tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 14

An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 14


I must confess that I felt rather like a gossip getting the girls to talk about their latest sexual escapades with their spouses, but it turned out that once they got talking, it became a matter of who could outdo the other. We learned quickly that once given permission to masturbate the guys were all for it. They actually liked their wives watching. That left the question of whether they would feel the same way about having one, or worse (or better), about having a number of other people watching. It seemed to me in listening to the various stories that watching would be good and that having some participation by the spectators might be the culmination of an ecstatic fantasy.

Of course the plentiful supply of alcohol enlivened the discussions at this get together. It was, as had been most of the others, quite impromptu. A couple of the girls had been talking together and, with the aid of a few text messages, those of us that could, congregated. Jenny, Caroline, and Freddie were there to tell their stories. Stories which made others squirm and rub themselves rather publicly. By this time, however, we had become sufficiently chummy that this was allowable.

Cheryl who had been quiet, but who had looked for a while as though she had something to say suddenly blurted out, "We're thinking about trying something new. Well, new for us, anyway. Maybe some of you have tried it and could give me some pointers."

Instantly all attention was focused on Cheryl. I couldn't think of what she might be alluding to so I prodded her. "Go on," I said. "Don't keep us in suspense."

"I was emailing a good friend. I made some roundabout comments about our situation here. Well, one thing led to another and I think I told her more than I had intended to."

At this point Cheryl was interrupted by a chorus of complaints about telling someone outside our group what was going on. She tried to lay them aside by reassuring everyone that at no time was she that specific. None of the girls were satisfied, but they did allow her to continue.

"I couched it in terms of Paul and me trying out new things and wanting to be inventive. My girl friend took right off on that idea. She began to tell me all sorts of things she and her husband did. If fact, she told me about things they did with other couples as well."

It was dead quiet.

"She even gave me some websites and her logins so I could see the kinds of things she was talking about. After we had been talking like this for a couple of days, she finally relented after I pushed her pretty hard and gave me a login to their personal website. Wow," Cheryl exclaimed, "I saw more of her and her husband than I had ever expected to see!"

"Don't keep us hanging," Barb demanded. She had moved so she was actually sitting on the edge of her chair.

"Turns out they're 'swingers'. I don't know if that's what you call it today, but they trade partners at parties. The 'parties' sounded more like orgies. But the more interesting part of what they do is the bondage. They use whips and things like that. I'll have to send everyone links to all those websites so you can see for yourselves. Its really hot. I don't know if I want someone to tie me up and . . . ." her voice trailed off. "Maybe I do . . . ." She stared off into space for a few seconds. Her hand had found its way under her short tennis skirt.

When she picked up her train of thought she went on, "The best part is that her husband and Paul are pretty good friends. So they're coming up here to party with us!" She blurted out this last sentence. It seemed to be all one word.

We all gasped. There were a couple of cheers. "So you're going to get to learn about bondage first hand as well as have a chance to get fucked by another man in front of his wife and your husband! Wow!" I hadn't been delicate in the way I put it. It just came out that way.

Cheryl sat with a self-possessed smile nodding. She held her wine glass out for a refill. Barb grabbed a bottle. "Say when," she said.

"Fill it to the top," Cheryl replied.

"When will this happen," I asked.

"We haven't set a date, yet," Cheryl had a Cheshire Cat smile. "I can't wait," she let her eyes get big. "In his pictures he's got a really good looking prick; not too big, but certainly not small." Her hips, hand attached, twitched. We all laughed.

"You'll have to give us your laptop so we can watch on your video cameras," I suggested thinking of the fun we had with Jerry.

"If we get a video, everyone there will have to be aware it's being made. They are much too clever about electronics to risk trying to hide the fact that we have cameras. But, who knows maybe they'd like a video. I think I'd like to have one," she stared off into space with a wistful smile before she continued. "Well, if we do get to record everything, we can share it at one of these get-togethers. I think you'll like looking at Ron naked. He's good to look at." Another Chessie smile, the words a bit slurred.

"OK," I said, speaking for everybody. "What else can you tell us about the websites?"

"Get me a computer and I'll see if I can remember some websites and logins," Cheryl responded mischievously.

May, whose house we were in jumped up and left the room. "Back in a flash," she called over her shoulder.

