tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 33

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 33


Mandy had been thinking for some time now of getting a place of her own. Of course it wasn't going to be cheap and although she had not yet reached her 21st birthday she felt the time was right. She was earning good money for a girl of her age so paying the rent shouldn't be too much of a problem, as long as she remained realistic about what she could afford.

Her only stumbling block was going to be raising the deposit and the first couple of months rent. Being a sensible girl she didn't want to stretch herself to the limit of her finances, and a cushion of a few months rent would ease any worries that would come with living close to the edge of her means.

It was for that reason that she decided to find herself a job she could do in her spare time to supplement her income and hopefully boost her savings by enough to achieve her goal. Of course it didn't take her long to find something, in fact she had a few offers in a very short space of time....it seemed that the local employers, of course all being male, were falling over themselves to give this stunning voluptuous blond a job.

After some deliberation she decided to go with a receptionist job at a small doctor's surgery not too far from where she lived. The hours were perfect, most evenings 6pm till 8pm and Sundays all day. She thought Sunday was a strange day for a doctor's surgery to be open but when she asked she was told that it wasn't actually open then. They just wanted someone to watch the phones and call in the doctor if there was an emergency while using the quiet time to do paperwork. This was just about perfect for Mandy and with thoughts of how the extra money was going to help get her independence so much quicker she decided to start straight away.

It was a very small surgery and the first thing Mandy noticed was how quiet it was, not that she was complaining, but it did seem a bit strange. There were also only a couple of doctors and even they seemed to be there just part-time. The only full timer was one other receptionist, a rather scary looking woman in her fifties with a serious facial hair problem and an unpleasant nature to match. It soon became apparent to Mandy that she resented her being there, not the first time that some clearly jealous old hag had taken a dislike to her, but it did make things a little uncomfortable.

The doctors all seemed very nice and friendly, and of course being doctors meant Mandy was instantly at ease with them. The eldest of them was Dr Smith, he was easily way beyond retirement age and looked a little creepy. She wondered if they kept him on out of some sort of loyalty as he had been there by far the longest. It was clear that he wasn't in the best of health from the way he seemed to struggle to walk and, even something as simple as getting up from his seat seemed to take an age. But she wasn't there to question, she just wanted to get on with the job and start stashing some money away. She also noticed one other thing, his appointment book was much emptier than the others, obviously, she thought, because at his age he wouldn't be able to cope with a busy schedule.

Mandy had been there only a few days and was already getting to grips with the job. It was all fairly straight forward really and despite the obvious attitude from the full time receptionist she found it all fairly enjoyable. She also found it fairly easy as she could come straight from her estate agents job to this one as the timing fitted together perfectly. It was helped by the fact that she didn't have to worry too much with fussing over what to wear as the receptionist job also came with a uniform. A simple change at either the estate agents or the surgery and she was done, especially as the uniform consisted of a one piece tunic somewhat similar to a nurses outfit that, once she had removed her skirt blouse and jacket, she could slip straight on over just her underwear.

It was a very pale powder pink, almost white but not quite so as to not confuse it with a real nurse uniform. It had a button up front and looked very smart, except Mandy found that, as it was supplied very quickly and without too much attention to her measurements, it did fit a little on the snug side. It wasn't uncomfortably tight, but it definitely clung to her curves to the point that she couldn't really comfortably wear anything underneath it even if she wanted too, except her underwear of course. At least it wasn't too short, coming to just over halfway down her thighs meant she could sit down without too much risk of her stocking tops showing. The buttons however were under constant strain across her mammoth 34GG's and with two darts sewn down the back it really pulled in at the waist accentuating the inward curve of her lower back and of course the outward swell of her perfectly formed ass.

