tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 27

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 27


Stan was one of those horrible bad tempered old men who felt his life was pretty miserable and seemed to think it was everyone's fault except his own. At the age of 59 he knew there was nothing to look forward to on the horizon except the inevitable downward spiral into old age.

Many years ago when he was in his late twenties things seemed so different, he was married then and was looking forward to a bright future, but unfortunately that just wasn't to be. After almost 5 years his wife finally came to the point where she couldn't stand him any more and she left him for someone else. It wasn't surprising really, you see Stan was never very loving or caring, he treated her badly and acted as if she was there solely for the purpose of keeping him happy.

Unfortunately for her what that meant was satisfying his insatiable appetite for sex. His demands were constant and although it was fun at first it soon became unbearable for his suffering wife. He was never satisfied and wanted it all the time, and he really didn't care if she wanted it or not.

So many times she would even awake in the middle of the night to find his sweating body on top of her, having sex with her while she slept.

Along with this he thought nothing of ogling other women while in her company and passing crude comments about them. It got to the point that she found she couldn't even trust him around female friends. Not because something might happen but because she was afraid he wouldn't be able to control himself around them. She knew from the way he looked at them and spoke to them that he was turned on in their company, and they too began to see him as a bit of a creep and a pervert.

His disgusting ways and constant preoccupation with sex eventually became too much to live with. So she left and took everything of any value leaving him with no choice other than to go back and live with his Mother. Sleeping in the same bedroom and even the same bed that he had done since he was a small boy does nothing for a mans self esteem, and Stan took it hard. It was his own fault but the whole experience left him bitter and angry.

That was over 30 years ago and in all that time nothing has really changed for the now rather fat and lazy old man. He was still sleeping in the same room and still had the same appetite for sex, the only satisfaction he ever got now though was from his right hand, in fact that was all he had really had since his wife left.

He knew women didn't much like him, and that was never going to change. He was never attractive even in his youth, and now he was old fat and bald he knew he had no chance, especially since along with this a few years ago he got so drunk that he fell down the stairs and knocked out his top four front teeth. This was something he was very conscious of and partly the reason why ever rarely smiled. He knew it looked ugly, not that he really cared what he looked like, but it was embarrassing nonetheless.

These disadvantages didn't stop him from looking at and lusting after women all the time though. He seemed to be in an almost permanent state of excitement. Life was so boring that he had nothing else to think about, and so he allowed himself to fantasise and dream of all the beautiful women that he could never have except, of course, in his filthy mind.

The only time there was ever a break in the boredom was when family came to stay, which they used to quite often. Obviously his Mother was always pleased whenever anyone came but as the years went on Stan began to resent this constant invasion. Of course Stan had no right to resent anything because it was his Mothers house and he was little more than a free loading lodger.

This was also how the rest of the family saw him. Nobody had much of a good word to say about him and when they did come it they made it pretty obvious that it wasn't him they had come to see.

Anyway 30 plus years is a long time and the hostile feelings got stronger and stronger so the visits got fewer and fewer. It was a shame because the old woman's house was in a small town right by the sea and with six bedrooms it was always a good way for everyone to enjoy a cheap holiday.

It was the first week in August and Stan wasn't happy at the news that his annoying overweight cousin and her equally overweight daughter were coming to stay next week. He hated them both and the prospect of them being around for a full week really was something he could do without. Stan, being the sort of man he was, based his whole opinion of them on their looks, which of course wasn't fair. It has to be said they were rather large and shapeless and far from attractive. They were not his idea of what a woman should be at all, if a woman didn't turn him on, even slightly, then he had no time for them whatsoever, this was the sort of arrogant sexist old pig that he was. Some might say he should look at himself first, the balding fat old pervert was definitely no oil painting himself, far from it in fact.

The only glimmer of hope was that the daughter was bringing a friend that she used to go to college with. That meant she would be the same age, about 20 years old, which on the face of it sounded good to him, but he couldn't help but think she was probably going to be just like them, a fat ugly cow.

