tagRomanceAn Ordinary Man's Life Ch. 17

An Ordinary Man's Life Ch. 17



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Looking into Amanda's beaming face with this adoring expression in it, Todd again thanked unknown divine authorities for gifting him with the ability to satisfy women to the utmost; to let them respond to him like an easy prey. Furthermore, he had to thank his parents. They bequeathed him their excellent genes. From an early age, his father had counseled him he should improve his natural assessments. That led him to work hard in the home gym to achieve extensive fitness, powerful strength and a perfectly chiseled body. From the first day entering middle school at the age of ten, he studied seriously and discovered he had almost a photographic memory.

Over the years he wasn't much concerned about himself. He was confident without being conceited. He just thought he was an OK guy until Samantha approached him at the age of eighteen and he discovered what an enormous impact he had on women.

Now, just a few months older than eighteen, he wondered whether there would ever be a woman who could resist him. Sure Amanda couldn't any longer as she truly begged him to take her anal cherry which pleased him very much. After a long, soft, yet passionate kiss where he let his hands linger over her great body he answered her proposition.

"Honey, I'll be honored and delighted to be your first lover in your beautiful ass. Don't worry about anything. If ever, you'll only feel a short stab of discomfort. Relax and it'll quickly turn into great pleasure. Look, the girls are coming back. We'll talk with them while we eat and drink."

Todd had expected it they would come back with two large plates of sliced fruit as they weren't around when he ejaculated into Amanda for the first time. Two bottles of champagne in their hands would allay their thirst. He took the first bottle, opened it and filled six glasses. They pulled two loungers round the low lawn table and sat on it; three on each of them. Todd sat between Andromeda and Samantha and Amanda sat between the twins. They cheered, clicked glasses together and emptied them almost in one gulp. Todd surely did it.

When the plates were empty, he looked around and saw only beaming faces. He thought it was time to let the cat out of the bag.

"Girlfriends! I'll let you know what happened after Amanda and I recovered from our lovemaking session. She asked me, with determination, to take her anal cherry so I need your help to prepare her. After the anal deflowering is done, I want to fuck all your other asses lined up in a row. I already came six times today so I believe I've got enough stamina to satisfy all of you. Cindy and Claire, why don't you make Amanda acquainted with the 'Reprop® Clyster'?" The former head cheerleader shot a quizzical look back at him as the twins walked with her hand in hand into the house.

In the meantime, his prime two lovers entertained him with their unbelievable blowjob skills where he, fortunately, detected he may be able to cum a seventh time in Amanda's ass. He had his doubts if he'd be able to cum an eighth time in one of the other asses. They made him steel hard and the way his cock felt he knew he would remain in that state even after he had ejaculated in the fifth virgin ass he had the pleasure to deflower. Yes, he expected another temporary priapism.

When the twins came back with Amanda, a deep red blush highlighted her beautiful face. They sat on the lounger and the way Amanda looked at the mischievously grinning twins Todd had to ask, "What happened, Honey? Please tell me."

Amanda gave the grinning twins a playful nudge with her elbows in their sides and complained, "Your girlfriends were really bad with me. First, as Cindy lubricated my anus to insert the rectal tube into it, she shoved a finger in my ass and rotated it in me. Then she laid me on the bathroom floor with a fortunate floor heating system and the water flooded in my rectum. I have to admit it felt nice and after I constricted my asshole she told me to draw my spread legs back and wiggle my ass on the floor. You won't believe what happened then. Cindy took the hollow of my knees in her hands and her face dove into my V. With her hands pressing me down and the water in my bowels I could do nothing against it and she ate me out until I couldn't take it any longer and yelled I was losing the water.

"I don't know how I made it to the toilet in time. As I started to scold her, she simply kissed me and said to shut up because I liked it. I'm ashamed to admit I was on the way to an orgasm. Claire was even worse when I had my second enema. First, she fucked my butt with two fingers and then filled my rectum with the water. I was already going crazy as she let me sit on the john and caressed my slippery love gash then fucked my hole with her fingers and a thumb rubbing over my clit. I came so hard I screamed and the water shot with force out of my ass.

