tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 15

An Unorthodox Sales Contest Ch. 15


Chapter 15

Mind if We Video You While You're Tied Up

"Uh, what," Ron listened incredulously. The phone conversation was a lengthy one. First Cheryl had spoken at length with Patti. She was non-committal. Cheryl had expected more enthusiasm and was disappointed. Maybe it wouldn't happen.

Paul took the phone from her and talked to Ron. His description of the genesis of the sales meetings and how they had developed was seeming to hold some interest for Ron. "In essence," Ron summarized, "you want to make a porn flick." He paused, "I never thought of myself as a porn star." He paused again, "You know once these videos are made, they develop a life of their own. There's virtually no way to prevent them from being seen by everyone and anyone." He paused again.

Paul broke in to his thoughts. "I think we can do it so that there is only one copy. I can also take the video we make and produce an edited copy in which none of us are identifiable." He had extensive video experience. In the next thirty minutes he described in great detail how the video would be shot and edited to make it virtually impossible to identify the players.

Ron listened. When Paul stopped, he said, "I'll call you back. Patti and I will talk about it and do some checking on our own. In all honesty I like the idea, but I don't want anything like this to come back and bite my butt."

"OK," Paul said. "Couple of days enough? There's no great hurry, but I know that Cheryl has the hots for you and I wouldn't want her to have to wait too long."

Ron agreed. "I have that effect on women," he retorted wryly. "In reality though, we'll both have to keep a firm grip on our wives. Patti let it be known that she might just attack you when we walk through the door."

They chuckled and promised to talk before the end of the week.

When Paul and Cheryl hung up, they were somewhat optimistic. Patti and Ron had said they were intrigued, but there were some large hills to be climbed before an agreement could be reached. Paul said he'd think more about how to avoid identification of the participants while they waited for a response from Ron and Patti.


Their was no response by the end of the week. A pall of disappointment hung over the household that weekend. Sunday afternoon Paul's cell chimed his Alma Mater's fight song. "It's Ron," he said to Cheryl even before he answered. "Hope it's good news." Cheryl crossed her fingers high over her head. He pressed the button to answer the call. Two hours later the guys had a deal. Cheryl listened intently as Paul described the deal. It was as bold as it was intricate.

Cheryl nodded for much of the half hour it took to explain the deal to her. She would do her best, she said. With his help, and a couple of the other salesmen, she was pretty sure she could make it happen.


She created a short list: Freddie, Georgeanne, May, Barb. For guys, Paul would like to do it. She knew Jerry would be game. Georgeanne said Bob would help. Who else? For long minutes she puzzled over the decision. Ah, she said to herself finally, I know the perfect fourth. She picked up the phone and started the ball rolling.

She knew she could order most, if not all, the necessary items off the web. By Sunday evening it was coming together. The items she needed were, in fact available from various websites. Expedited shipping would have everything delivered by Wednesday. With a day or so to be sure that she was ready, Saturday would be the day that things would happen to complete the first part of the agreed solution to the problem.

Tuesday and Wednesday the materials arrived. Paul helped her organize and assemble her purchases. By Thursday afternoon they realized that putting off their plans until Saturday had been prudent. It would be late Saturday before they were totally ready.

May and Jerry were the first to arrive. Freddie came by herself as did Barb. Geogeanne and Bob arrived on the heels of the others. She hadn't told any of them exactly what she had in mind. Now as their curiosity pleaded for satisfaction, she instead provided a drink and snacks. They sat on the pool deck and watched the sun set. Everyone was on edge, but being good sports, they realized that Cheryl had something in mind and they would play along until she decided it was time for them to learn what the evening held for them.

They were working on their third drink when Cheryl said, "I really appreciate you being here tonight especially since I haven't told you why I wanted you to come over. Right now I just want you to know that what we're going to do tonight is going to be a lot of fun, and it will assure us of more fun in the future.

"Barb, to get things started I need you to stand up." Barb stood a bit warily and looked at Cheryl.

"Now what," she asked.

"You're my volunteer. I'm going to blindfold you," Cheryl said as she maneuvered herself behind Barb, blindfold in hand.

Barb stood still while she was blindfolded. Cheryl took her by the arm and led her around the pool deck frequently changing directions. She stopped in an open area. "You're not where you're in any danger of falling into the pool," she assured her. "Just stand there for a second."

She pointed at Bob, Jerry, and Paul. She crooked her finger calling them to her. A finger over her lips told them to be quiet. She turned them to face the still seated girls. Moving around behind them she started with Paul. She removed his golf shirt and set it aside. She did the same for the other two.

She began again with Paul and removed the remainder of his clothes. Bob and Jerry watched. Their expressions made it clear that they were looking forward to whatever might be coming next.

Cheryl made no effort at an erotic strip of the men, but she did insist on taking personal charge of removing their clothes. She also took time to do a thorough tactile exam of their various "packages" leaving each of them well on the way to a significant hard on.

