked all over her gorgeous cheeks while his hands roamed over the full length of her stocking clad legs.

His lust was out of control and he needed to relieve his dribbling cock without delay before he spontaneously came in his underpants.

He got to his feet and pulled his trousers and underpants down revealing his tiny, but incredibly hard, cock. The idea was that he would just wank himself off but as he dropped back to his knees he saw his cock was pointing straight at the crevice between her ass cheeks. He wrestled with the thoughts in his head for a few moments knowing it was wrong but at the same time not wanting to waste this once in a lifetime chance.

"Oh sod it!" he thought, and pulled the thong from the crack of her ass and pressed his rigid little tool against her tight little asshole. There was no way he could stop now, and so, lubricated with loads of pre-cum, he slowly started to push his cock forwards.

As he forced it into her he found the firm grip it had all around his sensitive cock was too much, he struggled to hold back the intense pressure of his spunk aching for release.

Instantly he started pummeling into her groaning with pleasure, the tightness of her asshole around his wet cock felt out of this world. He wasn't going to last more than a few seconds as he reached over her sleeping body and grabbed at her tits with one hand, and with the other lifted her ass cheek up to watch his cock going in right up to his balls.

Ramming it into her over and over he could stand it no more and with the force of a cannon his cock exploded, shooting spunk up her ass. His entire body jerked and twitched uncontrollably, his fingers sunk deep into the flesh of her tits and ass as his balls seemed to endlessly produce more and more of the stuff filling her up until it was oozing out of the sides. Unable to hold himself up under the intense pleasure his body slumped over hers as he emptied the remaining drops into her. With his heart pounding like a drum and struggling to catch his breath his twitching cock slipped from her ass as he sat back on his heels exhausted.

That was a first for Mandy too, she had never taken it anal before but she found she quite enjoyed it. Still pretending to sleep she could feel his spunk running out of her asshole and down over her cheek.

After a few minutes Walter very carefully moved her onto her back with the intention of leaving her in the same position she was in when she fell asleep. Once he had done this he was about to pull her skirt back down and pull his trousers back up to leave fearing that he had gone as far as he dare and didn't want to push his luck.

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