tagInterracial LoveAnal At Last Ch. 21

Anal At Last Ch. 21


When I entered the living room, Angela was laying back on the sofa, her head on Simone's lap, her feet on Peter's lap. All of them were dressed, although the women had kicked off their shoes. Peter was rubbing Angela's feet, which she was obviously enjoying.

"At last," said Angela. "We thought we'd wait for you, although if you'd been much longer, we wouldn't have waited."

"Yeah, I got delayed," I answered. Angela looked at me, waiting for more information, but I didn't give any. Instead, to get the show underway, I walked to a cupboard and pulled out a set of large headphones I have for listening to music when Daniel's doing something noisy.

"Angela, honey, put on these headphones," I said, handing them to her. She looked at me, paused, and then put them on, shaking her head at these antics. I plugged them into the hi-fi, and played some music fairly loud, telling her to close her eyes.

Satisfied that she couldn't hear, I gathered the others round me.

"Right, there's someone else coming tonight: It's Jamie, the stripper." There were gasps of surprise from Simone and Peter. "I know, I know. It wasn't planned. I just found out tonight that Angela's apparently always wanted a nice big fat black cock in her, and - well, consider it a parting gift. But she doesn't know. I'm going to blindfold her, and let him in quietly. Then we'll spend a while getting her all worked up without letting her come, and when she's getting desperate, we'll get her to straddle him, still blindfold. After that, we'll play it by ear. But, it's totally up to you: if the two of you would rather not be seen by a stranger in this sort of situation, feel free to hide upstairs and come down later, once he's left. Again, up to you."

They looked at each other, and shrugged, then nodded their consent. I asked them to start kissing Angela, to keep her busy, and they did so, taking it in turns, and I could see Ang getting more aroused. Simone even pulled Peter in to a kiss, their tongues fencing, whilst Peter's hand played with Angela's tits through her dress.

I pulled out my phone, and phoned Jamie. I gave him the address, and he said he'd be there in about 10 minutes. I told him to text me when he arrived. Then I looked at Peter and Simone.

"OK. Let's do it. Wait there a second." I ran upstairs to get the blindfold that Simone, Sam, and I had used so well previously, and went back down, walked over to Angela, and took off the headphones, and put the blindfold on her. Then I simply stood up onto the sofa, standing over her, pulled out my cock, and told her to suck it, guiding my swollen but not-yet-hard cock into her mouth. Within a few moments, I started to harden under her tongue's playing.

Simone came over, and started working Angela's dress off her, with Angela and I shuffling to help out. Eventually though, she got it off, and my cock was hard enough. I stepped off the sofa, enjoying the sight of Angela in her black bra and knickers, smiling down at her.

Then I gently pulled her off the sofa, and stood in front of her, pulling her into a kiss. I looked at Peter, and gestured to stand behind her. He got the message, and stood there, pressed up against her, his hands resting on her hips, his groin pressed to her bum. I started kissing her, on the mouth, and he kissed the nape of her neck, while Simone stepped in to Angela's side, and knelt down to slide Angela's knickers off.

Angela groaned, pulling my head in as she kissed me, reaching behind her to start rubbing Peter's cock through his trousers, and spreading her legs to help Simone strip her. Then she turned sideways on, facing Simone, turning to kiss Peter for a few seconds, then back to me, her breath coming faster already. Simone stood up, waited till she'd finished kissing me, and then gently turned Angela's head towards her, and the two women kissed.

Angela managed to undo Peter's trousers, and reached in to pull out his already-erect cock, at the same time reaching down to mine, still damp from her saliva. She stood there, naked while the rest of us were still dressed, wanking both of us nice and firmly, kissing Simone full on the mouth, moaning in pleasure.

Simone broke the kiss, sliding down Angela's body slowly, kissing her breasts, her nipples, her stomach, and then down to her cleft. She reached around Angela to squeeze her ass-cheeks, and then started licking the older woman's cunt. Angela's hand tightened around my cock as she felt Simone's tongue on her, and she groaned into my mouth as she turned to kiss me.

I indicated to Peter than he should kneel behind her and rim her, which he was all up for. He knelt down, and Simone parted Angela's ass cheeks for her. When his tongue touched her ass, her hand on my cock tightened so much it hurt, and she began panting, moaning, begging us to fuck her.

My phone buzzed to say a text had arrived.

"Do you want a cock in you, baby?" I asked, breathing in her ear.

"Oh god yes... No... Two cocks, I want both of you, please... Fuck my cunt and ass..."

