tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 11

An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 11


The following day most of those who had attended the "First Lesson" stopped by Georgeanne's place or at least called. Everyone wanted to talk about it. How could they keep these "Lessons" going? How could they do it without getting caught? Did it matter that they didn't get caught? How could they introduce their husbands to the skills they were developing?

The agreed to get together again the following week. Some were going to try what they had seen Jerry do on their husbands over the weekend. Tuesday was the first day that seemed to work for everybody to get together after the weekend. That wouldn't prevent texting, emails, and even phone calls in the interim.

Jenny was the first to call Georgeanne. Ryan had gotten home quite late, after midnight. The long drive from the nearest airport had left him in a bad mood. He didn't want a drink, he'd eaten fast food so he wasn't hungry. Jenny had had great plans, but they were quickly unraveling as she could think of nothing to help Ryan's mood.

"Lie down and I'll rub your back," she suggested coming back into their living room where he sat, grumpy. She wore a translucent night shirt. Her dark nipples and her red fur were visible occasionally as the light and the folds of the garment permitted.

He didn't say no.

She said, "Help me finish this last glass of wine." He took the wine from her.

She sat on his lap unbuttoning his shirt.

He drank slowly and watched.

He watched as she unbuttoned buttons. He watched as her movement made the thin garment she was wearing fold and unfold providing erotic glimpses of her body.

His shirt unbuttoned she whispered, "Come with me. Let me rub your back."

He finished the wine and followed her to their bedroom. He allowed her to remove his shirt, then his pants.

He started to lie on the bed. She restrained him. "Let's get these off, too." She pulled his briefs off.

He lay down on his stomach, tired, ready for the massage that would put him to sleep. He knew she was good. He relaxed waiting for sleep.

She began, working from the neck down. As he felt the tension leave, he began to feel another need. Her touch tonight was lighter than usual. She worked her hands down his back onto his butt. She spent more time than usual working muscles below his waist.

She spread his legs and knelt between them. She worked his thighs. She put lotion on him that oozed onto his balls and cock. It was warm. She rubbed it in gently. It made him warmer.

She continued down his legs to his feet and when she had finished with his feet, she whispered, "Turn over."

He had always fallen asleep before, but now his cock and balls were warm. They tingled.

He turned over.

She started on his chest. She put lotion on his nipples that made them warm. At his waist she continued. Kneeling between his legs she put the lotion on his balls, then on his cock.

He was becoming quite erect. It embarrassed him. She never handled him like this. He didn't want her to think that he was aroused by her massage. Her massages were just to relieve tension.

The massage continued. His erection increased. She leaned forward her red hair obscuring her face and shrouding his cock. He felt her lips on his cock, then her tongue. He had never felt this before. She'd never done this before. He held his breath.

She raised her head and began stroking his cock. She moved slowly. He let himself relax.

She continued stroking him.

After several minutes she whispered, "I want to watch you cum."

She said nothing more. He relaxed as she stroked.

His breathing deepened and quickened. She felt his cock swell.

Cum shot from his cock as she stroked. She thrilled to watch him cum.

When he finished, she took a warm towel and cleaned him. She took off her night shirt and curled up naked against him. They both slept.


As he awoke Saturday morning, he felt her curled next to him. She was naked as was he. They never slept naked. It just wasn't done. He touched her nakedness. He carefully felt her naked body but didn't touch her in her private places.

When she woke, he was looking at her. She smiled. She pulled him to her and kissed him.

"Would you prefer to fuck me or would you like me to give you a blow job?" She smiled her beautiful smile as she asked him for sex and used those words he'd never heard her say.

He didn't answer. He didn't know what to say. She rolled him to his back. His heart was pounding. With her lips she worked her way down his chest, across his abdomen, then between his legs. As her hair spread across him between his legs he became erect.

She took him in her mouth. Startled and confused he started to move away. She held his hips as she licked the tip of his cock. She was surprisingly strong and determined yet soft and gentle.

He stopped struggling and lay back. Five, ten minutes – he lost track of anything but the feel of her mouth gently sucking him. Her tongue flicking the very tip of his cock. He was without control. He shot off into her mouth. Even as he came, he felt her tongue on his tip. She didn't stop even though he had stopped cumming. Soon he was hard again.

She rolled onto her back and whispered, "Please fuck me." He did.

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