He spent the week leading up to their arrival as any other. He would go out in his beaten up old car to get the shopping for his house bound Mother as usual. Old Stan even resented having to do this!

It did have its bright side though. The supermarket had its fair share of attractive young females both employees and customers. He would spend more time looking at them than shopping, he just couldn't help himself.

This, it turned out, was a good day. As soon as the dirty old pervert got there he spotted a hot Italian looking girl with an unbelievably sexy ass in a very tight skirt. He made a point of following her pretty much all around the shop, trying to be discreet but all the time thinking dirty thoughts about what he could do with an ass like that. This was something he had done many times before. He was convinced she, and girls like her, did this on purpose. They would deliberately dress in such a way that showed off their sexy curves just to tease men like him.

He then saw an opportunity, she had stopped at a crowded area where people were all jostling for some bargains. He joined the crowd and the sneaky old pervert managed to get close enough to her to "accidentally" brush against her ass with the back of his hand. It was the slightest touch that went completely unnoticed but to old Stan it was the most amazing thrill. He was rarely this lucky, this was such a huge turn-on for the sex starved old man, to actually touch such an incredible fit young ass, even this slightly, was so unbelievable that he couldn't resist having another go. This time however he took a huge risk and turned his hand so this time his fingertips brushed across it. Again she hadn't noticed a thing, she had no idea of the cheap thrill this old boy was getting at her expense, if she had he would have probably gotten a slap or probably even arrested!

The crowd soon dispersed however and before he knew it she was gone to the checkouts, leaving him to finish his shopping with a bulge in his underpants and feeling like the luckiest man there, he was sure that every other man in the store would have spotted her and would have loved the chance to experience what he just had.

His mind was taking in so much information all the time, he even picked a checkout with the prettiest girl, even though it meant a longer wait. He was such a sad and dirty old man that he got more than a little excited just because the checkout girl gave him a pleasant smile and spoke just a few words to him. If only she knew of the filthy thoughts that were going through his mind.

Even the drive home would have him slowing down to ogle the women in the street. Now in the private safety of his old car he could have a little fiddle with his cock as he looked at them all.

Then he suddenly saw a real stunner walking in the opposite direction, maybe in her early twenties, a bit on the chunky side but he didn't mind that one bit. The most important thing was that she had a huge pair of tits that bounced and wobbled under a rather clinging t-shirt. He drove slowly by to have a good look. Further up the road he decided he had to turn around and go back, this definitely deserved another look. He went slowly by again before pulling over a little further down the street to wait for her to walk by. He didn't care if she saw him looking, which she did, and thought him a dirty old man, which she also did. He just had to get another look at those tits, he couldn't help it. He wished more than anything that she would walk over to him lean in through the window and offer him a feel of them, of course that would only ever happen in his rather vivid imagination.

By the time he had got back home he was in such a state of excitement that he had to go straight into his bedroom and shut the door. He lay out on his bed and closed his eyes. In no time at all his imagination would have him fondling and groping the women that he had just seen, and in his mind they would be loving it, even begging and pleading with him to use them in any way he wanted. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

As he lay on his bed with his trousers and underpants now down around his ankles he took hold of his desperate cock and started to stroke it up and down. He would single one girl out in his mind to focus his thoughts on. It would be the first girl he saw with the gorgeous ass that he touched. He would be back in the supermarket only this time he was free to do with her as he pleased. He ran his hands all over that beautiful firm ass, it felt incredible, like nothing on this earth. She called him a dirty old man and asked him to stop. Of course he ignored her and carried on, groping and squeezing it more and more. She did nothing to stop him as he took his rock hard cock out and started rubbing it up against her. His hands reached around and started to maul her tits, she seemed to let out a sigh as his cock nestled in the deep crevice between her gorgeous rounded cheeks.

In the real world he's laying on his bed with his fist pumping up and down on his cock, his eyes are closed and he whispers, "ooh yes you dirty bitch, ooh fuckin' yes, you love it don't you!"

