tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 10

An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 10


We released May, but left Jerry bound in handcuffs hanging from the ceiling. Candy and someone else wiped the cum from the carpet. May knelt and took the wilting cock in her mouth. As she licked and sucked him his cock revived. As it expanded it filled her mouth. I could see her swallow now and then.

She pulled her head back until she held the length of his cock in her hand. Ducking slightly she began licking and sucking his balls. His cock twitched.

She began a slow rise. As she unfolded she ran her tongue along his torso until reaching his head. Then she nibbled and licked each ear finally reaching his mouth where she spent long minutes biting, sucking, kissing.

"You're almost through with your initiation," she whispered. "We girls agreed that if you'd do one more thing for us, you could have any one of us, whenever and wherever you'd like almost without exception . That includes having it your way, whatever way that might be. It even includes a quick feel in the grocery store." They both smiled. Jerry winked. I suspected that she might be the target of a quick feel in public places on occasion.

"What do I have to do," he asked. I think he was beyond being wary. He just wanted to do the next thing so he could move on to having the next girl.

"Come in here," she said. We had removed the Velcro wrist cuffs. She led him to my bedroom. Once there she had him lie on the bed. The others crowded around. His cock wilted a bit with all the refocused attention. "We want to see how men satisfy themselves," she said placing his right hand on his cock.

He seemed puzzled for a moment. "Why in heavens name would that interest you," he asked.

"We just want to know more about our husbands," she said with a smile and a lick on the tip. His hand was no longer on his cock. She put it back. "We wondered if there are things we could be doing that we're not doing now that our husbands would like. This is something we're considering." He began to stroke himself. "But," she continued, "we're not sure we know exactly what to do. We thought we could talk you into showing us how it's done."

"Can I ask for some encouragement," he asked.

"Sure, what would you like," May asked smiling.

"I'd like to watch you go around the room and strip each girl completely naked, feeling them, making their nipples and clits hard."

She laughed and said, "Sounds like fun. Who should I start with?"

"Start with Candy, then I don't care."

Candy, blushing, stepped forward as a space in the circle opened for her.

"I want to see her get hot and drip," he added stroking himself. "She felt so good jerking me off, I want to watch her."

"Want me to use a vibrator," May asked.

"Maybe. We'll see," he continued stroking himself slowly as if waiting.

May stepped behind Candy. Candy was dressed in a light casual cotton blouse and denim shorts, nothing sexy. The red blouse and blue shorts made her look faintly patriotic. Her brown hair spread on the collar of the blouse. She wore no makeup to speak of, but didn't seem to need any. She smiled, but her brown eyes seemed a bit apprehensive.

Jerry continued to stroke himself slowly as if waiting. His cock was hard, though.

May began by feeling Candy's full breasts in an exaggerated manner wrinkling the cotton blouse in the process. Jerry sped up. It was what he wanted to watch.

May pulled the blouse up from the denim shorts. Now she alternated between feeling Candy's breasts and unbuttoning the blouse. With just the top button left she began to concentrate her attentions on Candy's abdomen then moved upwards to her breasts. Jerry could see her hands as they moved over and in Candy's bra. Candy shifted under the attention. Her breathing quickened. She watched Jerry stroke himself.

The bra loosened suddenly as May released the catch. Now her hands were on Candy's bare breasts, but Jerry could see none of it, only movement within the blouse and glimpses of her bra.

Again without warning, a catch was released and the denim shorts dropped to the floor while May continued to stroke one of Candy's breasts. She abandoned the breasts and ran her hands down Candy until they rested on the skin just above her panties. With her right hand she continued over the smooth nylon of the skin tone panties. When she reached the crotch, she applied pressure. Candy sucked in her breath as the pressure more clearly outlined the pussy the panties covered.

With one finger May forced the panties inside this outline. The panties became dark with moisture along the line. Her finger retreated. She slid her entire hand inside the panties from the waist. She once again found the slit. Jerry could see her fingers pushing and stretching. Did a finger just slide inside?

She pulled her hand out and pushed the panties down revealing the trimmed pussy and almost toppling Candy forward onto the bed with Jerry. Candy caught herself but not before her hair hung like a curtain around Jerry's cock and her mouth kissed it's tip. She stood quickly mostly naked now from the waist down. May made short work of the blouse and bra leaving her fully naked.

Jerry had slowed his stroking. I believe he wanted to make it last.

Jenny, standing at May's right watching Jerry stroke himself in utter fascination, was in the wrong place if she hadn't wanted to be next in line. May moved behind her and, as she had with Candy began feeling her breasts through her shirt. She wore a tee shirt with a revealing scooped neckline. The dark green contrasted with her fair Irish skin and red hair. Her red hair and copious freckles left no question what color fur we'd find lining her pussy when her panties were removed.

She hadn't expected to be next, but took it without resisting still fascinated watching Jerry stroke that fine cock waiting for the jet of cum. She found herself hoping that it would be something about her body that would produce that jet. She licked her lips. Jerry reached his left hand toward her while his right continued on its mission. Their eyes met. She moved so close to the bed that her knees touched the soft sheets. She leaned putting her body within his reach.

May saw this as well. She quickly unbuttoned Jenny's shorts and pushed them down. They caught between the bed and Jenny's knees. No matter. May saw to it Jenny's panties were no longer a barrier for Jerry.

He stroked her red curly fur, felt her dampness, slowly slid first one then two fingers deep inside her. Jenny felt her knees weakening with his intrusion. His thumb worked her clit. Pushed over the edge his cock spurted what cum he had left. He continued stroking even as the spurting subsided.

May helped Jenny onto the bed pulling her shorts and panties off. Jenny straddled Jerry while he guided his cock inside her.


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