tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 03-04

An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 03-04


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Chapter 3

Another Sales Meeting, Another Prize

The days leading up to the following quarter's sales meeting were filled with much the same anxiety as the first, but overlaid with a sense of curiosity and even anticipation. As the event drew closer I found myself lusting after Bob. In that last week I had him make love to me every night. One night I stripped him naked as he came home from work and sucked him to a point just short of a climax several times before I had him strip and fuck me. I wanted it on the kitchen floor so I could feel a hard, cold surface beneath me as he pounded.

Another night I had him fuck me as I bent over the kitchen sink. I even laid naked on the table after dinner one night and put little dabs of whipped cream on my tits and pussy that he licked off before he drove in his marvelous cock.

So it was that I entered the meeting room the evening of the sales meeting with an equal mixture of dread and anticipation. The room was the same. It was organized for our meeting the same, but in the corner was an area that had been draped off.

The women were dressed more casually, but more stylishly. I suspect that the underwear was new and attractive, even erotic. I had gone out of my way to dress to be undressed.

I had made Bob undress me the way George had undressed Freddie at the last meeting. I watched in a mirror as he stripped me item by item. I made him feel me up as George had Freddie. I even looked at him when I was naked and said, as Freddie had, "Where do you want me?"

I made him do all of this while he was naked so I could watch him get hard, stay hard. I even watched as he dripped cum waiting for his moment.

We did this a number of times last night. Then as compensation for having to play with me for over an hour without getting off I let him use my ass.

Bob had dressed casually as had the other men. No reason to wear a suit when a polo shirt was so much faster to get off when the prize was announced.

While the rest were getting themselves ready at the bar for the ordeal to come, curiosity got the better of me. I made my way to the corner where the drape hid something. I peeked around, then stepped inside. There I saw two roll-away beds. Both were double beds. One would not have been too surprising since George had had to call for a bed last time. Apparently it wasn't something he had thought of before the meeting. This time he was going to be prepared. However, two beds in readiness? Tonight could turn out to be interesting. I wondered if I might be lying on one before the night was over. What would it be like. I began to feel hard cocks inside me as I looked around this draped nook and mused.

A faint whiff of alcohol came to me just before George's voice in my ear. "Which one of those do you think you'd like to use?"

He was behind me having come up unnoticed. His hands on my breasts he pulled me close. I could feel his hard, thick cock against my butt.

I said nothing as he ran his hands over my breasts. Like the wanton hussy I felt myself to be at that moment, I raised my skirt in the front. He slipped his hand into my panties. I reached around and took hold of his cock.

It was a bad place for this kind of action and after several seconds he whispered, "If not tonight, soon."

He left. I waited a bit and left from another direction.


Chapter 4

"Its time folks," George's voice carried throughout the room. Every speaker announced the inevitable. George stood on the low stage just at the edge. He was smiling. No doubt he was hard. He knew he was about to have one of the wives and, alone among all of us there, he knew which one. I had the feeling that from the way he had phrased his parting earlier, I wasn't to be his tonight, but I also didn't like the sound of "if not tonight". What could that have meant, I wondered. Did he have plans for more than one of us tonight. I suspected it wouldn't be long before I found out.

"All the wives come up and stand just in front of me facing the guys," he directed. The speakers boomed and squealed. "Would someone turn the mike down a bit," he requested.

I was more filled with curiosity than dread as I made my way forward with the rest of the wives. No one seemed to be in a hurry. Several hung back and had to be encouraged forward. We gathered at last in a haphazard group in front of George looking variously at him as he stood over us on the stage and at our husbands in the nervous audience.

"Let's all face the audience," he directed, "in a bit of a semicircle." He demonstrated with long waves of his arms what he meant. We conformed staring uneasily toward the audience of our husbands.

"Thank you," he said. "As I call your names, you may sit. Those remaining should close up ranks. As last time, these names are not in any order with the exception, of course, of the last."

I wasn't looking at him, but I could feel the smile of triumph his voice conveyed. If he wasn't hard before, surely he was hard now.

"First, however," I jumped at his unexpected continuation, "I'll just take a quick peak at some of the lingerie. I do enjoy seeing what the women have prepared for us."

I heard him set the mike down. He stepped off the stage, separating our formation at the middle. I was standing near the right end of the line. As I looked down at the faces of the others I could see intense blushing on some. Others stared at the ground. There were a few sounds like swallows, or gulps. Some stood rigidly. Sally sneezed.

