tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 31

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 31


Like any other 20 year old Mandy found the urge for independence ever growing but knew a career change was needed if she ever to have any hope of affording a place of her own. She enjoyed her job but it didn't pay anything like enough, and couple that with the constant harassment from that old weasel Walter she knew a change was overdue.

Of course when you look like Mandy you have something of a head start over everyone else and she quickly managed to secure herself a position as a sales negotiator for a local estate agents. It wasn't the sort of job she was particularly looking for but with a salary of almost double what she was previously on and a generous commission on top it was the opportunity she was looking for.

Luckily she found herself working a with a nice group of people and being a very professional outfit it came as a pleasant change to not have to suffer the sort of constant sexual harassment she had in the past. No crude comments, no leering lecherous old men, no wandering hands, nothing. Of course there was no way of telling what was going on in the minds of her male colleagues, and the truth probably was that there wasn't a man there who wouldn't have given anything to fuck the busty blonds brains out, but they were professionals and that sort of thing simply didn't go on.

So Mandy settled in nicely and was enjoying every part of her new job. Her stunning looks gave her a distinct advantage when dealing with male clients, an advantage that more than made up for her lack of experience. Something that didn't go unnoticed by her all male management team.

It was company policy that all staff wore a uniform, with the female staff in a striking red suit consisting of a top quality fitted skirt and blazer. Underneath they had to wear a pure white blouse with the company red and white silk scarf tucked into the top. The overall look was very much like the uniform of an air hostess, sexy yet very classy. The skirt came in a choice of three lengths, but strangely enough for some reason the choice wasn't offered to Mandy. It was decided by those in charge that she would get the shortest as a way of them making the most of her very obvious assets. To be fair it wasn't overly short, but finishing high enough above the knee to display a good portion of her smooth and luscious thighs. This maintained a sexy look while being classy and still acceptable for a professional position. Not only that but whoever ordered it somehow managed to order it just half a size smaller than what she had asked for! This of course made it just a little on the tight side, again not very tight but definitely snug and rather figure hugging showing off her curvaceous ass to its fullest. It seemed that whoever did the ordering could clearly see an opportunity, and it was obviously one not to be missed.

To finish the look off she would wear flesh coloured stockings and red patent leather 5 inch stilettos. With such shapely legs and not being particularly tall Mandy could wear such a high heel without it looking improper for work.

So she would arrive every day looking like she had just stepped out of a top class glamour magazine, very sexy yet still maintaining a professional and classy image. With her lovely blond hair pulled back into a pony tail and her pretty fresh young face with no more than the subtlest touch of make-up she was without a doubt a sight to behold.

Obviously looking as she does Mandy always attracts a lot of attention. Her colleagues would smile to themselves at the almost embarrassed looks on the faces of male clients as they would try to avert their gaze away from her phenomenal bust. Nearly always they would fail miserably and one of either two things would invariably happen. Either they would try to look her in the eye while being unable to help themselves from having a sneaky glance down every few seconds. Or there would be those who would blatantly just stare holding virtually their entire conversation with the mouth watering pair without as much as a glance up at her face.

With the odd trip to the filing cabinet thrown in giving the unmissable treat of a look at her spectacular ass in that short tight red skirt most couldn't help but find themselves rather distracted from the matter in hand. Of course these were things that Mandy had grown so used to that she would hardly even notice, in fact it all seemed perfectly normal to her.

The company had for some time now been trying to secure a deal with a developer who wanted to build luxury homes on a site that they had managed to locate for them. The deal was worth millions with the agents standing to get a very healthy commission for their part. The only problem was that there was a rundown old house sitting on the plot of land with a disabled old man living there refusing to move.

They had tried everything including offering him way over the odds for the virtually derelict old building, but he wasn't interested. It wasn't that he couldn't see how generous the offer was, and it wasn't like he couldn't use the money. It was more the fact that he was a stubborn old bugger who didn't like the way these flash money men in their expensive suits thought they could do whatever they wanted.

It was a difficult situation as he was 82 years old and they knew it wouldn't look too good if they appeared to be forcing such an elderly person from their home of almost 60 years. They maintained a gentle approach, despite his rude and obnoxious nature, and had been to see him a few times with offers of nice new homes to view but to no avail.

He wasn't the easiest of people to speak to as he was rather hard of hearing. Most things had to be repeated several times which tried even the most patient of men. One time the bad tempered old boy had gotten so irritated that he virtually threw one of them out of the house leaving the poor unsuspecting salesman with no idea what he was supposed to have done. One minute they're talking and the next the old man has pulled himself up on his walking frame before thumping it down onto his feet shouting at him to get out.

It was frustrating for them because they all knew he was being offered more money than he could ever hope to spend and with a nice brand new house into the bargain, it really was a fantastic offer, but nobody could make him see it.

This was when, as a last desperate attempt before the developers pull the plug on the whole deal, they decided that maybe he would respond better to someone else, someone he hadn't seen before, a female perhaps, an attractive female......like Mandy.