She returned several minutes later with a laptop. "Jerry showed me how to hook it up to the TV," she said excitedly plugging in several cables to the laptop. She turned on the remote and made several adjustments. The blue Windows page filled the TV screen. She selected Internet Explorer and, as it loaded, said, "OK, now where to?"

Cheryl stumbled through compiling a website name from her alcohol soaked recollections. Logins proved to be even more of a problem, but in the end she was able to find two that fit our needs.

Both showed people, both men and women, in various positions of restraint, their genitals made available for whatever fiendish purpose their tormentor wanted to pursue. For myself, I was marginally aware of what bondage was all about, but these websites really opened my eyes.

"Has your husband ever spanked you," Caroline asked to no one in particular.

Freddie responded, "I think it would really piss me off if he did something like that."

It was quiet for a moment, then Caroline said as though thinking out loud, "To have a big strong guy grab me . . . , maybe strip me naked . . . , then throw me across his knee . . . . I think I can feel my pussy rubbing on his leg as he swatted my behind. I don't know. Might be interesting, especially if he was naked . . . , and hard."

She was staring out back toward the golf course as she spoke. She didn't see Freddie and me sneak up behind her, though the rest did. Freddie grabbed her by the arms and pulled them behind her. I pulled her panties out from under her tennis skirt.

She squealed, of course, and tried to get away, but now everybody piled on. We didn't want to spoil any of her clothes so we had to hold her tightly while her buttons were unbuttoned and her blouse removed even as she flailed about, giggling. Freddie held her around the waist. I pushed her bra over her head and off. We turned her lose with only her skirt and sandals still on.

"Take your skirt off," Freddie said in a threatening voice.

She took it off and stood naked, her eyes alight. "Now what," she asked.

I sat in the middle of the couch. "Now submit to your punishment," Freddie intoned.

"You have to be naked." Caroline stood at my knees and looked at me. "If you're going to punish me, you have to be naked."

It had never occurred to me. I started to decline, but I was out voted. I stood and before I could decide what should come off first, several of the others began removing my clothing for me. It was strange to have three people pulling at your clothing, stripping you naked.

When my shirt passed over my head, I wanted to hang on to it, but as I grabbed for it, someone opened my bra catch and I was naked from the waist up.

I put my hands up to either retrieve my bra or cover my breasts, I'm not sure which only to have someone pull my panties off, just as I had done to Caroline. I gave up and unbuttoned my skirt letting it drop. Now I was naked as well.

Only Caroline and I were naked. The rest looked on. The room had quieted.

Caroline said to me, "Sit."

I sat and looked up at her. It was strange to see her naked standing over me. Her slit was just at the level of my forehead and less than a foot away. In what little fur she hadn't shaved were several droplets. I could smell sex. When I looked up beyond the juncture of her legs, past her flat belly, I could see her breasts, nipples erect. Funny how different they look, looking up at them and seeing them from the underside. Though her nipples pointed straight away, her breasts bulged slightly underneath. They caused a shadow on her chest. She was breathing more deeply than she had been. She was ready to be punished.

As she began to find her way positioning her body across my legs, it could have been for giggles, but no one said anything. Her face was quite serious, though not morose. She lay across me making sure to position her pussy so it was in contact with my leg. I felt her wetness. It was a strange feeling to have a naked woman across my lap.

I spread my legs, though it was more like they did it themselves. It seemed like I automatically opened myself to her. My knee came in contact with her breast sending a thrill down my body. I wanted to explore the other breast, but dared not.

For a moment as she lay across me all I could do was to feel her nakedness and see her body draped across my legs. He firm round butt was raised as though forming a target. Sucking in my breath, I swatted her butt.

"Harder." It came as a chorus from the onlookers. Even Caroline wanted it harder, but I didn't know how hard to hit her. I tried again. A slight reddening occurred. Again, "Harder."

I tried once more, even harder. "That's better. A little harder yet." It was Caroline directing me now.

I really hit harder the next time. She bounced against my leg. A red spot occurred almost instantly. "Yes," Caroline breathed beginning to squirm. "Hurry."

I struck again, even harder. She bounced. I felt the motion of her breast against my knee. Freddie knelt along side us on the floor, sliding a finger inside Caroline as she knelt. Caroline's body went stiff momentarily, then she arched her back as she rubbed harder against my knee. I couldn't see Freddie's finger, but it felt like she was sliding her in and out.

