tagGroup SexAn unforgettable Night

An unforgettable Night


She stood there, looking at me with those seductive eyes of hers. She was dressed in her pink tank top and her purple lace boy shorts. I never could understand what she saw in me. She always told me she liked having a man she could mold into her perfect lover. She was the first girl I had slept with and since then she had done just that, taught me a variety of different things. However, no matter how much she would try to mold me, I could not shake the feeling that she was getting bored with our sex life.

"We need to talk." Her eyes suddenly stopped their playful seductive nature.

"Okay, what about?" I could sense the worry in my own voice. This was it, the moment I had been worried was going to happen for the past several weeks.

"You know we have been getting lazy with our sex as of lately, I like you Mark, I really do, but I need more out of sex than I think you can give me." A tear started to fall from her right eye. "I have tried to teach you everything I enjoy and you have done an amazing job at learning and doing those things." She looked away from me.

"Okay." I said I was fighting back the urge to cry and yell at her.

"That is all you have to say, Okay?" She said with a defensive tone in her voice. "I am sorry Hun; I know you must be upset." I let out a laugh after she said that.

"Upset, I bend over backwards learning how to please you in bed and now you're trying to tell me it's not good enough. I think upset doesn't begin to explain how I am feeling." I was trying not to yell, but mid-sentence I couldn't fight it back anymore. "So what do you want to do Crystal, if I am wasting my time here, let me know now?"

"I don't know Mark, I enjoy you, I like spending time with you, but sexually things have gotten boring."

"Then what exactly is it you are saying. If you're going to end this, then get it over with. That or let's try to find a way to make it better."

"I think the problem is you have become to intent on pleasuring me, it makes for pretty boring sex, at least for me always having you ask what is feeling good and what I want you to do next."

Just then there was a knock on the door. Crystal got up from the couch and went to answer it. At the door was one of her friends, Stephanie. She stood 5'5 in. tall, I would put her at around 125 lbs. She was very attractive. Every time Crystal and I would party with her, I would always find myself staring at her nicely shaped tits and her firm round shaped ass. Tonight she was wearing a pair of tare away pants, a green zip hoodie that was unzipped and a cut tank top that was made to just cover right above her naval. The shirt left the small diamond string naval ring exposed that was attached to her. She had in her pink diamond nose ring and a red ring above her right eye that I always thought contrasted perfectly her blue eyes and light red hair. As she spoke I could see her barbell moving around in her mouth.

"Hey Steph!" Crystal said with a smile on her face as she kissed her cheek.

"Hello, so you tell him what you had planned yet or am I too early?" She asked with a shit eating grin on her face.

"Nope, he's been making it difficult thinking I'm going to break up with him." She giggled as Stephanie handed over her sweatshirt giving me a better view of her tits. She wasn't wearing a bra and you could see the outline of her nipples and the rings attached through the pink cloth. My member was beginning to tingle as it started to get hard. "So should we tell he him, or just get started?"

"Okay. I think you should give him a heads up so he knows only to expect what we have planned as far as my involvement. Don't want to give him any of the wrong idea's now do we?" She smiled at me after saying that.

"Very well, Mark I know you have been wondering about what it would be like to be with two women at once, and though I do not feel comfortable watching you fuck another women, I am willing to at least let you experience certain parts of your fantasy." She licked her bottom lip and put it into her mouth as she looked over at Stephanie, who by that point was starting to take off her tank top. Her tits were amazing. They looked firm, not too big but enough to be more than a handful. Stephanie walked over and sat next to me, starting to gently and slowly rub my cock through my pants. I had an idea of what she was talking about, but decided to play dumb for the purpose of hearing the words come out of her mouth.

"I'm confused, if I am not going to fuck the two of you, why is she here sitting topless rubbing my cock?" Stephanie moved down to my balls grabbing them in her hand and began to massage them.