Now this wasn't the first time a female member of staff had tried to talk some sense into him. The previous attempt however was by one of the female senior managers, an overweight unattractive woman in her mid fifties. Despite being a tough business woman she was taken aback by his prehistoric sexist attitude. He basically spoke to her like a piece of dirt, he was rude arrogant and unbelievably disrespectful. It was obvious that he was of the mind that a woman couldn't possibly have a thought or an opinion worthy of being heard. It was a terrible attitude but being in his eighties meant he no longer really cared what other people thought of him. Despite this there was nothing else the company could do, they had no choice, they had to give it one last chance. So it was decided that Mandy would take one of the company cars and try to get him to come with her to look at one of the nice new homes they had lined up for him.

Despite being a miserable sexist pig it was still considered perfectly safe, after all being disabled meant he was barely able to stand without the aid of a walking frame, and besides she probably wouldn't even get through the front door anyway. So the appointment was made.

The very next day Mandy was given the address together with a brief on the whole situation including what this deal was potentially worth to everyone. She arrived in one of the bosses shiny new cars and knocked on the door. It took a few minutes and several knocks on the door before there were any signs of life stirring inside. The old man was obviously having trouble as she could hear him bashing into things and cursing as he worked his way to the door.

With a loud creak it slowly opened and Mandy saw this rather frail and pathetic looking old man struggling to open the door while clinging to his walking frame. There seemed to be a lot of junk around which gave him virtually no room to manoeuvre. The pretty 20 year old looked him over. He had almost no hair on his head and from the way his jaw stuck out and his bottom lip came up over his top lip almost to his nose it was clear that he had not a single tooth in his head. His back was also very badly curved which caused him to stoop forward over his walking frame.

"Hi I'm Mandy from...."

"I know who you are," he replied in a manner that fitted with everything she had been told about him.

"Oh," replied the busty young blond politely. "Well then, you know why I'm here."

The old man turned and shuffled off back down the hall towards his sitting room knocking into all sorts of pieces of junk with his frame as he went. Her experiences with old men hadn't been very pleasant up until now and so Mandy felt a little apprehensive. But she had to remind herself that this was different, she was here to do a job and there was nothing to be worried about. Besides this old man could barely stand let alone anything else, and she could see he certainly looked his age and clearly way past any untoward thoughts.

This was true, he felt every bit his 80 plus years. His body was riddled with arthritis, something that was obvious from not only his stooping back and somewhat bowed legs, but also from his badly bent and twisted old fingers and hands. They looked painful but thanks to a steady supply of strong pain killers it was pain that could be controlled. The real trouble was they were almost useless for doing anything intricate of fiddly, even writing was virtually impossible for the crippled old boy.

But as far as any untoward thoughts go, well there was a side to this miserable chauvinistic pig that very few people knew about. The people that knew him best were the ones that knew him from years back when he wasn't so disabled by old age.....people like Alison.

Mandy had no idea but her mother had come across this horrible old man some 20 years ago. You see this was Ernie, the dirty old pervert that had made her working life such a misery all those years ago and eventually took advantage of her one unforgettable night. There was of course no way that Mandy could ever know this, but to the old man it was an experience that he would relive in his imagination even to this day.

At his age memories were really all Ernie had and so with his ever advancing years and his disabling health issues, including the now visibly obvious arthritis that ran throughout his twisted old body, there wasn't much to look forward to for the old boy.

His only minor pleasure was the weekly visit of his community nurse to administer the pain killing drugs that kept him relatively active. She wasn't anything special, middle aged and very plain looking, but over recent years she had become his only female contact and consequently the source of many a fantasy. The main reason being that she was a plump woman, which he didn't approve of, but that meant she had a huge pair of knockers that he delighted in ogling every time she called.

Every week after her visit he would lay in bed at night and imagine the overweight middle aged nurse leaning over him and tearing her tunic open, her gigantic jugs would tumble free and she would beg the toothless old man to squeeze and suck them.

Despite his age the old man hadn't really changed at all, he was still a dirty old pervert and still capable of raising an impressive erection, and this thought would never fail to get the old mans cock hard and throbbing. The real torture was that his crippled old hands made it virtually impossible for him to masturbate successfully. So with pre-cum dribbling from his rigid purple cock he would more often than not eventually fall asleep frustrated beyond belief................................. ....................Now he was in his living room with Mandy showing him leaflets of possible homes that he might like to go and view. This was when the old man got his first proper look at the beautiful busty young blond. His old eyes widened as he focused on her lovely fresh young face. He couldn't remember the last time he had seen such a pretty girl with her silky smooth skin lovely full lips and sparkling eyes. His gaze didn't remain on her face for long however, he looked down over the outline of her gorgeous curves, to say he was impressed by what he saw would be the understatement of the year.

Standing there in her red suit and heels with her beautiful blond hair back in a pony tail he was couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. His eyesight was still very good despite his age and being the sort of man he was he quickly noticed just how short and tight her skirt was. He looked down the length of her lovely legs sheathed in smooth flesh coloured nylon, this was a real treat for the miserable old git....and he couldn't help thinking she looked familiar.

