tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 08

An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 08


After the third sales meeting and our subsequent wives get togethers. I began thinking not only erotically about the situation, but in order to maintain the incredible pleasure I had found, strategically and tactically.

The most obvious element of the situation was that there had been three sales meetings with each turning into an orgy. Secondly neither corporate management nor the salesmen had made any apparent move to alter either the meetings or the way in which the "winner" was selected. These observations led me to the conclusion that the prize structure was here to stay.

Further it seemed logical to me that it would develop that there would be a small group of wives who would end up being the prize at each meeting. Presuming that the selection was fair, that the husbands of the wives on whom the prize status fell were actually the wives of the lowest performing salesmen and not simply chosen on George's whim, the same wives would be selected time after time.

That it might be that these salesman had the highest goals, the most difficult territories, or were in some way the least competent, I didn't think mattered. The reason might well change from quarter to quarter, but these wives would continually find themselves being handed around as a sales prize because their salesman husbands fell in one of the above categories: highest goals, most difficult territories, least competent – or some combination.

Bob didn't seem to be one of those doomed to a perpetual status as low man. He had shared with me that his quota had been increased, but that he had developed some good relationships which had turned into good customers. In addition, these customers were providing highly qualified leads. He actually expected to make his quota next time around.

All of this left me in a quandary. I had really liked being a supplemental prize and, while I didn't want to have Bob shown up as the lowest on the salesman's totem pole, I did want to experience that wonderful variety of cocks. To date not only had I managed to make myself an unbidden supplemental prize, I had also learned a hugely exciting fact, Bob really got off seeing me used by his buddies. In short my getting fucked at these meetings not only made me very happy, it made Bob happy as well. Nonetheless, I wanted more. I was actually fantasizing about being humiliated in front of a crowd. The more I got into being naked and fucked at the meetings, the more I thought about being the prize.

I had daydreams about being the center of attention. I wanted to be forced to stand in front of everyone and have my clothes stripped from my body. I wanted to be handed over to the men for them to do what they wanted with me.

Many of my daydreams had me dressed in fine clothes, silks, perhaps. I would be called up and forced to stand with my arms held firm by ropes or chains high over my head while my clothes were torn from my body. My blouse would be shredded as several naked men sporting wondrous erections tore it from my body. My breasts would be jerked first one way then another as the cloth shredded. I would scream. Bob would try to save me (hopefully to no avail). My bra would reluctantly give under the onslaught leaving me on the stage shrieking in dread, my arms tethered high over my head, my breasts prominently displayed. They would continue to be tossed one way and another (seductively, I hoped) as I writhed in agony, humiliation, and fear.

My attackers would pause for a moment as they gazed lasciviously at my nakedness, staring at the erotic sight of my chest heaving in fearful expectation before completing their mission of stripping me naked.

Bob would be held back by strong arms; too many for my brave husband to rescue his endangered wife. I would see this and realize no help would come. I would be stripped and forced to endure the depraved desires of many men.

They would set on me again with a cry. My skirt would be forced open, vicious tugging at the waistband would tear it from my hips. I would be momentarily be swept from my feet, hanging only by my arms. The ripping of the material would generate another cry of success from the licentious men.

It would be only seconds before I regained my feet where, once again, these naked men with erect, dripping cocks would finish by ripping my panties from my body.

What happened next in my daydreams would always be a blur as, inevitably I brought myself to a climax. Not a fully satisfying one that those fantasized cocks would have forced on me, but a climax nonetheless. It wasn't unusual for me to not realize that I had a finger on my clit until the climax burst on me. No wonder I didn't have a specific end to my daydreams. They never got that far!

I also knew from the girls' get together that there was interest on their part as well. They may not have the same sort of daydream I had, but they were close.

Early in the week after the third sales meeting I called Freddie and between the two of us we arranged for another girls afternoon. It would be at my house when Bob was out of town. I asked Freddie to bring her "objects of passion" with her just in case they could be useful.

I hadn't done this in forever, but I made a batch of "special" brownies which I thought I'd serve just about the time I broke out a lovely Sauvignon Blanc I'd found at the local wine store.

