tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 13

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 13


With the second video now in the bag Ted found he could now start to satisfy the increasing demands of his customers. Every single person that had bought the first tape had snapped up the second within a matter of days, Ted knew he was sitting on a potential goldmine. The only problem was however convincing Mandy that she should return to the care home for more antics.

Unfortunately for Ted she seemed somehow to be getting stronger and less willing to do as she was told. He needed to assert himself and apply some pressure to make it clear that he was in charge and whatever he says goes!

Unfortunately the threat of her parents seeing the video seemed to have less and less affect, he had to do something to bring her back into line. He decided that maybe if her mother saw then that might be enough as she would then believe that he would also show her father, him seeing it was something that he knew she really didn't want to happen. What Ted didn't expect what was what actually did happen..........

Her mother was called Alison, and at the age of only 39 she had obviously had Mandy very young. She was a real looker, an extremely attractive woman and quite obviously the source of Mandys stunning good looks. She had the same shoulder length natural blonde hair as her daughter and undoubtedly when she was younger the same amazing figure.

Although she was now a little overweight it did nothing to reduce her sex appeal, in fact some might say it only served to heighten it. She was an incredibly buxom and shapely woman, with amazing exaggerated curves that went in and out at all the right places.

Her breasts were easily the first thing anyone would notice about her, an astounding 40HH. She would always have keep them held firm in well fitted top quality bras to avoid too much back strain. She narrowed proportionately at the middle and, although her waist carried a few more pounds than she would have liked, it looked good. Then there was her ass, and oh my God what an ass! The same outward thrusting cheeks as her daughter only bigger, it was definately a part of her anatomy that had suffered years of grabbing pinching and groping by men who, for whatever reason, found it impossible to keep their hands to themselves.

Unbeknown to Ted however the reason for Mandys new found bravery was that the day following Bernards funeral she had actually confided in her mother. The stress of it all, together with the constant threat that she would find out anyway, all proved too much for the 20 year old and so she decided to tell her everything, the blackmail, the videos, everything.

After some initial anger and disbelief Alison understood the fix her daughter must have found herself in and soon did as any mother would, she hugged her and told her not to worry as she would sort something out. They did agree on one thing however, there was no way her father could ever find out, there was no knowing what it would do to him or how he would react.

Having decided to show her mother the tapes Ted waited until he knew Mandys father would be out, his intention was to just give them to her and leave, a sort of, "light the blue touch paper and retire," approach. Although he found her incredibly sexy and had often fantasized about getting his hands on her voluptuous body, he knew she wouldn't be the pushover her daughter was and he knew it was far too risky to try anything. He was obviously mindful of the fact that, right back at the start of all this, it was her that had had him arrested and charged for harassing her daughter.

It was very early on a saturday morning and Mandy would, without a doubt, still be sound asleep in bed and her father was already out for his regular weekend game of golf. He knew her mother worked alternate saturdays on the cosmetics counter at a large department store in town, and so he called early to be sure and catch her before she left.

Ted called around with a copy of the tape in hand, he couldn't help but feel strangely nervous as he knocked on the door and waited for her to answer.

When she came to the door he was momentarily taken aback by how immaculate she looked in her work uniform. He handed her the tape and told her, as menacingly as he could, to just watch it and she would see a side to her daughter that she didn't know existed.

She looked up and down the potbellied dirty old man with some disgust, she had this way of making him feel small and insignificant, looking at him as if he was something she had just scraped from the sole of her shoe.

She took it from him, of course already aware of what was on it, and asked him to come in as there was something she wanted to discuss with him. As she turned to walk to the lounge he raised his eyebrows in recognition of just how incredibly sexy she looked.

Her uniform was one of those crisp white one piece outfits that seems to be obligatory for anyone working in the beauty and make-up section of a large department store. It had a V-neck front and buttons that went the full length to where it finished just above the knee. Old Ted, being the pervert he was, had already noticed her gigantic chest and the way the uniform seemed to accommodate it nicely.

