tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 19

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 19


Alison has struck up a deal with Ted, she would call around three times a week so he could vent his lustful urges on her. The return was that he would leave Mandy alone, and Alison knew that as long as she did a good job in satisfying him then he should keep to the deal.

She was also having to submit to Norman at work's demands on an almost daily basis, he was a complete sex maniac and seemed to have an unquenchable thirst for it.

She was able to do this as it meant that she was keeping her daughter Mandy safe, and that was all she wanted.

Mandy too had noticed that things had gone very quiet on that front, blissfully unaware of course of all the work her mother was putting into it. She just thought that maybe Ted had lost interest, and with George in prison then perhaps life was going to get back to normal.

How wrong she was, George had been out of prison for the past two weeks, the reason he hadn't been in touch was because he was on probation and couldn't risk getting into even the slightest bit of trouble. If he did he would be thrown straight back inside without hesitation, and that was something he really didn't want.

Having a criminal record now meant that poor old George had been evicted from his home and was forced to stay at a halfway house for released convicts. A more filthy and horrible place you couldn't imagine, with mould growing on the damp walls and all kinds of critters scurrying about at night, poor old George felt he had hit rock bottom.

His room was on the first floor, below him lived Billy the caretaker, a nosey man that always poked his head out of the door every time somebody came or went. He was also an ex-convict but one who had been given the responsibility of overseeing the running of the house. Nobody much liked him as he used his authority to bully some of the men that stayed there, something that they had no choice other than to tolerate as apparently he had the power to report them and have them sent back to prison if he so wished.

His unpleasant nature and the enjoyment of the power that this position brought stemmed from one thing. You see Billy, now in his mid fifties, was born severely deformed and had suffered a lifetime of abuse and discrimination as a result. He was probably one of the ugliest most unfortunate men that you would ever hope to find, and it was for this reason that he took the chance to make others suffer as he had for most of his life.

He had many health problems arising from his deformities but the thing that caused him more suffering than anything else was the way he looked. People would stare in the street and many would even be frightened by his appearance, making something as simple as going out a terrible ordeal for Billy.

He was born with a hunched back that as he grew older got progressively worse, added to this was a head that was over sized and badly misshapen. His legs were very short in comparison to the rest of his body and he walked with a limp due to having a club foot. His face too was badly deformed, his left eye sat about an inch lower than his right and his mouth didn't appear to be central underneath his pug nose. If that wasn't enough his face was dotted with warts, some sprouting thick black hairs.

It was for this reason that he had been given the roll of caretaker by the authorities, partly as a form of rehabilitation and partly as they knew he would never be able to get a job on his own.

Now when you look like Billy you find people are not very understanding and some are downright cruel. Suffering a lifetime of teasing and bullying had served to make him a very unpleasant character and he was glad of the little power that his job brought him and took every chance to inflict some sort of cruelty on others.

Now George found him as horrible as everybody else and tried to stay out of his way as much as he could. Unfortunately it wasn't that easy to do and Billy would often intercept him in the hallway to have a moan about some noise or other that he had supposedly been making. Billy seemed to get a kick out of seeing how nervous George was of him and would often threaten to have him sent back inside if he didn't watch himself.

The one thing that most people found about Billy was that he was so obviously a dirty old pervert. Some of the guys had said if they had women to visit then Billy would nearly always make a point of coming out of his room and stand at the foot of the stairs to watch them walking up, something that made the women feel very uncomfortable. Nobody would ever say anything to him though as they all knew only too well that he would have them locked back up before they knew it. The rumour was that the reason for him being sent to prison was for attempted rape although nobody knew for sure. The one thing everyone agreed on however was that he was a pervert who couldn't be trusted.

