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Medical Training


Tim was a university student and had recently begun getting his doctorate, moving away from his old university friends. Moving away from his best friend, Nurah, was the hardest part. He had become almost like a member of the family, a point that still confused him. Nurha's family were of Pakistani origin, and always surprised him with how open and welcoming they were towards him, a white guy. Not only had Nurah moved away, but so had her younger sister, Haifah.

Haifah was what many refer to as a "late bloomer". At the age of 21 she was only just starting university, 3 years older than when Nurah had started. Her family were dubious about her starting medicine, a 5 year degree, at such an "old" age. But if Haifah was anything, it was stubborn. She reveled in their doubt and insisted on proving them wrong. She had moved to London, far away from their family home in the Midlands, her first time away from home.

Tim was on a train, heading for the capital, to spend the afternoon with Haifah. She was like a younger sister to him, and although she would never tell her family so, she was struggling with the workload. Although Tim hadn't done medicine - with his doctorate being in Biology - he knew many of the core principles Haifah would learn in her first year. Haifah had confided in him that she was a little lonely, and a little behind on her work. Tim insisted on coming to help, much to Haifah's feigned dismay.

"Haifah, its me..." he spoke softly, his iPhone to his ear, "I'm downstairs."

Haifah lived in modest student accommodation, but with reasonable security. The guard on the desk wouldn't let him in without being accompanied by a resident.

"How long will you be staying?" the security guard asked, winking to Tim as Haifah bounced through the door.

"Oh just the afternoon" Tim smiled.

"Oh, in that case, you just need to sign the day visitors book" the guard replied, throwing a pen in Tim's direction and pointing at the ring binder on the desk.

Tim followed Haifah to her block, holding the door to her building open for her. Haifah was petite, and easily able to walk under Tim's arm as he held the door.

"Aren't you a gentleman!" Haifah giggled.

Tim followed Haifah up the stairs, three floors up. He'd never seen Haifah's room, and had only seen pictures. Haifah opened the door to her room, which was in fact more of a studio apartment. It was pleasant, if a little musky. She had her own en suite toilet, and living area and shared a kitchen through an adjoining corridor with one other girl. The more Tim thought about it, the more strange it seemed - sharing a kitchen but not a living room.

As expected, Haifah's apartment was only barely tidy, her bedroom even less so. He could tell that she'd thrown a lot of things into cupboards about 30 seconds before coming down to collect him. She never was very organised. Papers and books were strewn over what Tim assumed was a desk - he couldn't actually see it, only make out what it was from its contents.

"Tidy as always I see..." Tim smirked.

"I was busy err...reading...and didn't realise you were so close!" Haifah blushed.

"Oh you were 'reading' were you?" Tim smiled, "you sure you weren't napping?" Tim laughed, pointing to the bed, and the pajamas that appeared to have been hastily thrown under the pillow.

Haifah blushed, or at least as much as someone with fair brown skin can blush, and stuck her tongue out playfully.

"I've been working all day! I promise!" She replied, prodding Tim in the ribs.

Tim and Haifah had always been quite playful, with Haifah being much more so than her older sister Nurah.

"Come on then, lets get some lunch, I'm so hungry! My treat!" Tim smiled, pointing to his stomach.

"Well isn't this great, tuition and free lunch! You should come more often!" Haifah laughed, opening the window to let the room 'air' a bit.

Tim and Haifah headed out, smiling to the security guard on the way. As the walked Tim towered above Haifah, the two of them could not possibly look any less alike. Tim was tall, just over 6 feet, with slightly shaggy blonde hair. His eyes were pale blue, distorted through his glasses, his skin of only slight tan. He was what most would describe as of "athletic" build - by no means muscular, but on the lower end of a healthy weight. Haifah on the other hand was barely 5 feet tall, with long dark brown hair, just like every female in her family. Her eyes were dark as the night, Tim wasn't even sure if they were brown or black. Her skin was neither dark or white, but of a light brown colour typical of girls from Pakistan. Whilst she was also slender, her small frame accentuated certain features of her female body, a fact Tim tried to ignore.

"So Haifah, any boys take your fancy in the big city?" Tim laughed as they walked down the street.

"Ha! No, I don't think my parents would take well to me coming home with a boyfriend!" She smiled, a slight skip in her step.

The two sat down to dinner, in an Italian restaurant, just as the sun dipped behind the skyline of London. The waitress brought a candle, to add "ambience" to the experience.