He stood in front of us now looking from one to another making his choice about where to start. Without comment he moved to my end of the line. Cheryl stood next to me marking the right hand end of the line. Still without comment he pulled her bodice outward and made a show of peeking. "Pretty. Do the panties match?" She gulped and nodded.

I was next. I stood motionless. My dress was loose making no challenge of his investigation, but to my surprise, instead of just pulling the bodice toward himself, he brought his left hand up from below along my body cupping my breast from below as he pulled the bodice slightly forward and down. The effect was to uncover me enough that one side was exposed, though briefly. "Very nice," he commented as he covered me again with the bodice. "Do your panties match?"

"Why don't you look and see," I replied my voice husky with my brazenness. I hoped I hadn't pushed it too far wondering what use he'd make of the invitation.

Smiling he said, "Maybe I will, later," and moved on.

Each in her turn had her bra ogled. I could see the the bulge in his pants and couldn't help but speculate about how uncomfortable that might be.

On completion of his examinations he ascended the low stage and without further commentary he said, "Barbara."

It has begun in earnest. Each of us listened for our name. As the rank thinned, we continued to push in making the line shorter and shorter. We stood with our bodies touching gathering some strength from the group. I hadn't been nervous at first, but the shaking of the bodies on either side of me was having the effect of increasing my apprehension.

He moved faster than he had last time. Soon it was only three of us again and I couldn't help but wonder if he was purposely leaving me as one of the three last because in spite of my apprehension I was fairly confident that it wouldn't be I this time.

When he did call my name, I moved to sit with Bob, but as I did, Suzanne standing next to me stumbled a bit and I turned to help keep her upright. Her legs were quaking so that standing wasn't a certainty for her. I steadied her as I heard George call Candy's name.

Suzanne shrieked and almost collapsed in my arms. I held her up even though I knew she wanted to get on her hands and knees and crawl away.

George appeared in front of us. He ignored me speaking to Suzanne. "Well, my dear, you are our second winner." She continued to shriek, though at a much lower volume. Nonetheless, I was afraid she'd hyperventilate.

"Why don't we let her sit for a minute," I suggested.

"As soon as we undo some of this tight clothing," George retorted with a leer.

Still holding her up I was able to release the catch on her bra. "How's that," I asked trying to let her sit on the stage.

We were interrupted by Bruce, Suzanne's husband, who was coming forward pulling his golf shirt off. "Let me take her place!" He was in a panic. His shirt was on the floor behind him as he approached us.

Chaos was starting to overwhelm the structure of George's evening. Several of the women sitting closest to the stage shrieked in appreciation of Bruce's muscled body. Yeah, they agreed and surged toward him as he stumbled onto the stage.

At that time looking over my shoulder to the stage I noticed that the two beds had been moved onto the stage along with some other ominous looking "equipment".

Without thinking of why I was doing what I was doing, I helped George bring Suzanne's limp form onto the stage. It was then that I realized that I had inserted myself into the process as aide de camp to George. I began to feel rather uncomfortable, but I didn't feel I could just drop Suzanne and leave.

As George moved her toward one of the beds my conflict increased. We maneuvered her to the foot of the bed where I released my hold and she more or less collapsed onto the bed. I began to leave when George caught me by the arm and whispered hoarsely, "She still needs you."

What for, I had no idea, but I stayed looking on helplessly. George began the process of removing her clothing, but being a man, was bungling it to the point where I felt his fumbling would ruin a very pretty dress. I stepped in and unbuttoned and unzipped until the dress was ready to be removed. Suzanne had recovered sufficiently that she had become aware of my contributions to her impending nakedness and exploitation. She began to let me know how little she appreciated my intervention, when George actually, but not subtly removed her dress. Now clad only in her underwear and suddenly aware that her husband was being mobbed by other wives, she made a further attempt to escape.

George and two other men whom I did not know guided her effortlessly to an odd looking contraption over which they draped her face down. It looked a bit like a table. When they draped her over it, it supported her head at one end and her hips at the other, but her legs hung free. Velcro loops were fastened which held her arms in place on either side of her head while similar loops held her ankles to the legs of the table at the other end.

The pad which supported her hips was wedge shaped raising her butt to a point higher than her head. The center of the table was missing allowing her breasts to swing free as she lay on the device.

