tagTransgender & CrossdressersAn Unexpected Encounter

An Unexpected Encounter


Be gentle, this is my first attempt at writing anything remotely sexual. Comments, critiques, all are welcome ^_^

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Alexander entered the bar with trepidation. He really, really hated going out to new places to get fucked up, but dealing with his friends at the bar just down the street from his place wasn't an option. He'd -- albeit accidentally -- wrecked his best friend's car into the side of the bar. To be fair, he'd told everyone he wasn't fit to drive and they insisted. But they were still pissed, and Alexander didn't need to see the bartender glaring at him and asking 'Where's the six grand it's gonna take to rebuild my bar, you asshole?' so he'd switched it up. This place was located downtown, in the less clean-cut neighborhoods and the dirty neon signs glowing out front. He didn't mind the look of the place, he just really wanted to get fucked up and forget everything that had happened. Unfortunately, the place was packed. There was a dance floor to the left filled with swiveling bodies and speakers blasting out music so loud he couldn't even begin to figure out what was playing.

Alex ignored all that. He didn't care much for dancing, it really wasn't his thing. Instead he made his way to the bar straight across from him, which was completely void of all places to sit. He grunted in irritation and ordered up a nice glass of whiskey and a beer. Once loaded up with alcohol, he turned around and searched for one of the empty booths he could occupy. From where he stood, there looked to be a nice empty one in the corner.

However, as he reached his destination, Alex found himself face to face with the wierdest thing he'd ever seen. It was a man, hunkered down in the booth and clutching his purse. Yep. Purse. His face was painted up with eyeshadow, a light lipstick, and a shit ton of glitter. If you were just looking at his face, you'd assume he was a woman, what with the perfectly tousled black hair down to his shoulders and the perfectly arched eyebrows. His facial structure was distinctly feminine too. But as soon as you reached his body, everything went man. His chest was barely covered by a crop top as skin tight as plastic wrap -- and about as transparent -- and he was wearing turquoise tights -- with nothing on underneath, quite obviously -- that cut off a few inches above his black stilettos, that were, if he was to judge, about six inches in height. Definitely not the most normal guy in the world. But, there really wasn't anywhere to sit and Alex wasn't all that bothered by the guy's unique styling. Honestly, he didn't give a damn. The guy looked pretty good painted up anyway, if you discounted the manly pectorals. And even though his arms were as dainty as a lady's, his legs and stomach were pretty damn ripped. He was the oddest creature Alex had ever seen.

"Mind if I sit down?" He asked after about a second's worth of observing the man's appearance. Without waiting for a reply, he slid into the seat anyway. He set his icy untouched beer down and took the whiskey in one shot, shoving the glass away. The guy hadn't moved. Just sat there, staring at him. What, did he have something stuck in his teeth? "You alright, man?"

Those words must've woken the guy up, because he nodded quickly and picked up his mug of coffee. From the unfocused look in the guy's eye, Alex assumed there was a lot of Irish in that cup.

"Name's Alexander, but you can call me Alex." He offered. He was at least going to try to be polite. He wasn't very good at it, but he tried. After a moment's hesitation, the man spoke up.

"Jesse." His voice wasn't that high-pitched girlish squeal that a lot of the gay men wore, but it was distinctly feminine. There was a softness in his tone, probably less natural than he let on. "What are you doing here?" He stared suspiciously at Alex, which made Alex tilt his head slightly to the left, eyebrows scrunching up.

"Um... drinking?" He gestured to the alcohol in front of him. Actually, he was kind of thirsty. He snatched it up and chugged a good half of the beer down before placing it on the hard table. "What are you doing here?" He retorted.

"Drinking." Same response, but now he was nursing the coffee and ignoring Alex. That was weird.

"You sure you're okay?"

"Fine." Jesse turned his head away and looked out at the bar, like he was searching for something.

"Look, if you want me to leave, all you gotta do is ask." He grunted. If he wasn't wanted, he'd get his ass up and move. He could toss some twerp off one of the bar stools and drink himself into a stupor over there. He was in the process of standing up when Jesse looked back over at him.

"Seriously, what are you doing?" He startled Alex, who hadn't been doing anything other than making light conversation. Apparently the look said what he was thinking because Jesse narrowed his eyes menacingly. "Did they send you over here to make fun of me? Treat me like shit the way they did last time just to get a fucking laugh?" Now Alex was really confused.