The fact was that poor old Billy was regarded by everyone as a hideous freak, someone so ugly that people would momentarily recoil at the sight of him. The result of this meant that he had lived his entire life without ever being given the one thing he had always longed for, the chance to enjoy the pleasures of the female form. For as long as he could remember he had been tortured by the cock-hardening sight of gorgeous women everywhere, he had the same urges as everyone else but his dreadfully deformed appearance meant no woman would ever allow him even near to them.

It was late one Saturday afternoon when Billy heard the front door slam, and as he lumbered over to his window he saw George heading off out somewhere. He watched him go feeling irritated at being stuck indoors all the time wishing he could go out but knowing it just wasn't worth the hassle.

Instead he slumped himself down onto his moth eaten old sofa and reached underneath for one of his pornographic magazines. He flicked through the pages and licked his lips as he looked at all the pictures of the gorgeous girls in various states of undress. He grumbled and groaned quietly as his imagination started to take him to a place where they would allow him to do anything he liked with them.

"Mmmmmm ooh yes you dirty bitch, you want me don't you," he whispered as he started to rub his cock through his grubby old trousers. Just then his concentration was broken by a knock at the door.

"What the hell!" he snapped as he got to his feet and went to his window to see who it was. Imagine the shock he got when he saw Mandy standing there.

"Who the fuck is that?" he said to himself as he gawped wide eyed at her.

The women that usually visited the men that stayed there were all rough old dogs that had been around the block more than a few times. He had never in all his time seen a gorgeous young girl come and visit anyone, and definitely never one as incredible looking as her, she was unbelievable.

She was there to see George, having been sent as a surprise for the old boy by Ted. Now Alison had made Ted promise to stay away from Mandy, but that didn't mean he couldn't send her to George.

Being as it was later in the day when Mandy got the call, she was already dressed ready to go out to see some friends. As the demands on her were starting to get fewer and fewer she didn't object, after all she knew George and did feel a little bad about what had happened to him.

She dressed herself to perfection as always. She wore a tight white cotton top with just thin spaghetti shoulder straps. She didn't want her bra straps showing so she decided not to wear one. Despite their awesome size Mandy's tits had a gravity defying youthful firmness to them that made them a true wonder of nature. The white top clung to her massive bust beautifully, it looked so sexy, particularly as it was so short that it left her midriff exposed. Her tummy was so firm and tanned and being so slender and narrow it gave even more emphasis to her unbelievably huge tits.

Below she chose to wear a perfectly fitted beige coloured suede effect skirt, very short and very sexy. The outfit was completed by a pair of dark brown suede boots that came all the way up to just above her knees leaving that teasing few inches of tanned young thigh exposed before it disappeared under her naughty little skirt. Her gorgeous soft blond hair was pulled back high into a pony tail, she looked simply incredible, as always.

Billy quickly hobbled his way to the front door, desperate to get there before anyone else. As he opened it he saw the familiar look of shock and horror come across her sweet and pretty face, she was the most stunning creature he had ever seen.

After a moment or two Mandy composed herself and explained that she was here to see George.

Billy knew didn't want to tell her he was out as that would mean her leaving and he didn't want her to go just yet. He had never spoken to a girl as unbelievably gorgeous as her before and he wanted her to stay a little longer so he could get a good look at her incredibly curvaceous and extremely well developed young body. After all he couldn't remember ever being as close to a girl built like her and it was something he wanted to savour.

"U...upstairs on the first floor," he told her as he stepped away from the door to allow her in.

Mandy stepped in and tried to keep as much distance between her and him as possible, she couldn't help thinking he was a little sinister and he made her feel rather uncomfortable particularly the way he seemed fascinated by her tits.

She had never seen a more repulsive and ugly looking creature, so deformed that the sight of him made her feel quit sick. It wasn't helped by the fact that he was filthy dirty and didn't seem to care, wearing a loose fitting old shirt with thick muck and grime around the collar and cuffs and a grubby stained old pair of trousers held up by braces.