"First, you've got to go down on Simone while Peter rims you. Simone... sit on the sofa, lay back." She did so, and Angela lifted Simone's dress up over her waist, exposing her naked hips and groin. I guided Angela to kneel down, and she dove into Simone's cunt, sticking her own ass up in the air for Peter to have free access to. Simone started to shrug her top off, but I caught her attention, and lifted her legs, pressing her thighs against Angela's head. I mimed that she should press against Angela's head, intending for her thighs to muffle any noise from me opening the door to let Jamie in, and she did so, pressing them tight against Angela as she carried on taking her top off.

Peter didn't need telling - he knelt down behind Angela, and started rimming, wanking his cock while he did so. Angela groaned into Simone's cunt, and slid her own hand down to her cunt to start fingering herself. I knelt down beside her, and pulled her hand away, slapping the back of it as if telling her off.

She got the hint, and instead slid her hands under Simone' ass, and I guessed by Simone's sudden gasp that Angela was playing with the blonde woman's ass.

I went to the front door, after doing up my trousers, and saw Jamie parked out front. I waved to him, and he got out and came up. I shook his hand in greeting, and he grinned at me, asking if Angela was looking forward to it.

"She still doesn't know." He grinned even harder. "The others are in there getting her warmed up, so you need to be quiet. Basically, come in, get yourself... er... ready, and sit on the sofa. She's blindfold, so keep quiet. I'll tell her to straddle Peter, but it'll be you instead."

He smiled, nodded, and we entered. He smiled at the others as he came in, winking at Simone, and taking in her now naked breasts. He leaned into my ear to whisper.

"Is she interested as well? That's a fantastic pair of tits on her, she's fucking gorgeous."

"Not sure. You'll have to ask."

He grinned, and stared at her some more. She saw the effect she was having on him, and blushed. Then, after a moment's hesitation, she started rubbing her tits, teasing her nipples, looking at him all the while, acting the complete slut.

"I guess the answer might be a yes," I whispered, smiling.

Angela was getting really turned on with Peter's rimming, so I walked over to them, pulling them up to their feet.

"Time for a change baby. Peter, assume the position. Angela needs a hard cock to suck." He sat where Simone was, his cock standing proud. I pushed on Angela's shoulders, and she knelt down and felt her way to Peter's cock, swallowing his meat. I sat beside Peter, and reached for Simone, pulling her close in front of me, and removed her remaining clothes.

Jamie took a seat on an armchair, watching the show. When Simone was naked, I pulled her down to kneeling, and she started sucking me, mirroring Angela's position with Peter.

I enjoyed it for a while, and then lifted Simone up. I whispered in her ear, "Simone - do you feel like helping Jamie get ready?" She looked across to him, then at me, and stood up. She walked over to him, slowly, sultrily, hips swinging, breasts swaying, and he grinned up at her.

She knelt down in front of him, and undid his trousers. I heard her gasp as she pulled his cock out, and then she started wanking him. I walked over to her, unable to resist her ass sticking out like that, and lined my cock up with her wet cunt lips. I pushed in, making her moan and push back, and caught site of Jamie's growing cock. Jesus, he was bigger than I thought. Fuck, I thought. I hope Angela tightens up again afterwards, otherwise I'll have to use the back door every time.

Then I grinned. Hmmm. Not an absolutely undesirable situation.

I started fucking Simone nice and slow. Firm, even strokes, feeling her loosen up as I fucked her. I could just about reach Angela from where I was, so I reached back and started fingering her as she blew Peter. Her hips pushed back against me as I fingered her sopping cunt, hearing her moan around Peter's cock.

We carried on for a while, till I saw Jamie was ready. I pulled out of Simone, making her sigh in disappointment, and we all stood up, Jamie's scarily big cock hanging out in front of him. I motioned for him to take his clothes off, and I took mine off as well.

I gently pulled Angela up to her feet. "Baby, I think it's about time you had a cock in you, and I think it should be Peter first, don't you? And keep your blindfold on - it'll feel so much better."

"Oh god baby, yes, let me feel Peter in me, and then I want you to fuck my ass. Let me have both of you baby..."

"We'll see.... Now stay there a moment, and Simone and I will help you straddle Peter, OK?"

I motioned for Jamie to sit where Peter was, and he did so, his cock - which must have been a foot long, and thicker than mine as well - standing relatively proud. Simone and I took one of Angela's hands, and guided her into place, making her stand on the edge of the sofa, right above Jamie's cock. We lowered her down, and Simone used her spare hand to line them up, wanking Jamie a bit as well.