"No... I don't even know who you're talking about." He explained, not sure why he even needed to explain himself. "This is the first time I've ever been here. I just wanted to get fucked up and pass out. Shit, I didn't realize I was supposed to be making fun of you." He snapped. This time he did stand up, ignoring his beer. "Look, I didn't mean to piss you off, whatever I've done, I was just looking to get out of the house for a while. Sorry I intruded." Alex had been halfway to the door when he felt a fragile hand on his bicep. He turned to see Jesse standing there, looking pretty uncomfortable.

"Sorry, I—I didn't know you were just being nice." He apologized. Alexander could barely hear him over the pounding of the music. "I thought... I thought you were someone else, I guess." He looked over at the bar. "Look, here, I'll pay for your next drink." He lifted his hand off of Alex's arm and fumbled in his pink, fuzzy purse with about as much glitter as he had on his face. The guy liked to sparkle. But Alex really did want to drink, and though he didn't know what was wrong with Jesse, he had a feeling there were real reasons behind his suspicions.

"It's okay," He waved off Jesse's money. "Don't worry about it. Just next time you think of accusing me of something, make sure I know what the fuck you're talking about." He smirked. He turned toward the bar, but when Jesse didn't immediately follow, Alex looked back. "You coming, or what?" He inquired. The surprised look on Jesse's face made him smile again as the man gracefully glided toward him, which was insane because those spiked stilettos were enormous. For that matter... "Holy shit, you're tiny." He exclaimed. Standing tall and in six inch heels, the guy barely reached Alex's chin. Granted, Alex was 6'1", but it still fucked with his head seeing this man as tiny as a chick.

"Yeah." Jesse shrugged, small smile playing on his lips. His blue eyes, rimmed in kohl, bore into Alex's own green eyes. "That's why I've got the heels." He laughed, a lilting sound. Alex nodded, amused.

"Good call. Otherwise you'd disappear from sight and forever be stepped on." He was tempted to ruffle the guy's hair, but figured it would only lead to getting his arm chopped off. "Now come on, and we'll start this conversation over again. Without thinking, he lightly grabbed Jesse's wrist and led him over to the bar. He shoved himself past at least three guys before pulling himself up to the empty space he'd created at the counter. "Whiskey for me and..." He looked back at Jesse. "And you'd like?"

"You don't have to--" Alex raised his hand again.

"I don't mind. Now, lay it on me. Whaddaya want?" Jesse gave him a look but answered anyway.

"I do love frozen margaritas." He smiled, straight teeth glinting in the darkened room. Alex nodded.

"You got that?" The bartender nodded brusquely. He forked over the cash and downed his drink while they waited for Jesse's. "So, why are you here alone?" He asked conversationally. "You don't seem to be the kind of person by yourself at a shady bar like this." Jesse turned away, eyes dark. "Oh, sorry. You don't have to answer."

"No, it's alright." The pain in the guy's eyes was obvious, but he tried to put on a smile. "I was meeting someone. He—I guess he decided to postpone and forgot to call." The flippant remark and the pained laugh told Alex everything.

"Douche bag boyfriend, huh." He stated, certain.

"Ex. For about six months now." Jesse responded, not commenting on his assumption that it had been a man. Obviously, look at the guy. He was most definitely a gay male. "Probably should have known he'd stand me up. He always did before." The margarita came finally and Jesse took it willingly, though he very delicately licked the salt off before taking a drink. Not one for messes, Alex assumed. Though... the slow, practiced motions should have clued him in, Alex was never the brightest bulb in the factory when it came to picking up social cues. Facial expressions, sure. Being hit on? Not so much, and not usually from a man.

"Well, fuck him. Obviously he didn't deserve you." Alex responded honestly. Jesse seemed like a nice guy, glitz and all. And only assholes stood up dates. Alex wasn't one of those guys. Well, he didn't date, per se. But if he did he wouldn't skip out last minute or ditch his date at all. Luckily for him, he made it quite clear from the beginning that he wasn't interested in relationships. If women went home with him anyway, that wasn't exactly his fault. Okay, it was. But you could never call Alex a liar. Honest to the point of brutality, he was.

"Maybe. But it still makes me a fool, getting hurt twice by the same problem." He was slurping up the alcohol much faster now, and Alex wasn't surprised. He ordered himself more alcohol and downed it, finally starting to feel that lightheaded, floating feeling. He liked that much better.

