tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAn Usual Valentine’s Day Present

An Usual Valentine’s Day Present


This is my entry to the Valentine's Day 2018 contest. I hope you like it, and please vote by giving it stars, preferably lots of stars!


Kevin and Susie got married young. Well, Susie was a youngish 22, fresh out of college, and Kevin was 25, and in medical school. How they met is a cute story. Susie was at a café with a couple of girlfriends, all of them happy about the end of school being near, and discussing their life plans. Susie shared that she was planning to go to graduate school, to get a master's degree in social work.

As for sex, and this story is all about sex and love, Susie had fooled around a fair amount during her college years. At first, she was exploring her sexual nature, both with boys and with girls. Discovering she was probably heterosexual, and quite possibly bisexual, she moved on to try to find a good man to be her boyfriend.

Susie ended up sharing intimacies with a good number of men. Some of the men had, shall we say, exotic sexual tastes, and Susie was both a fearless and a cooperative sort, so she acquired a quite a wide range of sexual experiences. While she liked a few of her numerous lovers a lot, however, nothing ever really seemed to click.

Now that she was graduating, she felt that she knew what she wanted from a man, and exactly what she liked, both in his sexual style, and in his personality, intellect, lifestyle, level of ambition, and capacity for empathy. The empathy issue was a big deal for Susie. If the right man came along, she was ripe for the plucking.

All of Susie's friends eventually left the café, but Susie wanted to nurse another coffee, so she stayed at their table a while. Kevin came over and he sat down, saying, "I thought your friends would never leave. I think you're gorgeous. Would you like to go out with me tonight?"

Susie's first reaction was shock. Talk about a lack of finesse! "Are you always this superficial?" Susie replied.

Kevin was older, decent looking, and Susie admired his spunk. There were no other men in her life just then, and she liked the way he looked, but still. Did he really think so little of her as to ask such a rude question?

"May I join you? There are four empty chairs," Kevin said.

"It's a free café," Susie replied, and gestured for him to sit.

Kevin would not give up, and he eventually seduced Susie into an animated conversation. They talked about this, that, and almost everything. At one point Susie stopped in mid-sentence, and she simply said, "Yes."

Kevin knew she meant she had just agreed to go out with him that evening. He understood her. He had also heard about her reputation, to wit that she was easy to get into bed. That's exactly what his plans for Susie encompassed. First, however, he would wine and dine her, emphasis on the wine.

He had no idea what he had started. All he wanted was a good-time girl, but what he found was the love of his life. The two fell in love quite quickly after that. Kevin was exactly what Susie had been looking for in a man. She became loyal to Kevin not out of some concept of monogamy, or fidelity, but because he was all that she wanted. He had been what she had been looking for all of her adult life.

It's now ten years later, and Susie's 32, and of course Kevin is 35 and a successful doctor, while Susie followed her dreams and became a social worker. Everyone gets sick, but not everyone needs social work, so they see mostly different sets of people in their work. They're still happily married. No kids yet, but Susie had announced she is ready to have one. Kevin likes the idea. Susie claims her biological clock is on snooze alarm.

The couple's sex life, though, had become stale. Or it was stale, that is, until a few days earlier than the events I am about to relate to you. Susie gets up early for her job in social work, an hour earlier than Kevin does, since it takes her a long time in the bathroom to get ready to face the day.

She rises from bed each day at 5:30am, and it's still dark out at that hour, even in the summer, although the time of year this was transpiring was January. She makes breakfast, reads the previous day's newspaper, and washes the dishes. When she washes the dishes, she removes her nightgown and washes then nude. That way, if she splashes some water or whatever while doing the dishes, it does not get any clothes she's wearing dirty, it only gets Susie herself dirty, and anyway Susie's next destination typically is the shower.

There is a small issue. There is a window over the kitchen sink, and it fronts the street, and also the windows of buildings across the street. Since Susie of course has the light on, anyone can (in theory) see into the window. But it's so early in the morning that almost nobody else is up, and someone who could see the naked Susie and is in fact up, probably has more important things to do than to gaze out the window at a woman washing the dishes. If he did see her, Susie reasons, he would only see her face and her boobs. The rest would be hidden from his view by the sink and counter.