As she walked through to the lounge he got a good long look at her beautiful big ass, its shape ever more exaggerated by the two darts in the back of the uniform that pulled it in tight at the waist.

As the dirty old pervert followed her in he quickly and discreetly adjusted his trousers so as to try and hide his usual problem, the rapid swelling of his cock.

"I don't need to watch this," she said turning to face him, "I already know whats on it."

He was a little confused by this and asked her how she could possibly know.

She then went on to explain how her daughter had told her everything and that if it didn't cease right here and now then she would tell Mandys father, who would then inform the police.

Always one step ahead, Ted told her, "fine, tell him see if I care, you see I'm not on any of the tapes and so I could just say that I bought it and realised that, to my surprise, it was his precious daughter on them."

All the while they're talking, Alison is aware of the way he's looking at her, like a hungry man eyeing up a juicy steak. Like her daughter she had grown used to being looked at in this way, she had suffered a lifetime of it and had long since learned to accept it.

Standing there in a sweaty old t-shirt with his potbelly hanging over the top of his grubby trousers she could see the dirty thoughts going through his head. He had obviously just got out of bed and thrown on the first clothes that he found, his fat chin was covered in stubble and his greasy grey hair, (what there was of it) was all over the place.

"Well we will just have to see then, I just wouldn't want to be in your shoes when he finds out," she told him in a stern tone, trying to concentrate on the conversation and ignore his looks.

She was getting ever more uncomfortable at the way he was looking at her, his eyes spending far more time ogling her tits than looking at her face. "Right," she said, "well, I have to get off to work shortly so you had better just think about what I've said!"

As she walked around him to show him back to the door he grabbed her by the arm and whispered into her ear.

"All I need to do is give those old men at the home this address and they would be out there camping on your doorstep."

She froze, this was his trump card, he could see that he now had her full attention. "Then I could send it out to everyone who bought the video too, just think what a nightmare that could turn out to be," he told her with a nasty grin on his fat sweaty face.

She thought for a moment, unsure of what to say or how to deal with this new threat. As the dirty flabby old pervert breathed heavily into her ear he looked down her incredibly voluptuous body, he so badly wanted to feel the weight of those gargantuan tits and the plumpness of her ass, but was still far too worried how she might react.

She, of course, knew exactly what this horrible smelly old man was thinking, she was fully aware of the fascination men had with her oversized chest. She also knew that she had one other option, one thing she could do to save her daughter from any more of this torment........

The more he looked her over, the more the temptation grew and grew inside him. One moment he would be staring at her unbelievably huge tits, then the next he would look down her back at the mouth watering shape of her gorgeous big ass. With the intoxicating scent off her expensive perfume filling the air all around him, every second that passed meant that he was getting closer and closer to throwing caution to the wind and just taking her there and then.

Then, as his lust for her became almost unbearable, came the words he thought he would never in his wildest dreams hear her say.

"I...I know I'm not Mandy, but maybe I could...you know....persuade you to....you know.....spare her." Her voice trembled a little as her self-confidence seemed to be rapidly slipping away. Had he understood her right? was she offering herself to him as some sort of sacrifice?

She was right, she wasn't Mandy, how could she be, the 20 year old was in a league all of her own, she was just about as gorgeous and sexy as a woman could get. But what this extremely curvaceous 39 year old beauty had was just as good, pure sex appeal, more tit and ass than any man could ever dream of, she was just so much woman for one man to feast on, even a greedy sex starved old pervert like Ted.

Unsure if he understood her properly the disgusting 61 year old slackened his grip on her arm and waited to see what she would do. He couldn't take his eyes off her in the tight fitting white uniform, she had given him such a hard-on, he so desperately hoped his instincts were right, he wanted her so badly it was driving him crazy.

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" he asked her, his mouth now watering profusely.