"Happens, Jess." He muttered. "Ain't pleasant, but hey at least I'm here." He joked. Jesse flashed him another grin.

"Definitely the better choice." He purposefully eyed Alex and winked. "And much more handsome by far." Alex laughed, sliding his empty glass back toward the bartender, who glared. He wasn't sure why, but apparently it was serious. But it put him in a bad mod anyway. "Come on, let's see if that booth's still open. Much less crowded." He announced, hopping up off the hard wooden stool. Jesse followed as well, delicately placing his stilettos to steady his descent. His glass, half empty, was cradled in his hand as he used Alex's proffered fingers to climb down.

"Thanks." He called, grin cheeky and most definitely swayed by alcohol. Alex didn't know how much the guy had been drinking, but he sure looked tipsy. He kept his grip on Jesse's forearm, making sure he could stand. "Ooh, I'd watch those man hands, boy." He chittered. "Don't wanna tempt me, now do ya?" He laughed. Alex smirked.

"Just making sure you're alright." He responded. Their booth hadn't been overtaken, but on the way there they had some troubles. Some douche bag, probably the one that had made Jesse so suspicious of Alex's intentions earlier. He crowded in -- though, unsurprisingly, he was much smaller in height than Alex. About 5'8" tops. He and his nasty sour breath shoved into Jesse, making him stumble.

"Faggot, didn't I tell you to stay out of here? We don't like your kind in our bar." Jesse had barely avoided falling, but his face paled under the concealer. Alex could tell by his pale arms. The guy moved to shove Jesse again, who'd raised his arms in defense, when Alex stepped in, catching the hit in his chest. He didn't even flinch, much less get pushed back. His entire frame covered up Jesse's, hiding him from sight.

"I think you better get the fuck out of here." Alex snapped. The guy sized him up, but he was pretty drunk so he thought he could take him. Moron.

"What are you, one of those fags too?" He slurred, shoving his yellowed nail into Alex's chest. Alex didn't back down.

"I'm that guy that kicks your ass for laying a hand on Jesse without his permission." Alex ground out, taking a rough step forward and slamming the guy's hand back at his face. The man shook his head, surprised, and looked up at Alex.

"He don't need you protecting him, he likes being treated like the slut he is." The guy belched out, disgusting and vile. Alex's eyes narrowed. "He takes my cock every night, always begging for more." Alex heard the whimper of fear behind him, and felt Jesse press closer to his back, tucking his head into Alex's shoulder blades. The man tried to push forward, advance on Alex, but he didn't budge.

"I told you before, get the fuck out of here or you'll regret it. He's not a slut, and you're not going to lay a hand on him." Alex growled, anger flaring in his emerald irises. The drunken asshole glared at him and raised his fist.

"I'll teach you to talk to me that--" Without warning, Alex's fist connected with the man's face, breaking the nose and scraping against the man's teeth. When the man started flailing backwards, Alex pressed on, punching him again. With a final flourish, he kicked out right into the man's chest, sending him sprawling onto the hard concrete floor. He ground his heel into the man's sternum, furious.

"If you ever, ever get anywhere near Jesse again, I won't stop until I've killed you, do you fucking hear me?" He shouted, barely even audible over the music blasting away. But he knew the man had heard him. He was nodding, crying, and trying to staunch the flow of blood. Alex pulled off his foot and hauled the man to his feet. Keeping a tight grip on the man's arm and twisting it until the man cried out, he forced the man to walk over to Jesse. "Now apologize for calling him a bitch and a slut, and beg for forgiveness." The man hesitated, so he twisted harder. "Do it!"

"So-sorry, Jesse." He spewed, blood dripping into his mouth and choking him. "I won't say it again."

"Now apologize for the vile things you said. And if you ever try to force Jesse into anything, I will end you and make sure you enjoy every single vicious sin you forced on Jesse before the last light of life drifts out of your eyes, you got that fuck-face?"

"I'm sorry." He gasped, hyperventilating and clawing at Alex's grip. "Oh, God, please let me go."

"God's not going to come down and save a piece of shit like you, I promise you that." He snapped. "Now get the fuck out of here and don't let me see your ugly mug again or I'll fulfill your desire to see God." The man blew out of there in a heartbeat, stumbling and smacking into half the patrons in the bar. Almost no one had seen Alex take the bastard down except a group of guys he assumed was the drunk man's friend. But they gave him a wide berth, so he didn't bother to even spare them a glance. Turning back toward Jesse, he gently pressed his fingers under Jesse's chin.