"Yes, yes, yes. More. Hit me again." Caroline was squirming violently. I began a full spanking now, not waiting for a critique of each blow.

Caroline squirmed, Freddie finger fucked her, and I kept spanking. Caroline groans and whimpers grew louder as she built to a climax. When it came, it was with a scream followed by gasping and whimpering. I had to hold her tightly just he keep her on my lap.

Freddie brought her to another with her fingers inside her and on her clit. I took a nipple between my thumb and finger pinching and rolling it.

She had made quite a mess on my leg before she was finished. With her quiet I let her roll to the carpet where she lay recovering.

Suddenly I was aware of someone standing by my leg. I turned my head to see a pair of legs capped by a bald pussy. Startled I looked up. May was standing naked looking at me.

"Can I be next," she asked.

Before I could answer a male voice said, "You sure can." Terrified we all jumped and looked toward the kitchen door where we saw Jerry smiling.

"How long have you been there," his wife asked, afraid of the answer.

"Long enough to see that wonderful climax you gave Caroline," he said. He was rubbing his obviously hard cock. "And, since you want to be next, who's better than your husband to administer the spanking?"

"Uh . . . ," was all that came from May.

Without being asked he was unbuckling. His pants fell. He continued by pulling his shirt off and kicking off his shoes. Before we could agree or disagree about his participation, he stood naked. God he was good looking, and hard. Really hard.

I sucked in my breath as he came toward me as I sat on the couch. May was standing open mouthed as he took her by the shoulders. "So you want to be spanked," he said with what might have been malevolence. I stared as he took a nipple in his mouth. From the look on her face, I think he must have nibbled or bit it.

"Don't get up. Just move over," he said to me. I wanted to get up, but instead I moved to the end of the couch. He sat bringing May with him as though she was weightless. He positioned her as I had Caroline.

Jerry sat with his hip against mine, warm and firm. May's head rested in my lap. My naked lap. I was so hot.

Jerry spread her cheeks. "Find me something to stick in here," he said. There was no need for him to be more specific.

"Jerry, no," May squirmed at the thought. "No," she said again as if saying it twice would change his mind. Jerry said nothing.

Vaseline and a slender vibrator were handed him. He began to work the lubricant around the outside of her wrinkled entry. May twitched and squirmed, but said nothing as his touch overrode her qualms. When he finished, he lubricated the vibrator and handed it to Freddie who had taken up her station again.

She turned it on and as she approached May's heavily lubricated entrance, Jerry's finger entered May's pussy. Another must have found her clit because her squirming became extreme.

"Jerry," she called out. "My god Jerry. Oh god!" I saw the vibrator disappear almost completely inside May.

Jerry somehow got Freddie to take over his fingering and I heard a loud slap as Jerry's hand came down on May's butt. That pretty round, white butt was now pink and with a second blow, red. A third blow turned it scarlet. May was beside herself yelping and whimpering. She bounced violently on Jerry's lap. Over and over I heard "Oh god, oh god." Tears fell onto my thighs.

She continued to bounce and twist as the two of them worked her sensitive areas with an astounding precision. I took my cue from them and pressed May's head against my groin as I took hold of the nearer nipple. The three of us worked her over for several minutes until, like Caroline, a massive screaming climax followed by several smaller ones slowed, then stopped us.

Her butt flamed. She suddenly twisted and jerked upright mindless of the vibrator still stuck in her ass. She grabbed her husband around the neck. Mouths open they shared the most sensuous and violent kiss I've ever witnessed.

With characteristic presence of mind Freddie extracted the vibrator just before they fell onto the floor. In an agony of sexual need May braced her legs on Jerry's shoulders while pulling him toward her. Once again we became witnesses to their intense passion as he drove into her.

I felt as though I should look away, but I couldn't. The sight of Jerry's firm butt driving his cock into his wife over and over was too much to be ignored. Everyone watched. There wasn't a dry pussy in the place, I thought. Then asked myself how I could come up with something so corny at a time like this.

My next thought was to wonder if it would be possible to have him do me when he finished with his wife. I let that pass and, pushing my butt to the edge of the couch, spread my legs wide. In this position I finished myself off not caring who was watching.

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