In his mind she answers. "Oh yes yes, fuck me....fuck me please fuck me, I'm so wet please!"

He forces her down onto all fours and pushes her skirt up around her waist. He can't wait as he drives his cock straight past the crotch of her silky panties and deep into her tight soaking cunt. He fucks her hard and fast and she loves it, he can hold back no longer and his cock erupts inside her filling her with his dirty thick sperm.

"Oh God yes! yes yes yes! Take it you bitch take it!" Stan cries as he opens his eyes to find ropes of spunk all over his fat hairy stomach and barrel chest. As he continues to wank himself off more thick sticky spunk continues to pour from his cock covering his hand. If only this unsuspecting girl knew the affect she had had on him.

At that moment his mind switched to the girl he saw on the way home, suddenly he was sat in his car with her leaning through the window. As he pumped away on his cock he imagined it to be her hand working on it while she allowed him to play with her massive tits. The dirty bitch loved having them squeezed and groped, she couldn't get enough of it. He groaned as she kissed him on the lips, the last drops of spunk dribbled from the tip of his now satisfied tool and slowly he drifted back to reality

As always he lay there a moment recovering from his exertion, his mind still full of thoughts of all the beautiful women he had seen that day. His joy soon turns sour as he realises that this is all it will ever be for him, it will only ever be in his head, never for real. The frustration was so unbearable, if only his dreams could come true, just once!

The rest of the week leading up to the arrival of his cousin was much the same. Going out and ogling all the unsuspecting lovely females out there, then storing their images in his filthy mind to enjoy later.

The only time he didn't do this was when he had his monthly plain brown envelope delivered containing his selection of mail order pornographic magazines. Endless pages of big busted beauties for him to drool and lust over. The grubby 59 year old man would shut himself away in his bedroom for hours at a time masturbating over and over as his imagination brought them to life.

He knew that the girls in these magazines may as well live on another planet for all the chance he would ever have of seeing one for real, but he could dream, and dream he did.....countless times.

Soon Friday came and Stan's elderly Mother informed him that their visitors would be arriving early evening, apparently they had to pick up the friend straight from work on the way.

Being in her eighties the old lady found it difficult to get up the stairs so it fell to Stan to prepare the bedrooms for them. There were four bedrooms in all, Stan had one and so that left one each for the visitors.

Along with having to do this, his Mother had been getting on at him all day to have a shower and a shave and clean himself up for their arrival.

The lazy miserable old boy just couldn't be bothered, he didn't see why he should, he hadn't invited them. All he could see was an intrusion that would make it difficult for him to enjoy his much valued time alone whenever he wanted it.

At around 6 o'clock the doorbell rang and Stan remained where he was, slumped in front of the television with a beer in his hand. The useless slob knew the old woman would get the door and sure enough he was right.

Choosing to try and ignore everything that was going on he noisily slurped at his beer, the noise a side affect of his missing front teeth. As he heard them coming in and all greeting one another he rolled his eyes back in his head, he was instantly irritated by the sound of all the voices, this was going to be a nightmare week.

He heard his Mother calling him to come and say hello, but the lazy old lump wasn't about to lift his fat hairy ass off his seat.

"Hello," he called out in a sort of half hearted way. Just as he did they all came into the room, knowing what he was like they knew they would have to come to him.

His cousin and her daughter hadn't changed a bit, still ugly shapeless great lumps, the sort that no man would ever be interested in, even someone like him.

"Yes...hello hello," he grumbled. Then as he looked up to give them a forced smile he noticed a figure behind them.

"Oh this is Mandy," a voice informed him.

As she stepped forward with her hand outstretched and he got his first look at her he was shocked to his very core, he felt like he had been hit by a bolt of lightening, was this real? Was he seeing what he was seeing? For a few seconds he couldn't believe his eyes, she was unbelievable, more stunning than any girl he had ever seen. He hadn't expected this, never in a million years, he tried to speak back but his words just stuck in his throat.