"He didn't hurt you, did he?" Alex asked kindly, looking for red marks or bruises from the man's previous actions. Nothing, so it must have only been...

"N-no, I'm fine." Jesse's eyes were watering up, threatening to spill over. He reached behind Jesse toward the bar counter and snagged a napkin.

"Here." Jesse took it in his shaking fingers and carefully rid himself of the tears without ruining his make up.

"Why did you do that?" Jesse's soft voice barely registered in Alex's ears.

"I couldn't just sit back and watch him hurt you." Alex replied. "You said... you asked me if someone had sent me. I'm assuming you were talking about that walking, talking bag of douche back there?" Jesse choked on a fearful laugh, but nodded. "Well, I don't think he'll bother you anymore." Jesse looked up at him, red-rimmed eyes bringing out the flecks of silver in his deep blue irises.

"Thank you." The admiration -- and something he couldn't quite recognize -- was apparent in the male's voice.

"Any time. I love putting assholes in their place." Jesse's fingers brushed lightly against his arm, nails trailing over his skin and causing goosebumps.

"Will you--" He paused, like he wasn't sure of the answer. "Will you dance with me?" He asked, rejection already brewing up in his blushing cheeks and fearful eyes. Alex paused, surprised. Odd request, that was certain.

"Hmm. Well, I don't dance. Mostly because, well, I can't dance for shit." He rubbed the back of his head, smiling genially. "But if you're brave enough to get within twenty miles of my two left feet and horrible rhythm, it's your funeral." He responded. Jesse's surprise mirrored Alex's own. He really couldn't dance, and he didn't know why he'd offered. But he wanted to wipe that embarrassed, broken look off of Jesse's face. If seeing him make a fool out of himself would help, he could do that. Besides, it wasn't like he knew anyone at the bar. Like a proper gentleman -- though he was never much of one -- Alex led Jesse to the dance floor, where the bodies were packed close together and the music was still unintelligible.

Jesse had seemed to shift back into his original, less pained self because he was smiling excitedly and bouncing around. Once they were just past the edge of the dance floor, Alex turned. And was surprised, immensely. Jesse didn't pause for a heartbeat, just spun into action, dancing more like Alex was a stripper pole and he was the topless dancer than him being any sort of partner. Alex stood there, frozen. There was way more grinding than he'd expected, and a lot of molesting as well. He could have sworn he felt Jesse's hands cup his package through the jeans for a split second before twirling around him, laughing and smiling. Alex swore this guy was more girl than man. And he didn't like how suddenly uncomfortable his jeans were.

Yes, Alex fucked a lot of women. A. Lot. It was one of those things that just happened naturally. He had long chestnut hair with a hint of red when glinting in the sun that hung down to his chin in messy, loose curls. His green eyes enchanted women with a single look, and his strong, chiseled features likened to those Greek statues carved centuries ago. He was also quite built, with a firm chest and lots of sexy abs so ripped you could count each individual muscle. With his tall height and his overpowering persona, many women fell to his charms.

But that didn't mean he'd never been with a man. He'd experimented a couple times in college, had a fling or two with some of the men from work. He didn't go out of his way to avoid sexual relations with a man, he just ended up bringing more women home. But Jesse was a conundrum. A man, looking and acting like a woman, with a male package anyone could see was well-endowed through his tight turquoise leggings. It was confusing, to say the least. Not unpleasant, just really, really confusing. So when Jesse continued to grind into his groin with hip thrusts, he realized he needed to get out of there or suffer a lot of rising embarrassment. He took a step back and grabbed Jesse by his wrists, very gently, pulling him in closer.

"Hey, uh... I think that's enough dancing." Jesse was panting, and smirking devilishly. He'd probably felt what was growing on—going on in Alex's pants with all the close contact. "Can't... can't really handle much more." He didn't need the world to see him outlined in denim. He tugged Jesse over to the side, just a few feet from the door he'd first arrived in.

"What, can't handle all of this?" Jesse grinned cheekily, posing. Alex rolled his eyes, softening the action with a smirk.

"I just don't want to become a spectacle in the middle of the dance floor." He replied. Jesse stepped closer, close enough that Alex could physically feel Jesse's body heat emanating off of him.

"Would you rather go somewhere... private?" He asked, trailing his fingers across the front of Alex's jeans. He groaned inwardly and grabbed at Jesse's hands.

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