"It was my first sexual encounter with a woman and I couldn't believe how much I liked it. Jacqueline and I always regarded us as purely straight women with no desire for lesbian sex. Damnit! Todd, what I saw your girlfriends doing on the lawn and now with their seduction in the bathroom I don't know whether I'm still a straight girl. Maybe one of you should let me lick your pussy to get a taste of it."

Four women yelled excitingly, "That's me!"

Todd reminded all five women he had a mission to accomplish and pointed on his steel hard pecker. They all laughed but when they directed Amanda on a lounger on her hands and knees he interfered and told her to lay herself down on her stomach.

He declared, "Amanda, to relax you completely for the great moment I'll give you a full body massage. You know from the beach that I learned from a professional masseuse who massaged me since I was fourteen. As Ryan didn't let me do it to you at the beach, you'll have now the pleasure. And it'll be much better because you're naked now. Close your eyes and enjoy."

Todd straddled her below her delicious ass and made sure that his woman pleaser wormed its way between her slightly spread thighs. He crawled a little bit forward and guided by his hand he slithered his glans through her small still soaking wet pussy lips from the play in the bathroom.

A shudder of excitement rushed through Amanda's body and she asked, "Todd, I thought you want to give me a massage and now you're going to fuck me."

"No, honey. I'm not going to fuck you but don't you think with my cock in your pussy the massage will make a much better impact? I wanted to do that at the beach with my girls as well but, in hindsight, I think that would have been a serious mistake." He chuckled.

Amanda just loudly moaned because she couldn't answer properly. Todd inserted his dick in a slow, long, smooth approach to the hilt in her cunt. The girl answered his foray with a long guttural groan. She couldn't help and wiggled her hips a little bit but Todd's strong hands pressed her down onto the lounger. She got the message and held still.

He squirted a big gob of the beautifully scented sunscreen lotion in his hand, rubbed his hands together and started with his massage on her neck and shoulders. With his sensitive hands, he easily found the tensions and every knot under her skin. Amanda often murmured how good it felt. Todd didn't move with his hips but this marvelous thing in her pussy twitched and made her wet it even more. She got more and more aroused but also a little bit dozy. Todd was intoxicated from the dainty smell of her excitement.

However, after he had her buns under his hands, she was again wide awake as it felt so good. First he only massaged them but then he spread her asscheeks and let fingers trail in her cleft. She expected this as a prelude to her anal deflowering and she was right as Todd spit a generous amount of saliva on her asshole. Two fingers were there and very slowly and carefully they entered her backdoor. He was master enough not to make erratic movements as he drilled his fingers deeply in her bottom. Amanda cried in delighted surprise. She was puzzled how good it felt as he rotated his digits a few times until he regretfully withdrew them.

Unfortunately, after he was finished with her butt - which was airy as never before - she found it terribly disappointing his cock had to leave her pussy to finish the back massage with her long legs. She couldn't believe how good the final foot massage felt.

He turned her around and asked her, "How does it feel so far, Honey?"

"Great," she just said and caught his head to draw him down for a passionate kiss. Todd miraculously managed to push her thighs over his hips and then entered her again with another guttural groan from her in his kissing mouth.

The front massage, of course, had a completely other quality. It was so much better with him kneading her taut breasts and pinching and pulling gently on her hard nipples. When his massaging hands traveled over her flat slightly muscled belly he finally reached her crotch.

His lotion covered fingers and hands kept going and covered her cunt lips which were fairly stretched around his dick with slippery lotion, all around. Amanda's back arched and she hissed, "I'm going to cum, Todd. My clit is throbbing with need."

"Cum over my cock, Amanda!" He pinched her small, hard nubbin and she screamed! Her body shook and her back arched harder. The fat meat in her cunt prevented her from squirting again but there was a copious amount of female cum that splashed his cock.

While Todd waited for her orgasm to subside, he looked around at his girlfriends who were playing leisurely with their pussies. They looked hungrily at the point where he was connected with Amanda. He knew what was going to happen when he slowly withdrew his fully slimy dick from Amanda's cunt. All four were in an instant there to kiss and lick his marvelous pecker clean. In the afterglow of her orgasm, Amanda smiled ogling this lewd action. Now she felt very, very lucky to be here.