One of the men had slipped a ball gag in her mouth. I had heard of ball gags, but this was the first time I had actually seen one. It was certainly the first time I had seen one in use. Her bra had been loose (thanks to me) and had been removed by one of the men I supposed because it was clearly missing now as her breasts were now clearly in view. Her panties remained, but that was to be short lived as one of the men cut them free with a pair of scissors.

She now lay strapped to the device, butt in the air, breasts swinging free. Her entrances for sexual pleasure were readily available since the height of the table was easily adjustable.

I looked at her and felt a slight envy. She was about to experience the cock of every man in the room. I knew I should feel bad for her, but I could only feel arousal. I almost wanted to trade places.

I looked briefly at her husband and saw that he, too, was in an envious position. The women had succeeded in removing the rest of his clothes. The muscles in his body fairly rippled, but most obvious was his erect cock. Gerry was stroking it when I looked over. As I watched Clare ran her nails over his balls. Another hand found his nipples, pinching them.

Gerry's enthusiastic stroking increased while I watched. With so much stimulation I couldn't see how Bruce could hold out. George's leg was against mine. This seemed to be the moment I'd lusted for. I couldn't help myself. I unzipped him and, though it was a struggle, managed to extract his cock. I began to subject it to the same "torture" Bruce was experiencing. It throbbed in my hand. Without thinking I brought it to Suzanne's opening and with it against her, pushed on George's butt. He thrust deep inside her. Her reaction stretched the Velcro straps. A gasp escaped her mouth and she had the first cock of the night deep within her.

I looked back at Bruce as he, too, gasped as a stream of cum shot from his inflamed cock. It was followed by another and another. Those helping him to this point were excited as well. "Can you cum again," a voice asked pleadingly. I saw a pair of panties fall to the floor, then Jenny flopped onto the bed, her arms raised in invitation. She was naked from the waist down.

He fell on her like a teenager getting his first fuck. I was watching his muscled ass as he pounded her when I felt a pair of hands reaching from behind me grabbing my breasts.

I was so startled at suddenly being a target and enthralled with the sights that had been entertaining me that I neither resisted nor said anything. Even though I was being pulled backward, I struggled only to continue watching Jenny being fucked. By the time I lost sight of Bruce's ass pounding Jenny, I was aware of actually losing my clothing. Cool air around my hot pussy announced my missing panties, though my skirt was still in place. Abrasion on my chest let me know that my bra no longer covered my breasts. Several pairs of hands were now taking the place of the bra.

I was pushed forward and found myself on a device similar to or exactly the same as the one on which Suzanne was draped, I couldn't tell which. What I did know was that I lay on my face mostly naked.

I wasn't restrained so I pushed myself up and panting said, "Wait, let me get these clothes off." I guess I should have shouted for help, but somehow that wasn't uppermost on my mind. Hands released me and I removed what had not been removed. I had come back to my senses enough to be able to point at a large, very erect cock and say, "I want that one first."

With that I lay back on the table reveling in the feeling of my ass high in the air, and my pussy soon to be filled by hard cock. I spread my legs and immediately I felt the cock head seeking my entrance. I pushed back toward it and felt it enter.

His entrance was slow and respectful, but I would have none of that. I had only to plead, "fuck me", once and he began a proper pounding. As he pushed me against the table I found that the table was equipped with a nub which vibrated furiously as my clit was forced against it. I was in ecstasy.

He came too quickly, but before I could complain, another cock took it's place, then another. Even with the several orgasms that swept over and through me, I tired quickly of this position. Being face down I was unable to see the men or their cocks. Not being able to see or hold the men or their cocks wasn't good enough. I wanted to see to see them and to allow them to give the proper attention my body craved. That would only happen with me on my back.

I stood forcing whoever was planning to be next to step back. Turning, I found a familiar face, though I in my daze didn't know whose. The body still had a shirt on. I grabbed him and said into his ear, "Get those clothes off. Let's do it right." He nodded. I left him and stumbled to the nearby and thankfully, vacant bed. I lay down and for the rest of the night insisted on having proper attention paid to my entire body. I was in heaven.

I learned later that George released Suzanne very shortly after I had been dragged away. While she was not very sure of whether she wanted to do what was required, she complied for the remainder of the evening. Bruce was said to have held up well by women who seemed to be in the know. For some time after, I heard rumors that he could routinely be counted on for extended evenings with several women. As I had given Bob permission earlier, he had tried Suzanne, but said that I was a much more enthusiastic, inventive lover. George still had not found his way to my bed, but I began to think that Bob wouldn't have to lose the sales contest in order for that to happen.

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