tagAnalAnal Adventures of Alex Ch. 03

Anal Adventures of Alex Ch. 03


Alex's ass was sore the next day from his vigorous use of the new dildo, but he relished the slight ache... even that felt good in its own way. He was surprised at how much he was enjoying playing with his own ass... although of course he still desired to play with someone else's ass. Whenever he thought about that, his mind would start drifting to Jen, the girl at the sex toy shop. She hadn't seemed at all disturbed that the dildo was for him...

And so it was that he found himself stopping by there every couple of days... at first with an excuse to buy something small (specialty condoms, a gag gift for a friend...) and then just to talk to her. For some reason it almost surprised him that she had a personality, and a vibrant one, even though she worked in a sex store. In fact, they never talked about sex unless he was asking what a particular toy was for, which she could describe in great detail the pros and cons of just about every toy in the store but he was never sure if it was something she knew from hearsay or her own experience.

Whenever he masturbated he would picture her hand on the dildo, pushing it into his ass... or sometimes what it would be like to reverse the situation and think about what it would be like to play with HER gorgeous ass. Or really, any part of her body... he was incredibly horny and at the moment had no interest in any girl but her.

So the next time that he went out with her on her lunch break, and walked her back, when they got to the door of the store he didn't let himself think... he just pulled her to him and kissed her. For a second he could feel the surprise throughout her body, and then her lips pressed back against his, opening just a little in an inviting sexy way... his hands pressed against her lower back and hips and he deepened the kiss, enjoying the feel of her mouth on his. His lips lingered a little on hers as he pulled away, and she smiled up at him.

"See you later?" there was something extremely self-satisfied in her eyes and he was pretty sure he had the same look in his own.

"Yeah," he smiled back at her.

**After whatever you think is an appropriate amount of time**

Alex groaned and lifted his hips as Jen's mouth glided over his dick, her tongue wetly pressing against the underside of his cock. Pulling back up she swirled her tongue around the head of his dick and then licked him from the tip of his head to the base... He ran his fingers through her hair, sighing happily as she gripped his dick with her hand and gently began tonguing his balls, sucking one into her mouth and rolling it before letting it pop out and finding the other.

He put his legs up, so that his knees were pointing at the ceiling as her mouth went lower, and she lifted up his sack to get at the tender spot underneath. Shivering, he groaned again as she teased the sensitive area with her tongue... and then gasped, hips lifting in surprise, as her tongue went even lower.

Dear God... he clutched at the sheets as she slid her tongue around the outside of his ass, igniting little pleasure centers that he hadn't even known were there. He could feel his muscles clenching, wanting more, and she obliged, pressing her tongue against his hole as though she could actually pierce it. Lifting his legs and hips even more, Alex closed his eyes and moaned with the strange and exciting sensations that she was eliciting with her tongue on his ass.

Then she pulled away again and he sighed in slight disappointment... although not too much as her mouth returned to slide down his cock. Something pressed against his asshole, and he lifted his hips slightly without thinking, and then more -- shoving his dick deeper into her mouth as her finger began invading his ass. Although her finger was much more slender than his own, it felt strangely almost better to have someone else pushing into his ass. Especially as she gave him head at the same time.

Her finger slipped in fairly easily, and she pumped it back and forth a few times, matching the action with her mouth, before pushing a second finger in alongside the first. Alex moaned, his hands returning to the top of her head, massaging her scalp as she swallowed him, pushing up with her fingers at the same time to encourage his own movements. The double sensation was thrilling, intoxicating... even though her fingers didn't fill his ass nearly as much as his dildo, it was a completely different kind of sensation, having someone else wanting to pleasure his ass -- and him -- and it felt good.

His hips moved with her, allowing her to pleasure him from both ends, and he realized he was moaning her name -- making more noise than he ever had before in his life. Inside of him, her fingers found a pleasure nerve and pressed, and he jumped and strained, feelings his balls tighten... she pressed again and he almost whimpered with the heady sensation of her fingertips inside him. Jen moved her mouth over him faster, increasing the suction as her fingers writhed inside of him, pressing back and forth and inwards onto that sensational spot.

"Oh God..." Alex's hands gripped the top of her head, pushing her down a little as his cock drove deep into her mouth, pulsing against her tongue as he started to cum. Her fingers moved even faster in and out of his ass, the sliding rubbing sensation just increasing the intensity of his orgasm as her throat worked, sucking every drop of cum from his spasming cock.

Jen kept sucking, her fingers moving slower in his ass as his body slowly relaxed and his dick started to soften... he shuddered and jerked a little as afterwaves of his orgasm would jolt through him. His hands lightened their grip on her hair and he started stroking it, running his fingers through the silky stuff.

Opening his eyes as she pulled her fingers out, and her mouth off of him, Alex pulled her up to him for a passionate kiss.

"That was amazing," he told her.

She grinned, "I noticed that you seemed to like it."

Even though part of him really didn't want to know he had to ask, "Have you ever done that before? With... the fingers?"

Jen laughed, "No. Always wanted to... I figured that if you were telling the truth about the dildo being for you, and then once you let me lick you there, that you'd probably be ok with letting me put my fingers there." He kissed her again as she grinned.

"LET you... HA!" Alex felt his ass tighten just with the memory of the pleasure.

She laughed, stroking her fingers down through the hair on his chest as he pulled her in for another kiss.

"Alright you," he grinned, "My turn."

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