"I have a few houses here that we thought you might be interested in seeing," Mandy said to the old boy as she flicked through the leaflets she was holding. "They're not too far from here and they're all very nice," she went on.

As she spoke his eyes went upwards, his old fashioned arrogance giving him the confidence to enjoy feasting his eyes on this young beauty without a care for what she may think. Despite her smart red jacket being buttoned up it didn't conceal the fact from the dirty old man that she was hiding a seriously big set of knockers.

"Mmmm, can see why they sent you," he grumbled as he made no attempt to hide his lustful gaze. It was then that it dawned on him, she did look familiar, she looked exactly like the girl he fucked that night all them years ago. But surely it couldn't be her, she hadn't aged a day.

"Don't I know you?" Ernie asked.

"Er, no I don't think so." Instantly his question made her nervous. Not surprisingly she wondered straight away if he was going to be another dirty old boy that had seen her video. "Yes....Alison isn't it?" There wasn't a day that went by over the last 20 years that he hadn't thought about that night, and so her name and image were emblazoned on his memory.

To say Mandy was relieved would be an understatement, she realised that he must have known her Mother and that was why he thought he knew her.

"No, I think you must be confusing me with my Mother," she explained to the old man.

"Oh I see," came his reply as he went on to explain how they used to work together and how she was the image of her Mother at that age.

This whole situation seemed to put Mandy more at ease and soon she continued with her sales patter. She realised she now had his full attention and quickly offered to take him to view a couple of the houses they had lined up for him. You can imagine her surprise when he readily agreed and with a gruff arrogance, which reminded Mandy that she was still dealing with a miserable old git, he instructed her to get his coat from the coat hook in the hall.

Excited by the fact that she had already gotten further than anyone else she quickly did as he asked.

Obviously the old boy took the opportunity to get a good look at her ass as she trotted off down the hall and reached over a pile of old boxes to get his coat from the hook.

"Mmmmm," he grumbled, impressed by the incredible perfection of her fit young ass in the tight red skirt. As she returned with his coat held out for him to take he could see the weighty bounce of her magnificent bust. "Just like your Mother" he muttered under his breath, already he was having dirty thoughts of all the things he would love to do to this unsuspecting pretty young thing.

Soon he was in the passenger seat of the car ready to be taken on a sightseeing tour of the new properties that had been lined up for him. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting Mandy the only sight he was interested in seeing was the one sat next to him in the driving seat. She hadn't noticed how much her skirt had ridden up tight across her lap, and every time she pushed her feet down on the clutch pedal it seemed to rise just a little more. By the time they had reached their first destination the dirty old boy was getting seriously turned on. It was a sight that he never thought he would ever see again in his lifetime, a pretty young girls stocking tops. It was a sight that had his frustrated old cock stirring into life.

As she got out of the car she still had no idea what she was doing to him as he just sat and watched her lovely ass tightly wrapped in the now even shorter skirt. As she stood out of the car she quickly realised what had happened and appearing a little embarrassed subtly straightened herself out.

The whole viewing process obviously had its point but to be honest the sight of this big breasted gorgeous young blond parading around in front of him in her sexy uniform had his mind fully occupied.

Mandy thought it was all going well and he seemed to be genuinely interested in some of the places she had shown him. So as they drove back to the old mans house she asked, with a misguided air of confidence, which property he preferred. Of course he didn't really care either way about any of them but thought that if he appeared interested he could possibly get to enjoy the company of this cock hardening piece of skirt for a while longer.

"Uh.....the first one seemed alright," he begrudgingly said. "When we get back you can go through what the deal is again."

Mandy was delighted to hear this, had she finally cracked the grumpy old man? Had she succeeded where so many others had failed? She felt a rush of enthusiasm. The thought of possibly getting this deal and what it could mean to both the company and her standing within it was something that was starting to excite her.

When they arrived back Mandy still had no idea of the lustful thoughts going through this apparently decrepit 82 year old mans mind, she was too busy imagining the look on every ones face when she went back and announced the good news.

It was a slow walk back down the path to the front door of the run down old house. Old Ernie shuffled with his walking frame trying not to get tangled in the overgrown weeds that crept all over the broken concrete. As they got inside he asked Mandy to remove his coat and hang it back up for him. Standing behind him she gladly obliged slipping it from his shoulders and tugging it down his arms.

She noticed the filthy grime covered collar of his shirt for the first time and it dawned on her that he had no one to look after him and probably hadn't washed since God knows when. Then as he turned to face her she could see just how much difficulty he had moving and couldn't help but feel some pity for him.

"Would you like a hand?" Mandy politely asked seeing him struggling to manoeuvre towards the living room door. Then just as she spoke he seemed to lose his footing and stumbled forward towards her.

Instinctively she reached out to catch the frail old boy and as she did they both tumbled to the floor. Now they found themselves on the floor, and with old Mr Granger on top Mandy was momentarily trapped. It was clearly an accident but instantly wondered if the miserable bad tempered old man would blame her. She knew how fragile the situation was and something as silly as this could cost her the deal.

She began to apologise, even though it wasn't her fault. At least he had landed on her so his fall was cushioned and he hadn't hopefully injured himself.

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