All in all she was happy however as it did look a thousand times better on her firm young curves than it did on the lumpy mess that was her full time colleague. Also it soon became obvious that it didn't go unnoticed by both the patients and doctors alike. Often Mandy would sit at the reception desk thumbing through the appointment book while some old boy was stood opposite leering at her magnificent tits struggling to bust their way out from their restrictive confines. Even better if she had to reach across to the computer keyboard that was positioned to her right, then the uniform would gape and with her turned to the side the slightest glimpse of either lovely firm tit flesh or lace bra would be offered to the lucky onlooker.

Occasionally she would also have to show patients through to whatever room the doctor they were seeing was in, especially if they were elderly. This would then catch the attention of any man present in the waiting room as all eyes would be on her spectacular ass cheeks as they jostled together under the powder pink material of her tight tunic. With the room being quiet the unmistakable rustling sound of nylon coated thighs against tightly fitting fabric could clearly be heard as she walked.

Constantly the sweet 20 year old would have to grab at the hem of her skirt and give a little wiggle to pull it down straight as she returned to her seat giving another unbelievable treat to the room, if only she knew what she was doing to these people.......but then maybe she did.

The doctors also quickly noticed how "well" her uniform fitted, and despite their obvious codes of conduct they all saw just what a turn on this voluptuous yet innocent looking girl was. The other receptionist soon noticed something too. Old Dr Smith started making a point of spending more time in reception than usual, often stealing obvious glances Mandy's generous curves.

This didn't really come as too much of a surprise though as she knew he was a bit of an old pervert, hence the almost empty appointment book. Although no official complaints had ever been made it was fairly well known, especially as many of his patients and in particular just about all of his female patients had long since changed doctors. The general reason given was more often than not the same, he just made them feel uncomfortable, not really grounds for taking any action, but enough to raise concerns.

As a result old Doctor Smith was kept on more out of a sense of loyalty than anything else.

It started as little things that went completely unnoticed by Mandy, but instantly noticed by her sour faced frumpy colleague. Such as the old Doctor giving her a shoulder massage when she was at her desk, or slipping a hand around her waist when showing her some paperwork or other. Together with the constant glances up and down her curvaceous body it was obvious to others if not Mandy where his thoughts were.

It wasn't surprising really, the closely fitted uniform did raise temperatures and the Doctor was after all still a man, albeit a very old one. The sight of Mandys buxom firm young body moving around the place was pretty hard not to notice. Then at the end of her second week the old Doctor struck up a conversation with Mandy that the other receptionist quickly saw through. But being bitter and twisted and not Mandy's biggest fan, she just sat back and smugly watched events unfold.

Dr Smith seized the opportunity to ask the pretty young girl when she had last been to her Doctor for a general examination. She had to admit that she hadn't visited her Doctor for a couple of years as she had no cause to.

"Well," said Dr Smith, "a young girl like you has to be careful, being as well, erm, endowed as you are, you erm," he stumbled on, "you erm need to check yourself regularly.....d...do you?" Mandy didn't know quite what to say, "I um, well, um, no I suppose not."

"Well as you're lucky enough to be working with someone as experienced as me, perhaps you would like me to just check you over." His pink watery old eyes seemed to widen and he began to salivate at the corners of his mouth as he made his bold suggestion, something that again Mandy didn't seem to really notice.

"W...what sort of um...."

Before Mandy could finish her sentence the old Doctor took her by the hand. "Mind the phones will you," he said to her jealous twisted colleague.

"Of course Doctor," she replied knowing full well what was on the lecherous old Doctors mind..

Before Mandy knew it she was being led into his consultation room. She had never seen the old boy move with such a bounce in his step but still thought nothing of it. She had no idea this was the first time the old man had had a female in his consultation room for a good few years, all he ever saw now were mainly old men and even they were getting fewer and fewer.

Mandy closed the door and the old Doctor turned to face her, there was a moments pause as he studied her figure in the perfectly fitted uniform. Mandy found the silence a little awkward and despite trusting him she began to feel a little uncomfortable at the way his eyes seemed to be already undressing her.

"Right then, let's see if we have any problems," he said as he cleared his throat while gesturing towards her magnificent chest. "If you would like to undo your buttons so I can check them over," he went on as he nervously coughed filling the air with the stale stench of an old mans breath.

