An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 10


"Ooooh yes yes," he whispered as she got closer. God she was such a dream come true for the dirty little pervert that he couldn't wait any longer.

He reached out and, taking her hand, pulled her down onto the sofa next to him. He was instantly on her like a rash, kissing and licking, feeling and groping her all over. As he sucked and chewed on her magnificent naked tits his hand went down between her legs and he pushed the crotch of her panties into her now wet cunt.

As he fingered her juicy slit her panties got wetter and wetter. Suddenly he pulled his fingers from inside her and, with a little assistance from her, tugged her panties down her legs and off.

Feeling so excited and dirty the little weasel brought them up to her face and stretched them across her mouth. Before she knew what was happening he locked his mouth over hers with the panties sandwiched between them. He moaned and groaned as he pushed them into her mouth with his tongue, they could both taste the juices of her cunt all over them.

Mandy found it all such a dirty thing to do but couldn't help getting turned on by it. She parted her legs slightly to allow Walter to climb between them, and within a matter of seconds he was driving his hard cock into her soaking wet cunt with incredible enthusiasm.

He locked his arms straight and looked down at the amazing sight beneath him. Her naked body was out of this world, and just the sight of his cock buried deep inside her gorgeous young cunt was too much.

Sensing he was near to climax Mandy took the panties, opened them out and licked her tongue along the crotch.

"Mmmmmm I can taste my cunt all over them," she said.

That was it for walter he couldn't hold back a second longer. "Oh you dirty bitch!" he cried, "you dirty fuckin' bitch! I'm coming AAAAARGH!!! I'M COMING IN YOUR FUCKIN' CUNT!!! YES! YES!"

With that his cock exploded inside her, over and over again he spewed more and more spunk into her lovely juicy cunt. With sweat pouring from him he continued to empty the foul stuff inside her until he ran out of energy and collapsed on top of her.

Without too much effort Mandy pushed him off and he rolled off the sofa and onto the floor.

"Quickly get dressed!" she suddenly cried, " my boyfriend will be here in a minute, if he finds you here he'll kill you!" It was all a fib of course, it wasn't even her house, but it worked before in getting rid of George and Ted and it seemed to work again.

In a blind panic the pathetic little runt threw his clothes on amidst cries of "HURRY HURRY," from Mandy. In no time at all the terrified little weasel was out of the door and away, Mandy stood with her back to the door and breathed a sigh of relief, "wow that was easy," she thought.

After dressing herself she set about finding Georges tapes. Despite his clever, "you'll never find them," routine, she found them very easily, the idiot had only written her name on the front of each one.

Next she took Walters tape from the machine and bundled them all into a carrier bag.

As she made her way home she knew that the only tapes left were Teds. She hadn't seen him for a while which was strange as she thought he surely would have never left her alone.

On arriving home she decided to grab the bull by the horns and go and confront him. As soon as she knocked on his door she became very nervous. After a few moments the door opened and Ted was standing there, a smile came across his fat face.

"Come in, come in," he said, stepping to one side to allow her through. As she walked in he couldn't resist slapping her cheeky ass and then grabbing it roughly in his fat sweaty hand. She turned and, swatting his hand away, told him to stop.

She decided to bend the truth about George and told him that she had gone to the police over the tapes and he had been arrested. She told him that if he gave her his copies then that would be it and she would spare him from the same.

The dirty fat old pig of a man looked her up and down and licked his lips.

"My my that sweater's nice and tight.....not as tight as them fuckin' trousers mind you," he said menacingly. "How about a deal?" he asked, "I'll give you the tapes....if you give me one more go."

Before she could even answer he pushed her up against the wall and started slobbering all over her face. His body odour was foul which made Mandy feel sick but she wasn't strong enough to push his huge bulk off her. His hands were everywhere, feeling her ass, rubbing her crotch and up her sweater groping her big tits. Reluctantly Mandy found this treatment exciting and in no time at all her juices started to flow.

With no resistance she allowed him to drag her up the stairs and into his bedroom. As he pulled all of his clothes off she knew she had better do the same. Standing there naked she watched him drag his fat smelly body onto the bed and collapse onto his back.

"Come on then," he said holding out his arms to her.

He was disgusting but the beautiful 20 year old was full of hope that this would be the last time. As she approached the bed he grabbed her arm and pulled her on top of him instantly grabbing the top of her thighs and pulling her legs down either side of his waste.

With his hard cock just inched away and pointing straight at her open cunt he suddenly paused a moment. He looked her straight in the eyes and ran his hands softly up and down her bare back and then out and over her ass cheeks. He squeezed and felt their firm roundness as he looked down at her huge tits squashed against his chest.

"Oooooh yes," he whispered and then suddenly bucked his hips and held her tight as he drove his cock deep into her as far as it would go.

Mandy could hardly catch her breath as he instantly turned back into an animal fucking her cunt as hard as he could. She raised herself off him slightly giving him a better angle to go in deeper. With her massive firm tits hanging over his face he grabbed them hard and squashed them together stuffing as much into his mouth as he could.

As he sucked and chewed on her nipples Mandy could feel an orgasm stirring inside her. "Suck them you dirty fat bastard," she cried, "suck them hard." She ground herself down hard on his cock while rubbing her tits all over his greedy sweaty face. She could feel the orgasm welling up inside her and let out an almighty cry as torrents of fluid poured from her cunt all over Teds cock.

With Mandy now in full orgasm Ted too was unable to hold out and his ramming cock instantly burst load after load of spunk deep into her. He dragged her face down to his and forced his horrible wet tongue into her mouth. Kissing and slobbering like a pig he moaned and groaned as he emptied his final drops of filthy spunk into her throbbing young cunt.

After a few moments he fell limp beneath her and she carefully climbed off. As she stood up she felt the mixture of Ted and Walters spunk dribble down the inside of her leg.

Feeling fully satisfied she dressed herself and asked Ted for his tapes. He simple clasped his hands behind his head as he lay there and started to laugh.

"There's just one problem with that," he said.

"What's that?"

"Well you know you haven't seen me for a while."


"Well I've been rather busy, I mean you can have my copies if you like, but........ I don't know how you're going to get back the hundred or more copies that I've sold to other people."

"What?!" she cried.

Completely embarrassed and unsure how she felt Mandy turned and ran from the house the sound of Teds laughter ringing in her ears.

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