tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 20

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 20


The following morning Mandy awoke feeling confused and a little unwell. She knew the drink that Billy had given her was spiked and now in the cold light of day felt disgusted and angry by what had happened. All she could remember was taking the drink and then waking up next to him on the bed, the erotic dream she had was forgotten as dreams often are. She remembers leaving the memento of her panties on his pillow and realised that even at that point she must still have been under the influence of whatever she had taken.

She felt dirty and embarrassed by what had happened and as she thought more about it she suddenly had to run to the toilet to be sick. This was partly from feeling unwell but mainly from the thought of that hideous repulsive old hunchbacked freak and what he must have done to her.

She spent most of the morning in the bathroom showering herself, he made her feel so dirty, just the thought of him gave her the creeps and she was desperate to wash any trace of him from her.

Meanwhile Billy awoke to find the panties Mandy had left on his pillow. His mind instantly filled with images of her from the previous evening, he couldn't believe what had happened, it seemed almost as if it must have been a dream. He couldn't get the thought of her from his head and as he brought the panties to his face he filled his nostrils with the gorgeous scent of her expensive perfume. Then as he focused his attention on the crotch it changed to the even more gorgeous scent of her lovely juicy cunt.

"Mmmmmmm," he groaned as he ran his filthy tongue over the still damp fabric, the taste of her pussy seemed to be all over it. Instantly the rancid old hunchback stuffed the pillow between his legs and started humping it like a filthy dog. He stretched the panties across his twisted warty old face licking and sniffing the exact spot where her cunt would have been just hours before. He was so excited that it was only a matter of seconds before the pillow was soaking with his thick smelly spunk.

With images of her racing around in his head he knew he needed to see her again no matter what. She was everything any man could ever want, the sort of gorgeous young girl that usually only exists in dreams and fantasies, and he wanted her so much. The thought of her had him soon stroking his cock back to full hardness, and before long he was pumping another load of spunk from it, something that would happen several more times that morning.

As the next few days passed Mandy tried to put the disgustingly hideous old pervert out of her mind, but it wasn't easy. The ugly and scary looking creature, because a creature more than human was how he seemed to be, left a deep feeling of revulsion and hatred with Mandy. It got to the point that she considered going to the police to have him arrested for what he had done to her, but she wasn't so sure if that was a good idea.

Whilst at work later that week Mandy got a call, the sort of call she dreaded, it was George and he wanted her to go and see him straight after work. Mandy was now worried as she hadn't been expecting to hear from him, and the thought that she might bump into that grotesque freak Billy filled her with dread.

She had to think on her feet, she needed a plan, some sort of defence against whatever might be waiting for her. As she she thought through the day she eventually came up with an idea. It was a very simple plan, she would go to Billy (just the mere thought of him made her skin crawl) and make it clear to him that she was quite prepared to go to the police and have him arrested for what he had done the other day. The only way he could prevent that happening would be to firstly never make any contact with her again, and secondly to use his position to put pressure on George so that he too would leave her alone.

Simple yet effective, this way she would have the upper hand and there was no way she was going to allow it to fail. She knew Billy had the power over George and she now had the power over him. "Why didn't I think of it before," she thought to herself.

As she left work Mandy wondered if she should go home and change into something a little less sexy just to be on the safe side. The problem was she hadn't really got the time and anyway who was going to be in control here?

She arrived at the house and paused for a moment before knocking on the door. She felt a little vulnerable in what she was wearing but tried to remain positive and defiant.

That morning she had chosen to wear some rather expensive and sexy underwear, a full matching set of half cup bra, thong panties and suspender belt all in the softest shade of baby blue lace. On her legs she had opted for pure white stockings with a lace design around the tops and on her feet a pair of very pale blue high heel shoes. All so very feminine and pretty, not to mention incredibly sexy!

Over it all she wore a fine lambswool V-necked cardigan in the softest shade of lemon that hugged her incredibly curvaceous body perfectly. It stretched perfectly across her magnificently huge tits, it looked clingy but not tarty.