Still standing side on to him and without saying a word she brought her hands up to undo the top three buttons of her uniform, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife. Ted looked down at the massive lace trimmed cleavage that had now appeared, he took a huge gulp as he felt his hard cock start to pulsate and throb in his underpants. This was too much, his head was spinning, he so desperately needed that gorgeous fucking body standing right in front of him. The final confirmation that this was an invitation came as he watched her bite on her lower lip as she closed her eyes, she just stood there as if waiting without moving or saying a word.

He couldn't control his need anymore and slipped his hands around her waist and, half expecting her to ask him what he thought he was doing, pulled her tight to him. He let out a long heavy sigh as his desperately hard cock gained some relief from being pressed against her hip. He leaned forward and gently kissed her on the neck, she said and did nothing, he now knew she was his. The feel of her body in the smooth crisp white uniform caused his excitement to grow as he tentatively lowered his hand down over her hip before slowly dragging it across her lovely big round ass. Still she did nothing , and with his hand in place he, at long last, gave it a much needed squeeze.

It felt so good to finally have this incredibly sexy ass in his hand and he wasted no time in having a good feel of its tremendous shape, going from one cheek to the other groping it all over.

"Ooh what a gorgeous big ass you've got," he whispered, unable to resist licking her ear with his slobbering tongue.

Still she didn't respond, even when he spread his hand wide and squeezed her ass so tight that her cheeks bulged out between his open fingers. He now knew he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted and the sight of her cleavage thrusting out from her opened uniform was just too tempting for words.

Alison was filled with disgust as the dirty old man slipped his hand into the tight gap between her uniform and her bra. "Oh yes!" he groaned as he began to feel up one of her tits covered by one of the monsterous lace cups. His mouth watered as he undid a further two buttons and opened her uniform up, spreading it apart until the full white lace bra containing her incredible tits was out on full display.

He couldn't help himself, even if she now objected there was no way he could resist as he raised a hand to grab them, he groped and squeezed them all over, kneading them with his clawing fingers. Before long his hand had found its way inside and scooped one of the monsters out from its confines, he lifted the weighty thing upwards and brought it to his mouth. As he sucked and chewed on it her nipple grew and hardened in his mouth, "mmmmm you love it don't you, I always knew you were a dirty slut," he groaned.

All the while one hand was playing with her incredible tits the other was still mauling her ass. But Carol was more aware of something else, his cock rubbing up and down against her hip. She knew what had to be done and decided there was no point in putting off the inevitable, she had to just get on with it.

Ted couldn't believe what happened next, he let out a long deep sigh as she unhooked the front of his trousers and slipped her hand down inside the top of his dirty old underpants. "Ooooh yesssss, ooooh fuck yesssss!" he hissed as he felt her soft fingers gently wrap themselves around his aching erection.

Instantly he started humping her hand as she massaged it with a firm grip. Making the most of the freedom she had given him to grope her body he continued squeezing her huge tits and ass. Kneading the gorgeous and ample flesh with his grubby hands. With his excitement reaching fever pitch he knew he couldn't last much longer.

The feel of her hand around his cock was bringing it to boiling point, he had to have more, he couldn't let this opportunity slip by, he wanted to fuck that cock teasing body of hers with every last breath he had, he wanted to fill her cunt with his spunk, he could control the urge no more.

Now sweating and desperate the dirty old pig turned her around and pushed her back down onto the sofa, in a second he had grabbed the bottom of her uniform and pulled it open causing buttons to fly everywhere. He pushed his trousers and underpants down to the floor and as he stepped out of them he watched as Alison reluctantly opened up her legs.

"Fuckin' hell yes!" he sighed when he saw the wet patch that had formed in crotch of her white panties.

All that was now holding her uniform together were two buttons around her middle, his need was now too much and he collapsed on top of her. As he did his rampant cock somehow bulldozed its way straight passed her panties and straight up her awaiting tunnel. With one thrust he drove it deep into her right up to his balls, he couldn't believe the sensation of her soaking wet cunt engulfing his dirty hard smelly old cock.

Such was his desperation to expose her massive chest he clawed at her bra ripping it and tearing it apart. He looked in awe as two of the biggest fucking tits he had ever seen bounced into view before his very eyes.