Mandy did as she was instructed and began to unbutton her tunic starting at the neck and slowly working her way down. She hadn't noticed the Doctors eyes widen as more of her spectacular cleavage revealed itself to his lustful gaze. As the buttons gave way the powder pink uniform opened wide yielding to the unstoppable force of her huge firm young breasts thrusting forward.With her fingers nervously releasing more of the buttons the poor old Doctor was soon treated to the heart stopping sight of her beautiful 34GGs fully displayed before him in an incredibly sexy white lace half cup bra.

"Is that enough?" Mandy asked as she stopped unbuttoning at her waist.

"Er...er...yes yes of course," replied the somewhat flustered old Doctor as he stepped forward and brought his trembling hands up to start his "examination".

"Should I remove my....." before she could say the word bra the slightly flustered old man interrupted telling her not to worry as he could manage as she was.

Mandy found that a little strange, but she accepted he obviously knew what he was doing and so she simply looked to the side and down as she felt both his clammy old hands come to rest on her right breast. She trusted the geriatric Doctor despite his unorthodox methods. But she still felt slightly uncomfortable as he placed a hand on the pretty lace cup and held her breast quite firmly through it while at the same time working the fingers of his other hand over her cleavage and inside. Still Mandy looked away as he began to squeeze and fondle it with both the hand that was now inside her bra and strangely enough also the hand that was outside holding on.

She was sure she could hear his breathing getting heavier as he manipulated her huge firm breast with his probing hands. He continued to hold it with one hand outside her bra and Mandy was sure she felt it move over the lace cup while holding it possibly a little too firmly. Still she stood still and patient as his other hand now roamed inside her bra for a few moments before he again spoke.

"Right, let's have a proper look then," his voice sounded quieter now and a little creepy. That was when he heaved the magnificent tit out with the one hand while pulling the lace cup down with the other. Mandy chewed uncomfortably on her bottom lip as he now had the one tit completely out on full display. "Ooh yes," she barely heard him say.

"P....pardon," she chirped up.

"Er...yes....um....yes that seems fine," he spluttered as he held it in both hands squeezing and feeling it all over. Mandy allowed him to continue, even though she was sure he deliberately brushed her nipple with his thumb several times.

"Mmmm, that seems okay," he whispered, "let's see how this one is." With that he pulled the other bra cup down and heaved that tit out into the open air too. There was a moments silence as he seemed to admire the magnificence of her impressively full and firm young boobs. Without a word he quickly took the other one in hand and manipulated it, fondling and squeezing it with even more rough vigour than he had the other. Again his thumb glanced across her now reacting nipple several times before he eventually held one in each hand and giving them one final squeeze proclaiming they were fine.

"Oh....erm, g...good, " Mandy replied still rather confused and more than just a little uncomfortable. Before she could even start to straighten her clothing and redress herself the old Doctor asked her to turn around so he could give her a quick internal examination. She now began to feel very uncomfortable, he seemed a little too keen for her liking as he placed his hands on her waist and spun her around. But again with his air of authority she somehow couldn't refuse and did as he said turning her back to him and facing the examination table behind her.

"We can do this with you standing," he hurriedly said as he placed his hand against her back and pushed her forward. Unable to really refuse Mandy just did as he told her and bent across the examination table resting on her elbows on it. With her ass now thrust in the air and her magnificent breasts still out of their bra she looked a sight to behold. Again she was confused that he hadn't asked her to remove her underwear and instantly felt uneasy as without a word he lifted the tightly fitting uniform up and pushed it over her ass to her waist.

She couldn't be sure but she would have sworn that she heard him let out a quiet sigh. She knew she had worn a very skimpy pair of sexy white lace panties that matched her bra, not only that but she was wearing her favourite champagne coloured stockings and white lace suspenders too. She was now really beginning to worry that she might be turning the old boy on, even with him being a Doctor she knew the affect she had, after all he was still a man.