Below she wore a very short and rather tight powder blue skirt with a tiny slit up the back. Every time she sat down she had to grab the hem and give a sexy little wiggle in order to keep it covering her stocking tops.

After a few minutes uncertainty at the door to the house Mandy plucked up the courage to give it a loud knock.

Inside Billy stirred from his afternoon nap snorting and grunting like a pig.

"W...what...who...eh?" He stammered as he rubbed his eyes to try and waken himself properly. He got to his feet and brushed food crumbs from his lap onto the floor from where he had eaten his lunch earlier. The hideous old freak scratched his hugely deformed head as he lumbered across the room dragging his club foot as he went to see from the window who it was.

As he blinked in the sunlight he got the thrill of his life when he saw Mandy standing there. She had her back slightly to him and he became instantly mesmerised by the shape of her ass in the tight blue skirt. She stood with her back arched inwards which caused her ass to stick right out.

"Oh fuck yes," he muttered to himself as he hobbled as quickly as he could to the door.

As he opened it Mandy felt a chill go down her spine as she found herself face to face with this revolting monster. She instinctively took a step back as she looked him over, not quite able to believe just how ugly and scary he looked. It was worse than she remembered, his deformed old face dotted with warts, some sprouting hairs, his pug nose and lop-sided mouth, his over-sized head covered in lumps with random patches of long hair hanging from it, all these things were a terrible sight for the pretty young Mandy.

Then there was his stooping old body with the huge hump that dominated his back, his knuckles looked as if they could drag on the floor due to his crooked stance and his extremely short legs. A fat belly hung over his filthy black trousers, his stained and smelly t-shirt stretched tight across it unable to cover it completely.

Along with this he had a serious body odour problem, huge rings of sweat stained his t-shirt under the armpits. As he spoke she also caught the vile smell of his rancid breath, he was truly the most revolting unclean person you could ever wish to meet.

As he asked her in she told him firmly that she was going to stay where she was, she could say what she had come to say from the doorstep.

She began to tell him that if he didn't want her to involve the police in what happened the other day then he had better do what she says. All the time she's speaking he can't resist feasting his eyes on her. He was struck almost dumb by her beautiful fresh young face, she looked so innocent, almost angelic. He couldn't help himself from just falling in love with her right there, so sweet and pretty she was, and if that wasn't enough she had the sexiest most voluptuous body he had ever seen. All this wrapped up in a bundle of pure fantasy standing right before him causing his cock to stiffen almost instantly.

She went on to tell him what she wanted him to do, but as she spoke she noticed a stupid expression on his face, his tongue hanging out as if in a trance.

When she had finished and went to leave Billy dropped a bombshell. He again asked her to come in so they could discuss things further, and before she could refuse he went on to say how he was a good friend with the guy that runs the local sex shop.

"W...what did you say?" Suddenly he had her full attention.

"Yeah I was talkin' to him the other day and he was sayin' how he's got so many people pesterin' him for the name and address of a certain popular star of one of his videos."

Mandy just stood there with her mouth open in a state of shock, she figured that George must have told him everything.

"So maybe now you would like to come in for a chat, I mean I was so shocked when I realised that it was you he was talkin' about....."

That was all he had to say, he knew she had no choice other than to come in. It was all rubbish of course, he didn't know the shop owner and had never even seen the video, he just put his own clever little spin on the information he had bullied out of George.

As he turned and lumbered back into his own room Mandy knew she had to follow. She would talk to him and hopefully she could strike a deal where he would agree not to tell the shop owner who she was in return for her not going to the police. She knew she couldn't now anyway because the consequences would be too great, but talking to him was all she was going to do, there was no way she would allow this deformed freak any where near her.

Billy wasn't stupid, he knew she wouldn't just give him what he wanted, you only had to look at him then look at her to realise that. No, he could see that she wasn't now able to go to the police over the other day and this gave him a certain confidence. She was just completely irresistible and he could feel the lust running through his veins, he was determined to make the most of this rare opportunity.

As she entered his room she was hit by a pungent stench, she didn't know which was worse, the smell of him or the smell of the room. She soon realised that the smell was one and the same, it was simply rotten.