His throat had dried but his mouth instantly started to salivate. His heart started to race and he could feel his face flush as he took in the vision of complete perfection before him.

Perfection was the only word for it because to a dirty old pervert like Stan there could be nothing or no one more perfect. What he was looking at he thought only truly existed in his dreams, even the fantasy girls in his many magazines couldn't compare to this.

Having come straight from work Mandy stood there with her lovely blond hair pulled back as it often was into a pony tail. She was wearing a black ribbed sweater that clung tightly showing off that phenomenal set of 34FF's in all their glory. To add to the look she wore a black skirt that again clung beautifully to her extremely fit and amazingly shaped ass, it was nice and short showing off her firm thighs looking so sexy sheathed in silky smooth pure black nylon.

The silence was awkward for a few moments, the others knew him only too well and his reaction came as no real surprise to them at all.

Mandy stepped back and old Stan's Mother asked him if he would help them take their bags to their rooms. The old boy didn't need asking twice and instantly got to his feet and grabbed one of the suitcases, of course it just happened to be Mandy's.

He directed the other two up the stairs ahead of him but managed to get in front of Mandy. As they went he then took the opportunity at the foot of the stairs to step back and "politely" allow Mandy to go first.

As she slowly climbed the steps Stan took this perfect chance to have a good look at her ass. He stared in complete awe with his mouth wide open, not caring if anyone saw him looking or not.

As if the teasing way her ass thrust out against the tightness of her skirt wasn't enough, with each step her wondrous cheeks would take it in turns to rise and fall stretching it even tighter!

As they arrived upstairs old Stan directed each one of them to their respective rooms. He was only too aware of the erection that was quickly forming in his underpants. He took Mandy's case into her room and as he turned to leave she gave him the most beautiful smile and thanked him very much. As she spoke his gaze wandered instinctively down to her chest, there was nothing he could do to help it, he couldn't remember seeing a more incredible pair of tits in all his life, she was so slender at the waist yet they were just so big!

Mandy failed to really notice where his eyes were. She was too distracted as he smiled at her for the first time and she got to see the huge gap in his teeth. It looked so ugly and at the same time ridiculously funny, how could somebody live with their whole top front row of teeth missing? She couldn't understand why he wouldn't have got them sorted out.

Stan went back downstairs not really knowing what to do with himself, he was so excited at the mere thought of this unbelievably sexy girl being here to stay for the whole week. To be honest he already wanted to slope off to his room for a quick wank, but that wasn't really possible. He knew though when he got to bed later he was going to have a pretty wonderful time alone with his imagination.

Soon they all came back downstairs where the old lady had prepared them all something to eat. Old Stan couldn't take his eyes off Mandy all evening, she was giving him a permanent erection, he just couldn't get over her.

His roaming eye didn't go unnoticed, all the others could all see that all too familiar look. His reputation as a dirty old pervert was well known and it seemed that everyone except Mandy could see the way he kept on looking at her.

It had been a long day and soon they all made their way off to bed for a fairly early night. Stan waited for them all to go up and followed a few minutes later, he had no choice, he knew how obvious his state of excitement would be as soon as he stood up.

As he got upstairs and crossed the landing to go to his bedroom he noticed the door to Mandys room wasn't quit shut properly. It was open barely an inch but the old man couldn't resist the temptation to hang around on the landing for a few seconds to see if he could see anything.

Just then he got such a shock as he caught a glimpse of her walking across the room. It only lasted a split second but what he saw was something that he knew would be imprinted on his mind forever.

Her hair was down and she was in the process of getting ready for bed. She had taken her skirt and sweater off and what Stan saw left him completely stunned beyond belief.

This was unreal, like a dream. He saw her in a full matching black lace underwear set, bra panties and, unbelievably, stockings and suspenders! He froze to the spot knowing he could get caught at any moment, but it was worth the risk, this was an opportunity not to be missed!

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