During Spring Break of her junior year in college, Susie and her best friend Amy went down to Florida for some fun in the sun. They spent most every day in a bikini. One evening they crashed a party at someone's palatial house, and everyone at the party, Susie and Amy included, was thoroughly drunk by around 10pm. At this point the host declared a rule: Everyone in the pool had to be topless.

Giggling, all the women, Susie and Amy included, removed their bikini tops. That evening they both were leered at by a large number of drunk college men. The inevitable eventually happened, and Susie and Amy both agreed to go a bedroom with some man each of them had met only an hour or so earlier. The point, however, is that compared to that experience, for example, showing her boobs to a kitchen window while washing dishes seemed pretty trivial to Susie.

Kevin was unaware, apparently, of this habit of Susie's when she washed the morning dishes, and when he couldn't sleep and got up early that cold morning in mid-January, he walked into the kitchen to get some of the coffee Susie had already made and he had smelled. He saw her naked backside as she stood over the sink washing the dishes.

Kevin removed his pajamas, and walked towards his wife's naked body with a growing erection. He cupped her breasts with his hands, and he turned her around from the sink and kissed her passionately. He took her hand, and led her to the bedroom. Susie was excited, because it was the right time of month for her to get knocked up. Kevin, however, continued out of the bedroom, through its other door, and into the main room.

The main room had a picture window facing the street. The blinds were up, and Kevin turned on the lights. They were both nude and they were both on display! Susie was alarmed, and she tugged at Kevin's arm to pull him back into the bedroom, where the blinds were down. Nevertheless, they had a brief moment of total exposure to the street of their nudity, as well as to the neighbors' windows across the street.

Kevin's erection was harder than usual, and he placed Susie on the bed, on her hands and knees, and he got behind her. He poked with his cock, discovered she was wet and ready for him, and he plunged right in. Kevin fucked Susie with a passion she had not experienced from him for several years. Susie was thrilled.

Kevin blew his load just as Susie was building towards an orgasm. Well, she thought, this is the lot of women, isn't it? Men fuck until they cum, but women climax when they're lucky. Still, she had no complaints. Kevin had not made love to her with this much passion, literally, in years! But she did want to climax, because she had read somewhere that it helps the odds in getting pregnant. It's something like the 'up-suck theory.' Susie never could get over that horrible name for a theory.

Kevin and Susie both got dressed quickly and left to go to their respective jobs. They kissed goodbye on the sidewalk, since Susie worked on the west side of New York, and Kevin worked on the east side. The kiss goodbye was also passionate, Susie happily noted. Something was definitely up!

A lot of wives would have discussed with their husbands such a reaction to him seeing her doing the dishes naked. With Kevin, however, Susie knew this was pointless. He simply would never discuss his feelings, or his sexual wants or needs. He just was not like that. Instead, Susie discussed what happened with Kevin when she saw her work friend Mary, during their lunch break. It seemed clear to Susie; Seeing his wife naked in the window, where in theory people could see her, turned Kevin on. Her friend Mary agreed.

He had even tried for more, when he had led her to the main room for naked sex, but Susie refused that. Fortunately, it did not dim Kevin's ardor, which was extraordinary by recent standards. With her best friend Amy's help, Susie designed some experiments to see what was up, and what would get to Kevin even more. She ran them by Mary the next day after work, and Mary thought she was onto something, and she approved wholeheartedly. Susie so wanted to get pregnant, she was desperate for these ploys to work! It did not hurt, either, that she was enjoying this!

That Friday night she told Kevin they were going to dinner. She picked him up at the hospital at 7pm, as agreed. She surprised him with a sartorial makeover, for the occasion. Usually she dresses like a proper doctor's wife, in a knee length skirt, a nice blouse, a cute jacket, and a string of Biwa pearls.

This night she came dressed as a slut. She wore a mini skirt, emphasis on the mini, a super low-cut blouse and a push-up bra, a temporary tattoo on her right breast where only half of it was visible, ten bangle bracelets, five rings, and a set of full size, gold-tone handcuffs hanging from her skirt belt. She wore massive eye makeup, false eyelashes, and she used a washable blue dye to give her hair a wide blue streak. She continued the blue streak with her bush down there, but of course that was only for Kevin! She topped it off with mirrored sunglasses.