As it turned out only seven of the sixteen wives showed up, but I was certain it would be enough. They were the more active ones. I thought they would most likely to be interested in the kind of plans I was thinking about.

The coffee went well enough. When I felt the time was right I brought out the brownies and the wine. When the requisite "oos and ahs" subsided and even those who claimed to eschew sweets had had a brownie, I kept the wine flowing while I changed the subject.

"I've been thinking a lot about the current sales contest," I said looking around the room.

"Who hasn't," Claire rejoined. "I think about it a lot." It was said in much the same way she had talked about it earlier. I had already counted her in. I also counted in Freddie and Barb.

Suzanne, not surprisingly, wasn't here. I didn't figure her for one of us anyway. There were several others also not present whom I did not expect to participate.

Joan was present (and on her third brownie). I wasn't sure which direction she'd go. May was also here and seemingly enjoying the wine and brownies. I had no idea how she'd vote. Anne was another unknown as was Jenny.

It left the nine others unaccounted for. At best they would be neutral or mildly supportive. Worst case they could be actively against our plans which could cause some real problems. Nonetheless I expected that we'd get a majority to go along. That might not be enough, however. If only eight or nine went along, that would leave a whole lot on the sidelines. It could be enough, depending on who it was, to scuttle everything. I intended to make a point to assign one or two of those in agreement to talk to everyone who needed convincing. I figured we could pull it off if we only had one or two sitting out.

I also felt we could get George to go along. If he did, he'd have a chance to fuck some of the women he'd never get to fuck otherwise. I also wondered about his wife. She had attended the meetings and never seemed put off by the goings on. I began to wonder if she'd like to participate rather than sit on the sidelines.

"I have a confession to make," I began loudly enough to silence the ambient chattering. "I bought a toy just like the ones that Freddie showed us last time we got together." That quieted things down. Everyone looked at me. Well, the looks said, what else are you going to tell us. Or, heaven forbid, what are you going to show us.

I inserted a pregnant pause and said, "When Bob is gone, I find it quite comforting." By now it was apparent that the brownies and wine were having an effect.

"I never did get to try one when we got together last time," the look on May's face was something between lascivious and "I can't believe what I just said."

I let it pass. I'd get back to her later. Freddie and I had great plans for her.

"I hadn't tried one before that day," I continued. "When Freddie showed us how enjoyable they are, I wanted to continue learning." I looked around the room. No one else said anything, but I certainly had their attention. "I also realized that perhaps others were not having the proper attention paid them." Nods developed around the room, almost like a wave at a football game.

"Who," I wondered aloud, "is getting all the attention she got before their wedding day. I can remember having to go to great lengths to straighten my clothes after every date." I looked around again to be sure that I was getting through. I wanted them to think back to their courting days.

"Bob used to release the catch on my bra as we walked into a restaurant like this," I reached around in back and released my bra catch. "He got so good that we'd sit down and in a few moments my bra was in his hands." I demonstrated slipping my bra straps down my arms under my blouse and maneuvered it out the left sleeve hole. I dropped it on the floor. I was almost as good at Bob at getting it off!

"He'd put it in his pocket and I'd be 'bra-less' for the rest of the date." I looked around for a nodding head. I found Jenny in agreement. "I'll bet you had the same type of problem, Jenny." She looked surprised that I knew she'd had similar experiences. She was completely unaware that under the influence of wine and cannabis she was sharing every thought inside her bobbing head. I said nothing, but continued looking at her with a look of what I hoped was compassion.

When she finally realized that we were waiting for her story, she began slowly. "Ralphy was never so good as to do all that stuff you were showing just now," she said looking more in my direction. "But, in a movie and sometimes in the car, he'd find a way to get his hand in my pants. He even told me he preferred I wear skirts so he could play with me. One time he unzipped his pants and had me give him a blow job while he was driving. We almost had an accident so I quit doing that." Laughter broke out. It appeared that several had had similar experiences.