"Well, you see, you are going to fuck Crystal after we both suck your cock. As long as you do not ask Crystal if what you are doing feels good or if she would like something better, she is going to lick my pussy." With those words she tore off the front of her pants exposing her shaved bare pussy. The ring in her labia was shining from the Juice coating it. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her clit. "And if you can be a really good boy and just do what you know she likes throughout the whole thing. We have both decided we will suck the come out of your cock." Her pussy felt wet and warm, I could feel my member getting harder as I began to rub Steph's clit, and the whole time we both watched Crystal seductively undress. "Break any of these rules though." As she was saying that she let go of my balls and moved my hand away from her pussy. "You will be jacking off in the bathroom by yourself."

"Not what you were expecting was it babe?" Crystal said as she got down on her knees and started licking my cock through my Jeans.

"No, not at all." I could barely speak, the feeling of Crystal licking me and Stephanie starting to massage my balls again drove me speechless.

"Now, you understand the rules of tonight. Stephanie and I will be waiting for you in the bedroom to let you decide if you can do this. If you have any doubts, then do not come in. This will be a once and only time thing babe." Crystal said as she grabbed Stephanie's hand and led her into the bedroom.

Fuck I thought to myself, I had learned to rely on Crystal verbally expressing her desires to me. I began to think of all the times her and me had fucked. I began to strategically plan out what I was going to do. Remembering how she acted, breathed, and moaned when she was really enjoying something. Once I felt I was ready to take on the challenge of what Crystal and Stephanie had offered, I got off the couch and walked back into the bedroom.

I looked through the door and saw Crystal and Stephanie fingering each other. Crystal was pulling on Stephanie's Nipple rings with her teeth. I heard the soft moans being released from both of them. I just stood there, watching in envy as their fingers disappeared inside each other.

Listening to the moans, Crystal noticed me out of the corner of her eye and pulled her fingers out of Stephanie's pussy and motioned for me to lie between them. I removed my shirt and walked towards the bed. When I reached the edge of the bed, both Crystal and Stephanie got on all fours. Crystal removed my belt as Stephanie undid my zipper and button. They both threw me down to the bed and with each grabbing a side of my pants, ripped them off me. Crystal moved her way back up my legs. My member was rock hard and felt like it was going to explode each time I felt her mouth connect with my legs. When she reached my balls, I moaned as I felt her tongue move up towards the shaft of my cock. Closing my eyes, I felt my right testicle go completely into her mouth. Keeping my eyes closed, trying not to get too carried away from the feeling, I felt Stephanie's tongue ring drag across my other testicle. I felt like I was about to come right then and there. I looked down at the two girls working my balls with their tongues. Crystal was the first to lick her way up my shaft. Dragging her tongue in circles around the tip of my cock as Stephanie began to lick small circles up and down the sides of my member. It was pure ecstasy feeling two distinct sensations, feeling both of them suck on a side of my cock. Watching them both take my member deep into their mouths almost in a rhythmic symphony. One right after the other, I could have come right then and there and been completely satisfied. It wasn't long before I felt Stephanie back on my balls, licking both of them thoroughly, putting one and then the other into her mouth as she sucked, while Crystal continued to massage the tip of my member with her tongue and then working it down her throat.

Feeling Stephanie leave her attention to my balls, I looked down and noticed her starting to lick Crystal's pussy. It was amazing watching another girl eat the pussy of my girlfriend. Watching as her tongue caressed the folds of her labia, worked circles around her clit. I was mesmerized enough by the site of Stephanie's tongue sliding in and out of Crystal's visually wet hole, enough that I forgot Crystal was still sucking on my cock. It wasn't until I felt Crystal's teeth gently slide against the base of my shaft that my attention went back to her working my cock. She looked up at me and smiled and began to moan as I could see in her eyes that Stephanie was about to make her come. She forced her mouth to the base of member again as she grabbed on to her right breast, she was trying not to moan as I noticed the small amount of juice trickling out of her whole still occupied with Stephanie's tongue.