She took a narrow roll of carpet from a corner near the door to the house and unrolled it in front of the men. Perhaps a remnant, but still new, it's true red color and soft, deep pile couldn't have been more appropriate. It's purpose could not have been more obvious.

"What's taking so long," Barb asked. "I can hear something and I'm pretty sure that whatever you're doing is going to involve me."

With the men naked Cheryl went to Barb. "OK," she said, "we're finally ready." She led Barb to a position just in front of the men.

"In front of you are Bob, Paul, and Jerry, not necessarily in that order. They have no clothes on." Barb giggled. "Oh, boy," she said, "can I take the blindfold off?"

"You are our first slave of the evening and must do as your told," Cheryl said as sternly as she could muster, "or else."

"I think I might like the 'or else', too," Barb said unable to control her giggle.

"First," Cheryl said, "I am going to remove your shirt. Hold your arms up." Barb was wearing a tube top. She started to put her arms up, but thinking better of it, jerked her hands down.

"What am I getting into," she asked. "I don't have a bra on." The men grinned widely. Jerry's cock seemed to swell in anticipation.

"None of us here will mind," Cheryl said mildly. "I think the guys will rather appreciate it." A smirk was plastered on her face now. Slowly, clearly without conviction, Barb raised her arms. Her face showed a mixture of consternation and curiosity.

Standing blindfolded facing the naked men and in profile to the women still seated nursing their drinks, she extended her arms over her head. The evening was now well underway. Cheryl took the tube top at the hem pulling it up and over Barb's head being careful not to dislodge the blindfold.

The swelling of the cocks was now universal. The heady fragrance of sex wafted throughout the pool deck.

"Now slip your shorts off."

"Oh, my," Barb said breathing hard. Nonetheless she hesitated only a moment before saying, "Here goes." She unsnapped her shorts and, while Cheryl steadied her, she bent, pulled them down, and stepped out. Cheryl took them and set them aside.

Standing in only her panties, unable to see, Barb felt small thrills run up her body. Her pussy reacted as well, creating a small, dark, damp spot on her pink panties.

"Do you want to guess what's next," Cheryl asked humorously.

Without saying a word, Barb took a breath and hooked her thumbs in her panties. "Anybody here beside just us chickens," she asked nervously.

"Just us," Cheryl assured her. "Although the men haven't had the pleasure of seeing you au natural."

Cheryl steadied her again. Barb let out a nervous giggle as she bent to step out of her panties.

The silence was palpable as she stood, revealing herself. The three men sucked in their breath seeing her fully nude. One of them, they realized would soon be pleasured by this beautiful woman.

"OK, now the next step is your arms." Cheryl took Barb's hands by the wrists and pulled them behind her back. Barb did not resist until she felt the Velcro straps which would bind them together.

She emitted a surprised, "Oh!" A tiny droplet fell to the concrete where she stood.. Her breasts rose and fell with her labored breathing. Her hard nipples gave further evidence to her arousal.

She was further surprised when a leather mask was fitted over her head. It had holes for her eyes, nose and mouth. There were small holes at the ears allowing her to hear, but sounds now came to her with a tunnel effect. Cheryl tied the black leather hood in place. Barb's expression was no longer visible. A rosy pink blush covered her aroused body.

Immediately Cheryl slipped a gag in Barb's mouth startling her into stepping backwards onto Cheryl's foot. "Ouch," Cheryl cried. "Be careful slave, I might have to punish you."

Barb tried to respond, but the gag didn't permit it. Cheryl stepped in front of Barb to admire her handy work. The gag held Barb's mouth open in a yawning 'O'. The O was just about the right size for the cocks she faced.

Cheryl took hold of Barb at the elbow and moved her forward until she stood on the red rug. Her bare feet kneaded the soft rug. She made a soft, pleasant sound. She became keenly aware of the warmth and musky aroma emanating from the aroused men standing inches from her. "Kneel, slave," Cheryl ordered and steadied Barb as she knelt on the red rug at the feet of the naked men. Now Cheryl began another task she had been looking forward to. She grasped Jerry's cock and pulled him toward Barb inserting his cock through the hole in the gag. Barb uttered a pleasant sound as the tip of the cock met her tongue.

"You will select one of the three cocks and suck him until he cums. Then you will be released. There was another pleasant utterance from Barb as she began to explore the cock currently in her mouth. She felt the tip and opened the slit slightly with her tongue.

"Next," Cheryl said. "Move to your right." Barb uttered a constricted, but obviously sad sound, as she moved. Cheryl maneuvered Bob's cock into Barb's mouth through the hole in the gag. More pleasant sounds from Barb as she explored this cock.

"Here's the third and last. After you have a chance to check it out, hold up one, two, or three fingers to let me know which of the three you want to have cum in your mouth." She winked at Paul as she slid his cock through the hole. Whatever it was about Paul's cock, Barb held up three fingers almost immediately and began to suck in earnest.