"Yeah. The worst part of that is that you can't see the road. You can only feel the car swerving. If we'd had an accident, I might have bitten his cock off," She laughed self-consciously. "I don't know if I would have married a guy without a cock." She giggled as the room broke up in laughter. The sharing was picking up. The girls were getting less hesitant.

"Ryan was the same way," Jenny broke in, "always getting his hands in my pants and wanting me to blow him while he was driving, so I'd just give him a hand job instead. He really seemed to like it and it kept his hands off me and on the wheel. The problem I had was that he never had any Kleenex in the car. I started keeping some in my purse." The girls giggled again knowingly.

She thought for a minute then she said, "You know, when he'd cum in those days, it was a big mess. I mean he'd shoot," she started gesticulating imitating a geyser, "you know, gobs. Now, not so much. 'Course, I don't do that for him," she paused, ". . . anymore." Another pause. "Maybe I should. I'll bet he'd like that."

"I've never done that for Bob. I wonder if he'd like it," I added to the generally developing confessional.

"Oh, yeah," several chimed in their agreement emphasized with nodding heads.

May picked up the thread, "They all like it. You know, they say all men masturbate." Her head bobbed in agreement with herself. Her looking around gave proof, however, of her lack of total confidence in the statement. "Maybe he'd like me to do that for him." Her eyes got rather merry at the thought. "Maybe he'd just like me to watch." At this she covered her mouth. "Oops," she said.

"Maybe he'd like to do you," Joan added.

I thought I saw several squirming in their seats at that thought.

"I think I might like that," May actually put her hand on her crotch as she said it. I don't think she was even fully aware of it.

There were several side conversations at that point.

"Show us what you bought for yourself," Claire's request wasn't brazen, it was softly spoken. Her eyes dropped from making contact with mine almost immediately.

"Actually I think that Freddie has several with her," I responded looking at Freddie.

Freddie reached into her oversized bag and produced a second bag. This she took to the coffee table and spread out the contents. There were perhaps a dozen or so dildos of various sizes and shapes. She returned to her bag and produced a third bag from within it. She brought this to the coffee table as well. She removed from it a number of interesting devices, nipple clamps which I recognized, as well as other things which I didn't. She spread them on the table.

On her knees in front of the coffee table she looked around. "These can be lots of fun. You don't need a man, but if you have a man, it can be even more interesting. Or," she continued, "you can share them with one of your close friends." Saying the latter she made a small sweep of her arm indicating that all of us could be considered "close friends".

"We tried a couple of them last time. I remember Gerogeanne practically passing out!" Claire shared, much to my regret. She could have left that part out. In the spirit of sharing I smiled passively.

"Right," Freddie agreed, "so who's next?" She looked around expectantly.

'Not me' said several self-conscious giggles from around the room. Nonetheless two, in their drug induced state, did volunteer.

"OK," Freddie said agreeably, "we have two volunteers." She then organized the toys into three different groups. "Both of you choose one item from each group," she told the two volunteers.

They looked over the toys carefully. "If you don't make a decision in the next 10 seconds, I'll make it for you," she threatened after a couple of minutes."

Unable to make decisions, they quickly grabbed one from each of the three groups, a dildo, clamps, and restraints.

"Georgeanne," Freddie asked me, "would you apply the restraints."

Both of the selected restraints were handcuffs. Both were furry with wide leather bands. They didn't look too threatening. First I secured Claire's hands behind her back and just to be different I secured Barb's hands in front.

"OK," Freddie said standing back to view what I'd done. "Let's start with Barb." Barb's eyes flickered with excitement.

"We'll need that shirt off."

I raised Barb's cuffed arms high over her head while May pulled her top up. I continued to hold Barb's hands in one of my hands while I accepted her top from May with the other. Without being told, May unclasped the bra and slid it up to me as well.

I must admit that Barb looked pretty good standing with her hands in the air. Her full, rather pointed breasts with their dark, engorged nipples would draw a lot attention at a sales meeting, I thought.

"Hmmm," Freddie mused. "Move her over here," she said indicating the stairway and the bannister running down it. "Fasten her hands to the bannister."

