tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 10

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 10


As she got herself ready for work Mandy saw something on the bedroom floor. On closer inspection she realised it was the keys to Georges house, she must have dropped them there when she pulled them from his pocket.

She picked them up and stuffed them into her bag delighted at the possibilities that this piece of good fortune could bring. Aware that as soon as he got home and found himself without any keys he would be coming straight back, Mandy hurriedly finished dressing and set off for work.

As she walked along the street she was subjected to the usual barrage of lustful gazes from every man she passed. Some would just smile at her slightly embarrassed at being caught out while others just blatantly stared at her massive tits as they bounced and jiggled with every step.

She wore a tight fitting pair of cream trousers that clung to her ass and thighs as if they had been painted on, from the knee down they flared outwards covering her high heeled shoes. The faint black pinstripe in them emphasized the incredibly sexy shape of her gorgeous ass, her outward thrusting cheeks looked silky smooth thanks to the tiny white lace thong she wore underneath.

On top she wore a cream turtle neck sweater that fitted her perfectly, making her 34Fs look such an irresistable temption as always to all that cast their eyes over them.

As she arrived at work her phone in her handbag rang. It was her mother telling her that they had just got back from their weekend away to find an old man trying to break into the house. They had called the police and he had been arrested and taken to the police station.

Mandy knew straight away that it was George, he must have been trying to get in to find his house key. Nothing more was said and so Mandy was quietly confident that the old boy can't have said anything about the two of them. Unable to do anything about it she decided to put it out of her mind and settle into her day at work.

She spent the morning trying to avoid Walter, this was proving to be an impossibility as he took every chance he could to walk past her. Each time brushing his hand across her ass or whispering disgusting comments in her ear.

He had been looking forward to seeing her all weekend, excited at the prospect of picking up where they had left off. As the morning wore on however he was confused by her lack of interest and her apparent attempts to completely ignore him.

This didn't dampen his spirits though, or the constant stirring in his loins. He couldn't take his eyes off her all morning, her ass in the tight cream trousers looked so incredible, and as for her mammoth tits inside the clingy sweater... well they were just to die for.

Just before lunch a package arrived for Walter that had been hand delivered to the front desk. He was confused on opening it to find a video tape inside but no note saying what it was or who it was from.

As Mandy saw him pull it from the envelope her heart sank, she knew straight away what it was. It must have been Teds idea of fun but Mandy wasn't laughing. She watched Walter put it away inside his desk drawer somewhat puzzled, he would have to wait until he got home for the mystery to be revealed.

As lunchtime came and everybody left Mandy watched to see if Walter was going to the tea room as usual. She would use the opportunity to steal the tape from his desk drawer to avoid him ever knowing what was on it.

He didn't go to the tea room however, instead he took the tape from the drawer grabbed his car keys and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" called Mandy.

"Uh?" replied Walter somewhat surprised as this was the first time she had spoken to him all day. "I...I'm off home to see what this is," he said holding up the tape.

"Oh, I...erm I thought you might want to spend your lunch break with me in the, erm, tea room," she blurted out without thinking. She knew she had to stop him watching that tape and this was the only way she could think of to do it.

"Well, I didn't think you were talking to me," replied the creepy little weasel as he approached her.

Before he got too near she turned and went through to the tea room, she could feel the old perverts eyes burning holes in her ass cheeks as she quickly walked.

His cock was as stiff as a board and he was in desperate need of relief having spent the entire morning watching her, lusting after her, tortured by the desperate need to touch and feel that incredible body.

As she approached the sink he was on her in an instant, causing her to grab onto it for support. She felt his foul breath on her neck as one hand went around her waist and the other felt and groped all over her ass.

"Ooh I knew you wanted it," said the deluded little pervert, the excitement obvious from his heavy breathing.

"O....of course I did," she lied as she tried to pretend to not mind the disgusting little weasels molesting of her.

He was in heaven as he felt and squeezed her cheeks through the silky smooth tightness of her trousers. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his own trousers and underpants to the floor, all the time licking and kissing up and down her neck. His excitement was already beyond control.