"Almost like we're on a date..." Haifah winked at Tim.

"Ha, if anything you should be treating me to a date for my assistance" Tim smirked in response.

But, when it came to settling the bill, Tim insisted on paying - regardless of how much Haifah protested. By the time they left it had gotten dark, and rather cold. You see, London, during the summer, can be quite warm while you are in the sun. But in the shade the temperature can drop quickly. Haifah, as usual, was wearing wholly inappropriate clothing for the weather.

"Haifah, have this," Tim smiled, taking his jacket off and placing it over Haifah's shoulders.

"Oh... but you'll get cold..." Haifah tried to resist.

"Me? Nah, I'm from the north remember? This weather is shorts and T-shirt weather!" He laughed, trying not to let Haifah notice that he was, in fact, rather cold wearing only a shirt.

Thankfully, the walk to Haifah's was short, only a few minute walk with a tube ride in between. As they entered Haifah's block once again the security guard smiled, joking about how much of a gentleman Tim was. As they opened the door to her bedroom it became immediately obvious that leaving the window open was a bad plan. The papers that were not-so-neatly placed on the desk were now rather-less-neatly strewn across the floor. Haifah threw off Tim's coat, closed the window, and frantically started collecting the papers, depositing them messily in a pile on the desk again.

"Let me go get freshened up, then we can start work ok? Make yourself comfortable." Haifah smiled, heading to the bathroom.

Tim headed for the double bed, first sitting, then laying. He immediately noticed the diagrams pinned to the ceiling, and smiled.

"I like your diagrams" he joked to Haifah as she left the bathroom.

"Well, they said no pins in the walls, but didn't say anything about pins in the ceiling!" She laughed, "nice to see you're making yourself comfortable!"

"I'll have you know I've had a terribly long journey getting here!" Tim joked.

"Long? Isn't it like an hour?!" Haifah replied, sticking her tongue out.

She made her way to the bed, sitting beside Tim at his waist level, looking at him.

"Tim..." she started, for the first time looking a little nervous.

"Yes?" He replied, not sure what she was going to ask.

"I need to ask you something a little embarrassing..." she continued, blushing again.

"Embarrassing? More embarrassing than that time you got your head stuck in a coat hanger?" Tim smirked, trying to ease her embarrassment.

"Well, you see, as part of our clinical placement we have to do patient exams..." she started, speaking quite quickly.

"Right..." Tim questioned, waiting for more.

"Well, its just that as a Muslim girl I find it really embarrassing examining male patients. Females I'm fine with, its just I get really embarrassed when talking to male patients..." She added, "and I've known you like - forever? You're the only guy I don't really get embarrassed around!"

Tim smiled at her, "of course! As long as you're not going to be cutting me up!"

"No that's next year!" Haifah giggled.

"Well I'll make sure not to volunteer to help you study next year then!" He smiled.

Haifah smiled, and laid beside him.

"You're the best!" She smiled, turning towards him, hugging him.

Tim was a little taken aback - he couldn't remember a time where Haifah had hugged him like that, and couldn't help but think about how sexually tense the situation was. A few seconds later she let go, and got up to get her anatomy book from the desk. It was a large book, a good few hundred A4 sized pages. From the top protruded an array of different post-it notes.

"Orange ones are things I'd like to practice on you," she smiled, "if that's ok?"

"Sure, what have we got first?" He smiled back, she was obviously nervous.

"Well, the first section is patient history, and I always get nervous asking personal questions!" Haifah sighed.

"Don't worry, YOU are the doctor, ask anything you need to know to help the patient!" He smiled.

"I know I know, its just certain questions that embarrass me..." She said, visibly flustered.

"Like what?" He smiled, looking into her eyes.

"Well 'are you sexually active?' is always the worst!" She sighed again.

"Well?" He replied.

"Well what?" She said, a little confused.

"Well, are you going to ask me?" He smiled.

"Erm... but...oh my god I'm so embarrassed...You're... I must be embarrassing you too..." She said turning away, a tear in her eye.

"Haifah. Come on, I'm not embarrassed at all. If this is what you need to practice then lets go!" He smiled, leaning forward taking her hand in his.

Trying to keep a straight face she asked "Sir, are you... are you sexually active?"

"Yes, I am" Tim quickly replied, giving her a reassuring smile.