He pointed the way and watched as Mandy started to climb the stairs, as she did he got a good look at her ass, he admired it's shape, such perfection. The teasingly short skirt straining as her gorgeous ass cheeks each thrust out against it in turn with every step.

He followed her up the stairs, his speed impeded by his club foot. Halfway up he stopped and from there pointed through the open banister to Georges door.

"Oh thank you," she said as she walked across the landing towards it. As she knocked on it she failed to notice that Billy was still at the same point halfway up the stairs, his eyes now level with her ankles. He stood there in silence looking hungrily up the backs of her legs, that gorgeous ass directly above him.

She knocked a couple of times but of course got no answer, it was then she decided to bend over and have a look through the letterbox in the middle of the door. As she did, unaware of Billy's position, she had no idea that she was about to give him the thrill of his life. He couldn't believe his luck as she bent over and gave him a perfect view up her skirt. His heart started pounding and his mouth began to water as he took in the incredible sight she presented him with. He felt his dirty old cock harden in his trousers as he cast his hungry eyes over her lovely white panties stretching like a second skin across her ass.

To get a sneaky peek up any woman's skirt was an extremely rare thrill for Billy, but this was something else! To be standing there able to see the fine lace detail of a pair of panties being worn by such an incredibly hot young girl as this was more than any man could ever hope to dream of.

As she called out to George through the letterbox Billy moved forward a little to get a good look straight up between her legs. He was growing more and more excited as he clearly saw the crease of her pussy lips pressing against the tight white material that covered her crotch.

All too soon however she straightened back up and knocked on the door one more time. Billy stepped back and his eyes roamed over her firm tanned thighs still trying to see as far up her skirt as he could. Mandy didn't feel his fingertips as he reached through and lightly touched the back of her suede thigh high boots. He wanted more, much more, but his nerve broke as she turned to walk back along the landing. Quickly he hobbled off back down the stairs before she could realise what he had been doing.

As she got back down to the hallway she found Billy standing there watching her, she knew what he was thinking from that all too familiar look that all men seemed to give her.

"Dream on!" she thought to herself as she looked down her nose at the deformed old freak.

"W...would you like to come and wait in here for him?" Billy had to give it a try.

"No...no thanks," Mandy replied as she gave him a sweet smile, the sort of smile that could melt hearts. Billy had never seen a more beautiful girl in his life, and as she turned to leave he had to tear his eyes away from her lovely sweet face to get one final look at her enormous young tits before it was too late. The temptation to just jump on her and grab her regardless of the consequences was overwhelming, but before he could act she was out of the door and away.

Billy returned to his room with a desperate need to relieve his aching erection, but before he could he heard the front door open and close, so he quickly shot back out into the hallway.

It was George heading off up the stairs. Billy called him back down to the hallway and explained about the visitor he had just had. Of course George knew instantly who it was, he also knew there were rules about visitors and that Billy had to be asked before anyone could come.

For some reason, possibly jealousy that George should be acquainted with someone like her, Billy got very angry and told him that he was going to consider having him sent back inside for rule breaking. George's pleading fell on deaf ears, the dirty old hunchback was enjoying seeing him squirm and it was then he made a suggestion.

"Perhaps you should ask your friend to come and plead your case instead, I'm sure she would have more luck than you," he said with a sinister grin on his bent old face.

George knew what he meant and also knew he really had no choice, he could see what the old creep wanted and he had to play along. Even George knew it would be asking too much, there was no way he could expect Mandy to give herself to this hideous looking creature. The best he could do was to tell Billy he would call her up and see if she would come and speak to him so they could clear this misunderstanding up.

Billy grinned and licked his lips. "Ok, call her now and tell her to come and see me, then just maybe we can forget this ever happened."

George returned to his room and got straight on the phone to Mandy. He explained the whole situation and told her what she would have to do. Mandy's obvious reaction was one of refusal, there was no way she would let that disgustingly deformed thing even touch her. George went on to explain how he truly understood her feelings and told her that all she had to do was just go and talk to him on his behalf. After some persuasion and reassurance that she wasn't expected to "do" anything, even George knew that would be asking too much, she reluctantly agreed.