"Ooh yes yes your fuckin' ass has been driving me mad, you're such a horny little cock teaser," he mumbled in her ear.

She felt sick and held onto the edge of the sink as he now unbuttoned her trousers and slid the zipper down. They were so tight that he had to hook his thumbs in the waistband and force them down, as he did her lovely firm round cheeks seemed to pop out into view. He stopped and took in the incredible sight before him, the trousers were pushed down and stretched around the tops of her thighs making it impossible for her to spread her feet more than just a few inches apart. Her rounded ass cheeks were fully exposed thrusting out above the waistband, the tiny white lace triangle of her thong emerging from between them at the very top.

He couldn't help himself, this was impossible for any man to resist as he hooked his finger under the back of her thong and lifted it out from her ass crack and moved it aside. He groped and squeezed the firm meaty cheeks of this incredible ass that he had been drooling over all morning then with his thumbs he pulled them apart exposing her puckered little pink asshole.

"Ooh lovely," he whispered as he offered his desperately stiff little cock up against it. As soon as the tip of it touched her it jerked and oozed the watery liquid that had been seeping from it all morning.

The pre-cum now coating it made it easier as he started to push himself in, the feeling for the pathetic little weasel was one of complete and total pleasure. As he went in deeper he couldn't believe the incredibly tight grip her asshole had on his rock hard tool.

Mandy just hung on tight to the sink as she felt the strange sensation of her ass being invaded in this way.

"Ooh what a fuckin' gorgeous ass," he groaned as he forced himself in all the way up to his balls, "ooh yeah, you love it don't you?"

She simply nodded her head as he released her cheeks from his grip and began ramming his cock in and out getting faster and faster each time.

"God that feels good!" he moaned as one hand went up under her sweater and mauled at her huge tits, while the other worked its way inside the top of her lace thong and through her soft pubic hair towards her cunt.

Mandy had no choice other than to let him use her body this way no matter how disgusting and repulsive she found it. Clinging to her like his life depended on it he kept bucking his cock into her asshole, her cheeks bouncing and wobbling every time he slammed against her.

His fingers now delved deep into her moist slit and he stirred them around inside getting her wetter and wetter. Releasing her tits from the other hand he reached up and grabbed her lovely soft blonde hair pulling her head back onto his shoulder. Constantly muttering disgusting things in her ear he licked the side of her face, then suddenly, he pulled his fingers from her cunt and brought them, soaking wet with her juices to her mouth.

"Ooh taste it, go on suck them," he pleaded as he forced them into her mouth, "ooh yeah you love to taste your lovely cunt juice don't you!"

As she began to suck and lick his fingers clean he could hold back no more, the tightness of her asshole constricting his cock sent him over the edge.

"AAARGH YES!!!" he cried, " I'M COMING OH GOD I'M COMING!!!" With that his balls errupted firing spunk up through his cock and into her ass.

He looked down at himself pumping into her, the sight of his cock thrusting between her cheeks was just incredible.

"Ooh what a gorgeous fuckin' ass," he moaned, "ooh yeah what a fuckin' gorgeous meaty piece of fuckin' ass!"

As he continued to pump the remainder of his spunk into her he released her from his vice like grip and grabbed her ass cheeks lifting them up and apart until he had completly emptied himself.

As he stepped back his weedy little cock slithered out of her like a tiny snake, "thank's for that," he said as he slapped her hard across the ass.

She said nothing and just pulled her trousers back up and stepped to one side allowing him to lean on the sink while he did the same.

"Give me 5 minutes and we I'll be ready to go again," he said with a dirty grin on his face.

"I don't think so," Mandy replied as she went to leave the room.

"Right be like that then, I'm off to see what this tape is," he said looking at his watch and seeing that he still had 45 minutes of his lunch hour left.

Mandy suddenly realised that she still had to keep him occupied to give her chance to get the tape from him before he went home that evening.