Mandy waited a moment as the Doctor seemed to go silent. She was aware how she looked and was pretty sure he had to be taking a moment to admire the view. "Mmmm, don't often see young girls in these anymore," he said in a quiet and slightly creepy tone as Mandy felt him finger her pretty lace suspenders. "W.....well," he coughed to clear his throat, "they make something like this a lot easier." The lovely 20 year old didn't much care for his topic of conversation, she really didn't want to discuss the fact that she was wearing stockings with this apparently dirty old man.

"Now this won't take a minute," he said as he took charge and returned to the job in hand. Mandy shuddered as without a word he placed a hand on her left buttock and held it firmly while with his other hand he lifted the crotch of her panties aside exposing her naked pussy. She was becoming less and less happy with the situation and wondered if this was right. Should he be doing this? Should she allow him to continue? Her suspicions grew worse when she felt him place the other hand onto her right buttock and with a firm grip on each of them he prised them apart. With his thumbs meeting just either side of her pussy he began to pull it open and Mandy could feel his breath on her bare ass as her now moist lips separated.

He was clearly having a good close look and the pretty young blond thought it strange the way he seemed to massage her ass cheeks slightly as he held them tightly.......she was sure he was getting off on it. Still she did nothing as he removed one hand and she suddenly felt something probing her....it was his bony old fingers!

"Just need to check inside," he whispered in what was now clearly a voice that trembled with excitement. Without waiting for a response from the busty beauty the old Doctor slipped two fingers between her moist pink lips and very gradually drove them deep inside her tight juicy hole. Mandy didn't know what to do, she was clearly wet , probably from his mauling of her breasts, and with his fingers being so long and thin they slipped in without much effort. Again she thought she heard him sigh as he began to wiggle them around inside.

"I just need to check.........." The old Doctor made it sound as if he was concentrating on giving her a thorough and proper examination, but Mandy still had her doubts as she felt his fingertips circle the entrance to her womb, something that almost caused her knees to buckle.

What she didn't know and couldn't see was the look of sheer wide eyed excitement on the salivating old mans face. He licked his lips as he worked his fingers around deep inside her now soaking cunt. Still he had one hand on her ass gripping the beautifully firm and round cheek firmly, enjoying the feel of such a rare and splendid specimen. He knew he couldn't continue for long and so he slowly drew his fingers back admiring the sight of her glistening juices that now coated them.

Soon he had pulled them out and as he watched her puckered pink wet lips slowly close together he couldn't resist bringing his fingers up to his nose and drawing her scent into his bushy old nostrils. As he did he noticed Mandy remained where she was, clearly waiting to be told what to do.

"So...you're not a virgin then...." he proclaimed. As he spoke he casually rested his other hand on her ass giving it a very gentle rub as if not fully aware of what he was doing, (which of course he was).

"N....no, no I'm not," the awkward and now rather turned on girl replied.

"Mmmmmmm," the old man replied, "how many partners have you had?"

She was confused by his line of questioning but figured it had to be something to do with the examination he had just performed. "Uh..n...not sure," she replied.

The old mans eyes widened as he began to see she was clearly a girl who enjoyed sex. Still she remained bent over before him, her pussy exposed and moist just inches from his own crotch, her huge firm breasts swaying magnificently beneath her slender toned torso. He had never seen a more tempting sight as he seemed to drift off into an almost trance-like state.

It was becoming all too much for the sexually deprived old man and so without really thinking and without a care for the consequences he unbuttoned the flies of his trousers and released what was now a fully erect and very excited old cock. It swayed before him, the swollen purple helmet shone and dripped with pre-cum. With it pointing straight at her moist inviting hole the temptation had become impossible to resist.

"Is that it now?" Mandy asked as she went to straighten herself up.

"N....no," he suddenly replied as he pushed her back down. "Just one more thing to do." As he spoke saliva dribbled from his opened mouth down his chin and onto the cheeks of her lovely young ass.

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