He could see her wincing at the thought of the next question.

"...How many sexual partners have you had in the past 12 months...?" Haifah blushed.

"Only 1." He replied again.

"...To your knowledge do you have any... any sexually transmitted diseases?" She asked, flames of pink bursting into her cheeks.

"Nope!" Tim responded, smiling as much as possible to encourage her more.

"Was that ok? I didn't embarrass you too much?" Haifah sighed.

"Ha! It was fine" Tim laughed, "YOU were fine!"

Haifah turned over a few pages, to the next orange post-it note.

"What's next then?" Tim smirked.

"Hmmm, circulatory system?" She replied, quickly reading her notes on the page.

"So, what do you find hard with this one?" Time questioned.

"Well most of this is fine, its just some of the pulse taking, and using my stethoscope that I find embarrassing..." Haifah sighed, blushing a little again.

"Come on, lets go!" He said with enthusiasm, not quite sure what to expect.

Haifah started by taking his pulse at his wrist, her hands a little clammy from her nervousness. Not quite sure why she would be so embarrassed.

"See, that was fine, what's next?" Tim asked.

"Well... you see... there's another pulse we need to know for clinical... but... I don't know... I don't know if I can..." She flustered.

"Ok, what else do you have to do? Is there anything less embarrassing for you? How about using your stethoscope?" He questioned, trying to move away from whatever it was that was flustering her so much.

"Well, the only thing is... I need you... I need you to undo your shirt?" She blushed again.

"Of course, how many buttons?" He smiled, realising this would probably be one of the first times Haifah had seen a man unbutton his shirt.

"Err... the top half is probably fine?" She said, with little conviction.

Tim obliged, undoing the top 4 buttons of his shirt. Haifah barely looked as he did, instead choosing to look past him to the door.

"Don't worry, I locked the flat door as we came in, nobody is going to come in here" Tim smiled.

Haifah gingerly got out her stethoscope and moved it to Tim's chest. She pushed it under his shirt, choosing not to expose any more of his chest than she needed. Her stethoscope was cold to the touch, making him jump a little as it came into contact with his skin. After a few minutes she moved back, smiling at him.

"Ok, you can do that up now. Your heartrate is normal - I think?" She smiled.

"I imagine it's a little slower than yours!" He smiled, sticking his tongue out.

"Yes yes, now lets move on to the next section." She rushed.

"No no, you said there was another pulse to check, come on, lets do it. It can't be that bad!" Tim smiled.

"N...No... I can't...It's too embarrassing... For you and me!" She added, Tim could see her almost panicking.

"Haifah, if you are going to be a doctor, you're going to see everything. Whether they are a man or a woman, one day they might rely on you being able to do this. I trust you." He asserted.

Haifah blushed, a deeper shade of crimson than he had ever seen.

"I'm going to need you to... to take off your jeans..." She sighed, her voice feeble.

"Oh?" Tim was a little shocked.

"Well... you don't HAVE to! It's fine! Don't worry! Its your femoral pulse and its... a little private..." She added, evidently hoping to avoid doing the exam.

Tim knew exactly where the femoral artery was, in your groin, at the top of the thigh. He hesitated for a second. It wasn't so much that he was embarrassed, just that he never thought he would have Haifah touching him there.

"No, come on. Let's do it. If this is what you need to learn then, let go!" He smiled confidently.

"Er... hmmmm... if you say so... please lay down and..." She paused, "... please remove your jeans, or at least take them down."

Tim obliged, releasing his belt, and unbuttoning his jeans. He slowly lifted his shirt a little and started to take his jeans down. Haifah immediately looked away, gazing towards the bathroom.

"Haifah... come on, find my femoral pulse." He smiled, squeezing her hand to get her attention.

Gingerly, she placed her hand on his thigh, on top of his boxers. He knew immediately that she would not be able to find a pulse there, or over the top of his boxers. But she needed time to get used to it.

"You're not going to find it there Haifah, you know that." He said softly.

"Er... yes... um..." She was a little dazed.

"You're going to need to go further to my groin..." He said, pulling her hand closer to his groin, "and you're probably going to have to get around my boxers."

Her eyes widened, he could almost see her heart racing.

"Um...." She could barely speak.

"Now, you can go under my boxers, or I can take them off..." He started, "don't worry I will cover my... private parts"

"Erm... off is probably best?" She said, more questioning than declaring.