She stopped and closed the door before turning to the little 58 year old weasel sat there still catching his breath. She hated the filthy little creep, no girl in their right mind would ever even look at such a pathetic little pervert. As for the thoughts that went through his mind, well how dare he, guys like him were not worthy of even talking to girls like her let alone anything else! Yet she had to do what had to be done and if that meant blowing his deluded little ego out of all proportion then so be it.

"When I said I don't think so, I meant I don't think I can wait another 5 minutes," she said keeping up the pretence.

She looked at Walter and saw a huge smile come back to his face. He was vile and disgusting, such an insignificant pathetic little runt of a man, but she had to stop him leaving.

His eyes seemed to bulge from his head as he watched her cross the room towards him. Placing one hand on the back of his chair she leaned over bringing her face to his all the while keeping her legs locked straight. She placed her mouth over his and proceeded to give him the most sensual long and lingering kiss he had ever experienced.

His cock grew hard in an instant as he held her beautiful young face gently in his hands, as the kiss went on he moaned and couldn't resist slipping his tongue inside her mouth and wrapping it around hers.

Letting one hand slip from her face he reached along under her body and took hold of one of her magnificent tits hanging beneath her. He lifted his hand higher to take its weight, it felt so incredibly huge and heavy as he began to feel it all over through the tight sweater.

Still her mouth was locked onto his as he felt her hand begin to unzip his trousers. All he could do was sit there wallowing in the treatment he was receiving from the gorgeous 20 year old.

He drew in a deep breath as he felt her hand go inside his trousers and start to carress his cock and balls through his grubby old soiled underpants.

Slipping his hand around the back of her head through her lovely blonde hair he pulled her face tighter to his as he grew more excited, his tongue now ravishing her mouth deep inside. His other hand squeezing and mauling at both of her huge swaying tits as they hung beneath her.

Mandy unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers wide before taking the elastic top of his underpants and lifting it over his cock and down below his balls leaving him fully exposed.

Walter started to drag her sweater up her body in an attempt to uncover her tits. Sensing what he was doing Mandy straightened herself up and pulled it off over her head bringing her huge meaty breasts encased in a white half cup bra into view.

He just watched in total awe as she knelt between his legs and, taking his stiff little member in her hand, placed it beneath her tits behind the front clasp of her bra and slowly lowered herself down. Walter drew a deep breath at the sensation of his cock being stuffed between her huge tits held tightly together by the bra. As the tip of his cock appeared in her deep cleavage he couldn't resist reaching out with both hands and taking hold of each bra encased breast and squashing them harder around his cock.

"Oooh fuckin' hell!" he sighed as he started pumping his cock up and down, "such beautiful fuckin' tits."

"Mmmmm," replied Mandy, "why don't you come all over them."

He didn't need telling twice as his pumping got faster and faster, it was such a dream to have his frustrated little cock tightly squeezed between the two most incredible tits he had ever seen.

His excitement grew more and more the faster he got groping and squeezing her tits as they suffocated his throbbing little cock. He knew he couldn't stand it much more and fucked her gorgeous firm young tits like a perverted little maniac.

"Ooh yeah you dirty slut!" he cried, "you love my cock don't you! You want me to spunk all over your fuckin' great big tits? Eh? Is that what you want?" He was now red faced and sweating like a pig as he gripped them tighter in his hands and fucked into them harder and harder.

"Ooh yes please," she said in a teasing girly way.

"Oh fuckin' hell I'm gonna spunk all over you!" he cried as he tugged the white lace shoulder straps of her bra down off her shoulders and reached inside the cups to scoop her tits out.

She raised herself up and took his cock out from behind the clasp, with her tits out on full display he reached forward and pinched her nipples hard, she lowered them onto his lap either side of his rock hard little dick.

He was so excited and desperately wanted to blow his load he knew he couldn't hold out much longer. It became even harder when he felt her hand reach under her tits and gently cup his swollen balls. She then brought her other hand up over her tits and reaching down between them she wrapped her fingers around his throbbing hard tool and began to wank him off.

"Oooooh yes yes!" he cried as he grabbed either side if his seat for support, his entire body jerking and twitching uncontrollably.