Kevin did not recognize her. He looked right past her. Susie walked right up to Kevin, and said, "Hey, big boy. Looking for a little action tonight? 'Cause I am, damn straight." Kevin recognized Susie's voice, but still looked flummoxed.

Susie removed the shades and gave her husband her signature smile. Susie always had thought her best feature was her smile. She was right. "Play your cards right, big boy, and I'll show you all of my tattoo," Susie said, pulling her blouse down a bit to reveal more of her boob, right up to the point where it disappeared beneath her lavender lace bra.

Kevin played along. "Hi, babe. Come to dinner with me, and I'll make it worth your while." They walked off to dinner, and Kevin surprised Susie by placing his hand on her ass, and squeezing it from time to time through her skirt. Kevin had never before taken such liberties with Susie on a city street. When they got near the restaurant, Kevin moved his hand up to her boobs, and cupped her right boob, massaging it and tweaking her nipple through her clothes. Susie let out a small moan in reply. Susie loved that Kevin was playing along.

That night Kevin could not get enough of Susie, and he fucked her three times. He absolutely loved the blue streak in her bush. The second time they fucked she had a lovely orgasm, and Susie was a happy camper. She now knew that showing skin to unknown voyeurs worked, and dressing and acting like a tramp also worked. The next test was the riskiest one, but Susie knew that she would not be able to stop herself.

Susie had invited Mark and Amy over for Saturday night dinner. Amy was her best friend from college, and Mark was Kevin's age, and the two couples had become great friends. Susie had already enlisted Amy on her new project. To do that, she felt that she also needed Amy's permission, and Amy gave it willingly, giggling constantly. She also asked Susie if she was sure she wanted to do this? Susie said "Yes, definitely!"

Susie knew Amy would be up for anything. She always had been. Susie had followed her lead with the pool party in Florida during her junior year spring break, for example. Amy was now a proper woman and wife, but she had a wild past, even wilder than Susie's.

Susie knew she was still wild, deep down. She figured such traits never really leave a girl. She figured Amy was the same way even today, if not more so.

Saks Fifth Avenue was having a January sale on bathing suits. That sounded strange in New York, where the streets were covered with recent snow. There are quite a few rich New Yorkers, however, who winter in Florida, in the Caribbean, or in Mexico. Saks wanted them to buy their swimwear in New York, rather than at the resorts themselves.

Kevin and Susie had no plans to vacation in the sun, but Susie did need some new bathing suits for the next summer. The ones she had were beginning to show their age. She bought some truly skimpy and even, one might say, risqué bikinis. With this new aspect of Kevin's personality that she had just learned about, she was sure modeling these new purchases for him would lead to some more passion filled sex.

Amy went with Susie and helped her to pick them out. Caught up in the excitement, Amy also bought a few bikinis for herself. The women wore the same size suits, so they also realized they could trade off from time to time.

When we say bikinis, we are not talking your mother's two-piece swimsuit. No, we're talking French style string bikinis, where pulling two strings will render the woman naked. Of course, there are bikinis that reveal so much that they are not really practical for the beach. The women compromised. They ended getting tiny bikinis, but ones that they could also swim in, and use. Luckily, due to a rigorous exercise program and near starvation diets, both women had the bodies of sirens.

Mark and Amy came over to dinner the next Saturday night. The four friends enjoyed the dinner a lot, and the friends consumed two bottles of a nice French burgundy. The two women were feeling its effects. So too were the men, but to a lesser extent. The conversation had been lots of fun, ranging from the politics of Washington, to the latest movies, to new books the women had read.

Kevin served cognac after the dinner, and Susie and Amy asked the men if they could give them a fashion show? They had bought some new bikinis, and they had to decide which ones to keep, and which to return. The men, a little tipsy, were surprised at this good fortune, and graciously agreed to help them to decide which ones to keep.

Giggling, the women disappeared to the bedroom and later emerged into the main room, easily visible to the street and the neighbors across the street, wearing highly revealing bikinis. Both men issued wolf whistles. Both Susie and Amy blushed.

The women began to assume modeling poses. They stood facing the men, hands on their hips. They next raised their arms, running their hands through their hair. They raised their left hips and winked. They looked to their left, hands dangling to their side. The men issued forth wolf whistles.