Later that evening she arrived back at the house having spent the last couple of hours at a local bar having a few drinks with some friends. She was in no way drunk but a little dutch courage was definitely needed this time.

It was quite chilly out now and Mandy still had on only her skimpy white cotton top with the short suede skirt and boots. As she waited at the door she folded her arms across her front as best she could to try and hide the affect the cold night air was having on her nipples.

After a moment or two the front door opened and Billy stood there wearing the same dirty smelly clothes that he was wearing earlier. The truth of it was he hadn't bothered changing because he honestly never thought she would come back. After a few seconds of silence Mandy spoke.

"I've come to explain how George didn't know I was coming today and to ask you not to have him sent back to prison," she blurted out all in one nervous breath.

Billy stepped back and invited her in, he couldn't believe the vision before him, she was more gorgeous than anything he had ever seen either in real life or in any of his magazines. As she turned to close the door behind her she unfolded her arms, Billy's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he saw how much her nipples were poking out.

Mandy knew she had to go into his room, it felt like she was stepping into the lions den but she knew she had to plead for George. The one thing she was certain of more than anything was that she was only going to talk with this strange and ugly looking freak, nothing on earth would ever persuade her to allow him to touch her.

Billy hadn't thought that far ahead, he was just the happiest man alive right now simply for having her to himself in his room, even if all she was there for was to talk.

His excitement was growing and growing, he had never really had any female visitors at all, so to have Mandy there, the most beautiful blond 20 year old, with her incredibly huge tits slender waist and oh so sexy ass all wrapped up in such cock teasing clothes was almost too much for the deformed old pervert to take in.

Mandy then tried to convince him to let George off the hook, but every time she did he would move up close to her and make some sort of suggestive comment as to how they could easily resolve this mess. Every time he got near she would move away trying to keep some item of furniture between them, the way he kept looking at her made her skin crawl. He clearly had a fascination with her tits as the only time he seemed to take his eyes off them was when he was looking at her ass instead!

He couldn't ignore the throbbing in his rock hard cock for much longer, he was getting desperate. It was almost cruel, "she must know what she's doing to me," he thought to himself. As his mind raced he remembered what he had seen earlier, the sexy white lace panties he knew she was wearing right now under that tiny little skirt. He couldn't just let her leave, he wanted her more than he had ever wanted anything in his life, she was a gift, one that he just couldn't ignore.

As Mandy nervously continued to negotiate the furniture every time he tried to get closer she had no idea what he had planned. He suddenly stopped and went into the kitchen asking her to wait for a minute.

Billy was on various pain killing drugs and had the idea that perhaps if he gave her a drink with something in it to weaken her defences a little then he might be able to get closer to her. He trembled with both nerves and excitement as he split a few capsules open and poured the contents into a glass of vodka and lemonade. For himself he just poured a simple lemonade.

He returned to the room and handed the glass to Mandy. As he drank from his he told her to drink up and he would let the whole matter with George drop. Mandy was so relieved to hear him say this, and without thinking she drank the cocktail much to Billy's utter delight.

He couldn't believe she had drunk it, quickly he took the empty glass from her and put it back in the kitchen. He waited a moment or two full of excitement and anticipation before returning to the room.

Mandy was standing with her back to him leaning on the table moaning. Billy's eyes widened as he allowed himself a moment to admire the way the outward thrust of her ass caused her short skirt to tighten even more across her beautiful cheeks. As his eyes wandered down her sexy thigh high boots he felt the unmistakable dampness of pre-cum dribble from his extremely hard cock.

The deformed old freak lumbered across the room and asked if she was ok, knowing full well that she wasn't.

"I...I'm fine," she told him as she placed one hand on her forehead and tried to stand up straight.

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