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Anal Exploration


After their mutual checkups and enemas on the same day Lee and Tracy return home each kind of tired but yet on edge from the earlier day's events.

Neither of them had any idea how erotic and sensual an exam but, especially an enema could be.

They were somewhat tired from the exams. The new sensations and intensities of the happenings had them both tired. When they got home they napped a little warm in each others arms.

They woke up a little before 6pm and decided to eat some supper. Neither of them felt much like cooking but they felt like staying in. Luckily and happily they had some leftover pumpkin soup and beef from their earlier night of exploration.

As they ate Tracy remarked to Lee how good the food still was and how much she loved his cooking. He was a better cook than she and she knew it. He was more detail oriented and kept more after the food as he prepared it.

Even as she said this both of their minds traveled back to that night. They remembered the sensations and how aroused each of them was. Tracy remembered Lee fawning on her, Lee remembered Tracy's outfits.

A lewd grin spread across each of their faces as they continued to eat and try to keep their minds on the food. With the day's events and the remembrance of the other glorious night each was on edge and aroused.

They cleaned up the dishes. As they finished they came together to give each other a long, slow, wanting kiss. A knowing glance passed between them and they practically tripped over each other undressing and making a b-line for the shower. Thankful that the shower was built for 2 they both got in.

Their hands were all over each other as they washed each other and stoked each others fire at the same time. Even washing each others hair was sensual and sexual. The way the lather rinsed off their bodies ran over their most sensitive areas. Tracy's nipples became hard as the suds and water rinsed off her body. Lee took them between his fingers, squeezing hard as Tracy liked it. Tracy moaned and Lee smiled at the effect his touch had. The lather rinsed off Lee's body and down his semi-erect cock. Tracy couldn't help herself. She kneeled in the shower and took the whole member in her mouth. She sucked hungrily and lovingly on his hardness loving the taste and feel of his cock in her throat. She reached around his hips to part his asshole and play there gently with her fingers. He looked down at her with a smoldering look that plainly said he wanted her badly.

Lee lifted her up in his arms. Tracy turned off the water as Lee sprinted for their bed. They kissed hungrily through the hallway. When they reached the bed Lee laid Tracy out. She had other ideas and sprung up again kissing him passionately she grabbed the lube they kept by the bed and slathered some on her longest finger. She gently but firmly eased it up his ass and took his cock from behind with her other hand. He moaned with pleasure and Tracy so loved the effect she was having as she wiggled her finger in his ass. His cock got harder and harder as she played with him from both sides. He moaned and shuddered. Not wanting to spend himself there but in her hot ass he stepped away from her.

He turned her around so that he was behind her. She could feel his cock at her ass. He kissed her neck and played with her tits making them so taut. He slid his hands down and slid a finger inside her snatch and moved it around as another finger played with her clit working it over and over she came as a huge orgasm took over her body.

Tracy smiled to herself as she knew the fun was not over. Lee lubed up her ass generously before sliding his hard meat deep inside. Tracy gasped as he started pumping her slowly and deliberately. Her fingers traveled to her clit. With each thrust from his hot cock she would flick her clit and moan out how good it felt and his thrust would get firmer.

They stayed in perfect synch and rhythm pleasing each other. All of a sudden Tracy cried out, "Oh God I am cumming again" and as her pussy started to spasm so did her ass and Lee came too, dumping buckets of his jism into her ass.

He stayed inside her as her orgasm subsided before removing himself from her ass and kissing down her back.

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