She removed her hand, and turned away again. This time Tim pulled down his boxers by a foot or so. Even for him this was quite strange. He quickly realised he had little to cover his cock with. He wasn't hugely well endowed, but the fact Haifah's hand was about to wander dangerously close to his cock had not slipped his mind. He turned, and grabbed the pajamas from under the pillow beside him, hastily placing her folder PJ shirt to cover his cock and balls. Allowing her to access his groin without seeing too much.

"Hai... Haifah? I think we're ready to go" He stuttered.

She turned around tried her hardest not to look at his exposed groin. Tim could feel her fingers, cold against his skin, moving closer and closer to his groin.

"You're going to have to look to make sure you get the right place Haifah, don't worry I've covered it." Tim added.

Haifah slowly turned to look in the direction of his crotch, moving her hand slowly towards his groin and femoral artery.

"Remember, you need to press relatively hard to feel it, its quite deep!" Tim smiled.

She pressed, not so hard that it hurt, but hard enough to feel it, and looked at her watch to start timing the pulse. Tim realised this was possibly the most unusual thing he'd ever done with a friend, especially with someone like Haifah. With her hand so close to his cock, he had to try hard to avoid getting aroused.

What if she touched it? What if he could feel for her femoral artery?

As the seconds passed Tim realised he'd gone from wanting to be the patient to wanting to be the examiner. He tried to avoid thinking about it, but could feel his cock steadily growing. His cock that was only inches from Haifah's hand. He wondered if she'd even noticed that bulge under the PJs?

A few more seconds passed and Haifah looked to him and smiled.

"Err... I think I'm done with... with that" She smiled, almost relieved.

As she removed the pressure from his groin, being careful not to touch anywhere inappropriate, Tim felt a rush of euphoria, and his cock gently pulsed, growing a little. The PJ shirt provided little protection, and his cock and left testicle sprung from underneath. Within an instant Haifah gasped, and tried to cover it again, slipping and placing her hand straight down and over his cock.

"OH MY GOD I AM SO... OH MY GOD" Haifah screamed, pulling her hand away as quickly as physically possible.

But removing her hand only made it worse, Tim's cock now in full view. She turned away covering her eyes with her hands. Tim grabbed his boxers and pulled them up, covering his exposed cock. Haifah sat, facing away from him, her head in her hands.

"Tim... I'm... I'm so... sorry" She cried through muffled tears.

Tim immediately felt guilty - after all it was Tim who had convinced her to check the femoral pulse.

"Haifah, Haifah its alright, I'm sorry too!" He gasped composing himself, his jeans still around his knees.

He pulled himself up the bed, sitting to get to Haifah's height. He pulled her face towards him, forcing her to look him in the eye, his free arm turning her body to look at him.

"Haifah, I'm so sorry, don't worry about it, it was an accident!" He pleaded, trying to calm her.

She looked at him for a moment before burying her head in his shoulder, sobbing gently. He laid back, letting her lay on his chest.

"I... I didn't mean to hurt you or touch you there... are you ok?" She sobbed.

"Haifah, don't worry I'm fine. You are more traumatised than me!" He joked.

He could feel her giggle on his chest.

"Maybe we should stop the clinical exam for the day?" Tim smiled.

Haifah looked up at him, smiling through teary eyes, "I think that might be best..."

She pulled herself further up his chest, her eyes directly into his.

"Tim..." she slowly started.

Tim took both of his free hands and gently rubbed the tears from Haifah's eyes with his thumbs, smearing her mascara. She closed her eyes, gently smiling. took a chance. He did not know why, to be honest he barely thought about it. He moved his face close to hers, moving his hands to embrace her head, placed his lips on hers and kissed her.

For a moment, the events of the last few hours flashed through his mind, not certain of how she would react, not certain if she had ever even kissed a guy before. Within a moment his questions were answered. He felt her lips push against his, her head turning into the kiss, her body go limp. It seemed to last for minutes, neither party coming up for air.

The two relaxed, releasing Haifah's lips from his own. For a moment she looked expressionless, not sure as to what had just happened. But she followed with a smile, peering through the tears, and a follow up kiss, this time with Haifah's hands embracing Tim's face.

Tim took the opportunity to wander, his hands running through her long hair to her back, with one hand gingerly embracing her butt. Haifah moaned, in what was possibly the most sexually arousing thing he'd heard her do.

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