I did after unfastening the handcuffs and removing her bra and top from her arms. We stood back admiring our handiwork. She was clearly ready for what would come next, whatever that might be.

Freddie picked up the nipple clamps and expertly attached one to an extended nipple. I remembered the feeling and could see it reflected in Barb's face as the pain of the first clamp surprised her. "Oh my god," she gasped, "that hurts." She struggled a bit, but Freddie assured her it wouldn't last. She calmed and as soon as she seemed to have accepted the first clamp, Freddie applied the other one. Barb jumped, "Oww."

She quieted quickly under Freddie's glare.

From in back of us Claire said, "I don't want that. Maybe you better take these cuffs off." Freddie and I looked at each other. I took hold of Claire at the shoulders and held her while Freddie shackled her ankles.

"You just need to wait your turn," Freddie advised her. The effects of the wine and brownies had left her confused so even if she wanted to argue, she was in fact unable to get coherent thoughts together. I sat her down on a chair facing Barb. She could just watch while we experimented on Barb.

"We'll get to you in a few minutes," I told her and returned my attention to Barb.

The nipple clips had kept Barb's nipples elongated, if not engorged. Now Freddie twisted a rope around the base of each breast making them balloon.

"Now for the pants. May, you take charge of her pants."

May was ready for the assignment and quickly unsnapped the shorts pulling them and Barb's panties off as if she'd done it a hundred times.

"Put on the spreader," Freddie told May indicating a bar with cuffs on either end. May needed no instructions. She attached the cuffs forcing Barb's legs far apart.

"Just a little further," Freddie instructed. "We want her pussy spread wide, but don't want her to lose her balance."

May adjusted the bar. What a sight! Barb standing on the floor with her arms cuffed to the bannister. Her spread legs separated her pussy lips as if she was inviting entry. The chain for the nipple clamps draped like that on a pocket watch. A droplet fell to the floor from those wide spread lips. I was getting pretty hot myself.

A buzz made me turn. Freddie brushed by me with a dildo emitting a buzzing noise. She went to Barb and knelt in front of her. Barb pressed her butt against the wall to avoid the buzzing dildo approaching her pussy.

Freddie made contact. Barb's eyes got very big. Freddie moved the dildo excruciatingly slowly up and down her outer lips driving the already over excited woman crazy. Freddie lightly slid the dildo up her abdomen, then down, then in circles. She inserted a finger deep into Barb, but continued moving the dildo. Up she went to the underside of Barb's breasts, then on to the nipple clamps where she held the device to the clamps making them vibrate and bite. She brought the dildo down again ending at her clit.

Barb twisted, gasped, and cried out during all of this. God it made me hot watching. When Barb was thrashing about insanely about to experience a mammoth climax, Freddie inserted the dildo as deeply as she could. "Hold this," she said to May who immediately took over holding the dildo inside Barb.

With hardly a wasted motion, Freddie attached the third clamp to the erect clit. Barb jumped. She cried out something between pain and extreme pleasure as Freddie told May, "Now fuck her hard with that thing!"

May moved the dildo frantically in and out. Within seconds Barb was screaming and writhing with a climax that seemed to last forever.

When it ended, we released her. She collapsed and lay on the floor, a puddle of the aftermath of ecstasy. We left her to remove the clamps from her nipples and clit as we turned our attention Claire who seemed quite ambivalent about her next minutes.

I helped her to her feet. "My god," she said, "can you do that to me?"

"You bet," Freddie responded. Without another word she pulled Claire's shirt up and pushed her bra off her breasts. "You have really nice tits," she said admiringly rubbing them and rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger. I stood behind Claire holding her by the shoulders.

Freddie continued her assault for a minute or two then abruptly stopped. "May," she said calling May to her. "Take over. Get her nipples quite ready. Make them hard and long. Pull them a bit to lengthen them if that's something you'd like to do. Then put the nipple clamps on." May was eating up this assignment. She was going to enjoy every moment.

I could feel Claire's ambivalence as I held her shoulders. I believe she had a pretty good idea of the discomfort to come, but she wanted to have a climax like Barb's.

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