"Oh god that's good," Angela moaned as Jamie's head just touched her lips. "Peter, baby, I want to fuck you so much... Will you make me come while you fuck me? Will you make me scream your name with your big cock up me?"

Jamie grinned, loving the sight of this blindfold woman being lowered onto his cock. We let her go a bit lower, and his head parted her lips.

"Oh fuck baby, that's so good, I love the feel of your cock in me Peter. I bet you can't believe we're doing this, can you? Can't believe I've wanted your nice hard cock in me for so long now, ever since our first time together.... Oh fuck that's good, you feel so big."

We lowered her again. "Oh fuck Peter... God you feel big... That's it, oh god..."

Then I think it dawned on her. "Peter? Is that you?"

I breathed in her ear. "No, it's not, baby, it's a surprise." I took off her blindfold with my spare hand as we dropped her a bit lower.

She took in the sight: Jamie's muscular bulk beneath her. Then she lowered her head to look at his cock. "Oh fucking hell Andy... Fuck me... That's gonna tear me apart." She pushed lower again, grunting with effort, and Simone and I let her take her own weight, her hands coming onto Jamie's shoulders.

She looked at me, her eyes wide as she pushed down onto that huge cock, wincing every so often as he stretched her. "Fucking hell that's big... Andy, you bastard, you dirty bastard, watching me... oh shit... watching me take this big... black... cock...."

I could see her cunt lips stretched tight around his cock, as she worked her way down it. I squatted down on the floor, watching her for a bit, and then Simone came over to me. She gently held my face in the palm of her hand, turning me to face her, and giving me a soft, meaningful kiss.

"You're a good man Andy," she breathed. "It might seem odd saying that when you're girlfriend is impaling herself on someone else's - monster - cock, but you are. Letting her do that? That's ... good of you. Real good." Then she smiled impishly. "And I think you deserve a reward."

She knelt down behind Angela, and started licking her asshole. Angela groaned, "Oh fucking hell that's good", and Jamie looked over Angela's shoulder, loving what he saw. He looked at me, eyebrows raised, and I said, "They really like each other" as an answer. He grinned, and then reached up to Angela's tits to start playing with them, his dark skin contrasting almost artfully with Angela's slight sun-kissed tan.

With Simone knelt down, that left her ass sticking out. I let Peter have first go, and motioned him forward. He thought about it, and then declined. "Not yet Andy. I've got something else in mind." I smirked, and lined my cock up with Simone's cunt again, running my head up and down her lips for a few moments before pushing inside. She groaned as I entered her, and I pushed hard, bottoming out in one swoop.

Simone came away from Angela's ass for a moment, dropping her head as she arched her back, pushing back at me. I looked up, and watched Angela still pushing herself down on Jamie's large cock. She was mouthing a constant stream of expletives and gasps as she took him inside, pumping up and down, going deeper each time. His cock was lined with her juices, and her lips looked red and swollen already.

I grabbed hold of Simone's shoulders, and started fucking her. I wanted to come after my day of teasing, but I wasn't sure whether to come in Simone or Angela. I knew it should really be Angela, but I didn't think she'd be up for it after fucking Jamie.

Simone raised her head again, rimming Angela's ass again. I looked across to Peter. He was wanking, looking at the scene before him, but particularly at Simone's tits swaying beneath her as we fucked.

I caught his eye. "Peter, lay down underneath. Simone really gets off on her tits being sucked."

Simone broke away from Angela's ass again. "Oh god yes Peter.... Please... Suck me... Suck me while Andy fucks me." Then she went back to Angela's ass, occasionally dipping her head to lick Jamie's balls, making him moan in response. Angela had almost bottomed out now, sweat lining her back as she worked to accept Jamie's size.

Peter lay on the floor beneath us, and started sucking Simone's tits. I slowed down my movements to keep her steady so that he could get a good purchase, and felt her cunt tighten around me as she responded. "Oh god Peter, that's it baby... Suck my tits... Do you like them? Do you like my tits? Andy loves them, and I hope you do too... I want both of you to suck them together later... .Will you do that? Will you both suck me till I come and then let me wank you both off?"

I leaned in close to her ear and stage-whispered. "Yes, Simone, we'll do that... and then, when we're both dying to fuck you, you'll get on top of Peter and fuck him, and then I'm going to slide my cock in that tight little ass of yours."

I heard Peter gasp, and he looked up at me across Simone's side. "Yes, Peter, Simone likes a good stiff one in her ass as well. So that's two women... and three cocks. I think you could be lucky tonight."