He looked down into her eyes as she looked straight back into his, she was just so beautiful.

She teasingly ran her tongue around her lips as she continued wanking his little cock, then whispered, "come! Oooh come all over my lovely big tits." She followed with a long sigh as suddenly a huge rope of spunk shot in the air hitting her in the face and landing all across her tits. Walter let out a cry as this was instantly followed by another, then another.

She pumped more and more of the filthy stuff from him rubbing the end of his cock all over her tits smearing his spunk all over them. Walter felt so instantly satisfied at releasing such a massive load from his long suffering balls.

"Mmmmmmmmm," he groaned as the final drops pumped from his swollen purple end. The sight of his spunk smothered over her tits and face was so incredible to see that, along with the overwhelming sexual satisfaction, he also felt so proud of his achievement.

Slumped in his chair he just watched as Mandy took a towel from by the sink and mopped herself clean. She dressed herself and without a word turned and left the room, Walter couldn't help but watch her sexy ass as she went.

Throughout that afternoon Mandy was aware that she had to get that tape off him and time was running out. She was equally aware that George was in police custody and she had the key to his house, an ideal opportunity perhaps to finally get those blasted tapes from him.

Having managed to avoid Walter the weasel for the entire afternoon time had come to go home. Suddenly Mandy realised that she had one last chance to get the tape from him while at the same time sorting out the George situation.

As Walter left he saw Mandy waiting by his car, instantly his blood started pumping faster and his cock seemed to awaken.

"I wondered if you would give me a lift home," asked Mandy, knowing full well that Walter would take her to Georges as that's where he took her the other day. Obviously he was more than delighted to do as she asked.

As they drove along Walter grew more excited at the prospect of what may happen once they got there. The stupid little runt of a man honestly started to believe that she found him irresistible and that she must, of course, want him to fuck her.

As they arrived the house was in darkness, this was a good start for Mandy as George was obviously still being detained by the police and she knew this was her big chance to get the tapes.

Walter stood by the car unsure what he should do. He watched her walk down the path to the front door, her ass in the tight cream trousers looked just so irresistible, and the way her tight sweater hugged her narrow waste emphasized her shapely hips even more.

Even though he had used her gorgeous body twice that day he wanted more, she looked incredible, the stuff of his wildest fantasies and the little old weasel simply couldn't get enough of her. When mandy turned to him he moved his gaze from her ass to the front of her sweater straining to contain her gorgeous huge tits.

"Would you like to come in for five minutes, you can bring that tape if you like and we can have a look to see what's on it."

She let herself in as Walter followed, he could see they had the house to themselves and he couldn't wait to close the door and get his hands on her.

She knew what had to be done, she had to give him what he wanted, get the tape from him and then get him out. Then she could finally get Georges tapes and release his hold on her.

She turned to Walter and took the tape from him, "let me take that," she said as she threw it across the room.

Placing her hand against his chest she pushed him back causing him to sit down on the sofa. Without taking his greedy eyes off her he quickly undid his trousers and kicked them off together with his underpants. Next he hurriedly removed his shirt and tie and threw them on the floor with the rest of his things. She looked at the disgusting little creep waiting expectantly with his stiff cock already weeping smelly pre-cum from its tip.

She unhooked the waste of her trousers and slipped them down and off her legs leaving them in a bunch on the floor. Next she lifted her sweater off and over her head, standing there in her matching lace bra and thong she looked incredible.

After a moments pause she turned, picked up the video tape and put it in the player. Instead of playing it though she pressed the record button and started to wipe it. She knew he was so engrossed in looking at her ass as she bent over that he wouldn't notice what she was doing.

She was right, he couldn't take his eyes off the thin strip of white material between her lovely round ass cheeks that covered her cunt. All he could think of was how much he wanted to get his aching cock in there.

As she turned back to him she unhooked her bra at the back and let it slid down her arms and onto the floor. Her tits didn't seem to drop at all, in fact Walter thought how they looked even bigger now they were completely free. As she took the few steps towards him he was mesmerized by the way they gently rocked from side to side.

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