Giving Crystal's pussy one last lick, Stephanie moved up to my mouth and let me kiss and enjoy Crystal's Juice off of her tongue and lips. Lying with her wet pussy inches from my face, Stephanie began to finger herself. Entering three fingers into her hole, the fingers slid in easily, and as she pulled them out of her, I noticed the large amount of Juice coating her three fingers. I looked down at Crystal who must have known exactly what I was thinking. Nodding her head yes, she shoved my cock deep into her throat again. I began to trace the lining of Stephanie's pussy. I began Sucking gently on her labia before spreading her lips apart to expose her hard and exposed clit, softly moving my tongue in circles around her clit before I latched my mouth around her pussy and began to suck. Her pussy was soaking wet, I felt Crystal still working the sides of my cock with her mouth and tongue. Still licking Stephanie's clit I felt Crystal moving around on the bed, looking down out of the corner of my eyes, I noticed Crystal positioning herself to slide my member inside her hole. I let out a loud moan as I felt my cock enter deep into her soaking pussy. Crystal leaned forward to where my face was and began to kiss and suck Stephanie's Juice off of my tongue and mouth.

"My turn," She said as she started to suck on Stephanie's clit.

"Oh fuck!" Stephanie screamed as I slid my tongue into her wet hole. Crystal was still sucking hard on her clit.

My cock was rock hard, watching my girlfriend licking another woman's pussy like she was. Occasionally Crystal would stop and kiss me, allowing me to taste Stephanie's Juice on her lips. I lifted Crystal off of me and positioned her on her knees with her face still down by Stephanie's pussy. Thrusting my member deep inside of her, I could see she was starting to suck and lick harder on Stephanie's clit. I started to thrust faster and harder into her hole. I could feel her tighten against me, both Crystal and Stephanie began to scream "Fuck I'm coming" Almost as if in unison. I couldn't take it any longer. I wanted to come, I needed to come. Pulling on Crystal's hair I thrust my member faster, trying to go in as deep as I could. Watching her work Stephanie's pussy was driving me crazy.

"Fuck I need to come." I said thrusting my cock faster into her

"Not yet baby, wait." Crystal said placing three fingers into Stephanie's hole.

"Oh, fuck, harder!" Stephanie wailed as Crystal buried her fingers inside of her.

Crystal inched forward off of my cock and placed her pussy against Stephanie's. The two of them held each other while they rubbed their pussies together. I watched in awe at the site of Crystal fucking another girl like this. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. They grinded harder and faster against each other, screaming from the pleasure it was giving them, fuck I wanted to come.

"Stand over us baby, let us suck the come out of you as we fuck each other." Crystal could barely say the whole sentence without having to break for the moans of pleasure.

I stood over them; Stephanie began to take the length of member in her mouth as Crystal sucked on my balls. I knew I wouldn't last long as turned on as I was, but I tried to fight the sensation of coming.

"Fuck, I am going to come!" Stephanie said screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Holy fuck!" I could tell crystal wasn't too far from coming herself. "Come for us baby. Shoot that hot warm load over our faces and mouths."

As the two of them started to scream from the orgasm, I felt my member begin to tense. "I'm coming, Fuck, here it comes" The two of them positioned their faces in the line of my cock, Opening their mouths wide as my cock shot spurts of warm come over their tongues and face. "Fuck" I yelled as both Stephanie and Crystal dragged their tongues over the tip of my cock down to the base of my shaft. I was numb; all I could do was watch as they licked the come off of each other. "Fuck that was amazing."

"You were right, he lasted a long time." Stephanie said with a smile on her face. "Specially for that being his first time with two women," After saying that she ran her mouth down my member, sucking her way back up.

"Shh." Crystal playfully hit Stephanie's arm.

"Maybe we should reconsider that once and only time thing?" Stephanie said as she kissed Crystal.

"Maybe, we will just have to see."

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