"Now this is important, boys," Susie said. "How do our asses look in these suits?" Both women turned to face the window, presenting their backsides to the men. They wiggled their asses suggestively.

"Very nice," Susie's reserved husband Kevin said.

Mike piped up, saying, "Your asses are to die for. God, you two look great in those suits! Both of you!"

Kevin noticed something, and said, "Susie, your top matches Amy's bottoms."

The girls looked at their bottoms, looked at their tops, and then covered their mouths giggling. Amy said, "Come on, Susie, give me the top to my suit, right now!"

Susie replied, "Okay, but you give me the bottom to my suit!" The two women giggled. To Mark and Kevin's complete shock, Susie removed her top, and Amy removed her bottom. Both men let their mouths fall open, as the women revealed their intimate parts to both of them. Their backs were to the window, but the careful voyeur got a great view of Amy's bare bubble butt.

Amy had a nicely trimmed bush, and Susie had boobs to die for. Susie now put on the bottoms Amy had given her, but to do so she had to remove the bottoms she was wearing, thereby also revealing her own lovely bush. She put on the top from Amy, too, since they were exchanging both tops and bottoms in front of the men. Amy did the analogous maneuver.

In this way, the two women flashed their naked bodies to their two husbands. The men were not expecting this, not at all, and both were gobsmacked.

Mark said, laughing, "Nicely done, girls. But now you're both still mismatched." Kevin was laughing so hard he almost wet himself. The men were having the time of their lives.

"Let's just exchange either our tops or our bottoms," Susie said. "That way we'll match!"

"Yes, but which should we do? Exchange the tops or the bottoms?" Amy asked.

"Ah yes, that is indeed a conundrum. I know, let's start with the tops. Then we can do the bottoms," Susie said. She added, "Boys, do you want to help? Mark, could you be a doll and help me get this pesky bikini top off?"

"Yes, and Kevin, could you likewise help me?" Amy chimed in.

The men were thrilled. They of course noticed each woman had chosen the man who was not her husband to ask for "help." Where was this going, they both wondered? Mark had long lusted after Susie, and Kevin had also lusted after Amy. They never acted on anything, of course, since they were both happily married, and also good friends.

Now however, they had a free chance! And both men were enjoying seeing the other's wife's charms. To their surprise, they were also getting turned on by having their own wives display themselves to their friend, let alone the window to the street! This, of course, was the whole point for Susie.

Kevin approached Mark's wife Amy, and Mark approached Kevin's wife Susie, and both of them slowly removed the women's bikini tops. They then held them both out of reach, rendering the two women topless and running after them for the tops. The women had figured the men would do exactly that, and the evening was progressing exactly according to their plan.

The women finally gave up, and plopped down onto the couch, both clad only in bikini bottoms. The men sat across from them, triumphantly looking at the two sets of boobs, the taut stomachs, and the fine bare legs of their two wives. True, the women had faces, too, and everyone was sure the men would eventually get around to looking at their faces, as well. Exactly when, however, was unclear.

"So, guys, what do you think of our bikinis? These are just the first ones we wanted to model for you," Susie asked.

Kevin looked at his beautiful, playful wife, "I love you, Susie. You have to keep this bikini. I could not bear for you not to have it!" Mark issued similar sentiments for his wife, Amy.

Susie and Amy stood up, still topless and facing the window, and they said in unison (they had rehearsed), "Kevin and Mark, you may please kiss your wife now."

Kevin looked at Mark and Mark looked at Kevin. Kevin shrugged his shoulders and raised his eyebrows. Mark nodded. Kevin went to Mark's wife Amy, placing his two hands on her two boobs, and he turned her around and gently kissed her. Amy had expected Mark, and she was surprised to see Kevin kissing her instead! She went with the flow, however, and she opened her mouth, and the kiss quickly morphed in a kiss of extraordinary passion. Kevin had an erection that looked as if it was about to burst his pants.

Susie looked over at them a bit alarmed. Kevin kissing Amy was not part of their plan. Her anxiety, however, disappeared almost immediately because she became distracted when Mark place his two hands on her boobs. He whipped her around, and his hands went under her bikini bottoms to stroke her bare ass as he kissed her.

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