Paul suppressed a groan as Barb's tongue ran along his shaft and flicked his tip. She moved her head forward and back rubbing the soft sides of the O along his shaft. While her tongue played with his tip, she used her forehead to rub against his groin. He placed his hands behind her head and began to fuck her face in earnest.

His cock almost filled her mouth. She could feel it in her pussy as though he was actually inside. With her tongue she explored the shaft spending more time at each spot where it showed specially pleasurable reactions. Each trip along the shaft ended with small butterfly flicks at its very tip.

It ended too soon. In no more that five minutes the intense stimulation had him filling her mouth with his warm cum. She put her tongue against his slit so she could feel the cum as it gushed out. Some she swallowed, but the gag made swallowing difficult and much ran out the corners of her mouth.

Cheryl carefully pulled the blindfold out from under the hood and Barb found herself staring into Paul's groin his cock still in her mouth. She uttered more sounds of pleasure and licked his cock clean.

Cheryl released her pulling off the hood and removing the Velcro strap from her hands. Using a sauterne Cheryl offered, Barb rinsed her mouth. Jerry and Bob stood by obviously ready to have their turns.

"Let me show you something," Cheryl told the group and brought out her phone. Opening an app she held it up as they watched Barb in BDSM garb give Paul a blow job.

"This is part of the deal. Ron wanted to see us in our 'natural' habitat and have a few videos of us so he could be more comfortable that we are all on the same page about having videos. How about it, Barb," you OK with this? As you can see, you can't be identified."

"Sure," she said looking bug eyed at the sight of herself giving Paul a blow job. "It's not a bad price for what's to come. Just be sure these don't get out."

"OK, we're good to go," Cheryl said cheerfully. "May, you're next."

"Oh," said May, "you mean we're all going to do something and get videoed?"

"Yup," Cheryl said. "Stand up."

"Stand up and get naked," May asked hopefully.

"Almost. I think that Bob should be the one getting you naked."

May went to Bob. "You want to take my clothes off right here in front of my husband."

"I sure do," he said unbuttoning the first of the three buttons standing between him and her bra. They opened quickly. He pushed the sleeveless blouse off her shoulders and pulled it from her shorts. She shrugged it from her arms. He chose her shorts next. They were quickly dispatched and lay on the deck with her blouse.

Wanting to savor her body for a moment, he pulled her to him his hard cock rubbing against her belly. Leaning her back slightly he pushed her bra up and off her breasts. He felt her breasts and stroked her nipples as they both moaned. He released the catch letting the bra join her other clothing.

He knelt putting his face at her crotch and pulled her panties until they revealed her cleanly shaven pussy. Holding her hips at his face he softly ran his tongue the length of her pussy then pulled her panties off. She wriggled in his grasp as he returned to using his tongue on her pussy. As he was about to open her further to his tongue, Cheryl stopped him.

"Time's up," she said pulling a reluctant Bob up. "To the living room."

"Nice pussy," Bob commented to Jerry who walked beside him.

"It sure is," Jerry agreed. "She is a really good lay, too. You suppose I get to play with Georgeanne's tits next?"

"Don't leave without it," Bob replied, smiling. The thought of watching Georgeanne being stripped and fucked in addition to what he'd just been through almost made him cum right there.

"What's this," May was looking wide-eyed at a virtual Disney World of BDSM furniture Cheryl had purchased. Cheryl did not respond. Instead she pushed the naked May's head and hands into a stock and lowered the top imprisoning her.

"You are now just like a pilgrim," she said to May.

"Oh, my god," said May. "Don't leave me here too long without fucking me." She twitched her ass. "Bob, Jerry, somebody fuck me." She continued to twitch.

"I think I'll lick you while Bob does the fucking," Jerry said arranging himself under his wife. He reached up and opened the lips of her pussy. His tongue was soon as work.

Bob slid his cock deep in her pussy without further comment. "Get me some Vaseline," he told Cheryl. Fully prepared, Cheryl handed a small package to him almost immediately.

As he stroked her pussy with his cock he applied generous amounts of Vaseline to her other entrance. He pulled out of her pussy and found that Georgeanne stood at his side. She took his cock and guided it to May's secondary entrance. At the same time Jerry inserted two fingers to replace Bob's cock while he continued to focus his tongue on her clit.

Bob's cock, aided by Georgeanne, made its way deep inside May who was now beginning to go beyond moans to louder sounds of pleasure. Paul, not to be left out found May's nipples and began to alternate between tweaking and pinching to sucking and licking.

Soon she was screaming. Her hips moved uncontrollably and unpredictably. Her juices gushed down her legs as climax after climax swept through her.

Georgeanne stood with Bob her hand massaging his balls as she watched his cock penetrate the helpless May. She watched as May became uncontrolled in her passion. She dipped a finger in the Vasoline and forced it deep inside Bob feeling as she did his cum spurt into May. She watched as he fell over May's back still stroking into her ass. She rubbed her breasts against him and rubbed herself on his leg finally bringing herself to a small climax.

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