Finally, Todd finished the massage with the front of her legs. After another passionate kiss where he whispered to her the great moment was going to arrive, she only needed a hint to turn on her hands and knees. She involuntarily blushed as Cindy instantly spread her buns which left no doubt they all could see her vulnerable twitching asshole. She expected they would lube her anus and possibly spread it a bit with fingers but, of course, Todd had other ideas. A good rimming was on his menu.

"Oh!" she yelped as he startled her by running his wet tongue across her asshole.

"You can't want to lick me there," she exclaimed in amazement, reaching back to cover herself up with her hand. She never thought it was possible that a man would want to kiss this dirty hole. OK, it wasn't dirty any longer but that didn't diminish her astonishment.

"Don't worry about it," he said softly, pulling away her hand. "Just relax and you'll like it."

Again, Amanda relented, giving him free reign to her backdoor. Lewdly, he jammed his tongue against her hole, wiggling it around her tight little star. She shifted her body forward trying desultorily to escape his nimble tongue, but he grabbed a hold of her hips, fixing her in place as he continued to lick her puckered little rosebud.

"Spread your ass for me, baby," he suggested, slipping a finger into her pussy. The other four girls were again engaged in Sapphic action.

Reluctantly, she reached back, and pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her most private area. He took a moment to take in the site of the young woman in that nasty position. Her asshole was picture perfect. A tight light brown puckered ring, glistening with his saliva, framed by a beautiful round ass.

He slipped another finger in her pussy to help take her mind off the tongue bath he was giving her asshole, and it seemed to work. Her tiny pucker relaxed enough for him to force the tip of his tongue inside her. Amanda squealed at the feeling of his tongue in her ass, but was soon moaning as he began tongue fucking her tight little butt hole. Todd was happy she reacted positively so quickly to his rimjob.

When he felt her behind pressing against his face to get his tongue deeper in her rear orifice, he reached for the KY tube that the girls brought from the bathroom. It was already open so he could easily coat two fingers with the lube. He rubbed them together to make sure they were slippery enough.

"Aaaahhhh," Amanda moaned loudly as he again slowly pressed two fingers past her tight muscular ring. Her anus was already a little loose from his rimming that there was less resistance than during the massage.

"Relax," he reminded her, pushing his fingers fully in her poop chute.

He began to wiggle it around inside her ass, marveling at the site of her tight little butt hole hugging his fingers.

"How is it?" he asked, moving the digits in and out, slowly finger fucking her virgin asshole. "Do you want me to stop?"

"It's okay," she panted. "You can keep going."

He smiled and kissed her all over her tender ass cheeks, even rimming her hole, licking around his own fingers as they slid in and out. Amanda gasped when he added a third finger. She buried her face into the thick foam wrapped in flowery fabric. Soon he had three fingers sawing into her ass, spreading her anus gently as Amanda moaned harder into the lounger.

She bucked and writhed and twisted against him, her overflowing pussy filling his nostrils with the heady scent of her sexjuice dripping onto the lounger.

'My Gosh! I can't believe it's me enjoying this illicit act. What is left from this uptight girl coming to visit Todd? Probably nothing,' Amanda thought with confusion. Carnal pleasures started to spread through her lower body, increasing in force more and more. His finger fucking got harder and faster and she felt her anus opening wider and wider. She wondered whether she wasn't already open enough to let his cock in.

These thoughts were suddenly interrupted as his strength turned her body effortlessly around that she was lying on her back.

"I want to kiss you. I want to look in your face when I deflower your ass. I want to see what it is like for you when I sodomize you fast and hard, plugging your ass like a jackhammer," he growled barely holding back the sex demon. He told her to draw her legs back to give him easy access to her twitching rear hole. Todd took the KY tube and carefully lubed her still slightly gaping asshole and his cock. Then he pressed his fat glans at the entrance of her butt and with a strong push it went in and her anus snapped behind it. That was enough for the moment. He enjoyed the pressure of her ring muscles and told her to squeeze her muscles just a little bit, as if she were trying to go to the bathroom. Her ass eased a little as she obeyed.