She knew this was a bad idea but she was too busy worrying over what he could do to make her life almost impossible. She left the door open as a way of escaping if she needed to, but every time he went to stand close to her she had to move away. Soon she was the opposite side of the room and he was shutting the door, as he did she started to panic as she heard the sound of it locking.

The disgusting hunchback smiled as he hobbled towards her, she noticed his excitement as his mouth seemed to be foaming at the edges. Mandy was unable to get away as she found herself now backed up against a heavy old table.

Billy could see the fear on her sweet young face together with the increasing rise and fall of her beautiful big tits as her increasing nervousness caused her breathing to get heavier.

"I...I don't want to hurt you," he said as he reached out a hand towards her.

"P...please, no, don't," she stammered.

"Look," he said as he gestured towards his groin. The tent that had formed in his trousers from his overly excited cock was simply huge. "See, I...I just want to......love you..." As he uttered the final words his eyes slowly roamed up her body causing a chill to run down Mandy's spine.

As he studied the combination of her incredible figure and her sexy clothing Billy felt no guilt for what he wanted to do. All he could see was an unbelievable cock teaser who couldn't be so unfair as to go around looking as gorgeous as that and not expect what she was going to get.

As the dirty hideous freak of nature got closer Mandy knew things were getting serious. She was torn in half, on one hand the overwhelming urge to turn and run was all she wanted to do, there was no other choice. But then on the other hand if she did the possible consequences were absolutely terrifying.

He could see that she was trapped and knew that if she was going to leave she would have gone. Saliva ran from the corners of his mouth and down his chin as he smiled at her and licked his lips.

Trapped up against the table with nowhere to go Mandy turned herself sideways to him in a useless attempt to try and avoid his reaching hands.

"Oooooh just a little cuddle...eh? As he spoke his voice trembled with excitement. "Come on," he continued as he placed one hand on her forearm and the other on her lower back, "I'm not going to hurt you, surely you can spare a poor old man a nice little cuddle...mmmm?"

"N...no look," she said in a panic, "j...just let me go and we'll forget anything ever happened."

As she spoke she felt the hand on her forearm grip tighter and the other slide down her back and onto her ass.

"Mmmmmmmm," he groaned quietly, "I have a better idea. You be a good girl for me and I'll keep your little secret safe." As he spoke he spread his hand wide and squeezed her ass, he was getting more and more excited, it felt so firm and round with her skirt stretched so tightly across it. As she tried to cower away his fingertips suddenly felt the outline of her pretty lace suspenders through the tightness of her skirt.

"Fuckin' hell," he gasped as his eyes widened, "stockings, oh yes fuckin' lovely." He couldn't believe it, things were just getting better and better and he couldn't resist running his hand down the outside of her thigh and then up the back of her skirt. "Oooh you good girl," he whispered as moved his hand over the tops of her stockings and onto her gorgeous and shapely ass.

Mandy closed her eyes as she again pleaded with him to stop, she couldn't look at him, his hideously deformed features turned her stomach. She couldn't stand the revolting sweaty smell of him, it made her feel sick every time she felt his disgusting breath on her face. She had no way out, he had her up against the table and he was obviously so excited that there was no way he was going to let her go.

It was true, she was just too much, his cock was so hard and he needed to satisfy the lust burning inside him.

"Mmmmmmmmm," he again moaned as he leaned into her, "see a cuddle doesn't hurt....and neither would a nice little kiss...."

She couldn't move, she knew where this was all leading and felt powerless to do anything about it. As he spoke he leaned in further and kissed her neck, it was so soft and sweet and the scent her perfume filled his head. "Oooh what do we have here?" he grunted as he began to undo the buttons of her tightly fitting cardigan. He gasped at the sight that greeted him as he spread it apart exposing her magnificent bust. "What a lovely bra, oooh it's so full, just look at the size of those tits!" he exclaimed. They looked incredible encased in the fine lace half cup bra, it was such a sexy sight the way they now thrust out from her opened cardigan with just the two buttons at the bottom holding it together.