We grinned at each other, and went back to our activities. I admired Simone's curves as I fucked her, the swell of her bosom even when they were hanging down, the curve into her slim waist, and then curving out to a nice set of hips and a tight bubble-butt ass.

It dawned on me, once again, that Angela was right to only allow a month with each woman. The history that Simone and I had, and the many times I fantasized over her while wanking, made her different to the other women I might meet in future, and that made her... dangerous, I realised. I could easily have fallen for her - no, I corrected myself - if I hadn't met Angela, I WOULD have fallen for her. And I knew it was going to hurt when I had to say to her that her month was up. That didn't mean we had to stop seeing each other altogether - heck, Angela might even be OK with us having foreplay only - but it would obviously change things.

I resolved there and then to make sure she had the best month's sex she'd ever had, something for us to reminisce about in years to come. And then to make sure that Angela had the best time as well, to thank her for being so... generous with me.

I ran my hands down Simone's back, feeling her delicious curves, memorizing what they felt like. Angela was different, tight, but slimmer, and Sam was curvy but fleshier. Simone was just... tidy. As my hands reached her ass, she moaned and wriggled against me, and I knew what she wanted. I ran a hand under her, getting her juices on my fingers, and then started to lubricate her ass, whilst watching Angela start to move faster on Jamie's cock, obviously getting used to his size a bit more. Her lips clung to him each time she rose, lifting herself till his helmet barely parted her lips, and I could see her strain to push down on him all the way. His cock and balls were dripping with her juices, and his dark hands roamed over her tits, her waist, her ass, coming up to her shoulders to help pull her down as she sank onto his huge cock.

Soon, she slumped forward over his body, lost in the feelings of his cock filling her more than I think she had ever before, and I decided to push her further. Lubricating my other hand on the juices lining Simone's cunt, I reached forward, nudged Simone's head out of the way, and started to rub a finger round her ass.

She groaned into Jamie's shoulder, and I pushed in. Jesus she was tight. I had initially toyed with fucking her in the ass while she fucked him, but I didn't think, now that I'd seen his erect size, that she would be able to take that. I started finger-fucking her ass and Simone's, and my cock appreciated the tightening of Simone's cunt as much as she seemed to enjoy my finger.

Both women were getting turned on, their orgasms approaching. I felt Peter gingerly reach up to rub Simone's clit. It did mean he touched me occasionally, but not too often or too intently. Each time he did, he pulled away quick. Simone loved it, telling me to fuck her, hard. In response I pulled out.

She groaned, and flipped round to face me. "Andy, what are you doing, I was nearly there!"

"I know. Peter? Your turn, if Simone's OK with that."

She looked at him, down at his erect cock, and simply climbed on top of him where he lay, quickly lining up with him and sinking down, moaning as he entered her. I stood up, and went over to a bag I'd put on the floor previously. I pulled out some lube, and spread some on my cock.

Simone saw me. "Andy... I'm not sure about that... I don't think I'm ready for that."

"That's why I brought the lube," I said, walking over to her and kneeling behind her.

"No, Andy, that's not what I meant. I mean -”

"Shh, Simone. Just go with it. You'll love it. Angela did."

I squeezed the tube of lube into her ass, seeing her tighten up slightly. Then she went back to fucking Peter, pumping her cunt on his hard cock. I pushed a finger into her ass, spreading the lube around, letting her get used to the idea, and she moaned, dropping her body down onto Peter, her tits squashed between them, bulging out the sides. She started kissed him, but I pulled her up so that her hands were on the floor still, her body at an angle, and her tits at a nice height for Peter to suck. He took the hint, and started sucking one as he fucked her, making her relax again.

After a while, I inserted another finger, spreading her ass further, and she ran one hand behind her to grab a hold of my cock. She wanked me a bit, helping to spread the lube, and then she pulled me forward so my cock rested against her asshole.

I squatted behind them, leaning right over them, my mouth next to Simone's ear. "Good girl," I breathed. "You're going to love this... Imagine, a week ago, you'd resigned yourself to a single life and sex with a dildo... and since then you've had your first anal sex, your first come just from your tits being sucked, your first lot of multiple orgasms, your first woman, your first threesome... and now you're about to have your first double fuck... I knew you would Simone... As soon as I felt your hot little asshole round my cock, I knew you'd want two stiff cocks inside you.... I knew you'd be begging me to fuck your ass while you fucked someone else.... I can't hear you begging Simone..."

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