He got on his hands and knees and kissed her open mouth where a loud yell had escaped as he entered her. Her wide open eyes looked at him in disbelief as if she couldn't comprehend he widened her asshole without much trouble. He had been right. The last stretching of her anus caused a short sting of pain and discomfort but that vanished quickly as he held still. She realized how thoroughly he had softened up her backdoor for a relatively easy foray. It seemed her anus and his cock pulsed in unison. She no longer had virginity left and truth to be told that made her proud now. She kissed him passionately back as this feeling in her ass got better and better.

She expressed her enormous pleasure, "Darling, I don't know how you are able to fuck my formerly virgin butt so well. I never expected that. You're surely a magician."

Their kisses, his attention to her very taut breasts and hard nipples, and his silken words relaxed her more and more. The pressure of her sphincters around his cock weakened. He took her legs over his shoulders and let himself sink onto her body until he was balls deep in her ass. All eight and a half inches of cock were fully inserted in her tight hole. Her anal ring was stretched obscenely.

'God, what a power trip to fuck a virgin ass,' he thought to himself.

"Aaaahhh...Oooohhhh...Ughhh," she groaned as his cock disappeared inside her. As she panted softly, he thought about how exciting... how fucking erotic... it was to introduce a young anal virgin to this forbidden act. She became so willing to be sodomized that he was convinced that Amanda was an anal slut in the making.

"Fuck baby, your ass is so tight!" Todd responded.

"Ooh fuuucckkk," she squealed as he slowly began to fuck her butthole, moving his anal pecker in and out. He dicked her deliberately, occasionally removing his cock completely and letting her asshole gape open provocatively before he rubbed his cock a few times through her tight rubber ring and dove back in.

His cock wasn't fucking her backdoor in earnest yet but it was enough to cause Amanda's body to twist and turn as she breathed harder. Her hands dug into his shoulders as he began to move faster.

"Oh yeah! I'm fucking your ass! I'm fucking your tight little asshole!"

Profanity began to spew forth from his mouth as he watched Amanda's eighteen year old butt hole swallowing up his dick more easily with each thrust. He was losing control over his fuck demon.

"You are one very hot little anal slut, aren't you Amanda? Will you tell Ryan you have been sodomized by me? Where's my dick?" he asked, fucking her harder and faster. "Where's my dick?"

"In my ass," she replied meekly, her face still in astonishment over what happened to her. Why did she enjoy her first ass fuck so much?

"Louder," he demanded, reaching forward and grabbing her shoulders so that he could almost heave her.

"In my ass!" she howled, as he pushed his cock again up to the hilt in her tight little hole.

"You like it up there in your tight little pooper, don't you my fine little ass fuck?" Todd challenged her further. He wanted an answer.

"Yes...fuck...damnit...yeeees...I like your big fucking cock in my ass. My Gosh! You made me your little slut...your little anal whore. My ass is yours, baby." She was getting into it.

It was then he felt a tingling feeling surging through his loins. He knew he was able to cum again.

"Aaahhh...yeeeaaah...Oh my God! I'm going to cum." Amanda groaned louder with every thrust. She was on the verge of an unexpected climax. She hadn't taken it into consideration she would cum the first time she was fucked in the ass. She really didn't know Todd very well.

Amanda felt like a nymph willingly offering herself to be ravished by a Greek god. Nothing else existed except the strength and power of Todd's body vigorously fucking hers, his suckling mouth on her sensitive breast-flesh.

And then she felt Todd's body go rigid against her and he pressed his mouth hard into the soft flesh of the nipple filling his mouth, a deep moan of intense pleasure escaping his chest.

The huge pole of his penis buried to the hilt inside her started to throb and pulse and a flood of sperm burst from his cock into her sucking ass. She responded screaming through her own blast of liquid heat, her groin jerking spasmodically against his, her climaxing pussy and butt milking his spurting cock of every drop of cum. He looked into her stricken face how heavily she was consumed by her strong orgasm but obviously she had a natural ability not to faint, contrary to the twins. Finally, Todd heaved his hips in a last deep thrust and his body relaxed. Amanda again felt she had ejaculated and when she reached between their bodies she could feel how wet she made them. Almost unbelievably.

Gingerly, Amanda lowered her legs to the lounger while her belly spasmed involuntarily with the delicious aftermath of her ebbing orgasm. Her breasts heaved as she fought to slow her breathing.

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