With the excitement now too much for the dirty old creep he wasn't going to wait for the green light, he simply couldn't resist her for a second longer. His filthy disgusting hands started groping her ass and tits all over, his smelly wet tongue slobbering up and down her neck. "Ooh yes yes," he kept on moaning as the ugly deformed freak felt her fit young body all over.

He knew he had to have her, he had gone beyond the point of no return and so he undid his belt and pulled down his zipper.

"Oh no please don't," Mandy begged as his trousers fell to the floor. She glanced down and was stunned by what she saw. His cock was huge and hard sticking straight out in front of him. It was as deformed as the rest of him, slightly crooked and with lumps and bumps along its gristly hard length. Below hung a pair of balls that would have looked more at home between the back legs of a bull!

He stood and admired her for a second before again moving up close to her. She felt sickened as she again tried to turn away, she didn't want him anywhere near her, she wanted to just get out of there but she knew she couldn't. It was obvious what was going to happen, what he wanted, and she had no choice other than to allow him to have it.

"Ooh yes yes," he grunted as he slobbered all over her, "so lovely, so pretty," he went on as he ran his filthy hands through her soft blond hair and twisted her head towards his. He brought his ugly wart covered face close to hers and as he went to kiss her she screwed up her face and tried to pull away. But he was both too strong and too determined as he kissed her hard on the mouth and tried unsuccessfully to force his tongue in grunting and snorting like a pig as he did. He seemed not to care one bit that she didn't want any of this, all he could do was think of his own selfish desires.

Excitedly he turned her to face the table and pushed her forward until she was leaning across it on her elbows. The way her ass stuck out gave the the deluded old fool the impression that she was deliberately teasing him with it, which of course she wasn't. Quickly he hooked his thumbs under the hem of her tight little skirt and pushed it up over her hips. "Oh fuck yes, look at that!" he cried as he stepped back and looked down. Her ass looked incredible, two perfect creamy cheeks separated by a narrow strip of lace that widened out into a small triangle at the top. With her matching lace suspender straps in place holding up her gorgeous white stockings, it was a sight that Billy could have once only ever dreamed of.

He needed this more than anything, and so he hooked her thong out of her ass crack and pulled it across to one side. Having deformed short legs meant that he had to drag over a nearby footstool to stand on.

As he climbed onto it he found himself standing at just the right height for what he needed to do. He bent himself at the waist slightly and offered his raging hot erection up to her sweet moist slit. He ran his hands up and down the sides of her body from the sides of her chest all the way to her thighs. Several times he did this just wanting to feel the outline of her incredible hourglass figure, the way it went in and out in all the right places was just perfection. Soon, however, he couldn't control himself any longer, and with his hands firmly gripping her hips and his fingers spread wide he pressed his cock between the lips of her pussy. He let out a huge groan and saliva ran down is chin as his eyes rolled back in his head as he slowly started to push it in. As her pussy lips parted he felt the incredible tightness of her lovely wet cunt stretching around it.

"Oh God yes!" he groaned as he looked down to see the unbelievable sight of this gorgeous sweet girl bent over the table with his cock slowly pushing its way into her.

Mandy got a bit of a shock at the size of it and spontaneously let out a gasp as, without thinking, she instantly threw her head back.

"That's it," he hissed, "you love it you dirty little cock teaser, ooh yeah take it take it." As his words trailed off he started ramming himself into her as hard and fast as he could, his hands grabbing and groping her ass all over. Soon he slipped his arms around her and started to maul at her tits. "Ooh fuck they're big, ooh such fuckin' big tits, mmmmm yeah," he continued. He was now grinding himself hard against her, his cock buried as deep inside her cunt as it could go.

With her eyes closed Mandy tried to ignore the hideous way he looked, she figured the only way through this was to try and imagine it was somebody else. She had to, she couldn't let herself begin to enjoy being used by this monster, because the truth is that's exactly what was starting to happen. She couldn't help herself, her juices were starting to flow and her nipples were getting hard, the one thing she feared the most was starting to happen, she was getting turned on!

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