Without a second to lose the dirty fat old pervert started ramming into her with all his strength. Alison hated him with a venom but couldn't deny she was enjoying the punishment her sodden cunt was taking. She scooped her tits up in her hands and squashed them together before offering them up to him.

He sunk his face deep into the mass of flesh licking and sucking them all over with such desperation it seemed almost as if his life depended on it. Over and over again he hammered into her soaking wet cunt, his flailing balls slamming against her ass until he knew he could control himself no more.

Lifting his head from her tits and forcing his tongue into her open mouth he kissed her with such fevered passion as all too soon his cock instantly exploded his thick creamy spunk up inside her. Endlessly he pounded into her, every thrust pumping more and more of his dirty thick smelly cream deeper and deeper into her.

"Oh yes!" he hissed into her ear, "take it you dirty bitch take it all, oooh feel my spunk filling up your gorgeous wet cunt, mmmmmmm yeah you love it don't you you dirty slut!"

She said nothing just letting out a long quiet moan as she found herself amazed at how much spunk he was filling her up with, she could feel it sloshing around inside her and every time he thrust into her he just seemed to keep on producing more and more of the vile stuff.

Soon however Ted found himself emptying the final drops into her. He looked down her body and felt extremely satisfied with himself at having just dumped all his load into this incredibly gorgeous and voluptuous woman that he had long fantasized over.

Slowly the old man, now covered in stinking sweat, brought himself down until he finally came to a complete stop. After allowing himself a few moments for his pulsating cock to calm down he slipped it from her and climbed off.

Alison wasted no time in getting to her feet and rushed from the room, leaving Ted standing there looking just a little ridiculous in nothing more than his sweaty old t-shirt with his potbelly protruding from underneath it.

As he was about to put his trousers and underpants back on he stopped and dropped them back on the floor. He wondered if Mandy was asleep in her room. He was now so confident that he could do whatever he liked, so he decided to go and have a look. As he approached the door he couldn't help but feel a little excited, something that was obvious to see as his spent dick seemed to stir back to life.

He quietly pushed the door open and went in. There she was sound asleep, she had kicked the covers down to her feet and she lay there on her back looking just like a wet dream come true in a transparent powder blue babydoll nightie and matching panties. Her huge firm young tits were clear to see through the wispy thin material, causing Teds old pecker to stiffen, even asleep it seemed as if she was deliberately being such an incredible prick teaser.

Her pretty face was a picture of angelic beauty with her lovely blonde hair spread over the pillow. It seemed impossible to believe that this heaven-sent creature had been fucked so many times, she looked so sweet and innocent, so pure. Seeing her like this Ted thought how he would challenge any man not to just fall completely in love with her.

Ted knew there and then he wanted her, how could any man resist the temptation, he already knew there was no way he could leave until he'd had her. So many times he had set her up with other people for the sake of his video making that he had neglected his own needs, and oh God, looking at her there, he certainly had needs.

As he knelt at the side of the bed and rubbed his fat stubbly chin with his hand he noticed her legs were just slightly apart. "Ooh yes...yes..." he whispered to himself as he couldn't resist reaching down and gently placing his hand over her pussy. The thin blue panties offered no protection as his sweaty fat fingers felt along her soft warm slit through the wispy thin material. He carefully eased her panty crotch to one side and his middle finger wormed its way between her sweet pink lips. He rotated his fingertip against her wetness for a moment or two before slowly pushing it up inside her. He couldn't help letting out a quiet groan as he watched his finger vanish deeper and deeper into her beautiful tight wet hole.

As he did this he looked back at her face so incredibly pretty as she slept. He had to taste her pouting red lips and leaned forward to gently kiss her on the mouth, she looked so beautiful and her lips were just so soft and sensual.

The instant he did this Mandy woke up, she leapt from her bed letting out an ear-piercing scream, and, in what seemed like less than a second, Alison came running into the room.

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